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Spring Outfit Starting with Black and White

May 2, 2023

Sometimes I over complicate putting together outfits. Can I get a witness? 🙋‍♀️ Usually I notice that I’m doing that when getting dressed becomes harder and less enjoyable. That’s when I step back from the process and evaluate my starting point. If I start my outfits with basic pieces like a great pair of black pants and a simple white tee or tank I’m much more likely to like the completed outfit than if I try to start with accessories, shoes or even a completer piece in mind. So today I’m sharing a few spring outfits starting with black and white at the base.

Black and White OUtfit for Spring
tank (another option) // white linen blazer // black pants (marked down) // black sandals (low heel version) // necklace // earrings // bracelet (marked down!) // handbag (another option)

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I always think one of the challenges with a black and white outfit is keeping it from looking like a waiter’s uniform. Ha! Anybody else think that way? But I don’t believe anyone will mistake you for a waiter if you top your black pants and white tee or tank with a seasonal white linen blazer.

White Linen Blazer
tank (another option) // white linen blazer

It bears repeating, I wear this simple but oh so summery white linen blazer more than any other completer piece each summer. I’ve had this one for at least five years now, so at this point I’m paying pennies per wear. I find it to run true to size, and yes, I did try on the new version and it’s very similar.

white linen blazer

I love duplicating the same color in my top and completer piece. That double whammy of a color or neutral is so effective and effortlessly chic.

black strappy sandals (also available in flats)

I completed this simple black and white outfit with black strappy sandals (also available in flats), my tri-neutral satchel bag and simple gold jewelry.

tri-neutral satchel from Michael Kors
tri-neutral satchel bag

Oh and I did add that modern pearl bracelet at my wrist. It’s more than 50% off!

Starting with Black and White
tank (another option) // white linen blazer // black pants (marked down) // black sandals (low heel version) // necklace // earrings // bracelet (marked down!) // handbag (another option)

The outfit above is perfect for a spring or summer work day in the office. But I’d also wear it out to lunch or even for church. The next couple of looks I created starting with black and white are more casual, but still just as pulled together and chic. I created all three looks with my classic Kate trousers from J.Crew.

black pants
Kate trousers from J.Crew //black sandals (low heel version)

These classic, straight leg trousers are made in a four-season stretch fabric that moves beautifully with you and keeps its shape with wear. I love them so much…I purchased them recently in grey, too! They’re also available in navy and camel. So of course you can create all of these looks with those other neutrals as well.

So like I said, the next two looks that started with black and white are much more casual and sporty, but still very eye-appealing.

Utility Jacket and black and white
utility jacket (similar) // tank (another option) // black pants (marked down) // black sandals (low heel version) // necklace // earrings // bracelet (marked down!)

First I swapped out the white linen blazer for a trending utility jacket (similar). I forget about this casual jacket far too often. And really utility blazers (and pants and skirts and dresses!) continue to trend big for 2023. Mine is from last year, but this one is a similar option in green and this camel field jacket is another great option. In fact, I’ll share several other nice utility and field jackets in the shopping widget below.

I love the juxtaposition of the utility jacket (similar) with the black sandals in the look above. But below I swapped out the heels for my black Converse sneakers (size down full size) for an even more casual look.

Utility Jacket and Black Converse Sneakers
utility jacket (similar) // tank (another option) // black pants (marked down) // black Converse (size down full size) // necklace // earrings // bracelet (marked down!)

The outfit above is one I would definitely wear out to eat for a casual dinner with my husband and friends. And the look below is not unlike it. I’m wearing the white tank (another option) and black pants with a denim jacket. This is my new lighter wash Levi’s Original Trucker jacket. It runs true to size.

Denim Jacket and Black Pants

I actually love the combination of black with blue denim. Add that splash of white and it creates such a classic, casual trio. This time I completed the look with my gold metallic sandals. That’s definitely a great outfit for dinner at a diner or even a backyard cookout in spring.

Black and White with Blue Jean Jacket
tank (another option) // black pants (marked down) // Levi’s Original Trucker jacket // necklace // earrings // bracelet (marked down!) // gold sandals

I’m making a point these days to think simple when I walk into my closet. When I start an outfit with a classic pairing like black and white I find that the possibilities truly are endless and effortlessly chic. Thanks so much for stopping in today. You can shop the looks through the links above and through the shopping widget below.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Outfit Starting with Black and White

  1. Sing it, Sister! Sometimes in an effort to put together something special, we get decision fatigue and end up reaching for something that that doesn’t hit the mark at all. (Remember calling a friend in high school to ask what THEY were wearing to the dance?) Every one of your outfits can be easily recreated if we concentrate on buying the best-fitting and quality basics that we can depend on for most occasions. That is what real life is about. Thanks Kay!

  2. i liked your BFMD. I firmly believe we are in the latter days. AI is frightening technology and fits in with things Revelation talks about. Exciting times!

  3. One of the greatest things we can do in our lives and ministry to others is to be an encourager.
    His word brings life and hope to every situation. Blessings Maree.