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How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers – Prologue

September 26, 2018

Hi gals! Today I’m sharing how to wear ankle length joggers and styling a couple more pieces from the new Prologue collection at Target. Did you have a chance to look through the collection after reading the last post?

Prologue is available exclusively at Target, and it’s billed as “the essential edit of modern style.” I think it’s best described as classic essentials with an edge.

How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue

I’ve often seen women wear dressy ankle length joggers and look really chic in them. But I’ve never been brave enough to try the look myself. When I decided to style some of the Prologue collection, though, I figured I’d take the plunge. I mean this brand is supposed to be an edgy take on classic essentials, so I might as well try one of the edgier pieces, right?


These polyester blend gray joggers have a mid-rise cut and a fully elasticized wide waist band. They’re extremely comfortable and can be machine washed and dried. I’m wearing the medium, but I probably should have ordered the small. They were extremely large on me in the waist. So I’d say if you wear two sizes in pants, go with your smaller size.

How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue

I’m wearing the long sleeve v-neck pullover sweater in black by Prologue. Unfortunately, the item has temporarily (I hope?) disappeared from the website. I don’t know if that means they sold out or what. It also comes in a dark gray and I think a pretty camel color also. But alas, it’s no where to be found as of Tuesday evening.

 Women's Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover Sweater

I chose this simple, straight forward v-neck pullover to pair with these ankle length joggers because I wanted to keep the top simple, uncomplicated. I think that because these pants are a little unique, they are eye catching enough. I don’t really need anything up top to compete. Instead, I wanted a neckline that frames my face nicely and draws your attention upward.

I’m sorry I can’t direct you to this sweater on the Target website. I’m hoping it will return later. It’s a very comfortable and classy feeling pullover. Meanwhile, I did find this one at J.C. Penney and this one at Ann Taylor. I think either of those would look beautiful with the ankle length joggers, too.

How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue

I’m wearing a tortoise shell chain necklace I bought at Talbots a few seasons ago, but these necklaces are actually very on trend right now. You might want to check out this one, this one or this one.

Dressing Up Ankle Length Joggers 8

I’m wearing my toasted sesame suede pumps from Ann Taylor again. They fit true to size and have a small heel. But I’ve provided links to several other shoes that would work just as beautifully in the shopping widget below.

You may have seen this pretty gold tote bag in yesterday’s post. It’s a great reversible bag (the other side is a lovely taupe) and it’s also from Target.

How to Style Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue

I think the key to styling these pants is to keep your top simple and elegant so that you transform the “joggers” into something chic and dressy. So a classy black pullover is an easy choice. But you could also wear a simple white t-shirt with a black blazer, a pullover of another color or … Tell you what. I’ll show you another option for these same joggers on Friday!

How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue

Not everything in this post is from Target, but I did want to remind you that if you like what I’ve featured from Target you can order online at and pick up at your local store…for no shipping costs. That’s especially ideal for items in the Prologue line because my Target does not have any of these items in store. And your card is not charged until you pick the items up.

Shop this Look Here:

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll be featuring one final look from Prologue on Friday.

By the way, remember you can shop all of my looks in one central location by clicking on the Shop My Looks tab at the top of the page.

And one more thing before we part for the day. I’m really trying to build my Instagram community. It’s kinda a necessity for a fashion blogger evidently. So if you’re not following me on Instagram, I sure would love it if you clicked that little “follow” button today. Thanks so much friends!

I really appreciate you stopping by and checking out today’s look. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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10 thoughts on “How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers – Prologue

  1. I am fairly new to your site and am really enjoying it! Thanks for sharing this new, affordable style option! Love seeing the joggers and hearing all the possible ways to style them!

  2. Kay, I enjoyed your post showing us how to style joggers for an office/dress environment. Wondering if they have the same dressy affect with flats or ankle booties!?
    This is a great outfit for you, fabulous as usual.
    Thank you!

    1. I think if you want to keep the look dressy, I’d go with pointy toe flats. The point on the toe makes all the difference between a dressy flat and a more casual one. For instance, I almost wore my Sam Edelman pointy toe leopard flats with the outfit. And they would work beautifully for an after office look.