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Beach Bag Essentials from 3 Favorite Retailers

June 17, 2021

Whether you’re going to the beach, the lake or the pool this summer, I’ve got a beach bag for you today. Not only that, but I’m filling three great beach bags with all the necessities, and they’re from three of your favorite bargain resources: Target, Walmart and Amazon. Bingo!!!

Beach Bag Bingo

My daughter Abigail has recently started working for me part-time. She’ll be posting daily mini-devotionals in my Instagram stories and helping me with fielding questions from followers and readers. But she’ll also occasionally help me with posts like today’s. Honestly, Abigail did a better job filling these beach bags than I could have!

She’s found three great beach bags at Amazon, Walmart and Target. Then she’s collected a few of the beach bag necessities from each retailer. You won’t find every essential in all three shopping collections, but you’ll find everything you need between the three.

The following photos are all shoppable. Just click directly on the photo to shop for the item with the retailer listed. We’ve included prices, but sometimes the actual price is different, so click through for the latest price updates. These are affiliate links, so if you shop through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no added cost to you. Abigail helped me find the best prices we could at the time. Happy shopping!

Amazon Beach Bag & Goodies

In this bag we’ve included the top rated sunscreen, Supergoop!. And I love the 4-pack of hotel/resort style beach towels Abby found for us. I’m ordering those today. Another personal favorite is the Fuji instant camera. Abigail has one of these and we love using it to create photos that double as vacation souvenirs.

Walmart Beach Bag & Goodies

The Walmart beach bag items include my favorite sunless tanner. Sure, you wouldn’t necessarily take this to the pool or beach with you. But you’ll want to have it on for the bronzed glow. And I’ve found it doesn’t wear off splotchy with use. Bingo! Oh, and you’ll want to use the St. Tropez applicator mitt when putting it on.

Target Beach Bag & Goodies

When collecting items for the Target beach bag, Abby found this simple but fresh linen blend short sleeve dress that can take you from poolside to lunch. It’s showing up in the shopping widget as black, but it actually also comes in white, red, green and blue.

If you – or your daughter! – are a Gilmore Girls fan, you might want to check out Abby’s beach read recommendation, Someday, Someday, Maybe, by Lauren Graham. But I added my next book to the “store,” too. I’ll be reading Lynn Austin’s new book, Chasing Shadows. She’s my favorite Christian fiction author.

Thankyou for stopping in for today’s Beach Bag Bingo. I hope you found a little something to make your pool, lake or beach visit a little more enjoyable. Have a great summer day!

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Blessed for My Day

Whenever I’m around my parents for an extended time, I start recollecting my growing up years. Sitting with them at meals and drinking coffee with them in the mornings, I’ve been reminded of what gentle people they both are. My daddy especially always speaks with a gentle voice. He was a good example to me of our heavenly Father’s tender love for His children.

But whether your earthly father was gracious and loving or not, you can trust that your heavenly Father is both kind and just. Yes, His standards are high and immovable. He is just in all His ways and He is also holy, holy, holy. But when we come to Him with humility and repentance, He is so good to always and consistently show us compassion and gentleness. I do hope your dad was an example of these character traits. But more importantly I hope that you’ve experienced the uncompromising compassion of our Creator.

As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. ~ Psalm 103:13

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12 thoughts on “Beach Bag Essentials from 3 Favorite Retailers

  1. Safe travels Kay. I will be praying for you all and your journey back home. Especially that you are a good passenger. It’s is hard for me to be quiet when my adult son offers to drive. Let’s just say my tougne gets a little sore from biting it from not offering motherly suggestions on how to drive. Ha ha

  2. Thanks for more great suggestions, Kay. And safe travels. I understand the interstate anxiety, so when we take long road trips, I take my knitting. Keeps my mind focused on something other than fast cars and big trucks. Also, Lynn Austin is one of my favorite authors too. She lives nearby and has spoken to our writing group — inspiring!

  3. Good morning, Kay! And also a good morning to Abigail and her new sweetheart! Prayers to you all as you travel today. Thank you for your post. The Blessed for My Day section is near and dear to my heart, as my father threw away me and my siblings literally like we were trash. God… in all of his sweet kindness, rescued me, and continues to be a good good Father. Still, the untangling of being worthless to our earthly father is something only God can do, and I am so grateful For his far reaching arms and compassion over me. My Dad-in-love truly loves me with the love of a precious Daddy, but at 51 years old, it is still so new and overwhelming to me. Our God creates rivers in the desert! Blessings to you three as you travel, I pray good memories are made!

  4. Lovely post Abigail on your BFMD
    Yes we must remember that our heavenly father will always love us no matter what or forsake us. Glad you had such a loving father growing up as I did too. My Heart goes out to Cynthia, as she was growing up not having a loving real father, but so glad she found our loving
    Heavenly father.
    Great ideas for the beach bags. Have a safe trip home.

  5. Have a safe trip Kay! And I thought it was funny – yesterday I ordered that exact same black beach cover up from Amazon (the first one pictured). It really caught my eye and will be perfect for our Mexico vacation this weekend! So I need safe travels as well 🙂

  6. Safe travels and saying a prayer for you Kay…….

    Great and fun post today! Super cute sandals and they both look so comfortable, gonna check these out.


  7. Great ideas for beach bags. I have several but I’m always willing to get more suggestions. HAHA
    Thanks for BFMD. Like Cynthia, my father was not what he should have been. Trust was difficult for me until I met Jesus. He has carefully and lovingly worked with me since I’ve known Him. ( over 40 years) The Lord continues to work with me. He has helped me to have no anger or resentment toward my dad. Jesus helped me to truly forgive my dad and this has made all the difference.
    Safe journey, Kay!

  8. Prayers for safe travel, Kay! We head out tomorrow for SC from NE TX. I also have highway travel anxiety. We’ve had three serious near misses in the last few years traveling to CO. Enjoy your time with Abigail and her boyfriend.

  9. I typed a comment and it just disappeared. One of us is unstable today. I’m a back seat passenger now at my age so I apply back seat brakes a lot. Great post. Amazing how much better quality you can find at Walmart these days. I love the bag from there.

  10. Well, it’s almost 4:30 here in GA and I have just read your post. I pray that you were able to relax for the ride to Cincinnati. I have never been a relaxed rider and I’ve gotten more nervous as I’ve aged. I know why I am like this and thankfully Larry understands. I really like what you and Abigail put together in this post. I am going to check out the sandals from Amazon. Oh, what a perfect BFMD! As I age, I find myself missing my parents more and more; my dad died in 1986 and my mom died in 2016. And I catch myself apologizing to my mom for not being more patient with her during the last few years of her life. God bless!