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New Travel Essentials for My Upcoming London Trip

May 9, 2023

After having our travel limited for a while, I think many of us are spreading our wings a little this year. I’m preparing for a trip to London in August, and rather than rush to get ready that month I’m trying to buy what I need for my adventure across the pond slowly and methodically. Today I’m sharing some new travel essentials I’ve added to my collection recently, featuring two extraordinary beauty kits from Colleen Rothschild. #CRPartner

Travel Essentials

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In fact, let’s start with the two beauty kits I got from Colleen Rothschild. I kid you not, I had just been fretting over how I would pack my skincare and hair products for my travels when I learned that Colleen Rothschild was including their travel and trial kits in their Friends & Family Sale, which begins today and ends Sunday, May 14th. Use code FAMILY to get 25% off sitewide at Colleen Rothschild. Usually they don’t include their beauty kits in this sale, but, just in time for summer travels, they are offering the 25% off on these value-packed collections.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
travel and trial kits

While my friend and I have booked airline tickets that allow for one checked bag, I’m planning not to check a bag on my outgoing trip so that I don’t risk losing luggage as the trip begins. I’ll undoubtedly use that checked bag for the return flight, especially since I’ll probably purchase a few things that week. But I want to pack all of my clothes, shoes and essentials in my Delsey suitcase and my Away Everywhere Bag for the trip to London.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
Delsey suitcase // Away Everywhere Bag

That means I need travel size beauty products. But I also want to continue using the quality products my skin and hair thrive with. So I’ll be taking these Colleen Rothschild kits, which are filled with their signature products and beauty tools.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
7-piece Discovery Collection

The 7-piece Discovery Collection contains everything I need to maintain my skincare regimen while I’m overseas. And every piece is in a size that will serve me well for the nine days I’m away and meets carry-on requirements. The liquids will need to go in a plastic bag, of course, but that should all be manageable. The set includes:

  • Radiant Cleansing Balm, 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Dual Enzyme Polish, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Clarifying Detox Mask, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Sheer Renewal Cream, 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Extreme Recovery Cream, 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)
  • Face Oil N°9, 4 ml (0.14 fl oz)
  • Muslin Cleansing Cloth
Colleen Rothschild Kits
7-piece Discovery Collection

Colleen Rothschild has included a sturdy card that details which products I should use for my a.m. and p.m. routines. So if you purchase the 7-piece Discovery Collection for the purpose of trying out the skincare line, you’ll be able to know exactly how to use the components. The Discovery Collection is a $150 value, regularly priced at $95. But with code FAMILY the Discovery Collection is just $71.25, which is less than half the true value price. Wow! Oh, and it all comes in a chic black CR travel bag.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
7-piece Discovery Collection

I’ll also be traveling to London with the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set. This 6pc limited-edition haircare set is valued at $110 and normally priced at $75. But with code FAMILY you can get these cult-favorite bestsellers for just $56.25. And these quality haircare essentials are housed in a functional and chic toiletry bag with a faux leather Saffiano textured finish which offers a clear top to see all your beauty essentials at a glance.

Colleen Rothschild Kits
Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set
Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set
Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set

I love that the bag leaves me room to add other haircare essentials, such as my shower cap, comb, hair clips and more. Above you see the Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set as it comes. But below I’ve added some personal items for my trip. And I’ve got room to add more.

Haircare Kit
Colleen Rothschild Quench & Shine Travel Essentials Set

Of course I have so many other favorite products at Colleen Rothschild, too, and they’re all available for 25% off with code FAMILY, just through Sunday. I highly recommend the Face Oil No.9, which is included in the Discovery Collection, the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum and the Micellar Cleansing Water, which is included in their The Eyes Have It Collection.

In fact, I’ve filled a shopping widget below with other products I highly recommend from Colleen Rothschild. Just be sure to use code FAMILY at checkout to see your savings.

Now let me share with you a couple of other travel essentials I’ve recently secured for my London trip.

I’ll be taking this compact All-In-One Universal Power Adapter with USB-C and USB-A charging ports. I’m totally clueless about such things, but I know I will undoubtedly need one. Or at least it will be smart to have one with me. And you better believe I’ll read all the details before I plug anything into anything!

All-In-One Universal Power Adapter
Packing Cubes
All-In-One Universal Power Adapter

I’m still debating about whether or not I’ll be taking this new Conair handheld travel garment steamer. While it is compact…and I think rather cute!’s not especially lightweight. It weighs just 2.2 pounds, but I guess it just feels heavier than I’d expected. So it will probably boil down to how much room I have once I’ve packed all the other true essentials.

Conair handheld travel garment steamer

But I have operated the Conair handheld travel garment steamer and it works very well. You can basically steam one good size garment, maybe two, before the small water container runs out of steam. But I do appreciate that the easy to use dual voltage switch makes it safe for international use.

Conair handheld travel garment steamer

I’ll be packing all of my essentials in my Delsey suitcase and my Away Everywhere Bag. Both come highly recommended, and I tried them out on our car trip to Georgia. I appreciate that the Away Everywhere Bag is compact enough to be considered a “personal item” and can easily be stored under the seat in front of me.

Away Bag

Honestly, I may or may not use these TravelWise packing cubes. I do find that they help compress your clothes so that you can get more in the allotted spaces. And I have enjoyed using them in the past. I find that the packing cubes are most essential when you are traveling from place to place on a trip. They truly do help keep our suitcase more organized as you travel about through multiple destinations. But I’ll be staying in one vacation rental during our 9-day trip, so I’m just not sure they’re necessary.

Packing Cubes
TravelWise packing cubes
Packing Cubes
TravelWise packing cubes // Delsey suitcase
Packing Cubes
TravelWise packing cubes // Delsey suitcase

I’d love to hear from you today if you have additional travel essentials that you think I should consider for my trip overseas. I am in the process of picking out a crossbody bag. I’ve received this Travelon anti-theft shoulderbag, and I may end up keeping it. But I confess the Tumi Tyler crossbody is calling my name. If you have experience with either of those, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Packing Cubes
TravelWise packing cubes // Delsey suitcase // linen pants // linen shirt // similar tank // necklace // earrings // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

Don’t forget to check out that great Friends & Family Sale at Colleen Rothschild. I’m so grateful to them for sponsoring today’s blog post and for giving me the freedom to select the products I shared. I only work with brands I love and trust.

Packing Essentials
Colleen Rothschild travel and trial kits are 25% off with code FAMILY just through Sunday, May 14th.

PS – I’m traveling to London with one of my friend Shelly’s WalkAbout Tour groups. Amazing! You really need to check out her website if you’re interested in similar travel. And you can also read her guest blog post here about traveling alone.

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Blessed for My Day

I’m actually traveling today, too. We’re heading home from Georgia to Cincinnati. I find travel to be both exciting and nerve-wracking, equally delightful and draining. I love to explore new places and see people I’ve not seen in so long. But I dislike the risks involved, especially with highway travel. So I’m praying as I go.

Today I pause to say a prayer for you and your travels, too. I pray that God blesses you with rich experiences, new friendships, delightful moments and awe-inspiring sights. May you thrill at the newness of it all and also feel joyful when you return home. And may you stay safe and healthy and well-rested as you journey from place to place. God bless us all as we spread our wings and explore the beautiful world He has created around us.

For He will give His angels orders concerning you, To protect you in all your ways. ~ Psalm 91:11

xoxo, Kay
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30 thoughts on “New Travel Essentials for My Upcoming London Trip

  1. I have the Tumi Canton Crossbody from several years ago in navy. It’s dimensions are Bottom width: 10 in, Depth: 2.25 in, Height: 11 in. I’ve used it almost daily since purchase. I don’t carry a lot with me every day and wish it were just a tad smaller like the Tumi Tyler you’re considering. BUT the main negative I’ve found is that it’s impossible to clean, even just dust or dirt from my trunk. I took it to the Tumi store and the sales associate there tried to sell me their special cleaner. I insisted on trying the cleaner in the store before buying and it did nothing to clean the bag. So as much as I love the style of it, I’d probably not spend the money on another Tumi. Travelon and Baggalini bags are much easier to keep clean in my experience. I also like Lo & Sons Pearl Crossbody in Saffiano Leather. Enjoy your trip to London!

  2. I don’t love traveling because I tend to be a routine personality. However, when I do, I change my mindset; I find I do quite well w/o the extras. Skin care is cleanse and one moisturizer. A dab of foundation, blush and mascara and lips. If clothes are going to need steaming, they stay at home. they do not get to go on vacation! Lol. I find that rolling clothes works well. I think to myself, “I’ll never see these people again” and if I do, I hope they remember me smiling and enjoying each other. All that being said, I hope you enjoy the whole trip, including all the preparations.

  3. MZ Wallace!! I am so taken with these bags!! They are LIGHT WEIGHT (which is what originally drew me in… a light weight purse with crossbody potential is a necessity when shopping… and these bags are PERFECT!!) PLUS they are so fun and stylish! I bought one and within a month, I added another! And I’m eyeing a third!! The crossbody strap is wide and comfy, the interior pockets are beyond helpful, and the separate pouch is so roomy that I’ve wound up putting all my purse contents in it, and thus I can quickly snatch it out and move it to another bag, when switching purses! If you have a local Nordstrom (we don’t in Jonesborough TN!!) but they carry them (limited quantities, styles, colors) but you could check it out! PS… the light colored ones are beautiful but they wouldn’t be advisable to travel, where your purse might be on the floor of a plane! I had mine at a grandson’s ballgame last night, and I was spot-cleaning after I got home!!

  4. Love your blog. Thanks for all this travel information. Love your lipstick. What is the brand and color?

  5. Kay,
    I have embraced travel with only carryons. I found YouTube videos of Travels with Laurie to be exceedingly informative to make this happen. Build your wardrobe around the Talbots travel pants, and choose the “lightweight” clothes in your closet

  6. From personal experience I can tell you that the most important thing to bring to England is a hooded trench coat. I have one that is made of some kind of weatherproof microfiber. A must have over there!

    I would also get some clear shoe protectors, like see through galoshes, to put over your shoes. They fasten wit just a button on the top.

    Have an amazing time!!

  7. I love all of these ideas. For a purse, I think it’s important to always carry water with you. So, I like a purse that has a compartment for a water bottle. It might not be as classy, but it’s practical.

  8. I have been using the Away Everywhere Bag for years. It can hold everything you will need for the flight and more! Take a pashmina or something similar- planes are often chilly. Leave the steamer at home- your hotel will probably have an iron in the room. Get a travel size Downy Wrinkle Release. Don’t take linen! Don’t take a hair dryer. Use compression packing cubes. Get an Airfly.
    Have a great trip!

    1. I second the travel size Downy Wrinkle Release! I took some to Israel last year and it really works!!

  9. Hi Kay- We’re going to London in September so I’m following with interest! I used the Travelon crossbody last year on our Viking Danube cruise and it served me well. I also LOVED my Bandolier crossbody phone case. It helped keep my phone (camera) available and safe on all our excursions. Last year it was SO hot in Europe that most days I didn’t wear makeup. Hopefully that won’t be the case this year! I traveled with my Away carryon and a backpack. It was perfect. I’ll definitely try to do that again in the fall. So easy to get around. Bless you as you continue planning and bringing us great content!

  10. This is right up my alley! I’ve got 40+ trips to Europe under my belt, carry on only. This is my first post! I found you when searching for how to style linen capris for a trip to Mexico a few years back, and I now look forward to your email each morning.
    While I love all these beautiful CR travel products, they will likely overfill your 3-1-1 bag once you add your foundation, toothpaste, hairspray, lip gloss, etc. I have switched to solid shampoo and conditioner bars for my travels (from Basis) to save some room in my 3-1-1 kit. Think about how much of each product you actually need for 9 days, and transfer any you can get away with just a dab of into a small contact lens case (serum and eye cream are likely candidates for this) or smaller bottle/tube.
    For August, tuck a small folding fan into your crossbody bag (it can get hot, and Europe isn’t as air conditioned as the States are).
    As for bags, you are on the right track with a crossbody. For London, your main concern is pickpockets, not “slashers”, so it’s most important to have a lightweight bag with zippers (and possibly a flap over that!) and you needn’t concern yourself with wires or mesh in the fabric/straps.
    I’ve used both packing cubes and compression packing cubes, and have retired them. I find I can fit more clothes by rolling and using the zippered half of my suitcase as one big compression cube LOL And I’m with Barbara–if anything needs steaming/ironing, it doesn’t get to go on vacation. Comfortable shoes are the most important things to consider when packing for a trip like this! Make sure you can walk 10+ miles a day in whichever shoes you take.
    Safe travels today (and in August!)

  11. So exciting! I love travel and I loved London. The one suggestion I have is to bring some medication in case you pick up a cold-like DayQuil. I buy the capsules and just take a few-you don’t need a whole bottle. Medication in other countries is different and it can be hard to find the brand you are familiar with. Also, if you are traveling with a group, it can be hard to leave the group to find a pharmacy. You don’t want to lose a day of your fun tour by feeling awful from a cold.

    When I went to London, we had tea at Fortnum and Mason. It was a gorgeous place with a huge tea menu. There was a floor with beautiful tea sets and perfume (It is a famous store also).

    Have a great trip!

  12. I went to London this past February. Had a lovely time. I have several tips to play tourist. I looked into things to do before trip and discovered some things need tickets and they are sold weeks ahead and sell out by the time I arrived. Buy an oyster card for easy travel on The Underground. I traveled all day by myself as my husband had work during the days and felt comfortable and used the tube to get anywhere! There are lots of shopping in London! The H & M store is so much bigger in London. I found their department store M & S to be great, like a Macy’s. Anyways I am sure you will find plenty of places, and your clothing budget is higher than mine.. My favorite ice cream store… Udderly delicious. See a play! I highly recommend Harry Potter or wicked. Make dinner reservations every night. So many yummy places. London is crowded city and reservations are a great way to relieve the stress of that. I slept at the hotel in the Shard and the sunset over the city is amazing. If you aren’t staying there I highly recommend planning a dinner in one of the two restaurants during sunset. Near the hotel is a daily farmers market. Delicious food, where I bought croissants, and other things great for lunch. The museums and churches are amazing. That is some of my thoughts, we all like different things on trips, wishing you a great time.

  13. I do have some suggestions based on my own International travels. In addition to any prescription drugs, bring other basics. A roll of Tums/Rolaids, Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen, a few bandaids, a couple safety pins, and pepto abysmal (as we call it!) tablets, and if you’re prone to sinus issues a cold or allergy tablet or two. I also bring a few of the little disposable toothbrushes Whisps? I think they are called, but there other brands. After that long flight, a quick tooth brusing is very welcome. I also bring a small flat packet of baby wipes-not hand sanitizer type, but a body type wipe. A little envelope of laundry detergent is nice to have as well. Many a time I’ve had to suds something out in the basin.

    I also down size my wallet to a travel one. Bring ONLY the cards you NEED. If anything happens you don’t loose ALL your cards. Besides you don’t need that Kroger card!

    Take photocopies of your drivers license and passport. Keep them in your suitcase. Should your purse be stolen, you have a back up.

    I understand only wanting to take a carry on, but be aware, some airlines limit not only the size, but also the weight of a carry on. Check your airline. I’ve been on flights with a 15lb limit and one was 12lbs-and yes, they checked.

    I hope this helped and wasn’t too long winded!

    Lastly, I agree with another poster, leave the steamer! Bring only fuss free clothes.

  14. Good morning, Kay! All good stuff in your post again today! You mentioned the weight of your steamer, and that truly is something to ponder when using a carry-on. Space is one consideration, but the total weight of your bag/s is another. When we used Icelandic Air out of Mpls for a Scandinavian trip, my carry-on weighed 24 pounds (that includes the suitcase), and was told I was over their limit (22) so would have to eliminate items. Thankfully, my husband was checking his bag, which was still accessible at the check-in counter, so I transferred items to his. I hadn’t even considered weighing my packed carry-on, just knew its dimensions were ok. I just filled the space. I learned that I need to check the rules for the airline I’m using. Some don’t post any weight limits on carry-ons at all, perhaps noting only that you need to be able to lift it to the overhead by yourself. I always buy the most lightweight, well-made, purposeful suitcase I can find, and go for 6.5 to 8 pounds. If you are schlepping your own bag, you may want to consider weight as well. Thankfully, a roomy personal item can carry some of your heavier items, like that extra pair of shoes!:) Some TSA screeners are also vigilant about liquids bags that are completely see-through, including no opaque plastic on the sides, so I found totally clear zippered bags with no solid sides on Amazon. I think you are wise to plan ahead – my family teases me that I overthink, but that’s what I need to do! Hooray for traveling to new places!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I’d heard about weight requirements for carryons, too. Fortunately I’m flying straight to London on an American Airlines flight and straight back on the same. From what I understand it’s usually the airlines that fly you from place to place on these other continents that have small weight limits on carryons. And I do have the capability to check my bag if needed; I’m just trying to avoid that for the trip to England. All good advice! Thank you.

  15. The All-In-One Universal Power Adapter is a go between for a North American plug and the various different styles of plugs used in other parts of the world. IF your electronic item is dual voltage this is exactly what you want. Inspect your electronic item, your curling iron, steamer or hair dryer. IF it says Input 100~240v you are good to go. Phones, cameras and iPads will for sure. If you do not see Input 100~240v you need to purchase a CONVERTER as well. It is larger and heavier and will make it possible to use a North American appliance with the higher voltage in other countries. Without the converter the appliance will be fried and useless.if you need to take a curling iron it is easier to buy a dual voltage one than lug a converter. You will still need the adapter.

  16. Hi Kay , so pleased to hear you enjoyed your precious time with your mum. Hope your journey home has been safe and happy. Wow I don’t think you need any tips on packing essentials or anything 👍🏻You seem to have everything well thought out and beautifully packaged, well done you and good thinking about doing it now rather than running around at the last minute . The only thing I will say apart from London is a fabulous cosmopolitan city with lots to do , the only downside is it is a ‘Hard Water’ city , so beauty wise it dries out your skin and hair, I also find it makes my hair go a bit limp, so as well as your usual hair products maybe pop in a volumising one also Xx

    1. Another workaround for limp hair from hard water when traveling: pick up some bottled water at a local grocery store and do your final hair rinse with that.

  17. I have a Travelon bag and highly recommend it because of it’s safety features. The strap and bag are reinforced so they can’t be slashed and stolen, the bag blocks radio frequency so credit card information can’t be scanned, and all the zippers can be locked so that pick pockets can’t get into your bag. All these features gave me peace of mind as we walked all around Italy.

  18. I am so glad you are getting to go to London. I just loved it when we went last year, there’s so much to see and do. Just delightful! I do think that you won’t be able to use the bag that Rothschilds sent you for the hair care. Everything has to be in a completely clear plastic bag. One funny think that happened to me was that on our way back without thinking I put my Mousse in the carry on forgetting that the can was too big. The checker in the line was amused at my faux pas. Glad he was amused and not angry. Have a wonderful time!

  19. Please share what clothing you’re bringing on your trip. I’m goingto Ireland in September & just know I’ll be bringing way too much.

  20. Forget the steamer. It’s way too heavy to add to your bag. I pack just carry on all the time. The compression cubes are great but since you can fit so much the bag gets very heavy. I find sometimes I do better not using compression cubes, just packing cubes. I can squeeze more between the cubes — like a hair straightener and hair brushes. And remember you have to fit everything in your 3-1-1 bag — all that skin care is a but much. I too love watching Travel tips with Laurie. She is great. Check get out. I live watching you too!