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Summer at Old Navy Try-On Session

June 23, 2021

Happy hump day! I usually meet up with you on my YouTube channel on Wednesdays, but, well, the dog ate my video. Ha! Seriously, we don’t know what happened to it. But today’s video just…poof!..disappeared! So I’m punting and sharing a recent try-on session at one of my readers’ favorites, Old Navy.

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Old Navy Try-On Session

I do have a few disclaimers before we begin. I arose yesterday morning ready to edit a video all day. So I didn’t shower or wash my hair. Ha! And while I did put on makeup and a cute athleisure outfit (the green set from yesterday’s blog post), I forgot to wear any jewelry. When I left the house I headed to James’ office. We hoped we would be able to recover the missing video. But when we weren’t able to do that, I headed out to do a try-on session…in my sneakers and socks.

Plus, Old Navy’s fitting rooms don’t have the lighting Talbots had. And the changing rooms are about the size of a bathroom in an RV. Ha! Finally, evidently I’m not the only person who needs to clean her mirror. Ahem. All that to say, please look past the smudged mirror, the sock feet and the day-four hair and focus on the cute clothes I’m sharing with you. Thank you.?

Try-On Session Basics

I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155 right now. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses. Unless I tell you otherwise, these are the sizes I’m wearing in the photos.

If you have any questions about anything I show, please ask me in the comments section below. Other women may benefit from reading my response to your question.

Old Navy Try-On Session

You’ll find savings of up to 50% off throughout the Old Navy website, but today only they’re also giving you an additional 20% off your purchase – even clearance items – no code necessary. The savings will appear in checkout automatically.

I first tried on this waist defined slub knit t-shirt dress in grey heather camo. I’m wearing my TTS (true to size) 8, but I later discovered it was a Tall. So keep that in mind. I am 5’8″, but I probably don’t need the tall. Then again, if you like the longer length…

waist defined slub knit t-shirt dress

The waist defined slub knit t-shirt dress has an elasticized waistband and comes in several other colors and patterns. It’s a sweet dress for everyday wear or a pool coverup.

Then I tried this sweet fit & flare sleeveless tiered midi dress in guava. It’s a sort of melon/pink/orange. The midi dress also comes in a soft black and dusty green.

Old Navy 2
fit & flare sleeveless tiered midi dress

The fit & flare sleeveless tiered midi dress is oh so soft and fits true to size. The shoulder straps are wide enough and spaced so that you could probably wear a regular bra with it, which is always a win in my book.

I was surprised at how much I liked this waist defined utility romper. I’m wearing a medium and it fits great, even in the length of the torso. But it does come in tall and petite sizes, too.

Old Navy 3
waist defined utility romper

Keep in mind, Old Navy is a family bargain store. They don’t seem to waste a lot of employee power with things like steaming garments. Ha! So with a good steaming or ironing, this waist defined utility romper has real potential. I actually brought home the waist defined utility romper in ecru to share in an upcoming fashion post. But it comes in a few other fun colors, too. I especially like that you can use the drawstring to cinch in the waist for a more defined silhouette. And it has a zipper below the waist band for a little more privacy in that area. Ahem.

This graphic slub knit tee in sea salt caught my eye because it reminded me of the northern coastlines, which are my favorite. For some reason I had a large on here, but I swapped it out for my TTS medium and brought this sweet graphic slub knit tee home with me.

Old Navy 4
graphic slub knit tee // textured utility ankle pants

First I tried it on with the textured utility ankle pants in linden green. These ultra soft washed pants come in several other colors, too. I’m wearing the medium and they fit nicely.

Then I tried the graphic slub knit tee with the high waisted tapered jogger in stonewall green. These 70% cotton, 30% nylon feature an elasticized ankle and a nicely tapered leg.

Old Navy 5
high waisted tapered jogger // graphic slub knit tee

Either of these pants – the high waisted tapered jogger or the textured utility ankle pants would be a nice addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for comfortable, cool pants for the summer. And these could easily be worn into early fall. They fit true to size.

Years and years ago I purchased Old Navy Patriotic Tees for our whole family for Independence day. So I could resist trying on this red Old Navy Patriotic Tee with Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted Sky Hi Button-Fly Cut-Off Jean Shorts with a 7″ inseam. I’m wearing a medium in the tee and it fits great.

Old Navy 6
Old Navy Patriotic Tee // Extra High-Waisted Sky Hi Button-Fly Cut-Off Jean Shorts for Women 7″ inseam

They didn’t have the Extra High-Waisted Sky Hi Button-Fly Cut-Off Jean Shorts in my size 8, so I tried the 10. They fit and would probably be the best choice anyhow in this particular short. So I think I’d recommend sizing up in these. They feature minor distressing and a raw edge.

I also tried on an Old Navy Patriotic Tee with the high waisted slouchy straight cut off jeans with a 5″ inseam. Surprisingly, I actually liked these better than the 7″ shorts. Here’s I’m wearing the size 8 and they fit great. These high waisted slouchy straight cut off jeans feature a looser fit and a good bit of distressing. But, while some of Old Navy’s shorts have so much distressing that they look a little, ahem, well, lacking, these don’t bare anything.

Old Navy 7
high waisted slouchy straight cut off jeans 5″ // Old Navy Patriotic Tee

I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for a graphic short sleeve tee with words embroidered around the neck. So even thought this graphic short sleeve tee is not in a color I would normally choose, I tried it with two pairs of jeans. First up, I tried some dark grey or soft black jeans that seem to be out of stock online. But these High-Waisted O.G. Straight Button-Fly Gray Cut-Off Jeans should fit the same and I actually like the look of them better. They are such a soft, pretty grey for summer. And I love the raw edge. They didn’t have my size 8 in the grey jeans I tried, so I tried the 10. I think I would order the 10 in the High-Waisted O.G. Straight Button-Fly Gray Cut-Off Jeans, too. Come to think of it, when I have purchased jeans from Old Navy in the past, I’ve usually sized up.

Old Navy 8
dark grey jeans no longer available, substitue: High-Waisted O.G. Straight Button-Fly Gray Cut-Off Jeans // Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans // graphic short sleeve tee

And I tried the Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans. I know many of my readers love a good boyfriend jean. These are actually quite nice. They are a mid rise, so they sit a little lower than the others. But they have a really nice feel to them. I’m wearing my TTS 8 in the boyfriend jeans.

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Blessed for My Day

This morning I wrestled a bit with the Lord. As I read my Bible I felt convicted about a decision I’d made yesterday without praying or even seriously thinking about it. I just made a snap decision based on what I felt was best for me at the moment. Looking I realize that nothing about my decision making process was godly. I was just looking out for me.

I didn’t like being “called on the carpet” about that, however. So it took a minute or two for me to come around to acknowledging my prideful behavior to the Lord. Why is it that we are so hesitant to confess our sins to the One who knows us best? For when we do come clean, He truly cleanses us and refreshes us with a clean slate.

“Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord…” ~ Acts 3:19-20a

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15 thoughts on “Summer at Old Navy Try-On Session

  1. Along with your try on session, that I enjoyed, the BFMD really is a good topic. Sometimes we have to make decisions on the fly, sometimes we can wait. Those decisions made on the fly, I’ll usually say, “oh no Lord, I have to decide right now, help!” I think if it turns out to be the wrong choice, God can and does come alongside us to help us navigate the best we can, don’t you think? I had to make a major decision (home purchase) and did pray and wait awhile, but after I made the purchase I still need God every step of the way, and I can see His hand in things. I’m way out of my comfort zone, so I need His help! It’s tough sometimes to know when to act and when to wait.

  2. Hi Kay,
    Great post though I know it was not the video you were looking for. Tech can be frustrating. I love Old Navy for summer fashion. Their styles are so fresh and affordable. I picked up the cute red, white and blue tie dyed top for the 4th and that camo dress came in a small blue stripe. Have a blessed day.

  3. Love this post though Kay…..sometimes life just happens! lOL

    Cute camo dress and you can never go wrong when it has the drawstring waist! So flattering.


  4. Hi Kay,
    I wish my hair looked that good on day 1, even with a lot of work put into it!
    It”s too bad about your video; I will miss that today, but I love your try-on sessions! Thank you for doing an Old Navy session; that would be a new store of exploration for me. Love the prices!
    Your styling tips help so much! Even my 20’s-aged daughter is complimenting my outfits. That’s different!
    Your transparency in BFMD is so appreciated. I’m not alone!

  5. Can’t see a thing wrong with this post. I love all these outfits. I wish my hair looked that good at day one and well we don’t have ysmellavison so…haha
    No kidding. This type of post is why we love ? you. Sorry you had to scramble but it’s a great post. I’m loving the red tee with the regular blue Jean shorts. My next buy is going to be a graphic tee. They are are so much fun.

  6. Oh, how I enjoyed seeing what you chose to try on at ON! I have quite a bit of ON tops and pants in my closet that I really enjoy wearing, and even though they aren’t higher priced things, with proper care, they hold up well and last for years. I like that we could see how some of the pieces look from the back, thanks to the position of the mirrors. You look great in everything, but especially the red graphic tee and jean shorts. The snap decision you made yesterday was a learning and growth moment for you. Have an awesome day!

  7. Great post, Kay! I am a sucker for a cute Americana tee. Sometimes a change is good, even if it seems inconvenient at the time. This post was excellent as always.
    Thanks for the BFMD. It’s tough to wait sometimes and I admit that I’ve made decisions without consulting the Lord. I have a hasty nature and a tendency to want to accomplish everything yesterday.
    I appreciate the humble way you demonstrate the Word of God in every area of your life. I love your posts!

  8. Not sure where to post this comment – it has zero to do with shopping and fashion. But I just had to let you and Abby know how much the Holy Spirit has used Abby‘s post this week in my life. I have a friend of 40 years who is going through a season in her life of failing health and financial difficulties and we have been like sisters for years. But the last five years she has become so difficult to be around, sarcastic and snappy and everyone has withdrawn from her. And the Lord has just shown me through Abby’s post that I still need to love her and meet some of her needs even if it’s not fun for me. Not about me , is it ?!? So I have resolved to give one day a month to take her on an outing and get her out of her house. Thank you Abby and thank you Jesus for speaking to my selfish heart.

    1. Hi Susie. I’m passing this on to Abigail. I think she’s doing a wonderful job with the Instagram story devotionals. I’m so pleased that they have ministered to you in this way.

  9. You are a blessing to me! Thank you for BFMD. The Lord convicted me of an area of my life this morning too. I purchased the Sea Salt graphic tee just last week. It’s so comfortable the and colors are beautiful!

  10. OLD NAVY is my favorite store for summer. Most of my casual clothes come from there. It’s reasonably priced and on trend.
    I don’t mind if they don’t spend employee power on keeping the clothes steamed, as eventually the cost of it will be passed on to me. I will iron my own clothes when necessary. I need the clothing at a reasonable price, as all these clothes probably will not cost more than 25% of what the high end clothing company charges you.
    The person who is growing cotton and stitching the clothes gets pennies at the country of origin, unfortunately.

  11. Great post today Kay! God is so loving and forgiving! He knows we’re going to mess up because we’re human. But, He is always faithful and loves us unconditionally!