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My November Favorites

November 24, 2018

Well November is swiftly coming to a close, believe it or not. And since this is the last weekend of the month, I’m sharing my November Favorites with you today. These are all items I’ve actually owned and used this month, and that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

My November 2018 Favorites

Obviously I’m into soft, shimmery and pale this month. Ha! Let’s check out the items on my November Favorites list.

Silk Floral Neck Scarf

My November 2018 Favorites Silk Floral Scarf

I know some of my readers are not completely sold on the silk neck scarf idea. But y’all, this trend is decidedly in. And it’s such an easy, classy way to brighten your face and pull together an outfit. I wore this one in this post and this one. But, alas, it is sold out. However, I think this one is every bit as pretty. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I didn’t have a couple already. I also like this one. And I’ll be featuring this Christmas silk scarf in an upcoming post. With any luck these are still on sale today, too.

Gold Shimmer Bangle

My November 2018 Favorites Gold shimmer Bangle

Actually, now that I think of it, I haven’t shown this gold shimmer bangle on the blog yet. I just bought it while I was in Georgia last week. But I’ve already worn it so much that it has fast become a favorite. It looks elegant and chic with most anything.

OPI Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains Infinite Shine Nail Polish

My November 2018 Favorites Nail Polish

I’ve been keeping my nails a little shorter lately, and so I prefer pale polishes on them. I’m really liking the soft not-your-grandmother’s mauve of this Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains shade. It’s part of OPI’s Peru Collection. I think it’s an especially nice choice for fall and winter, but you could certainly wear it year round.

Audrey Cashmere Sweater

My November 2018 Favorites Cashmere Sweater

I love cashmere sweaters, and I usually buy a new one each year. I can still wear several I’ve had from seasons past, but I’ve found that I can’t get much more than about 5-8 seasons out of them. I especially like the silhouette of this Audrey cashmere sweater, and I actually ended up with two of them this fall. I have the fall fuchsia heather shown here and the light Hawthorne rose heather. I have the small, and I think they fit true to size.

This sweater comes in so many pretty shades, and if I were to buy other colors (and I’m not going to) I’d get the classic red or the teal quartz, but they are all lovely. You can see the posts where I wore these Audrey cashmere sweaters here, here and here.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Mantra

My November 2018 Favorites Nude Lipstick

I feel like I am forever searching for the perfect lipstick! You, too? And while I think most women shouldn’t wear a very nude lipstick, I do think the right shade of nude can be very flattering. If it’s too close to your “nude” shade, then it will look like you don’t have any lip color on. But the right nude looks ultra natural, but also pleasingly colorful.

Soooo, I think I’ve finally found a great nude for me, and maybe for you, too. I love, love, love this Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Mantra. It’s not an orangey or brown nude, but more pinkish. (Boy! It’s hard to describe lipcolors!!) The website describes it as “dirty mauve with rosy undertone.” Yep! That’s exactly what I was looking for. But they have 14 other shades of nude for you to select from, too. And the lipstick is moist, a little sheer and easy on the lips. I’m in love. The price is not exorbitant, but not cheap either. But I’ve decided it’s worth it to have the right shade in a moist, creamy lip color.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lip Gloss in Forbidden

My November 2018 Favorites Lip Gloss

I like to wear a lip gloss over my lip color most of the time. I think it gives it a little more staying power as well as added shine and moisture. Bare Minerals has 11 shades for you to choose from in their Gen Nude Buttercream line, and I don’t really know that you could go wrong with any of them. But I’ve been wearing forbidden.

Francesca Driving Moccasins in Gold Buckle Metallic

My November 2018 Favorites Gold Shoes

Just like I loved my gold sandals this summer, I’m really enjoying these gold driving moccasins. They’re an easy way to add a little glitz and glamour to a casual or dressed up outfit without going crazy. And I think this particular metallic shade is soft and classy, while some of them I’ve seen are a little brassy or too glittery. Know what I mean? I’m hoping these are still on sale for you today if you’re interested.

You can see me wearing these here and you’ll definitely be seeing more of them.

Microsuede Sling Back Pumps in Beige from Target

My November 2018 Favorites Nude Suede Slingback Pumps

I love, love, love that I got these at Target. I tend to have expensive taste, even though I rarely buy the pricey things I’m drawn to. Well at least not when they’re still full price. So I love it when I can find something that looks pricey and chic, but really is so reasonable.

These microsuede slingbacks feel good on my feet, have a reasonable heel, but are also a beautiful nude color. They go with so many of my dressier clothes. I’m loving them! They also come in silver metallic, black and lavender. I have the beige. You can see me wearing them here and here.

Silk Pillowcase 

My November 2018 Favorites Silk Pillowcase

My mom had a return at Soft Surroundings while I was there and she used part of her store credit to buy me one of their Silk Pillowcases in taupe. It’s supposed to be easier on your hair and your skin. And I really am enjoying it. I thought it would feel hot and make me sweat, honestly. But it actually feels cool and soft to the touch. I’m enjoying sleeping on it, and I do feel like my hair is a little less mussed in the morning when I rise.

Bonus: Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch Black Pants

My November 2018 Favorites Black Pants

These amazing black slacks are not in the graphic above, but I decided to add them at the last minute for a couple of reasons. First of all, they are great pants! Honestly, these are hands down my favorite black slacks that I’ve ever owned. They feel comfortable, look classy and polished and keep their shape. Also, I’ve worn them a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. Finally, these Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch pants marked down right now. Yes, they’re still a little pricey, but I’m telling you I think they’re worth it.

They run true to size. You can see me wearing them in this post.

I’ve included affiliate links in this post, so if you shop through them and purchase anything I will potentially earn a commission. I appreciate you shopping through my links and supporting what I do here at Dressed for My Day. In fact, I welcome you to begin your Internet shopping here at my website anytime! That helps me so much. Thanks, sincerely.

For today’s sales, please check out my Cyber Week Women’s Fashion Shopping Guide. I’m continuing to update it through next week. So I’d love it if you’d begin your holiday shopping there. And don’t forget to check out my Christmas Gift Guides occasionally for updates, too. I’ll be adding a couple of new ones soon.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Blessed for My Day

Just yesterday I was chatting with a follower on Instagram about learning to be content in whatever season we are in. That’s a tough one, isn’t it? Seasons come and seasons go. Sometimes we’re happy to see them come and go (think terrible twos or the tricky teen years), but other times we’d like to cling to a season and stop the calendar from turning. If you, like me and the Instagram follower I was chatting with, are an emptynester, you may struggle occasionally with contentment in this season. I certainly do. But today let’s choose to give God thanks for the season we are in. Let’s thank Him for growing our children up and taking them to wherever they are supposed to be. Let’s thank Him for what He’s doing in their lives and how we see the seeds we planted bearing fruit. And let’s thank Him for what He’s doing in our lives in this season, too. Now is a time to re-invest in your marriage, look for new challenges, learn new things, pour into other people and grow in new areas. Let’s choose to be grateful and content…because this is God’s will for us.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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xoxo, Kay
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3 thoughts on “My November Favorites

  1. Your November picks were spot on. I also have expensive taste but not the budget to go with that taste! Your blessed for my day hit home with me. My son moved almost two years ago across the country to California and I miss him terribly, especially around the holidays. But he is happy and successful in his career so I am happy for him. I know it’s Gods plan for him but it still aches?

    1. Well we’re just two peas in the same pod, Deb! Yes, the only way I can deal with my kids being so far away is by God’s grace and the knowledge that they are where they are supposed to be. Blessings!!