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Spring 2020 Beauty Trends & the 40+ Woman

February 14, 2020

Happy Friday! And welcome to the fifth day of Spring Trends Week 2020 here at Dressed for My Day. It’s been a great week, and evidently you gals are ready for Spring because pageviews have been high this week. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this peak into spring trends. Today we’re looking into the spring 2020 beauty trends.

Spring 2020 Beauty Trends and the 40+ Woman

First, let’s remember that trends are more than fads. They’re the direction things are headed. So while most of the tools, colors, methods, etc., that I mention here are completely optional, we gals are smart to stay trend-savvy so that we don’t get left behind if a trend really takes off.

Our goal, both in fashion and beauty, is simply to look our best in a way that feels natural and suitable for us. We want stay in our lanes, being mindful of our own personal style essence. But we also want to keep our looks contemporary and fresh.

As we age it becomes all the more important to wear our hair and makeup in ways that look “now” so that we don’t look dated. We absolutely do not need to try to look younger than we are, nor do we need to follow every trend or fad out there. We simply want to look current.

Let’s Start with Hair


From what I read, 2020 is the year of the comeback. Almost every famous hairstyle that you can remember from recent years past will look fresh and contemporary again this year. I’ve seen mention of:

  • Farrah Fawcett curtain bangs
  • the modern “shag”
  • itty bitty bangs
  • the Rachel (as in Jennifer Aniston’s famed do)
  • the bob

But each of these retro styles will feature modern twists. For instance, in 2020 we’ll be stepping away from blunt-cut bobs and going for a slightly longer and more piece-y texture that looks a little softer throughout.

All in all, short hair is predicted to be very popular in 2020. So, while some may continue to wear the hair extensions that became popular in the last few years, we’ll see a shift toward more carefree, shorter manes. Why is that the prediction? Because many of the trend-setting celebrities that previously wore the longer, fuller dos are now sporting super chic, super short cuts.

Other hairstyle trends to watch for include embracing natural texture – whatever that is for your head of hair, air drying and accenting with some of the style accessories you probably already own.

Hair Accessories

Hair Tied with a Scarf
photo credit

For instance, it will be trendy to weave or tie neck scarves into your hair. Whether you use a skinny scarf to tie on a low pony tail or weave it into your braid, you’ll look right in step. And this is a great way to incorporate trending colors into your overall look.

Hair Accessories
leopard claw clips // silk skinny bandanas // retro metal jaw clips

You’ll also notice claw clips leaving the house! Many of us have been using claw clips to hold back our hair while we wash our faces, cook dinner, garden or clean the house for years. But now it is once again fashionable to wear one of these utilitarian clips in your hair when you go out to dinner or to work. You’ll find a full selection of claw clips here on Amazon. And you can select silk skinny scarves here.

Hair Colors

The overall trend in hair colors is expected to be a shift to warmer tones. Warm blondes and auburn highlights are expected to replace the icy blondes and bluish brunette tones that have been popular in recent year.

Also, single tone color is making a comeback as women are tired of the multi-step processing they’ve been receiving in recent years. So while you’ll still see highlights, many women will be opting for a single rinse color process.

Final Notes on Hair

So overall, think ease. Hairstyles will reflect our desire for streamlining our lives. That’s why you’ll see hair accessories that allow you to simply pull your hair back and go. And hair colors will reflect this desire for ease, too.

I suggest visiting a hairstylist who stays current and knowledgeable about trending styles. Ask her or him to simply suggest some ways to modernize your style and color. You absolutely do not have to do everything they suggest. But you might be surprised at how much you enjoy something new.


Look for makeup trends to gravitate toward easier application and upkeep as well. The “no makeup” makeup or fresh face look will continue to look appealing, so if that’s your style, stick with it. But here are a few modern twists on that look you’ll want to try to achieve:

  • more pink tones and less peach (think about how your skin looks when you are truly, naturally blushed from exercise)
  • dewy skin
  • dewy lips (we’ll see less of the matte lip look)

You might consider using a creamier, dewier finish foundation if you’ve been opting for a matte finish. CoverGirl recently came out with Clean Fresh Skin Milk that is supposed to create a very dewy finish and allow your own healthy skin to shine through.

Clean Fresh Skin Milk
Clean Fresh Skin Milk

Blush is trending. That may sound a little silly, but you’ll be seeing blush all over the face for a truly rosy “blushing from exertion” look. Now I don’t suggest us older gals brush blush all over our faces. But I do suggest we use both cream and powder blushes to create a more naturally blushed appearance.

Pink for cheeks
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush in Pink Tease // Lancome Blush Subtil Sheer Oil Free Powder Blush in Sheer Amourose

Balance out your blushed look with defined eyebrows, lengthened lashes and a pretty lip color.

Speaking of lip colors, pink is dominating there, too. As we move into spring, we generally tend to enjoy lightening up our makeup palette. So pink often dominates at this time of year.

Pink for lips
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Powerful // MAC Love Me Lipstick in Vanity Bonfire // MAC Loud and Clear Lipglass in Heart Heist // MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup

Also, lip gloss will be huge this spring and summer. Whether you swipe a glassy gloss over your favorite lipstick or wear it alone, you’ll look youthful and more modern with a shiny, dewy lip.

Eyeshadow trends are really all over the place this year. But I suggest we allow the younger set to play with the eye jewelry (think stars and glitter), rainbow configurations and bold colors. Instead, let’s capitalize on a color trend that we can truly benefit from: lilac.

This pale purple will really make green and hazel eyes pop, but lilac is generally flattering on every eye color and skin tone. You might want to add just a little of this pastel purple to your otherwise natural eyeshadow color palette. Here are a few eyeshadow palettes I found that fit the bill beautifully.

lilac eye shadows
IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Trio in Pretty Plum // CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadow in Pure Romance 235 // Maybelline The City Mini Palette in Skyscape Dusk

Use a pale lilac shade on the base of your eyelids just above your lash line for light brightness and then use a deeper shade of this color just above the crease to intensify and cause the hood of your eye to recede. A little color goes a long way, especially as we age. Remember, the goal is to let your beautiful eyes steal the show!

Nail Polish

Finally, let’s talk nails. You may already wear a French manicure, but that classic nail style is making a true “comeback” this year. But the current trend is to make the nails even more natural looking. In fact, the most modern French manicure is one that features your own nails, not acrylics. But hey, do whatever you need to do to present pretty, manicured nails.

Colors for polish will trend to the light side. In fact, white polish will be hotter than ever since Brilliant White is one of Pantone’s colors of the year. I especially like OPI’s Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish in Alpine Snow.

Nail Polish
Essie Nail Polish in Lilacism // OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish in Mexico City Move-Mint // OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish in Mexico City in Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal // OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish in Alpine Snow

Pastels of all shades will also look modern and seasonal. But lilac is a smart and trendy choice here, too. I like Essie Nail Polish in Lilacism. But OPI has some pretty shades in their new Mexico City collection, too.

But if you enjoy experimenting with more avant garde styles with your nails, you’ll want to know that metallics, bold yellow, shades of blue, nudes, ombre, matte finishes and nail art will trend in 2020.

One more thing about nails. We’re seeing a trend in going waterless in manicures. Not only do waterless manicures save water, but supposedly they’re better for your nails. Water is a major source of bacteria that damages nail beds, and watersoaked nails expand and therefore make a less sustainable surface for polish. So look for waterless manicures offered in salons near you or opt for a waterless home manicure using a system such as OPI Infinite Shine. You might want to check out my post about this manicure system.

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Spring 2020 Beauty Trends and the 40+ Woman

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7 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Beauty Trends & the 40+ Woman

  1. This Spring trend series was a lot of fun! I found that the IT Cosmetics Pretty in Plum palette goes on smoothly, and the pale purple shade is subtle. I’ll be interested to see how to wear polo shirts and sweaters you mentioned in your 2020 Spring Trends post. And hurray for more trendy loafers, mules, and flats! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. It seems ,Ike we are returning to a more normal look. Straight leg pants, hi rise, less extensions for hair, I like the look of all the new things. I was especially tired of all the many colored hair looks. It’s nice to see shags, bobs, pixies and cute short styles for spring. I got my cut today in a piecey looking pixie and I love it. Decided to go ahead even tho I’ll prob need a warm hat or scarf if we get cold again but it’s so cute.

  3. Well, I’m two days behind reading this very informative post! I have saved it to a Pinterest board. I am letting my bangs grow out, and while they’ve come a long way, they still are at a ‘get in my face, drive me crazy length,’ so I’m thrilled that claw clips will be on trend this Spring. My hairdresser has taught me how to do a delicate braid with my bangs before clipping them back. I will be going to Amazon to get a few updated claw clips. At 63, I definitely prefer a more natural look with my makeup, hair, and nails. I actually stopped coloring my hair back in 2011. Once again, thank you for all that you do for us! Have a blessed day!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic post! Thanks for letting us know the new trends for this year and I am looking forward to trying some of them(new hair style, hair clips, hand bands and nail polish)!!?