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J. Jill Mixed Media Sweater for Casual Date Night

December 14, 2018

Hi gals, and happy Friyay! Do you have plans for celebrating the Reason for the season this weekend? If you don’t already have something on your calendar, maybe this weekend would be a good time to ask your hubby out on a date. One of these nights soon James and I need to get out to a favorite restaurant that is closing this month. (So sad…) And when we do finally make a date night, I’ll probably wear something like this J. Jill mixed media sweater with my black skinny jeans.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

I started eyeing this mixed media sweater a while back on the website. but I couldn’t tell from the pictures how it all fit together. Well let me tell you! This ultra feminine crew neck sweater has a full knit tank sewn in and visible at the hem and in the split back. And it is fun!

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

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But this sweater/tank combo is not at all hot or binding. Just the opposite. Because the tank is full and flouncy, it feels very cool against the skin and leaves you plenty of breathing room, so to speak. Honestly, this mixed media sweater feels extremely comfortable…almost pajama-like.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

When I picked this mixed media sweater up at the Tucson J. Jill, they only had my size (small) in this oatmeal shade, but I also love the deep grey graphite. Right now it looks like the website is fully stocked in all sizes for the oatmeal and they have most sizes in the graphite.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

Like I said, I’m wearing a small, and it’s quite roomy. So definitely size down. I bet I could even wear the extra small.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

I’m wearing this easy going tank and sweater combo with my steel grey denim jeggings. They’re equally comfortable, so this outfit is just so easy to wear.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

You could definitely look chic and fashionable in this combo with black or leopard print flats (and I really struggled over which to wear with this neutral combo! so many choices!!). But I decided to up the game a little with my black suede booties. These suede booties come in several great shades and are a decent price. And these booties by Lucky Brand are an even better deal. Oh, and you might want to check out these for the lowest price of all.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

Because my outfit is otherwise completely neutrals, I chose to carry my leopard print foldover clutch. I’m really enjoying using this clutch. It’s just the right amount of leopard print for someone who doesn’t want to look too catty!

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

While I struggle to find pants that fit me at J. Jill, I do like and wear a lot of their jewelry. I appreciate that they usually create earrings, necklaces and bracelets that complement each other, but don’t necessarily look matchy-matchy. Know how I mean?

I’m wearing the delicate filigree pendant, but the earrings and bracelets I have on don’t seem to be available any longer online. But they have so many other pieces to choose from! I’m also wearing my adorned hearts ring from James Avery.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

I actually also bought this mocha abstract blossoms square scarf to wear with this mixed media sweater. It looks great with it, but I’d need to wear my blue jeans instead of these soft black ones, so I saved it for another day.

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater

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I hope you have a sweet, enjoyable and blessed weekend. Thank so much for spending a little of your time here at Dressed for My Day. Tomorrow I plan to post a Q&A with Kay, so leave any questions you might have…about anything at all!…in the comments below.

Blessed for My Day

Do you ever feel insignificant? Ever wonder if what you do really matters? In my flesh, my human nature, I can easily drift that direction in my thoughts. I suppose most of us feel small and unnoticeable sometimes. 

But while our world is created on a system where you need to rise to the top in order to be noticed, our Creator has a pattern of digging to the bottom of the pile to raise up mixed up families, small nations, humble men and outcast women to accomplish His great and significant tasks. Shoot, He’s even gone searching for an overlooked shepherd boy, a wee little tax gatherer, a baby in a basket and a shamed woman at the well. And when it came time for His Son to be birthed into this world, He chose to lay Him in a humble manger on the outskirts of a tiny town on a hill. And who did He announce the birth to first? Why the stinky shepherds working the night shift, that’s who.

That’s why I know that even when I’m feeling small and insignificant, I’m not. The One who ultimately casts value has deemed me worthy of the ultimate price. And He is also the one who gives value to the work of my hands. I think there’s going to come a day when we all drop our jaws and stand amazed to find out what of this earth and this life really has had eternal and weighty value…and what has not. 

Let’s seek to see ourselves and others through our Creator’s eyes. And let’s treat others…and ourselves…as people of great value by showing grace, giving patience and extending kindness.

Gathering together all the chief priests and scribes of the people, he inquired of them where the Messiah was to be born. They said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea; for this is what has been written by the prophet: ‘And you, Bethlehem, land of JudahAre by no means least among the leaders of JudahFor out of you shall come forth a Ruler Who will shepherd My people Israel.’” ~ Matthew 2:4-6

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