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Loft Friends & Family Try-On Session

October 28, 2023

Hi friends! I stopped into Loft and tried on clothes Thursday so you don’t have to. But if you enjoy shopping at Loft, you’ll want to follow along with my try-on session and check out my additional picks because they’re having a great Friends & Family Sale. You’ll get 40% off your purchase, and if you’re a rewards member I think you get an additional 15% off (one time use) when checked into your account. Let’s shop!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Fall Try-On Session at Loft

t’s been a while since I’ve done a real try-on session post like this one, so let’s review a few basics.

Size Information

I’m 5’8 and running around 160 pounds these days. I generally wear 10s right now and occasionally an 8. My shape is hourglass and my proportions are even. I’m 59 years old and my driver’s license number is… Oh, no, I can stop there. Ha! Assume that everything runs TRUE TO SIZE (TTS) unless I note otherwise. Only a couple of things varied really.

Keep in mind that these photos were taken in a messy fitting room at Loft. I’d worn sneakers to my podiatrist appointment that morning, but fortunately had on no-show socks underneath. At any rate, I didn’t have the right shoes for any of these outfits.

One final thing, our Loft tends to be a little overwhelmed with clothes and I was in a hurry. So I scurried around and tried to grab things that I thought would go together, but I didn’t take as much time putting these combinations together as I would at home. I suggest you focus on the individual pieces and not so much how I’ve styled them.

Let’s get started! First up this heathered ribbed puffed-sleeve v-neck sweater makes a great basic. It fits true to size and is very soft, stretchy and comfortable. It’s also available in a cobblestone grey, and it comes in petite sizes.

Loft Try-On Session October 2023
ribbed puffed-sleeve v-neck sweater (TTS; wearing a medium) // Riviera Slim Pants in plaid (TTS; wearing a 10)

I’m wearing the ribbed puffed-sleeve v-neck sweater with the Riviera Slim Pants in plaid. Loft has carried this particular pant silhouette for a long time now, and I think it’s a great fit. I am wearing a 10 here and they fit very comfortably. Later I noticed I’d brought in the size 8, too, so I tried them on. They did fit, but I just tend to like my clothes a little loose, so I’d go with your higher size.

Riviera Slim Pants in plaid
Riviera Slim Pants in plaid // fresh syrah clip ruffle v-neck top

The Riviera Slim Pants in plaid has a mix of grey, beige and taupe with a small line of burgundy. So I tried on this fresh syrah clip ruffle v-neck top with them, too. It’s a really nice option if you need tops for work or church. Obviously it would need to be steamed. I’ll let you check out fabric content at the website on these if you’re interested. Most everything I’m showing is some sort of manmade fiber. The clip ruffle v-neck top is also available in a pretty teal.

Let me just pause here to say that our Loft did not have half the inventory I see online. There are so many more color options and styles online. That’s why I really do prefer shopping online.

fresh syrah clip ruffle v-neck top
heathered long sleeve everyday tee in grey (runs small) // Riviera Slim Pants in plaid (TTS) // pebbled faux leather moto jacket (TTS)

I don’t know why I don’t have another photo that features this grey heathered long sleeve everyday tee more prominently. But take it from me, it runs a tad small. I’m wearing a medium, but I would definitely purchase a large. Over the heathered long sleeve everyday tee I’m wearing a really fun pebbled faux leather moto jacket (TTS) in black. This jacket is a great option if you just want to play around with this style a bit and not over-invest. With the 40% off it’s a great price.

Loft Try-On Session October 2023
ribbed puffed-sleeve v-neck sweater (TTS; wearing a medium) // five-pocket flare pants in plaid bi-stretch (TTS for bodycon fit)

In the photo above I’m back in the ribbed puffed-sleeve v-neck sweater, but this time with the five-pocket flare pants in plaid bi-stretch. They feature center front pintucks and functional pockets and zip and hook closure. Keep in mind that I’m 5’8″. I’d definitely have to have these hemmed or wear a heel with them. But they do come in petite and tall sizes, too. The colors are tan, chocolate brown and acorn brown. I am wearing a 10 in these and they do fit as they are supposed to, but it’s a close-to-the-body fit.

straight corduroy pants
straight corduroy pants (TTS; wearing size 30) in deep space blue // ribbed turtleneck sweater in whisper white (TTS; wearing a medium)

I was anxious to try on these straight corduroy pants. I like that the cords are little wider than some; I think that makes them look a little more current. I also like the length…in theory. They’d be great for wearing with flats and loafers. But I’m not sure about boots. At least your boots would need to have a narrow and fairly tall shaft to fit under them nicely. The straight corduroy pants fit true to size; I’m wearing a 30, which is the equivalent of a 10. I was desperate for a lint roller, of course. I mean they were in a stack near a bunch of sweaters, so there’s that. I think with a lint roller they’d be fine. The straight corduroy pants come in six other colors and petites and talls, too.

The ribbed turtleneck sweater is a nice closet staple. It’s available in other pretty colors online and fits true to size…for a close fit. If you want it roomier definitely size up…I probably would.

straight corduroy pants
straight corduroy pants // marled ribbed v-neck sweater

I had expected to love this light fresh magenta marled ribbed v-neck sweater. Alas, I did not. My shoulders just look massive in this sweater. And I don’t think it’s just the puffs in the sleeves that create that effect. I think the way the sweater is stitched in a diagonal contributes to the “football player” silhouette of this top. It might work for you, but not me. It is, however, a very soft sweater and fits true to size.

ruched waist midi shirtdress
ruched waist midi shirtdress in plum melange (TTS; wearing a medium)

I know this ruched waist midi shirtdress in plum melange probably doesn’t look great on me here. But with some shapewear I think it would work very nicely. Swap in some more suitable shoes or boots, and this ruched waist midi shirtdress could make a great winter dress, especially in a warmer climate. It’s got lots of stretch and has a nice hand. It also comes in black, and in petite sizes.

Peyton trouser pants in heathered brushed flannel
Peyton trouser pants in heathered brushed flannel TTS or maybe a touch big// v-neck tunic sweater in black (TTS)

I struggled to find the right top to try these Peyton trouser pants with, and I feel like I struck out. I do think these trouser pants have potential with a more fitted top. I guess this v-neck tunic sweater looks okay, but it’s quite long and so it adds volume tucked in. At any rate, the pants may run a tad large. These are the only size 8s I brought to the fitting room I think, and they fit. Shoot, maybe other things would have fit in an 8, too. I don’t know. But I’d go with your smaller size in these. For me I’d have to wear these pants with sneakers or loafers, no heels. But they do also come in petite and tall sizes.

5 pocket slim flare pants in velvet
5 pocket slim flare pants in velvet in black (TTS; wearing 30) // sparkle puff-sleeve v-neck sweater

In contrast to the puff sleeve sweater a few outfits ago, I really like this sparkle puff-sleeve v-neck sweater. I felt it was just the thing to top these 5 pocket slim flare pants in velvet. The puff sleeves balance the flare legs. Both the slim flare pants in velvet and the sweater fit really nicely true to size and would make a nice holiday look.

pearlized cable sweater
pearlized cable sweater // five pocket straight pants in faux leather

And that brings us to the final and my favorite combination, the pearlized cable sweater and the five pocket straight pants in faux leather. The pearls are only on the front of this well-fitted sweater, and they’re a nice modern touch to a classic. Faux leather and coated pants are both continuing to trend this year, so I think these five pocket straight pants are a nice way to wear that trend. They’re a nice length for a flat or heel and have a modern silhouette.

But they have so many more great options at the Loft website that weren’t available in the store. So I’ve created a shopping boutique of my other favorites from Loft below. Remember, you get 40% off your purchase (exceptions – such as cashmere – apply). Thanks for dropping in!

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7 thoughts on “Loft Friends & Family Try-On Session

  1. I stopped into Loft yesterday (I was picking up something from Gap in the same mall). I almost never shop in stores (I hate to shop), but we were walking right by, and I knew that there was a sale. I ended up with a pair of flare cords and two sweaters. I wasn’t really looking for anything, but we saw these items to try on. The salesperson was great! She was so helpful, not intrusive. I didn’t see anything that you posted (amazing that each store has such different items.)

  2. I love shopping at Loft Outlet when I get a chance. Their clothes seem to fit me well and the prices are right for my budget. Thanks for showing items from Loft. I really like the moto jacket on you! I also like the sparkly top. I think the marled v-neck would work on those of us with narrow shoulders and a pear shape.

  3. Hi Kay, enjoyed reading your blogpost. Thank you for all the info!

    Could you give some suggestions on an outfit for the holidays when I am hosting/cooking (sweating 😂) but would like to feel presentable and put together….without being too fussy. Thank you!!

  4. I think the plum dress looks good on you. I like the flare pants. I have them in black. I bought a lot of pieces from Loft earlier in the year and spring. However I haven’t found anything for fall and winter except a black sweater vest. I like that they carry petite sizes. Maybe it’s because their collection is basically what I already have.

  5. Hi Kay, I stopped by Loft as you suggested and loved the straight leg cords. I bought a pair in the cream color which I think will look lovely during the holidays with several sweaters I have (including one with pearls and others in various colors.)