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Mid Summer Talbots Try-On Session

June 22, 2021

Somebody got a new phone! Why am I telling you that? Because you’re going to see a huge difference in quality in today’s dressing room try-on session. I am so excited to bring you my first fitting room blog post with my new iPhone 12 Pro. Plus, Talbots is offering us 30% off sitewide (with a few exceptions) and 3X the style points on our purchases through June 28. I liked this mid summer Talbots collection much more than I expected to. Let’s see if you do, too.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Mid Summer Talbots Try-On Session

I personally think Talbots is really listening to their clientele these days and making appreciable changes to their styles. I loved that many of the fabrics in the line are lightweight, while others are moisture-wicking. And I love the addition of zebra prints in this collection. Honestly, about half of the things I chose to try on for you are from previous collections. But it all works together beautifully.

Try-On Session Basics

Because of the past year’s pandemic, I haven’t done a lot of try-on sessions recently. So let’s cover the basics.

I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155 right now. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses. Unless I tell you otherwise, these are the sizes I’m wearing in the photos.

If you have any questions about anything I show, please ask me in the comments section below. Other women may benefit from reading my response to your question.

In the try-on session, I’m also wearing these sandals, this necklace and these earrings.

Finally, while the camera on this phone is spectacular and you’ll notice a significant improvement from my previous one, keep in mind that lighting is not great and my hair is tossled from pulling clothes off and on. Let’s go!

Mid Summer Try-On Session at Talbots

Lightweight Stretch Wrap Hem Pants // I love the lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric Talbots used for these T by Talbots pants. They’ll be perfect for a car trip, walking the neighborhood or even a light hike. They fit true to size and come in black and navy, too. But I thought the summer sage was a nice addition to a warm weather wardrobe. They also feature Sunwell UPF 50 protection. Verdict: Kept.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On
Lightweight Stretch Wrap Hem Pants // Cotton Blend Jersey Tee // Comfort Plush Hooded Jacket

Cotton Blend Jersey Tee // I just grabbed this Cotton Blend Jersey Tee to wear when trying on the Lightweight Stretch Wrap Hem Pants. I have one at home. But if you’re looking for a nice lightweight white tee to add to your athleisure collection, this is a good one. It fits true to size. Verdict: Already own.

Comfort Plush Hooded Jacket // I recently realized that I don’t have a lightweight hooded jacket for exercise or casual wear. This one is a nice thickness and has streamlined zipper pockets. I like that it is striated, so it looks good with the pants, but not overly matchy. It’s also available in a trendy yellow and lovely pink. Verdict: Kept.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 2 (1)
Lightweight Stretch Wrap Hem Pants // Tie Front Stripe Tee

Tie Front Stripe Tee // Can you believe how slimming this duo is? Goes to show that monochromatic dressing really is slenderizing. This Tie Front Stripe Tee is made from a 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Spandex blend, so it’s very soft and has such a nice drape. It runs true to size and is also available in a soft blue. Verdict: Kept.

Lobster Print Shell // Who’d have known that I’d like a Lobster Print Shell so much. Lobster roll? Yes! But a women’s sleeveless shell featuring red lobsters??? But I love it. The fabric is soft, lightweight and a little on the thin side. Honestly, I’d probably wear it just as is, but if you opted to wear a lightweight, body skimming camisole underneath, you’d still be quite comfortable in this darling top. It runs true to size. Verdict: Passed just because I don’t need it. But it’s darling!

Mid Summer Try On Session
Lobster Print Shell // Chambray Shorts Bermuda length

Chambray Shorts Bermuda length // Talbots shorts are selling out. But these Chambray Shorts Bermuda length are still pretty well stocked. They do feel comfortable and look nice with this darling lobster shell. They fit true to size and come in petite, plus and plus petites, too. Verdict: Didn’t buy. I just prefer a 7″ over the Bermuda length.

Kiwi Green Perfect Bermuda Shorts // I tried these shorts on in a size 10 because they didn’t have my 8. While these are a little roomy on me, I actually decided I’d like to have the short inseam in this size. But they’re sold out. I just love the combination of blue and green, so I thought these paired nicely. I’d say the shorts fit true to size, but if you’d like them a little roomy, go up a size. Verdict: Didn’t buy them. I have plenty of other options already.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 5
Kiwi Green Perfect Bermuda Shorts (wearing a 10) // Embroidered Chambray Tie Neck Top

Embroidered Chambray Tie Neck Top // Now this lightweight Tie Neck Top was a pleasant surprise. It’s actually part of the June collection (as are several of these items, actually), and I’d been eyeing it. Well, it didn’t disappoint. I think the embroidery looks festive and feminine, and the blue and white just look perfect together. It runs true to size. Verdict: Kept.

White Linen Shell // This White Linen Shell could serve as such a great staple in a summer wardrobe. It has a nice weight, a pretty v-neck and really nice detailing. Tuck it in or leave it out. It runs true to size. And I do think this White Linen Shell works beautifully with these crinkle cotton beach pants. Verdict: I didn’t purchase it simply because I have plenty of linen.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 8
White Linen Shell // Crinkle Cotton Beach Pants

Crinkle Cotton Beach Pants // I didn’t realize these were Crinkle Cotton Beach Pants and intended to be worn with a swimsuit when I tried them on. Ha! But I can definitely imagine that now. They are silky soft and have a nice drape. I did find them to fit true to size, too. I think these Crinkle Cotton Beach Pants are a great option for a beach vacation because you could easily slip them over our suit for lunch on the veranda. Verdict: Didn’t purchase. I just don’t need them. But they are lovely.

Next, I tried a couple of sweet sundresses. I had really wanted to try this Embroidered Palm Tree Shift Dress, but they didn’t have it in the store. It’s just lovely and so fresh looking.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 6
Oasis Palm Voile Fit & Flare Dress

Oasis Palm Voile Fit & Flare Dress // I had seen this Oasis Palm Voile Fit & Flare Dress in the catalog and was curious. It is a pretty print, and the fabric is soft and lightweight…very summery. I’d also say this 100% cotton voile dress fits true to size. Unlike some of the other simple dresses, this one is sized by number and I’m wearing my TTS 8. But I just don’t like this neckline or silhouette on me. I also think the Oasis Palm Voile Fit & Flare Dress might look better if you wore a pretty leather or rattan belt with it. Verdict: It’s beautiful, but not for me.

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On7
Jersey Eyelet Dress (also in black)

Jersey Eyelet Dress // This Jersey Eyelet Dress, on the other hand, really resonated with me. I love the t-shirt-like fabric and the wide eyelet trim on the tiered skirt. And I’m not sure why it’s called Zinnia orange because it’s an orange-red at best. But it almost reads like a true red. I love the casual, feminine feel of this fun sundress. Verdict: Undecided. I left it there, but maybe…

Next, I reached for a patriotic tee. Or shall I say, the tee grabbed me. Ha! I didn’t really find the jeans I wanted to try it with, so I settled for these Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape in sea glass wash. I’d probably prefer either a darker wash jean or white with this tee. But in the end I fell in love with the jeans, too. Ha!

Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape // These jeans are summery soft and oh-so-lightly distressed in just a few places. The ribbon trim elongates and slims the leg. It’s a navy and white stripe trim. These jeans fit beautifully true to size. I’m wearing the size 8. I love that they have a modern slim cut – not too full, not too skinny. Verdict: They are my new favorite summer jeans!

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 4
Modern Ankle Jeans with Ribbon Tape // Heart Spangled Banner Tee

Heart Spangled Banner Tee // I’m sad to report that this Heart Spangled Banner Tee is just about sold out. But click through if you’re interested, there are still a few sizes in each category. It’s a soft, lightweight tee with such pretty colors. I’m a real patriot, so this tee speaks my language! It runs true to size. Verdict: I kept this one for the 4th of July!

Embroidered Zebra Tee // It may or may not surprise you (depending on how much you’ve been hanging around here!) that this Embroidered Zebra Tee is my favorite find from this try-on session. I knew I wanted to try this darling novelty tee the moment I saw it in the catalog, and it did not disappoint. The reason I love it so much is because it’s fun and lighthearted, but it’s also a true neutral, so you can pair it beautifully with any color…or neutral. Verdict: Winner!

Talbots Summer 2021 Try-On 3
Embroidered Zebra Tee // Wide Leg Crop Chinos in Sagebrush

Wide Leg Crop Chinos // These Wide Leg Crop Chinos are another summer weight option that I love. I especially like that they are a wide leg crop that reads more like a straight leg. They’re also available in navy and white. I’m wearing my TTS 8 and they feel so good. Verdict: Love and kept.

There were a lot of items in the new Tropical Daydream collection that were not available in the store. So while I enjoyed trying these on for you (and me!) I still think the best way to shop this line in online. You’ll find a wider selection of colors and sizes (misses, petites, plus and petite plus) online. And remember, you get 30% off your purchase (shorts and other brands excluded) and 3X rewards points on your purchases.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared here. I’ll be editing my video today, so I’m sure I’ll be watching the comments pretty carefully. Have a good one!

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35 thoughts on “Mid Summer Talbots Try-On Session

  1. Really enjoying all your posts! Can you share information about the neutral shoes you’re wearing in this post? Thank you

    1. Hi Kelly. Yes, I mentioned them in the post before the try-ons, but I realize I kinda buried that. They’re here at Nordstrom: (which is usually good at price matching, so they generally have the best price available) or here at Eileen Fisher: (same price but more availability). But I also shared these comparable sandals at a lower price point recently. I don’t have them, but they’re a nice substitute if you need something less pricey: They have a trending square toe and come in great neutrals. And they look really soft, too.

  2. Kay, I loved reading, seeing and clicking on your try-on finds! I know you probably have the ear of Talbots, so if you get a chance, and they are making changes, suggest some elastic back or side construction in some of their too, too cute skirts! I am a long-time preppy girl, whose style has become more soft classic! I love looking at Talbots, but I am feeling like I have outgrown them! (For reference, I am 5’6” and 157 and even after 15 months of plant-based eating, and losing 12 pounds, the tummy still has a “meno-pot!” ??) I am jealous of your hourglass that suits Talbots to perfection! Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Jill. I actually am on the advisory council for Talbots, so I will definitely mention that next time they send out a survey to us. That’s a very good suggestion, and one that I am completely for. I’m really with you on appreciating “soft classic” clothing. I guess that’s why I’ve purchased so much Eileen Fisher this summer. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Good to know you are on the advisory council to Talbots. As a 5 ft petite their tops, sweaters , tees are much too long. It is a common complaint when reading the petite reviews of their garments. It is next to impossible to get the pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 proportion. I fold material over, front tuck etc but that creates a thickness around the waist. Usually there is a good 5 inches of excess length. Can’t always have garment altered.

        1. Hi! I’ll try to remember to pass this on. Thanks for sharing. I really think many of their tops are too long in the misses sizing too.

  3. You should go back for the red dress—it looked amazing on you! Especially if you did a raffia or light leather belt with it.

      1. Kay, You have to get that eyelet dress! It’s my favorite outfit on you. You look fantastic!

        May I ask Talbots …to show plus size models wearing their items online. This year, the models are small. I liked seeing how an item on a plus model looked. Please do this again.

  4. Good morning, Kay! What a wonderful and engaging post! I am terrible with technology, so I have a question regarding shopping through your widgets linked to Talbots. Is there a way that items that are just sold at talbots can also be linked through you? For example, I just ordered the trouser jeans last week online, but I was wondering if there was a way to connect them to you? I definitely would love to support the work you are doing when I have some extra money to shop with! Just don’t exactly know if that’s a possibility?

    1. Hi Cynthia. You are so sweet to ask. No, the only way I get credit for sales is when you shop online through my links. But that’s okay. You also support my work when you read my blog posts, leave a comment, and watch my videos. In fact, when I have sponsored posts (and I do have one coming up with Talbots soon) just leaving an engaging comment is very helpful. They’ll be reading those comments. So if they see that my readers enjoy and engage with me, they’ll give me more of them. Again, thank you so much for asking.

  5. I need that zebra shirt, so adorable! Thanks for the try-on, it helps so much to see these items on you before purchasing. I love that your daughter is working with you now. I know this is a fashion blog, but I’d love to see or get recipes for what you made for the boyfriend! I’m in that same boat with my own children right now. And yes, there IS more to the Bible! The Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Bible, only it’s the history of the ancient peoples on the American continent and Christ’s dealings with them, whereas the Bible is the history of the people in Israel. This book has enriched my life and understanding of the gospel more than any other book. I so love that you share “Blessed for My Day” and are sharing the good news of the gospel with the world. What a wonderful example you are to all of us as we strive to make it through this beautiful but challenging life that we’ve been blessed with. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment Erika. I made a delicious chicken pot pie for the boyfriend. Ha! I found it on a website. I’ll see if I can find it again and share it in my weekly email.

    1. TTS is short for true to size. I wear an 8, so I meant that I was wearing my usual 8 and the garment was fitting me true to size.

  6. I always love your try-on sessions! My favorite on you is the Zinnia eyelet jersey dress! I understand your reservation, it’s a color that speaks vacation but it would be adorable with a Jean jacket or cropped jacket for church or lunch date too! I hope we see it styled on you soon! ?

    1. It really is a pretty dress. I just had to draw the line somewhere. And I did buy a pretty dress today from LLBean that I’ll be sharing soon. ?

  7. I really love Talbots, and would like to try more of their products. But because I live in a rural area, all my shopping must be done on-line. Their return procedures are poor at best. I returned some items on May 13, and the money still is not credited to my account. I spoke with them on the phone, and they said it would be credited on my next billing statement. Really, 3 months to get a credit for returned items? I cannot afford to shop with them. But I would like to. Can you suggest better customer service to them?

    1. Hi Sandy. I agree that Talbots shipping and returns takes a little longer than some. I do know that Talbots is struggling right now. You may remember that they actually had to close a couple of their shipping warehouses at the very beginning of the pandemic when the illness struck so many of their employees. I think they have really struggled ever since to get their footing. That’s not to make excuses for them, but these definitely have been uniquely trying times for retailers. They’ve had to shift their focus from their retail stores to online orders and yet try to keep those brick and mortar stores afloat too. I can suggest some other retailers that have really good shipping and return policies and procedures. I have great experiences with Nordstrom and Everlane.

  8. I am not one bit surprised that you took the zebra tee home with you! ? You did try on some really nice things. Since you don’t seem to love the orange-red dress, I think leaving it at the store was the right decision. Your pictures do have so much more clarity! I’m hoping that we will upgrade our devices soon, especially since I am a heavy picture taker with my iPhone. I hope that you have a great day!

  9. I like the jeans with ribbon tape on you. Was going to order them but the link you shared shows the jeans with a red ribbon stripe, which I don’t like. Are the jeans with the blue and white ribbon only available in store? Couldn’t find them on line.

    1. Oh never mind… when I enlarged the photo on Talbot’s website it does look like a navy/white stripe. But when I look at the photo on their website without zooming in it looks red. So it’s probably navy. Talbot’s photos are confusing for this Jean.

  10. Verdict: The camera was worth it. Nice photos. How did we live without a camera phone? Love the graphic tees and reminds me I need a 4th of July outfit. I would love to wear my white pants to the party but it’s like wearing white pants on a rainy day. Not worth the risk.
    I love those ribbon edge pants. It’s all in the details. A cut above the rest.
    I do need more instructions from the Bible. My husband could do fly by the seat of his pants things and it gets done but me I need a well defined list.

  11. Liked the BFD. They are always good to read.
    Liked both of the dresses and the blue embroidered top. Not too crazy about the other outfits that much, way too casual for me. I have found if I do way too casual I don’t feel good about myself just sloppy. Just my preference. I think Talbots has usually cute outfits but maybe they went too casual. I believe most people in general have stopped dressing up and that’s kind of sad. They don’t even dress up for church anymore. Not meant as a criticism just an opinion. Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Sherry. They have plenty of dressier clothing still too, I just didn’t try it all on. Most of my readers tell me they want to see more casual things so that’s what I leaned toward yesterday. But Talbots definitely still has lots of pretty blazers, blouses and slacks. ?

  12. I also love Talbots graphic tees. I had already purchased the flag shirt. Love it! Going to look at the website for new ones.

  13. So many pretty outfits on you, Kay! How do you decide???
    I’m lovin’ the ribbon jeans as well, I hope they look half as good on me.
    Thanks so much for sharing all these posts and a special welcome to Abby. Loved her Amazon picks and so did my daughter.