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Spring Try-On Session: Talbots

Building a Wardrobe
February 21, 2020

Happy Friday! Today we’re wrapping up our Spring Wardrobe Planning Week, but you can count on continuing to see lots of spring styling tips, trend reports, outfit ideas and try-on sessions here at Dressed for My Day. Speaking of try-on sessions, today I’m sharing my recent trip to the fitting room at Talbots.

Spring Try-On Session at Talbots

Talbots just introduced their new spring line this week, and I’m pretty impressed. As with every brand, I don’t love absolutely every piece in it. But that’s okay. I found more than enough that fit my taste and worked for me. I think they’ve created a spring line that has plenty of modern touches, trending colors and classic lines. Let’s check it out!

By the way, Talbots is offering 25% off your full purchase right now.


I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155 right now (I’m working on dropping 5!). I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or maybe mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, skirts or dresses. But I often wear a 6 in jeans.

I’ll let you know if things run true to size and what size I’m wearing in the photos. But if you have any additional questions about fit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

My Try-Ons

I’ll let you know throughout the post if I brought something home with me. But remember, I may end up returning some of what I purchased. (Just an FYI, it’s my birthday month so I got an additional 15% off, the manager gave me the 25% off a day early and I had several bonus rewards to use. I brought home a lot! But I also shopped smart.)

barely boot pants // I’m not sure why I started here, but I first tried on the Luxe Italian Double Weave Collection barely boot pants in putty. Talbots used to not carry any of the suiting in-store, so I guess I was just curious. Since I recently purchased a red suit from Talbots, I don’t need another any time soon. But I do love the quality, fit and color of these classic separates.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(1)

I’m wearing my usual 8 in the barely boot pants and they fit nicely. I would definitely be able to wear these with a small heel, too. I apologize for showing these with my heeled sneakers, but they were the only heels I had in the fitting room and the flats I’d requested would have left the pants dragging on the floor.

animal print sweater // I topped the suit pants with this soft, form fitting animal print sweater. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely.

Double Weave Suit

double breasted blazer // The double breasted blazer fit nicely in the size 8 as well, but it is a roomy fit. I feel like my red blazer runs a little large, too, so you might consider sizing down if you’re in between sizes.

Okay, let’s move on to other things I’m more enthusiastic about!

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(2)

patch pocket crop chinos in toasted barley // I had high hope for these patch pocket crop chinos and I wasn’t disappointed. These chinos are constructed from a heavier fabric than Talbots weekend chinos you may be familiar with. They’re 98% cotton with 2% spandex for a nice amount of stretch. I brought this home.

The main thing to consider about these more modern chinos is that they are truly high waisted. They fasten at the belly button, fit close (snug maybe?) but not tight through the torso and are relaxed through the leg. So this silhouette of pant takes some getting used to after wearing skinny jeans or low to mid rise pants for so long.

I’m wearing my usual size 8 and I like the fit. I also like this trending color. I’ve been seeing it pop up a lot at trendier outlets such as Madewell and J.Crew, so I think it’s a very fashion forward choice. But the patch pocket crop chinos do come in four other colors, which are equally interesting by the way.

White oversized shirt

white poplin popover // I am beyond impressed with Talbots for coming out with this modern, chic white poplin popover. It certainly doesn’t look like much hanging on the hanger, but this simple shirt is full of possibilities. It’s a beautiful weight, has a nice heft to it, but still feels comfortable and soft. I brought this home.

I’m wearing a medium because they didn’t have a small in the store. They were holding a small at another store for me, but I ended up coming home with this one because I decided I liked the oversized fit.

poplin popover

I personally wouldn’t choose to wear the shirt completely loose like this, but I wanted you to see how it fits without any styling. By the way, I can’t wear Talbots’ other popovers because I can’t get them on and off, and even when I do get them on they’re tight in the shoulders. But this popover is completely different.

white poplin popover

In the above photo I’ve knotted the tail of the shirt in the back and folded it up in the front for a completely different silhouette. So you can create a close fit without tucking the shirt at all.

In the photo below, I’ve tucked the front of the shirt loosely. Okay, moving on with other pieces…

Hampshire ankle pants double weave // These semi-dressier pants are constructed from a cotton/rayon blend with 4% spandex for some nice give. These are a true black and I love the way they feel. They’re fairly lightweight, but still feel polished and versatile. I’m wearing my usual size 8 and they fit beautifully. These pants have classic straight legs and a higher waist band than before (but not as high as the chinos above). I brought this home.

Shopping tip: Keep in mind that most of Talbots’ clothing also comes in petite, petite plus and plus sizes. Many of their pants, including the Hampshire Ankle Pants, also come in curvy fit. These Hampshire Ankle Pants and a few others also come in tall.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(4)

Taylor laced driving moccasins in black // I’m wearing the Taylor laced driving moccasins a lot throughout the try-on session. They’re a nice fit, true to size and very classic. Remember, loafers are trending big this spring! These black ones will serve me well, but they come in four other colors. I brought this home.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(5)

double breasted trench coat in rattan // This double breasted trench coat fits like a dream. But I always size down to a small in Talbots jackets and coats, so keep that in mind. This is such a classic coat. It’s a nice weight, fully lined with a classy blue ticking polyester, has ample pockets and includes a tie sash. I brought this home.

The double breasted trench coat is not a rain coat, however. But if you need a classic rain coat, you might want to check out the Barbour Millie Jacket.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session

sleeveless ruffle neck popover in daisy dot // I’m wearing the sleeveless ruffle neck popover in a small and it fits nicely. This is a lightweight 100% polyester top that works beautifully there under cardigans and jackets. It features black and yellow.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(7)

perfect shirt in black and white gingham //Next I tried on the perfect shirt in black and white gingham. This is a non-iron shirt with a slightly fitted silhouette. I’m wearing an 8. It fits well and feels good. I like that when you cuff up the sleeves they expose a different micro gingham print. I brought this home.

shorts and gingham top

girlfriend denim shorts in white // I tried on the girlfriend denim shorts in white in a size 8 because I generally go up a size in white jeans. But these felt quite roomy. I keep trying on white denim shorts thinking I’m going to land on a pair eventually, but I never like how they look on me. Looking at the photo above, I think they look okay. But at the time I just wasn’t sold. These do have a lot of stretch in them with 66% cotton, 16% polyester, 16% Lyocell and 2% Spandex.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(10)

tie waist chinos in white // I tried on the tie waist chinos in my usual 8, but I wasn’t impressed with the fit at all. They were just too snug on me all over, but mainly in the legs. Okay, I have fairly thick legs. I prefer to think of them as muscular, but whatever. So these pants just weren’t for me. But they’re a lightweight fabric, more tailored than most chinos and feature patch pockets and a removable tie.

I also felt like the tie was too long, by the way. It’s too long to just loop, but looks a little dorky tied in a full bow. If I bought these I’d probably remove the tie and wear a belt instead.

Denim white wide leg

wide leg crop jeans in white // Again, I wanted to love these wide leg crop jeans in white, but I think the silhouette doesn’t work for me in white. But these high waist denim jeans do feel comfortable. I’m wearing a size 8. They feature trending patch pockets.

I guess I kept thinking I’d like them with something else because I kept them on while I tried several other tops. Hahaha!

I also kept trying on the double breasted trench coat with everything because I love it so much. Ha!

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(12)

cotton crewneck tee in gradient dot // Now this I love. This cotton crewneck tee is actually a 95% cotton/ 5% Spandex blend, so it has some nice stretch with a fitted silhouette. It feels luxe and so, so smooth. I think this makes a beautiful choice if you want to add polka dots to your spring wardrobe. You’ll be able to wear this cotton crewneck tee through the summer and into the fall, and it will be so versatile. I’m wearing a small here, and it fit. But I ended up with the medium for a slightly roomier but still fitted silhouette. I brought this home.

with pink cardigan

charming cardigan in rosebud // See how great this black and white polka dot tee looks under the rosebud charming cardigan? Of course, the charming cardigan comes in a number of other great colors as well. I’m wearing a medium. I brought this home.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(15)

perfect crop pants in gypsum // I think the perfect crop pants are a great choice…if you have thinner legs than I do. On me they rumple up around the knees because they fit too closely. But if you are thinner in the legs, these would look really sweet. And I like that they hit around the ankles (especially if you’re shorter than 5’8″) instead of the calf. I’m wearing my usual size 8 and they fit other than the legs. They come in several other colors, too.


classic cotton shirt dot in white/tarragon // This classic cotton shirt dot is 100% cotton, a tad sheer (but I probably wouldn’t wear anything under it) and another nice selection for adding polka dots to your wardrobe. I thought the tarragon color was a nice choice, but I really would probably like to wear it with something besides shorts of the same color. I’m wearing a medium.

chino shorts in tarragon // For some reason Talbots’ chino shorts have never really worked for me while other styles do. I find them to be snug in the bum and not so functional in the legs. Maybe it’s those thick muscular legs again! At any rate, they are nice shorts, made of 98% cotton and 2% Spandex. Maybe that’s just not enough stretch for me.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(17)

relaxed chinos in black // You can barely tell from the photo above, but I’m wearing the relaxed chinos in black. I have half a dozen pairs of these chinos already, but I decided to add this black pair to my wardrobe this spring because I’m just really crushing on and enjoying black these days. And I like that these make it possible for me to wear a slenderizing color while still looking casual. I’m wearing a size 8. I brought this home.

Poppy pointed toe slingbacks in warm blush // I like the fit and style of these Poppy pointed toe slingbacks but they’re not necessarily the best shoes for many of the things I’m wearing them with here. They didn’t have all of the spring shoes out on Sunday afternoon, so I was kind of limited. I’m wearing my usual 9.5 and they stay on my feet nicely. I like the pointed toe and the fairly low vamp. And looking at them in these photos I remember them more as almost a biscuit beige than a blush.

Okay, complete outfit change up next!

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(19)

wide leg crop jeans in comet wash // While I didn’t care for the white version, I do like the wide leg crop jeans in this traditional blue comet wash. And maybe that’s the key for wearing wide leg pants, at least for me. The darker the wash, the more slenderizing they’ll be. Yeah, they’re still wide. But this style is very in, and I do appreciate the comfort these wide leg crop jeans afford. They’re roomy and cooler than skintight jeans. I’m wearing a size 8 in these; they don’t have as much stretch as, say, Talbots’ jeggings. They also come in a curvy fit. I brought this home.

cotton bateau neck tee in kelly green // This is a simple bateau neck 100% Pima cotton t-shirt. It’s soft and slightly fitted. I’m wearing a small nicely.

soft pebbled leather belt in kelly green // Green is one of my signature colors, so I had decided I’d like to add some green accessories to my wardrobe. This green soft pebbled leather belt will be quite versatile in my wardrobe. I’m wearing a medium and it fits generously with these high waist jeans, but will also fit with lower rise pants. I brought this home.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(18)

classic cotton shirt in madras // I’ve come to love Talbots’ classic cotton shirts, and this madras plaid is so pretty and colorful. It’s quite traditional looking, but the key will be to pair it with very contemporary pants, such as these wide leg jeans or maybe some modern sandals. I’m wearing a size medium. I brought this home.

Next up I tried the dropped hem slim ankle jeans in conklin wash.

ankle jeans

dropped hem slim ankle jeans in conklin wash // I’ve been eyeing these dropped hem slim ankle jeans for quite a while and I don’t know why I waited so long to try them on. I love, love, love these jeans. They have a slender but somewhat roomy fit (even on me!) and the dropped hem is modern and just a smidgen edgy. They sit at the waist and are constructed of 93% cotton, 6% polyester, 1% Spandex for a nice stretch. But comments in the reviews say they don’t stretch out with wear. I brought this home.

shirred tie-neck top – dot // The bodice of this shirred tie-neck top is lined with a camisole. I couldn’t tell if it could be removed or not, not that it needs to be. One hundred percent polyester, this long sleeve top has a flowy, romantic feel. I think the sky blue is a lovely shade. I’m wearing a medium.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(22)

Breezy Ferns Classic Cotton Shirt // Here’s another classic cotton shirt. This Breezy Ferns Classic Cotton Shirt features polka dots under the cuffs and around the underside of the collar. It’s lightweight and comfortable. I’m wearing a medium. Tropical prints are set to trend this spring and summer, by the way.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(23)

sculpt crop flare jeans in white // Okay, here’s something I really didn’t care for at all. These sculpt crop flare jeans are pull-on jeans and, while I’m certainly not opposed to all pull-ons, these just feel cheap to me. They sit low on the waist (at least on me) and they didn’t feel comfortable at all. I’m Looking at the photo, I think they’re a decent silhouette, but I just didn’t feel my best in them. I’m wearing an 8.

Okay, dresses are coming up. But please overlook the shoes. These are not the shoes I would wear with any of these dresses.


Floral tie waist dress // I think this floral tie waist dress features beautiful shades of blue and green, so on trend. And it’s a lovely silhouette. The fabric is soft and flowy. What you can’t see is that the skirt has three tiers. The second tier felt a little snug around my hips. It wasn’t so snug that I couldn’t wear it, but I could “feel it.” Know what I mean? I’m wearing an 8, so I would probably go up to a 10 in this floral tie waist dress. It’s a beautiful option for Easter or other spring occasion.

leopard print dress

leopard flutter sleeve a-line dress // I took a denim jacket into the fitting room with me to try on with things, but never got around to it. This leopard flutter sleeve a-line dress would look darling with a jean jacket. It’s a very simple dress, featuring a wide smocked band at the waistline and a split neck. It’s extremely comfortable and easy. I think I felt a little pale in it. Ha! I’m not used to seeing this much of my legs and arms at this point in the year. But when I get past that, I’m thinking I might should have purchased this one. I’m wearing an 8.

floral dot poplin shirtdress // Please, please, please look past the shoes when taking in this floral dot poplin shirtdress. I really stay away from shoes with ankle straps (unless they’re nude), but these were the only heels they had in stock that would look halfway decent with this dress. Unfortunately, I fear they really detract from how pretty this dress is.

I didn’t expect to like the floral dot poplin shirtdress, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has an elastic band in the back of the waist to help create that pretty hourglass silhouette. It also has nice pockets in the side seams. Give the collar a flip for a sassy look. I’m wearing an 8 and it fits nicely. I brought this home. But not the shoes! I’ll wear nude pumps or sandals with this one.

Talbots Spring Line Try-On Session(27)

We’re almost done! These are the same Hampshire ankle pants I showed above in black. These are in gypsum.

button cuff sweater // I’m wearing a medium in the black button cuff sweater. It’s 60% cotton and 40% rayon for lots of stretch and a pretty, silky feel. This basic 3/4 length sleeve sweater comes in several pretty colors.

I enjoyed wearing a Talbots skort to play golf while I was in Florida, so I thought I’d try another one Sunday.

Golf Skirt

paisley pique skort // I’m wearing a small in the paisley pique skort because I like a snug fit in a golf skirt. While I guess you could also wear this skort for other things, I like them for golf. It does have pockets, a necessity for golf. Made of 58% cotton, 38% modal, 4% Spandex, you can of course machine wash this skort, but you must lay it flat to dry. But that’s not unusual for fine athletic wear.

black slub jersey tee // I actually already own this black slub jersey tee but wanted to try the skort on with it. In fact I have a white one, too. These are great tees for golf or other activities, very breathable and lightweight. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely.

I also recently purchased this pique zip front jacket in white (not shone) and wore it with my other Talbots skort when I played golf recently. It’s a very soft, elegant feeling jacket, if you will. I mean it’s casual, but the fabric has a nice hand.

Alrighty! I know that was long, but I wanted to make it worth your while, so I tried to put on a variety of clothing. Of course, I barely scratched the surface of what they have to offer in this new spring line.

So I’m sharing other favorites in my updated Shop My Talbots Favorites page. Be sure to check it out for more of my wish list.

Shopping Talbots or any other Spring Line

By the way, I know it looks like I came away with a wad load of clothes. Ha! Indeed, I did. But remember, this is my job. And, like I mentioned earlier, I had extra discounts to use.

But I want you to know, dear Dressed for My Day reader, that I really did use the plan I outlined in Monday’s post in shopping this Talbots sale.

  • I only purchased items that filled a hole in the wardrobe I’ve planned. I bought nothing on a whim.
  • I only purchased items in my chosen color palette: black, white, brown, green, pink and blue.
  • I only purchased items that fit my style aesthetic: contemporary classic, chic and minimal.
  • I only purchased items that will mix and match with at least three (usually more) things in my closet.
  • And I stayed within my budget…with some to spare. (Remember, styling clothes is my job.)

One of the reasons I tagged the items above with “I brought this home” is so you can look back and see that I purchased a cohesive set of clothing, not just this and that random piece. In fact, here’s shopping widget with my personal purchases.

Kay’s Purchases from the Talbots Sale:

I simply share this so you can help hold me accountable to this. If I’m going to move toward a slow fashion model, I’ve got to get serious about building a cohesive wardrobe that works together. Let me know if you’re doing this, too!

Don’t forget, you get 25% off your purchases at Talbots right now. Happy shopping!

Shop the Fitting Room Session:

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Don’t forget to check out my Shop My Talbots Favorites for more ideas.

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But the Bible tells us we can in fact offer something powerful to those who are hurting, even when miles and miles separate us. We can pray for them. God is the one who ultimately gives true comfort anyhow. So when we spend time in prayer on their behalf, we indeed offer great comfort. Also we can simply text or write them a note of encouragement, speaking a blessing of hope and comfort over them. Don’t you know there is power in that simple act of kindness?

Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace, comfort and strengthen your hearts in every good work and word. ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

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31 thoughts on “Spring Try-On Session: Talbots

  1. I am off to Talbots today to donate and buy. I think my wish list just grew by 5/6 items. I wish I would have known you were speaking in Akron would loved to have heard you. Have Your hubby go to the Football hall of fame. He will spend hours there. Have a great weekend.

      1. Happy to hear the retreat went well. He needs to come up the first weekend of August for enshrinement. Make reservations now. We also have the First Ladies library here ( first wives of all the Presidents) that is great.

        1. Oh my! That library is something I’d definitely love to see. I’ve always been a little fascinated with the First Ladies. I did one of my earliest book reports in elementary school on Rachel Jackson, wife of President Andrew Jackson. I think we had gone to their home, the Hermitage. Anyhow, yes, we will definitely be going back when it’s green. I think it must be a beautiful part of the state…and so much to see!

  2. Thank you so much Kay! I love how you style the clothes and give honest evaluation. Trying on is hard work !
    Thanks again !

  3. The clothes are beautiful, Kay! The polka dots, light sweater, double breasted jacket, sling backs, and loafers: I could go on and on. I need to go shopping. ?
    My husband and I have been to the Football Hall of Fame. It is an interesting place. It is a must see for all football fans!
    During a rough patch in my life, the prayers of God’s people kept me going. I try to do the same for others as well. What a privilege to pray for others!
    Have a wonderful day and a restful weekend,

  4. Thanks for taking the time to show us your try on session. Loved the looks you put together and the flexibility of your purchases with your wardrobe. I work at Talbots and it was wonderful to see how you assembled such cute and stylish outfits. Thanks!

  5. Ei can’t get over that blue fern shirt. I just love it. It is perfect. I don’t own any floral so it would be a good purchase. I do in several polka dot in liking the black and white which I wear with white pants but never though if adding my pink it red cardigan. That look really pops. I appreciate you trying these on first. It is exhausting and I just don’t do it often but being a ke to see how they look on a real person is great.

  6. Kay, Thank you! You sure tried on some pretty clothes and shoes! While I still like the pants I mentioned to you earlier in the week, I now know that I do not need to make any purchases until I get my spring/summer clothes out of the attic, take inventory, and know what pieces I REALLY need. I consider it an honor and my job to pray for others. Safe travels to Akron!

    1. Thanks for reading, Ginger. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I had a great trip to Akron and the retreat went well. The ladies there were such a blessing.

  7. Hi, Kay,
    I continue to be thrilled to have found you and so enjoy and profit from your posts.
    Let me share with you just a few of the things you’ve inspired me to do or to try:
    I purchased Cover Girl’s Skin Milk foundation and I find the texture, color, and light but pleasing coverage exceptional for such a relatively inexpensive product. My skin has pink undertones, and the shade I chose really enhances that. I have Clinique and LaRoche Posay foundations as well and I honestly believe I like the CG one better over all. I combine it with Cerave Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30.
    Additionally, I purchased Retinol Lotion with Vitamin C and am using that at night on my face, and as an all-over moisturizer as well. I like knowing it’s a skincare product with proven capabilities, and I love the packaging (you can retrieve every last bit).
    Finally, I especially enjoyed your recent posts with tips for building a beautiful wardrobe, particularly the parts about filling holes in my closet, considering versatility, coordinating outfits ahead of time, styling tips, using what I have, etc! Once I carefully and honestly edited my closet, I’ve found I have quite a few nice building blocks. However, I lack the final styling or completer pieces that really add personality. I think I can venture out of my zone just a bit to incorporate trends like classic pieces in new colors (lilac, mint, kelly green, blush), all good for our southern climate, as well as belts, cuter shoes in fun colors (still comfortable though!), and polka-dot blouses or knit tops (love them!).
    In short, my ensembles are beginning to have more pizzazz and finish! And I hope to make fewer shopping mistakes by planning better and sticking to my plan.
    Thank you again so much!

    1. Hi Julie. Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I sometimes wonder if I’m even making any sense here! Hahaha! So I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for letting me know. And thank you so much for faithfully reading.

  8. Dear Kay, Thank you for your “Blessed for my Day” words of love. It is so timely. Today is my daughters 32 nd birthday, she lives 3,000 miles away , and is going through many struggles (and is alone). I almost offered to fly out to see her- but I knew she really didn’t want that. I have been praying all day, trusting that she is in God’s hands & she is supported and loved .

  9. Thanks Kay for this post! I’m having hard time getting use to the wide leg in pants but I am glad you brought home those slim leg jeans! They looked great on you! I also liked the dresses! You got some great items! Thanks for doing all the work for us!!

  10. Hi Kay, thanks for the try-on & review of Talbots Spring line. I have purchased or been gifted many lovely Talbots items over the years that are still serving me well because they hold up well and make good foundation pieces for a wardrobe. I like the way you show & describe how to combine & modernize classic pieces with trendier items. I particularly love their bateau neck tees, finding it to be one of the most flattering necklines for me. I love your style, sensibility and spirituality. I do have to say that I cannot get on the bandwagon for the loafers, mules, & flat slingbacks on anyone. Just a personal preference, I guess.

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed the Talbots post. They’re one of my favorite brands, too. So what shoes do you enjoy? Do you wear more heels? Or some other kind of flats? I’d love to know.

      1. Hi Kay, I wore heels for many years in an office environment, mostly pumps with 2-1/2 – 3″ heel. Now I’m 65 and retired & working 12 hrs a week in retail for fun (basically on my feet for 3-4 hrs at a time). I live in the Midwest & frankly I have a difficult time with shoe selection between the seasons of booties & sandals! Most flat shoes don’t feel comfortable to me, unless they are fashion or athletic sneakers, so I prefer a wedge or heel. But really I just can’t get used to the look of loafers or mules. I follow you & Jo-Lynne regularly & a few others occasionally and it’s just me, I guess. I like comfort especially now being older (what does happen to our feet???), but I also like a flattering feminine shoe & these menswear looks just don’t appeal to me. Am I the only one? Thanks for your reply. I wish I had better answers for you. I really appreciate you, though!!

        1. I completely get it. We all have unique personal preferences. I was just curious. Many of my readers have very specific opinions about shoes. Hahaha! I guess I do too. As much as I like some – but not all – mules, I don’t own any because I’m afraid they won’t stay on my feet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ?

  11. Hi Kay. Thanks for sharing your Talbot’s try on. You scored some great pieces! In this article and others, you’ve mentioned your “signature colors” or a color palette. Do you have an article about this that you could point me to? I’ve just finished a major closet overhaul, and am working on building a more versatile wardrobe. I do have a hard time deciding which colors look best on me, though. Also, I’d love to see a post about some spring/summer accessories. While I’m rebuilding the wardrobe, I’d like to add some inexpensive pops of color with earrings or necklaces. Thank you so much! I love your site. Our styles are a bit different, but your approach is so versatile! I can really apply all of your tips to my own style.

    1. Hi Michele! Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, I did a whole series last year about building a wardrobe that works for you. You’ll find all the post in this link: Or you can access those posts in the future through the FASHION tab at the top of my blog, under BUILDING A WARDROBE. But here’s the post where I talked about choosing the colors of your wardrobe: It’s one of my favorites! Thanks so much for reading Dressed for My Day.