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Navy + White Classic Skirt Combo

May 29, 2018

The bonus for purchasing classic clothing is that it lasts. It doesn’t just stand up to wear and tear; it stays stylish and flattering, too. That’s what I like about this navy and white classic skirt combo. Actually, now that I think about it, so many of the pieces of clothing that have hung in my closet over the years that I would consider timeless have been navy and white.

I remember when I was fresh out of college and looking for a public relations job, I got a call for an interview from a large paper mill in Savannah, Georgia. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Florida at the time and didn’t have anything with me to wear to an interview. So we went into Winter Haven, where I purchased a sharp navy and white dress that looked professional and timeless. I drove up to Savannah feeling smart and sophisticated. I didn’t get the job, but I got me a classic navy and white dress that I would wear for years. In fact, you have no idea how badly I wish I still had that dress. It easily would still be in style. What in the world happened to it? Well, that was 32 years ago!! (How in the world did that happen?)

Now I haven’t had this navy and white ensemble for 32 years, but I’ve worn it now for at least five. Truthfully, there were one or two years in there when the skirt had to just hang in my closet because I couldn’t fit into it! But I’m back in it now with room to spare, and I’m so glad. I love these classic separates from Talbots.

Navy + White Skirt Set

I purchased these pieces separately and a few years a part. You’d never know that by how the detailing on the front of the sleeveless summer sweater coordinates so beautifully with the print in the skirt. Don’t you just love it when you find a new piece that coordinates well with a treasure you already own? And that’s one of the nice things about Talbots: their navy has stayed pretty consistent over the years. Their is a dark navy, sometimes mistaken for black in the store. And I really appreciate the fact that Talbots has stuck with such a classic navy for so many of their clothes.

Navy + White Skirt Set

Obviously this skirt is not available at Talbots now, but I found several other equally classic navy and white pencil and a-line skirts that you might like. I love this tweed pencil skirt at J.McLaughlin. Here’s a great pull-on navy and white striped skirt from Loft. This Modern A-Line skirt from Boden (a beautifully classic line from London now available in the US) comes in navy or rosehip. And Boden’s Martha Skirt comes in a number of navy prints that are both classic and fun.

Here’s a shopping widget you can use to look for a navy skirt, too.

Navy + White Skirt Set

My sleeveless navy sweater is lightweight and longer in length. For my height and body type, I do like my sweater to hit low on the hips when worn over a skirt like this. But you may prefer a sweater that has a higher hem length. You really have to just look in the mirror, maybe take a picture with your phone and determine the best length for you.

This Boden Knitted Tank even has the same key-hole opening in the back that my sweater has, but it is plain navy. Still I think it would be very serviceable. Likewise, the Boden Favourite Knitted Top might look great in either navy or cloud (pale blue) depending on the other colors in the skirt. It looks so soft and classic. The Sabrina Sweater Shell from Talbots looks like a classic that could hang in your closet for years to come, and it’s available in navy plus a number of other pretty colors. And Talbots’ Mockneck Peplum Sweater Shell would look great with a fitted pencil skirt.

Navy + White Skirt Set

I’ve also worn these patent leather peep toe pumps for several years now. Mine are LifeStride and I found these navy peep toe slingbacks that are constructed similarly. I adore these Salvatore Ferragamo Snakeskin-Trimmed Slingback Pumps. It’s funny. I just remembered that I wore navy and white spectator pumps with that navy and white Audrey Hepburn style dress I wore to my job interview. Do you remember those? I still love them! But they don’t seem to be in style because I can’t find many to link to, and the ones I do find seem to be more like something you’d wear on the stage. Oh well.

Navy + White Skirt Set  Because the front of the sweater is embellished I kept my jewelry to a minimum. I wore my silver and ivory earrings by Premier Jewelry. Of course they are also ancient. But here, here and here are some that would also look classic and elegant. Well actually my most ancient piece of jewelry would be my silver bracelet. It was my Mammaw’s, my dad’s mother. She passed away right after I was born, so the bracelet is easily 50-70 years old. Can you see how beautifully it matches the design in my skirt?

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing from long ago that you wish you still had? Like my navy and white dress? I’d love to hear about it. It’s funny how classic pieces of clothing stay with us…even if they don’t stay in our closet.

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Blessed for My Day

I remember telling my children as they were growing up that I would consider them mature when they began to think about other people and not just themselves. But truthfully, we’re all prone to think more about our own needs, interests, preferences and feelings than we do others’. It’s just human nature. Lately I’ve felt convicted to try harder to consider other people and their interests. I think that means listening more, considering how my words might affect others, watching for cues of other people’s feelings, working to put other people at ease if at all possible and even going out of my way to benefit someone else occasionally. But maybe my efforts really must begin with me praying for others and asking God to give me His heart toward them.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. ~ Philippians 2:4


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7 thoughts on “Navy + White Classic Skirt Combo

  1. Such a pretty and classy outfit. I’ve been wearing a lot of navy and white lately – always makes me feel put together.

  2. I think that way about many of my old clothes. Yet I wouldn’t fit in them the same way now. Besides, I usually gave them away because they were worn out or for some good reason!!
    This outfit is so sophisticated Kay, and looks marvelous on you!!

  3. Thanks so much for your Blessed for My Day. For several months I’ve been praying to see others as Jesus sees them, and it has made a difference!

  4. Navy goes with so many colours. It is one of the neutrals that I use for any travel wardrobe no matter the season.

  5. I enjoyed this post so much. I’ve always been drawn to classic clothing that can be mixed, matched and styled for many years. I currently have a lot of navy and white in my closet, too! But my favorite part of this post is the message you gave to year children about what it means to be mature. I have a 12 year old and a 17 year old, both of whom are vying for new privileges, yet struggling to see the world from another person’s point of view. I am totally using your words to get my point across! Thank you!

    1. Yes! That really became the goal for me with my kids – helping them be more aware of other people. Warning: it takes a while!! Like into their 20s. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂