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My Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

September 24, 2018

Hello and welcome to fall! Well, I missed my opportunity to celebrate the first official day of fall with you in Saturday’s post. But today is the first Monday of fall, so there’s that. And I thought in celebration of the new season I’d share with you an example of my classic fall go-to outfit. Can you really get anymore classic fall than jeans and a pullover sweater?

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

There’s nothing fancy about this ensemble, but instead it’s classic in every way. Classic straight leg dark wash denim. Classic suede booties. Classic v-neck pullover. Classic satchel handbag. And classic silver jewelry. Classic.

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

Classic = noun – a work of art of recognized and established value.
I value the ease and simplicity of this jeans/sweater combination. I know that every time I put it on I’ll look pulled together, effortlessly chic and smart. I don’t have to fuss with it or change the formula. It works every time. I bet it works for you, too.
Classic Fall Go-To Outfit
Classic = adjective – remarkably and instructively typical, archetypal, quintessential, vintage.
Classic Fall Go-To Outfit
Classic Fall Go-To Outfit
Classic Fall Go-To Outfit
My jeans are my favorite high rise, straight leg, dark wash denim from Talbots. They fit true to size, and I just like the way they wear. I also like that they look great with booties like these or with sneakers. These jeans also come in long and petite sizes, and you can get a curvy fit. I’m wearing the regular fit.

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

This whisper pink modern v-neck sweater from Talbots feels luxuriously soft. One of the things I love about this sweater is that the arms do not feel tight on me. They fit well extended out full length, but they also push up around the elbows effortlessly, which is something I do often. I’m wearing a small, so go with the lower size you normally wear. The sweater comes in seven other beautiful shades, too.

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

I’m also wearing my classic jewelry choices. Sure, I wear some costume jewelry here and there, but I always feel most confident and “at home” in my James Avery sterling silver pieces. My necklace, charm bracelet and adorned hearts ring are all from James Avery. Similar pieces can be purchased through James Avery or from Dillard’s.

My earrings are from Brighton, but are no longer available. Here are some similar ones. My watch is from Fossil (similar).

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

I have been so anxious to share these split shaft booties with you. These are available at Nordstrom Rack for half their original price, and they are still available in many sizes in each of the three shades they come in. I’m wearing the beige. Are they just extremely comfortable? No. But are they reasonably comfortable for a high-heeled bootie? You betcha. And I think they look cool and sophisticated. I’m looking forward to wearing them with dresses and skirts, too.

Here’s a beautiful lower heel option in these suede booties.

I’m carrying my classic Michael Kors Benning large scalloped satchel in truffle. This particular bag in this color is no longer available (I got mine at 1/4 the original price), but it’s available in a pretty soft pink. Or, if you’re more drawn to the color of my bag (as I am), then you might be interested in the Ava medium scalloped satchel in truffle or the Mercer large leather tote. No these, are not cheap bags. They are investment pieces. I plan to use this classic satchel for years to come. And I love that this beautiful truffle shade will endure the test of time and work with so many fashion choices. I don’t spend full price on anything. And I don’t spend a lot of money on much of anything. But I do tend to buy nice handbags…when they’re on sale…and when they are classics.

Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

In my hair I’m wearing a Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip that a reader, Marie, sent me to try. I plan to show you this clip and the other one she generously provided me several ways. But I’m still learning to use it. I’ve never been one to put my hair up in French twists and such, but I’m determined to learn. Why? Because these clips make putting your hair up both easy and painless. If you have long hair and ever wear it in a pony tail, you know what I mean about the pain. Ponytails normally give me a headache within a few hours. But this amazing little clip – made from piano wire – is strong, flexible and super comfortable. No headaches! Also, it stays put and is easy on my hair. This clip is very pretty and definitely fits my classic fall theme, but there are many other beautiful Flexi clips to choose from. If you or a friend, daughter or sister has long hair, definitely check them out.

straight leg jeans // v-neck sweater // suede booties in beige // Michael Kors satchel handbag (similar) // James Avery Jewelry // Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip

I hope you enjoyed today’s classic fall go-to outfit post. I’ll be posting a lot of other great fall fashions in the weeks to come – some trendy and even funky. But this classic fall outfit truly is my go-to wardrobe staple for this season. If you like what you see here, why not share it on Facebook or pin it to your Pinterest board? I love it when you share!

I’ve included affiliate links in this post for your shopping ease and so that I can earn a little income – at no cost to you. I don’t earn money when you click through them, but I do earn a little commission when you actually purchase something. Thank you for supporting my work.

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I’ve linked today’s post up with all the great fashion bloggers at Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-up. Be sure to check out those posts, too!

God bless you, and have a great day. In fact, let’s all choose to be a blessing to someone else today!

Blessed for My Day

Today I pray that your love may abound. I pray that God would grow within you a supernatural, boundless love for that person who is characteristically hard to love. May He give you grace to lavish upon him or her. May He help you to see that person with a new set of eyes, His eyes. May He give you insight into why they are the way they are. And with that insight may He give you, not a feeling of superiority or contempt, but a heart of compassion and mercy. And may you be amazed at the change of heart you have toward the person you once dreaded seeing. Today may God grow within you His love.

And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God. ~ Philippians 1:9-11

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14 thoughts on “My Classic Fall Go-To Outfit

    1. You know, it really does look kinda pretty, and I rarely wear it like this. These clips are fabulous and so easy on the hair. You hardly know you have them in. So I think I may try to wear my hair up in a variety of ways more often now.

  1. Love this! Very much like what I wear, but shorter heels. I was wondering how the jeans would look with them rolled up a little where you see a tiny bit of leg above boot? Just curious.

    1. Hmm. Well it would certainly be worth trying. I think with these straight leg jeans it’s better to create a long leg look by keeping the jeans long. But if my jeans were boyfriend jeans that would work beautifully. They really are pretty boots. And I think I’ll enjoy wearing them with all lengths of jeans. Thanks for reading Laura! 🙂

  2. Love, love? How heavy is the sweater? I live on the Gulf coast. So I rarely need a heavy sweater. I looked at the website. The colors are gorgeous! Thanks, Kay!

    1. Hi Joan. I’m glad you like the outfit. The sweater is not heavy at all. That’s one of the reasons this Arizona gal likes it! I mean it is a sweater. But it’s light and so very comfortable. And 25% off today! I think I’m going to get another one because it really is the kind of sweater you can wear in the south. Thanks for reading! 🙂