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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites – Shoes & Boots

August 7, 2020

#NSALE BONUS POST!! In this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Bonus Post I’m sharing my favorite women’s shoes & boots in the upcoming sale. I hope you’ll check out what I like and consider adding them to your NSale Wish List. I’d love to be your go-to resource for all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Boots & Booties

This year booties are as popular as ever. Consider the types of jeans or pants (or even dresses) you’ll be wearing as you select your boots and booties. If you have extremely messy weather, you might want to consider waterproof boots and booties. I’ve found a great selection in all price points.

Sneakers & Running Shoes

I got my Adidas running shoes in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have enjoyed them so much that I’ve already bought my second pair. These are a great buy and an easy to wear shoe.

I’m also showing you my favorite fashion sneakers in the sale. I personally like have one pair of wedge sneakers to wear with my joggers and such, and one pair of low-top sneakers to wear with jeans. Animal prints abound!!! Oh, and camo, too!

Flats, Heels & Others

This collection of favorites includes “everything else.” I found some gorgeous flats, both mules and loafers. I also found beautiful heels in all heights. Lots of pretty flesh color options. Finally, I think I have a pair of slippers in here, too. Isn’t that what we live in these days???

By the way, I was really disappointed with the shoes that showed up in this shopping widget. There are so many other great patterns that I would have preferred to show you. Click through if you’re at all interested to see what other colors and patterns are available.

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites and Updates

Be sure to check for more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites and Updates through the #NSale tab in my top menu or here. I’ll be updating regularly throughout the sale. I’d love to be your go-to resource for all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So let me know if I can help you with anything as you shop.

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Blessed for My Day

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When you’ve experienced true and thorough healing you can’t help but praise the Lord. I tell anyone and everyone about the healing work God did in my hurt heart several years ago. In fact, I’m still astonished and amazed at how thoroughly He restored my once broken heart. I thank Him every single day for the miracle of healing I experienced. And that makes me want to tell others…at the right time and situation, of course.

Let’s pause to praise the Lord for the healing He has provided us. And then, as opportunity arises, let’s brag on Him to others who could use a little hope.

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2 thoughts on “My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites – Shoes & Boots

  1. It’s Saturday morning and I have finally gotten to read this post. Thank you so much for putting this great guide together for us. Even if someone is not shopping the #Nsale, they can still see what is popular/trending for fall. I hope you had a great Friday!