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Shame On Me for Keeping These Pajamas a Secret

October 12, 2023

Psst! I’ve got a secret to share. I’ve been wearing these Printfresh pajamas since last spring, and I forgot to tell you about them. So recently when Printfresh reached out to me and wanted to send me another pair (I purchased the first ones on my own), I knew it was time to spill the beans. Shame on me for keeping these fun pajamas a secret!

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Bagheera Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee
Bagheera Pajama Pants (wearing size M) & Saturday Tee (wearing size M) // earrings

Printfresh is a majority woman-owned and female-founded business that produces luxury organic cotton sleepwear and apparel. Their highly imaginative and colorful designs are all the brainchild of Amy Voloshin, a designer, textile master, and fashion entrepreneur. From the early days of Amy packing and shipping orders out of her house, Printfresh has grown into a nationally recognized (and loved) sleepwear brand with new collections released monthly. In addition to their online shop, an exclusive Printfresh collection is available at Anthropologie and distributed in select boutiques throughout the country.

Bagheera Pajamas Pants (wearing size M)
Bagheera Pajama Pants (wearing size M)

I’ve been enjoying the Bagheera Pajama Pants, one of Printfresh’s most popular designs, since last spring and they’ve held up to multiple washings beautifully. In fact, they get softer with wear and laundering. Per directions, I wash in cold, dry on low and yes, I do iron them…’cause I’m fancy like that. Ha!

Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants
Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants (wearing size M)

Recently Printfresh sent me the Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants and the fit and fabulousness proved to be consistent. I love that the elasticized waistband, drawstring pajama pants also have pockets and are full in the legs. They come in XXS to 6X, some of the most extensive sizing I’ve ever seen. You’ll find a wide range of petite selections here and tall selections here. For reference, I’m 5’8″ and wear the regular length.

Saturday Tee (wearing size M)
Saturday Tee (wearing size M) // Porcelain Mug // earrings

I’ve also been enjoying the Saturday Tee since the spring. Yeah, it really is a shame that I’ve been sleeping in this super-soft 100% organic cotton tee is knit from both thick and thin yarns to create a soft, worn-in look. You certainly can wear it for everyday wear, too, but I do reserve mine for sleeping and lounging. I have two white Saturday Tees, but they come in other colors as well. And again they’re available in sizes XXS to 6X. Wow!

Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee
Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee & Porcelain Mug & earrings

By the way, Printfresh just “opened” their Holiday Shop and it is full of festive, colorful prints. I just can’t decide which ones to order! And several of the prints come in sleepwear and loungewear for the entire family, including your pets. Check those out HERE.

Lounging Leopard Robe
Lounging Leopard Robe & Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee & Porcelain Mug & earrings

Printfresh also gifted me this Lounging Leopard Robe. It is so roomy and comfortable. Many of their prints are available in robes, sleep shirts, matching long sets, matching short sets and other apparel.

Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee &  Porcelain Mug & earrings
Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee & Porcelain Mug & earrings

Printfresh offers free shipping over $250 domestically, flat rate shipping of $8 on orders $75-$250 and $6 on orders less than $75. Expedited shipping is available. They ship world-wide with APC with an average 10-day transit time.

Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee &  Porcelain Mug & earrings
Lounging Leopard Pajama Pants & Saturday Tee & Porcelain Mug & earrings

I find that Printfresh sizing runs very true to size, so they’ll make great Christmas gifts, too, since you can easily estimate the sizes you’ll need. But returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days and gift purchases made between 10/9/2023 and 12/25/2023 may be returned through 1/10/2024.

So now you know my sweet secret. Let me know if you have any questions about these fun pajamas. I really do wear them and love them. And while Printfresh did gift me my second pair, this is not a sponsored post and I was under no obligation to share them with you. But I did! So don’t keep it a secret.

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2 thoughts on “Shame On Me for Keeping These Pajamas a Secret

  1. I wear leggings to bed. I was having trouble sleeping and getting tangled up in my pajamas so I tried leggings and it helped my sleep. I buy soft inexpensive ones from Walmart and wear a soft and inexpensive short or long sleeved t-shirt depending on the weather.