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How I Really Dressed for My Days this Week

daily outfits
December 9, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s time for me to run through the outfits I’ve worn during the past week. This is how I really dressed for my day!

Daily Outfits for Winter

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I like to keep these outfit review posts focused on what I wore, why and how I combined things. So I’ve linked each of the outfits to my LTK page (except one), where you can shop anything that is available from my outfit, as well as similar options. You might want to keep in mind that I am 5’8″ and weigh about 155 pounds. I have even proportions and an hourglass shape.

What I Wore for a Holiday Tour of Homes

I don’t have an outfit for last Friday because we recorded videos all day, which resulted in multiple outfit changes and no “real life” outfit. But Saturday I went on a Tour of Kitchens sponsored by the Cincinnati Junior League. I had won tickets on Instagram. Woohoo! A friend joined me for this beautiful but chilly day, and we had a lovely time.

What I Wore for a Holiday Tour of Homes
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I felt casual but festive in my red corduroy pants, camel sweater (similar) and brown Chelsea boots (that always look black in these photos for some reason). I love combining red and camel. I think it’s a no-fail color combination. I shared more about how to wear colored pants in this recent post.

What I Wore to Church and Lunch

Speaking of red pants, on Sunday I wore the red Hampshire ankle pants that I’d shown in that recent post about how to wear colored pants and look classy. In that post I combined the red pants with came, but here I wore them with grey, another no-fail combo.

What I Wore to Church and Lunch
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I did, however, repeat the style formula that I shared in Monday’s post. I wore the color on the bottom and topped the pants with a double layer of one neutral. That’s such a smart way to choose your outerwear, I think. And notice I did echo the red from my pants in my footwear choice, too.

Work from Home Outfit

Monday was a typical work from home day. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, I was at my desk most of the day editing this week’s YouTube video. On these editing days I like to get dressed nicely, but wear something I can get out for the occasional walk in also. I had found these side striped black joggers in my cedar chest and decided to take them for a spin. They’re from Athleta, but from several years back and no longer available.

Work from Home Outfit
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I topped the black joggers with my Barbiecore pink cashmere sweater. And I finished off the outfit with white leather sneakers. I love the retro trainers that are very on trend. But when it comes to choosing what to wear with joggers, I always prefer the more traditional sneakers. Just a personal preference.

Out to Lunch with a Friend

Tuesday I ventured out in the misty rain to meet a friend for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick. Love, love, love CSC! I guess it’s a southern thing. Anyhow I felt like I needed to put on a pair of jeans. It had been a while and I’d received these new AG Alexxis high waist straight leg jeans and wanted to give them a spin. They’re such a classic silhouette and I love the darker wash.

Out to Lunch with a Friend
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The AG Alexxis jeans do have just a bit of distressing, not much. And this is premium denim, so they’re pricey. I have the Showbox wash and they’re full price right now. But the lighter Arabian Sea wash is about 25% off and seem to be well stocked. They run true to size and do feature a concealed button fly.

I topped the jeans with the taupe colored C by Bloomingdale’s cashmere sweater I’d gotten for my recent Cashmere Sweater Review. This was definitely one of my favorite sweaters that I reviewed for that post. It’s lightweight and features unique stitching. I loved how my multistrand necklace worked with this sweater. I am wearing longer pendants occasionally, but I think this shorter length necklace is what is really trending with pullovers this year. I finished the outfit with brown boots and my Allsaints Dalby leather biker jacket (from a couple of years ago).

Work from Home Outfit

Wednesday I was back to working from home, only to get out for a quick errand. I decided to wear jeans again, so this time I went lighter. I topped my medium wash Paige Laurel Canyon jeans (also 25% off) with my light green puff sleeve turtleneck.

Work from Home Outfit
turtleneck // jeans // similar booties // necklace (customized) // earrings not available

I did struggle a bit with what shoes to wear. I wasn’t going anywhere, so I didn’t really want to wear heels. But these bootcut jeans just don’t look or even feel right to me without at least a slight heel. And I also prefer a pointy toe with them as opposed to my almond toe Chelseas. So I wore some light taupe colored booties from my closet that have a fairly low shaft. Here’s one of those times I did wear a longer pendant necklace, but this one does a fun stone. I customized it at Kendra Scott, and it doesn’t cost any extra to do that.

Out and About and Date Night

Thursday we had the Instagram Live to introduce Holly and Lucy, my assistants. Then I headed out for a nail appointment and to scour Kohl’s for items for an upcoming sponsored post. Before I went out James asked if I’d like to see a movie and go to dinner that evening, and I jumped on the offer. But I knew I’d barely make it back in time to dash out the door with him again. So I ended up just having to wear this outfit for my “date night” too.

Out and About and Date Night
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I chose to wear these black everyday straight leg pants and this Thermolite® colorblock crewneck sweater because it was a rainy, messy day, and I thought this combination would serve me well. I wore my black patent leather Paul Green booties because I thought they elevated the very casual combination just a bit. And the lug soles would serve me well in slippery, wet parking lots. I topped the combination with my black quilted jacket that I purchased last year. Here’s a similar one. I actually purchased this coordinating blue quilted jacket to wear with this combo, but it just felt like too much, so I’m sending it back. I think other women could certainly wear that combination, but it just wasn’t me.

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But You God are on Your throne. You are both powerfully in charge and graciously approachable. Instead of allowing the frustrations and big feelings to mount on our frail shoulders, help us to remember to bring each concern to you, placing it in your Sovereign care and leaving it there. Yes, help us to be agents of mercy and love and service, when it is time…when You call us forward to minister that way. But help us to remember that we don’t have to carry the world on our shoulders because You hold it easily in Your capable hands.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. ~ John 15:5,8

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6 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Days this Week

  1. Kay, you’ve been kicking it out of the park lately! You are glowing! Love the modern jeans and other options that you’ve been styling.. keep up the good work! Love you and your blog!

    1. Thank you so much, Lori. I really appreciate that encouragement and your kind words. Means more to me than you could know. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. As a fair skinned blond, I like seeing how different colored tops change your complexion. I love your bright sweaters (pink and lime? green) – especially the green. I tend to go with black. tan or gray but, I think I may op for those bright colors more often. Your daily devotions are a quick reminder of the glorious God we serve. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Barb. I tend to reach for neutrals, too. But I know colors are a good choice. Variety is nice!