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J.Jill Fall Fashion Try-On Session

November 9, 2020

Happy Monday! This weekend J.Jill finally offered 30% off their new fall fashions, so I decided it’s time to share my recent try-on session there. Fortunately they’ve extended the price discount with code NOV30 through today only. Plus, if you have and use a J.Jill credit card, you’ll still get your usual 5% off.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020

The Low-Down on Try-On Sessions

Please keep in mind that these are photos taken on my phone in poor lighting. Also, I’ve been wearing a mask for hours at this point, and I’ve been pulling clothes off and on in a tight space. So my hair is a mess, my makeup is melting and I look pretty kerplunked. Ha! So please just focus on the clothes and give a little grace to the lady with the phone in her hand trying to look decent in fitting room lighting. Hahaha!

I am, however, including a few photos that James took at home for an upcoming video, so that will help you see a few of the items more clearly.


I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155 right now. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, jeans, skirts or dresses.

I’ll let you know if things run true to size and what size I’m wearing in the photos. But if you have any additional questions about fit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Also Wearing in these photos:

The Try-On Session

We’ll start with J.Jill’s Smoothing-Ponte Leggings. While I don’t wear leggings a lot myself, I will say that if I’m going to wear them they’re going to be by J.Jill. I just haven’t found any I like better at all. J.Jill definitely does leggings well.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020
Smoothing-Ponte Leggings in dark fig // left: luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig // right: Elise A-Line Sweater Tunic in rosewood

Smoothing-Ponte Leggings in dark fig // I’m wearing my usual size medium in the dark fig. They come in several other great colors and a couple of nice, refined prints. I love J.Jill leggings because they are thick enough to conceal lumps and bulges, they’re long enough for me (I’m 5’8″) and they feature a center front pintuck down the legs in the solid colors. I also appreciate that they hit high on the waist and don’t fall down on me.

Also these leggings do not stretch out with wear, they retain their shape and they keep their color with laundering. Yeah, I think they check all the boxes.

luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig // I think of all the tops I tried on with the leggings, this one was my favorite. It’s long enough to cover the rump and front properly, but it also creates a long lean silhouette. Quite flattering. I’m wearing a small here. I generally wear a small in J.Jill tops, but have to stick with my TTS 8 or Medium in pants. Of course, this turtleneck tunic comes in several other colors, too.

Elise A-Line Sweater Tunic in rosewood // This Elise A-Line Sweater Tunic also comes in a variety of colors, and I think (for me) I prefer the darker ones. But I wanted to try on a variety for you. And I do think the rosewood is a pretty color. Again I’m wearing a small and it’s a trim, slenderizing fit, but still plenty roomy. This top is more of a sweater while the turtleneck tunic is a softer, thinner but very elegant feeling tee.

Pure Jill Marled Cowl-Neck Dress in rum raisin/cream // Smoothing-Ponte Leggings in dark fig

Pure Jill Marled Cowl-Neck Dress in rum raisin/cream // This is listed as a dress, but even J.Jill shows it with leggings. I definitely would not be able to wear it with tights. Yeah, I think it wears more like a tunic/dress. Anyhow, the Pure Jill Marled Cowl-Neck Dress is made of a thicker 60% cotton, 36% polyester and 4% spandex knit, reading more like a luxe sweatshirt. It features patch pockets, which can sometimes be a no-no for women with hips. But in this case I think they’re place nicely, creating the illusion of a waistline and adding just a little interest to the front of this otherwise rather plain dress/tunic. I felt pretty comfortable with how the small looked, but go with your true size for a more generous fit.

Now, so that you can see the leggings and turtleneck Supima tunic a little better, I’m giving you a sneak peek at how I’ve styled these two pieces for an upcoming video.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 3
Smoothing-Ponte Leggings in dark fig // left: luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig (wearing a medium here) // Paul Green fringe pointed toe loafer (now 60% off!!!) // necklace // earrings // bracelet no longer available (alternative)

The only difference is that I’m wearing the medium in the luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic because I dropped into my local store Saturday to pick these pieces up and the small was gone. But I plan to return the medium. I just think it’s a little too big on me. See how it gapes under the arms?

Next I was anxious to try the Geneva Full-Leg Pants.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 4
Geneva Full-Leg Pants // luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig

Geneva Full-Leg Pants // I’m wearing a medium in these full-leg woven fabric pants, but keep in mind I’ve also tucked in the full hem of the shirttail turtleneck tunic. I later tried on the small and they fit better, but for some reason I failed to snap a photo. If you can get a good fit in these pants, I think they’re a winner. They have a polished look, but feature a comfortable elasticized waistband, a flat front and pintucks down the fronts of the legs. So they’re a polished pant with a lot of comfort.

The only problem I ran into is that I think these pants would look best with a shorter sweater, something that hit at the hip bone. But all of J.Jill’s tops and sweaters are longer. And I think those make these pants look a little sloppy and throw the proportions off, too. Also, I think these pants run just a bit short for me. I’d want to wear them with booties and they’re a little too high off the ground for my taste.

Next I tried on the Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in camel.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 5
Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in camel // luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig

Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in camel // These pants I love. As much as I want a pair of camel pants, I don’t think that’s the best color for me. So I ended up getting these in espresso (a very dark brown) and cream instead. I’m wearing a true to size medium and they fit very nicely, maybe a little on the roomy side.

Now, above I’m showing you the pants with that long turtleneck tunic tucked in, so it looks lumpy in the front of course. But really these pants present a very flattering flat front. They’re a nice thickness that conceals lumps and bulges, and they have a nice polished hand.

Again the problem I ran into at J.Jill is that all of their tops are long. And I think these pants look a little stumpy and frumpy with a long top. So let me show you how I topped them for the upcoming video.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 10
Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in espresso // Paul Green fringe pointed toe loafer (now 60% off!!!) // blue chunky turtleneck sweater from Banana Republic (small) // earrings // necklaces

I’m really going to enjoy wearing these Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in espresso with mid to shorter length sweaters. I love that the pants feature a faux fly, so they look polished. But they’re so comfortable. I see myself wearing them a lot of workdays through the winter.

And here’s the look I wore to church Sunday, except I opted for my traditional pearls and some soft taupe suede pumps instead.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 11
Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in espresso // cashmere Audrey sweater in light rosewood heather // multistrand pearl necklace // the 40-hour flat in taupe

I have just a few more things to show you from J.Jill.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 9
Smoothing-Ponte Leggings in dark fig // luxe Supima shirttail turtleneck tunic in dark fig // cable-knit poncho in dark fig

cable-knit poncho in dark fig // This poncho is really nice. I love the weight of it as well as the soft texture. It also comes in navy blue and it’s one size fits all. I like the way it fits close to the body without feeling constraining. So it’s not especially voluminous and the dark color makes it look trim and body flattering.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 8
refined two-pocket cardi in dark fig // Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in espresso // perfect reversible tank in white

When I wanted to try on the gain I ran into refined two-pocket cardi I ran into the same problem of not having a shorter top to try it with. I wish J.Jill would have at least a few things in their collection that are more fitted and shorter. Then I remembered that I was wearing my perfect reversible tank in white under the sweater I’d worn to the mall that day. So I slipped it on with the cardi just so you can see how it fits.

refined two-pocket cardi // I think this simple cardigan is very luxe looking. True to it’s name, it really is a “refined” silhouette in a soft, beautifully draped knit. I’m wearing the small. The refined two-pocket cardi comes in five shades.

J.Jill Try-On Session November 2020 6
Essential Ponte Slim-Leg Pants in espresso // hand-smocked rayon peasant top // long cabled cardi in oatmeal heather

hand-smocked rayon peasant top // I apologize for not having a better photo of this top. Of course, it is a longer top with a full drape. I’ve gotten to where I don’t care a lot for rayon blouses, so this isn’t my favorite. But it is pretty. I’m wearing a size small and that’s definitely the size I would wear. It’s also just too close to the color of my skin.

long cabled cardi in oatmeal heather // But mainly I wanted you to see this cardigan. It only comes in this one oatmeal heather shade, but it is a lovely neutral. This would be a great office sweater, working well with most anything you wear under it. And I especially like the way they have it styled on the website with the draped funnel neck sweater in soft mink heather. I’m wearing a small.

Oh! And let’s not forget the dress I purchased about a month ago or so and have already worn to church and shown here. This A-Line Sweater dress is also available in, yep! you guessed it. Dark fig. Hahaha! Well, it really is a pretty color.

Dress for Church
A-Line Sweater dress in navy (size small) //  tights from J.Jill // earrings // necklace // similar boots (more economical)

Wrapping it Up!

I’ve updated my Shop My J.Jill Favorites page if you’d like to check out other items that I like. I always feel like I’ve tried on and taken photos of more things and then when I go to put these posts together I realize I barely dipped my toe into the collection. And J.Jill really does have some beautiful things to choose from, especially for the woman who appreciates a more relaxed fit and an earthy but feminine vibe.

And don’t forget, as far as I can tell, the 30% off your purchase at J.Jill is just good through today. Also, the deal excludes Wearever, Fit and sleep collections, as well as other brands. Use code NOV30.

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Blessed for My Day

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But when it comes to God’s Word we also have a choice. We can choose to allow His Word to penetrate our hearts and minds and make a difference in our lives, or we can refuse it. But I’ve found that when I refuse God’s Word it’s not because it’s not true or spoken in contempt. No, God’s Word is always true and spoken to me with love. The only reason I reject God’s Word is because I’m resisting it with my pride and arrogance. And that pride comes from the father of this world, Satan. Today let’s make a choice to accept the Word of God into our lives, even if it convicts, challenges or redirects our thinking.

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I came forth from God and am here; for I have not even come on My own, but He sent Me. Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I say the truth, you do not believe Me. Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? The one who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.” ~ John 8:42-47

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13 thoughts on “J.Jill Fall Fashion Try-On Session

  1. Love all the looks from JJill….although I don’t think I have ever purchased anything from the store Kay (maybe too expensive of what I want to spend)?! Anyhoo, love the 2 dresses, the A-Line and the gray cotton one! Also how you styles with a tight! Such cute looks.

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Hey Kay. Love the looks from J Jill, and especially the fig color outfits shown. The items that I have purchased from J Jill in the past always seem to last.

  3. Dearest Kay, I get a lot of joy from your posts and from time to time imagine how I would write a blog like yours. I have a body that is a marvelous gift from God, though it is shaped most bizarrely. Having lost both breasts to cancer, my body decided to slide any extra weight I gain down to my hips, especially recent pandemic pounds. I look as if I have hip boobs. I am tall, so if I wear those cute shorter pants you advocate, my plump ankles hang out like elephant legs. In contrast to your lovely hourglass, my figure is more like a lumpy, bumpy pear, so I crave those long tops you say don’t look good on you. I love boot cut jeans or pants because the shape balances out the “yulches”, which is my daughters name for the fat on my hips and thighs. I am surprised how dorky I look in photos, because on the inside I feel like I am happily embodied in this shape and size. I feel miraculously alive at 65, having conquered breast cancer both in my 30’s and 50’s. Following four surgeries, radiation and chemo, the theme of my fashion blog would be, look your best with whatever you have and give thanks for the opportunity to live in whatever body God gave you. For if you ask me, it is great to be alive, in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

    1. Well, no matter what your outside looks like (and we are all harder on ourselves, I think: I’m sure you are lovely), you have a beautiful heart. Thanks for sharing your sweet, gracious attitude with us.

    2. Hi Kerry, I agree with you completely. Our bodies, unique and aging, are definitely gifts from God. Just today I’ve really been battling with my self-esteem issues. As with most women, they rise up and taunt me some days more than others. And after reviewing the photos for tomorrow’s post, I’ve just really been sinking. But your comments really put things in perspective.

      I do want you to know though, that I do not have a lovely hourglass figure either. I have noticed a definite increase in lower belly fat gain in the recent year, as well as a spread in my hips. And that’s with me working very hard to eat right and exercise regularly. Getting older is not a smooth path for anyone. We all have our “things” for sure.

      Again, thanks so much for sharing. May God bless you with many more years of cancer-free good health!

    3. This post made my day! I love that you love your body for it’s truth: that it has endured much and overcome! That we are alive at 65 (me at 54) is an amazing feat and you are showing me how better to love an honor this body I inhabit that’s carried me this far!

      And dressing it’s form is fun! Sounds like you have found ways to decorate it that feel good and right. Rock on!!

  4. Great BFMD! While I am not a JJill shopper, you tried on some nice pieces. Them not offering regular length tops to go with some of their nice pants just doesn’t make sense to me. They are forcing their shoppers to buy tops from some of their competitors to complete a nice look. The shorter tops that you paired with the pants make such a difference! You look great in the dress!

    1. Hi Ginger. I’m not sure they don’t have ANY tops in a shorter length, but I didn’t manage to find any when I was in the store that day. But yeah, as I was trying things on I was having to think of tops in my closet that would work well with the pants. Which I guess is a good thing to do anyhow, huh. Thanks for reading!