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My Favorite Bargain Buys & Investment Pieces in the NSale

August 12, 2020

On Thursday, August 13th, the final level of Nordstrom cardholders begin shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yippee! So I wanted to add a bonus post today with my personal favorite purchases. I got to shop the #NSale last Friday, so most of my orders have arrived and I’ve been able to sift through the wins and returns. In this post I’m sharing my favorite bargain buys and investment pieces…because obviously those are two very different things!

After several years of shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’ve determined that, for me, the best strategy is to establish my budget and then look first for investment pieces that are wardrobe essentials. In other words, I spend my allotted budget first on higher end wardrobe essentials that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, and then I allow myself to finish off my budget (if I want to) with what I consider “fashion items” – more moderately priced sweaters, tops, accessories, etc..

But whether you’re shopping for investment pieces or budget buys, I’ve got some favorites to share with you. And by the way, I don’t call these investment pieces that I purchase “splurge purchases.” I’m very discriminating and only select pieces that will truly see lots of wear, work well in my overall wardrobe and serve me well for years. That’s why I prefer to call them investments. Semantics? Maybe. But that choice in words helps me to stay focused and spend my budget wisely.

About the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been open to upper level Nordstrom cardholders now for a couple of weeks, so some items are sold out. But there are still so many beautiful fall and winter wardrobe essentials and fashion items to choose from for women, men and children.

The sale opens to non-cardholders August 19th, but the final cardholders begin shopping this Thursday. If you’re not shopping yet, you can still preview the sale and add items to your Wish List by setting up an account on the website.

To access the rest of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale helps, just click on the NSale tab in my top menu. Or click here! I’d love to be your go-to resource for all things NSale.

In this post I shared everything I’d purchased up to that point. Yes, I’ve purchased a few more things since then. With free shipping and free no-hassle returns, who can resist?

Now let me share with you my favorite bargain buys and investment pieces from the items I’ve received.

My Favorite Bargain Buys

Wit & Wisdom Skinny Jeans

I ordered about a dozen pairs of jeans. Ugh. Sometimes I hate trying to find new jeans. Some haven’t come in yet, but I’ve already returned a few. And the biggest surprise of all was this pair of Wit & Wisdom Absolution High Rise Vintage Skinny jeans. Wouldn’t you know it? I can’t find them in the sale! I guess they sold out. But I also can’t find them in my orders. Maybe I purchased them at the store. It’s a mystery. So I’m just linking you to all the Wit & Wisdom jeans in the sale.

At any rate, I do like these Wit & Wisdom Jeans. I’ve not removed tags yet because I’m holding out to see how others compare. But these feel very comfortable, and I think they look pretty nice.

Wit & Wisdom Jeans // Vince Camuto Rumple Fabric Blouse // Paul Green loafers

Vince Camuto Rumple Fabric Blouse

This Vince Camuto Rumple Fabric Blouse also made my favorite bargains list. It’s less than $50 in the sale and available in six colors. I’ve also ordered the sleeveless version in white and black. It’s less than $30 and available in nine shades. I have the 3/4 sleeve shirt in my TTS medium, but I ordered the sleeveless in small.

Adina’s Jewels Round Chain Link Necklace

My next two bargain faves are in the jewelry category. I’m especially impressed with this Adina’s Jewels Round Chain Link Necklace. It is delicate and feminine but still looks very contemporary and high quality. It’s under $30 in the sale.

Argento Vivo Sterling Silver Small Hoop Earrings in Gold // Adina’s Jewels Round Chain Link Necklace

Argento Vivo Sterling Silver Small Hoop Earrings in Gold

I have several pieces of Argento Vivo jewelry, so I wasn’t surprised that I liked these Argento Vivo Sterling Silver Small Hoop Earrings. They’re very lightweight. I keep forgetting I have them on! But they’re large enough to make a statement, too. Perfect for everyday. For sterling silver, their under $40 price tag is pretty nice.

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer

I had very low expectations of this Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer, so I was completely blown away by how much I like it. I think it will be so versatile as we head into fall. It’s perfect for the gal who works from home, but I bet you could wear it in most office environments, too. It’s just a nice 100% cotton knit with a nice drape. The casual jacket comes in a boat load of colors. I’m wearing the medium, but I’ve ordered the burgundy beet red in small to see how they compare. The Drape Collar Knit Blazer is under $40.

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer // Wit & Wisdom Jeans // 1.State calico fans smocked neck flutter sleeve top // Steve Madden Forever Chain Pointed Toe Mule

Steve Madden Forever Chain Pointed Toe Mule

I never know if mules are going to stay on my feet until I try them on and walk in them a bit. These pricier mules by Sam Edelman did not. But these Steve Madden Forever Chain Pointed Toe Mules stay on my feet beautifully and look great, too. They’re very comfortable and will be super versatile in my wardrobe, especially in the warmer part of fall and spring. I sized up .5 to a 10. They’re less than $50 and available in other colors and fabrics.

By the way, I’m wearing the 1.State calico fans smocked neck flutter sleeve top above, but I’m not listing it in my favorites. It is lovely. But I’m not sure it’s for me. I’ve ordered one in solid pink here.

Zella Live In Joggers

I’ve had a couple of pairs of Zella joggers before, so I knew I’d love these Zella Live In Joggers. And I do. But they definitely run a little more trim on me than their joggers have in the past. I think I’m kinda in between sizes – me with my fairly chunky legs. I bought the large and returned them because they were humongous on me. But the medium is definitely a trim fit.

Still, they’re oh so soft and comfortable. And I’ll probably mainly wear these around home anyhow. The Zella Live In Joggers are under $40.

Zella Live In Joggers // Sub_Urban Riot Indoorsy Washed Graphic T-Shirt // Madewell Sidewalk sneakers

Sub_Urban Riot Indoorsy Washed Graphic T-Shirt

This Sub_Urban Riot Indoorsy Washed Graphic T-Shirt is so, so, so soft. Y’all. I do think my medium is a tad large, but I’m keeping it. I’m just staying indoorsy with it after all! Hahaha! It’s $25.90, and selling out fast.

My Madewell Sidewalk sneakers are not in the sale, but these with either a black or rose stripe are. If they fit like mine, they are extremely comfortable. I did size down .5, and they fit very comfortably. They’re under $50 in the sale.

Socialite Crewneck T-Shirt in leopard (shown below)

You’ll see this Socialite Crewneck T-Shirt in leopard in the next photo, but it’s definitely a bargain. This oh-so-soft tee is just over $15. And you’d never know it by the luxurious drape and rich tones. I think it will be very versatile. The tee also comes in an equally pretty grey snake print. I’m wearing a medium, but I think a small might would have been a better choice. Maybe I should order one and send this one back??? Yep. Done.

Karl Lagerfeld Royale Pumps (shown below)

I’m so very pleased that these Karl Lagerfeld Royale Pumps fit true to size and so very comfortably. I’d purchased some beautiful Sam Edelman patent leather nude pumps a few years ago. But I just don’t wear them because they’re a touch too high. Plus, as much as I like the patent leather, it always feels too dressy to just wear with jeans. I think I’ll be more apt to wear these Karl Lagerfeld Royale Pumps. They come in other colors and are less than $50.

My Favorite Investment Pieces

Okay, so some of these are very pricey. Others are just a little pricey. But remember, they’re all deeply discounted from the price they’ll be at in just a couple of weeks. And every single item I’m sharing here is one I’ve determined could do heavy lifting in my wardrobe…for years.

L’Agence Chamberlain Blazer

I’ve been hunting for a pretty camel colored blazer for years. As in years before I even started blogging. But I didn’t want a stiff one. I wanted one with a nice drape and a pretty silhouette, created in a beautiful, rich fabric. I wanted one that would look equally stunning with jeans and dress slacks. And I wanted one with a classic fit, but that had contemporary detailing. I didn’t want much, did I?

Socialite Crewneck T-Shirt in leopard // L’Agence Chamberlain Blazer // Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

Well, the L’Agence Chamberlain Blazer checks all the boxes. It’s a dream. Literally. I think I’ve dreamed about it! It’s probably the priciest thing on my list, but it’s also the one I’ve been wanting the longest. So I have some deciding to do! I’m wearing a TTS 8. The website says size down; I disagree. Last I checked, it was still well-stocked. But it will sell out.

Karl Lagerfeld Royale Pumps // Socialite Crewneck T-Shirt in leopard // L’Agence Chamberlain Blazer // Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

If I’m ever going to buy premium denim it’s generally in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Come to think of it, I own about three pairs of high end denim, and I bought them all in previous NSales. So I’ve ordered a lot of them this year, too. So far only the Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans is working for me. And I’m not completely sold on them because I think I’d prefer a higher rise. Otherwise, these skinny jeans fit like a dream. They’re probably the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on.

However, that said, I did size up all the way from my usual 29 to a 31. I’m not sure why. I must have heard someone say that I should; otherwise, I don’t think I would have done that. But maybe that’s why they’re so comfy!

Lafayette 148 Paget Stretch Cotton Blouse

The Lafayette 148 Paget Stretch Cotton Blouse is selling out, so it may not even be available anymore by the time you read this. Sorry about that. It’s simply a luxe, crisp white shirt with a lot of polish and stretch. It also features a tiny line of silver piping along the button placket.

Lafayette 148 Paget Stretch Cotton Blouse // Wit & Wisdom Jeans

I’m wearing a medium in the Lafayette 148 Paget Stretch Cotton Blouse, but I’ve also ordered a small. See? Maybe there are other people like me who will be returning a lot of things. I think we’ll see items restocked in the next week. I’m returning mine fast because I know people are waiting for them.

Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Pointed Toe Loafer

I have my Nordstrom stylist to blame for these. Ha! But they are indeed the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. I’m 99.9% sure I’m keeping these (even though I still have those bothersome little yellow tags on them!). And that means I’ll probably be working my wardrobe around them…trying to come up with things to wear everyday just so that I can wear these Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Pointed Toe Loafers, too. Ha! I’m wearing my TTS 9.5 (USA).

Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Pointed Toe Loafer

Coach Courier Leather Convertible Bag

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Coach bag. Never really wanted to. But when I saw this one, I decided to take a closer look. And yes! I love it. I especially love the ultra soft leather and the fact that the interior is leather, too, in contrasting caramel. I like the contrasting stitching and the compartments and the easy closure and the length of the adjustable strap. Yes to the Coach Courier Leather Convertible Bag. It’s still available in three colors of leather.

Coach Courier Leather Convertible Bag // Paige Verdugo Ripped Raw Hem Skinny Jeans // Karl Lagerfeld Royale Pumps // Halogen Double Face Wool Coat no longer available

Halogen Double Face Wool Coat

It’s not even fair of me to show you this Halogen Double Face Wool Coat since it’s completely sold out. This beautiful camel colored wool coat was the very first thing I ordered. It was the top of my list. And it did not disappoint. Along with a camel colored blazer, I’ve been looking for a camel overcoat for years, too. And I’ve found it. Coming in under $150 in the sale, it wasn’t even that pricey. If it by chance restocks, I will definitely let you know.

Now we’re down to the two puffer coats I’m choosing between. I love both equally for different reasons, but I can heartily recommend either.

Bernado Packable EcoPlume Hooded Walker Coat

If you’re interested in the Bernado Packable EcoPlume Hooded Walker Coat you’ll need to order soon. The black is selling fast. But it’s also available in a pretty garnet red that I wouldn’t mind at all. This coat is going to be warm and toasty, but it’s also lightweight and packable. That’s the combination I’m looking for. I’ll show you why in a minute.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka

By the way, I ordered the large in the Bernado Packable EcoPlume Hooded Walker Coat, as I usually size up in such coats. And I think that was probably the right choice for me.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka

The The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka cost just a bit more than the Bernardo, but the savings are more substantial, too, considering the original price. This coat is available in three equally beautiful colors as well as this asphalt grey matte. It’s thinner than the Bernardo, but should still be very warm. And of course it’s lightweight and packable. I’m wearing a medium and it’s a nice fit.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka

Here’s why I want a lightweight, packable, but warm coat. I want to be able to wear it like this under my overcoat. Obviously it works with the The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka. I actually haven’t tried it yet with the Bernardo.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka // Halogen Double Face Wool Coat no longer available

Thank you so much for reading along with me. I’ve enjoyed sharing my up-to-the-moment NSale finds with you. I do also have a few other things that I’ve purchased that I’m still considering. But these are decidedly my favorites and the ones I was most eager to share with you.

Let me know if you have any questions. Again, some of you continue to ask how to shop so that I get credit. Dear gals, you are so very kind to care. Thank you. The bottom line is whatever link you click on last before placing an order will determine who gets the commission. So if you’ve enjoyed my NSale coverage and have built your wish list here, then I encourage you simply to enter the sale from a link on my website right before you place your orders. Even if you click through a Nordstrom advertisement and then order, they will get the commission, not me.

Also, I don’t think I’ll earn a commission if you shop on the Nordstrom App.

Honestly, I’m just grateful that you’re here right now. So don’t worry too much about this. But if you want me to make it real simple just use this link:

Enter the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here!

If you’re a creditcardholder and you haven’t been able to shop yet, you can start shopping Thursday morning at 9:30 Easter time, 6:30 a.m. Pacific time.

PS – I’ve been sharing my try-on sessions on Instagram Stories and I’m saving them in my highlight reels. So if you’re interested, join me there and watch along. I’ll gladly send you links to anything you see that you want to order.

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Bargain Buys & Investment Pieces in the NSale

  1. Wit & Wisdom along with NYDJ are the brands of jeans that I wear most often. I only purchase when they are on sale (which they almost always are somewhere) and love them. I ordered a pair of Kut jeans from the Nordstrom sale in order to compare…haven’t arrived yet. I own Coach purses that I purchase from their outlet or on eBay and have been pleased with their quality.

  2. Hi Kay,
    Love the post. Am saving to go back later to all the links.
    Question for you- do the Ksrl Lagerford mules made that heel slap sound? You know what I mean, like flip flops? Cuz I really hate that!!!

    1. Do you mean the Karl Lagerfeld pumps or the Steve Madden mules? Either way, no. Neither do that. I couldn’t tolerate that either! ?

      1. Sorry! Got my designers crossed. I meant the mules, thanks. I’ve been looking for a white pair of mules for some time now. Maybe I’ll give these a try.
        Appreciate the quick reply!
        Take care.