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How I Really Dressed for My Days + 25% off at Everlane

March 31, 2020

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. While I’m always encouraging my readers to dress appropriately and beautifully for your unique days, my posts don’t always reflect how I really dress for my own days. So occasionally I like to break away from the “how to” posts to show you how I really dressed for my days…recently. And because we’ve been “social distancing” for a couple of weeks now, you’ll notice that I’m wearing even more relaxed looks than usual. But, yes, I’m still getting dressed for my day!

How I Really Dressed for My Day

FYI, I’m 5’8″, weigh 155, have an hourglass shape and even proportions. My spring wardrobe neutrals are black, white and golden brown. And my signature colors are red, pink, blue and green. You’ll see, however, that I’m still crushing on neutrals these days.

One more thing. So much of what I’m showing you is on sale right now. But most importantly, Everlane – a new favorite of mine – is giving you 25% off your purchase site wide. They have never offered a markdown sale like this before. Yep. First time ever! And it just so happens that I’m wearing a lot of Everlane in these looks. (And I didn’t get them at 25% off!) I love shopping Everlane because they are known for their transparent pricing and ethically produced eco-conscious fashions and accessories. Plus, their styles are very modern-classic.

Other styles I’m wearing are marked down currently, too. I’ll alert you to sales, sizing and color selections, when appropriate. Let’s get started!

Everlane Summer Denim & V-Neck Cotton Pullover Sweater

The following was a simple work-from-home look. Spring has been quite cool here, so far. So I’m still wearing a lot of the cotton sweaters you’ll see in this post. But these pullovers would also be great for a vacation (fingers crossed!) on the northern coasts or in the mountains.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
v-neck cotton sweater // summer jeans // Day Loafer mule in caramel

v-neck cotton sweater // I’m wearing a medium in this pullover, but I meant to order the small. I have the small in black, and it fits better. It’s a slightly tapered boxy fit and is made of a fairly lightweight and oh-so-soft cotton. I love the pale pink color. It’s just $40 with the 25% discount, and available also in black, blue melange and grey. Love, love, love.

summer jeans // These summer jeans were purported to feel like you’ve had them for years when you pull them from the box. Yep. That’s exactly how I’d describe them. They’re made from a lightweight but solid denim, perfect for spring and summer. They run slightly small. I’m wearing a size 30. You can also roll the cuffs of course. These summer jeans are just $51 with the discount.

Day Loafer mule in caramel // Oh my word. These Day Loafer mules are made from buttery soft Italian leather and they feel amazing. They are made very narrow. So if you have narrow feet, snag them! If you have wide feet, you may need to resist. And if, like me, you have average width feet, you just need to pay attention to the sizing information. I normally wear a size 9.5, but in these mules I’m wearing a 10, and I might could wear a 10.5. Because these are 100% leather uppers and crafted in Italy, they are pricey. But you can get them now for just $108. These mules come in five colors, including a snake print. I’m wearing caramel.

Celebration Date Night Outfit

I wore this next outfit just before the social distancing policies went into effect. James had made reservations at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Cincinnati, that is very hard to get into. We were so glad we got to keep the reservations just a couple of days before the restaurant closed. By the way, we were celebrating the completion of my second year of blogging here at Dressed for My Day!

How I Really Dressed for My Day
Wonderstretch black pants // Good Vibes t-shirt // red blazer // black leather wedge sneakers // necklace duo

Wonderstretch black pants // These are still my favorite black pants, even though I now have a couple of other styles as well. These Nic + Zoe Wonderstretch Straight Leg Pants just can’t be beat for their lean, slenderizing fit. Plus, right now they are 25% off. That rarely happens. They run true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

Good Vibes t-shirt // I purchased this t-shirt specifically to wear with this red blazer. But it will also be great with jeans or white denim, too. I’m wearing a size medium and it’s plenty roomy. We could all use some good vibes right now, huh!

red blazer // I wish so badly this red blazer (or any of the other shades this jacket comes in!) would go on sale. Believe me, I’ll alert you the minute it does! But for me it was worth paying full price. This blazer has great structure, but is also soft and comfortable. It comes in black and navy (I have the black one, too) and sometimes I’ve seen it in camel and white. It runs true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

black leather wedge sneakers // These booties run true to size (wearing a 9.5) and are so much more comfortable than you might imagine. I wear them with no hesitation for full days. Some colors are on sale.

necklace duo // You can get this necklace duo in gold, rose gold or silver. I love wearing this layered necklace set!

Rainy Day Running Errands

I’m pretty sure I wore this next outfit to run errands the day before the social distancing directives went into effect here in Cincinnati. It was raining, so I wore my Sperry all weather boots.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
black v-neck cotton sweater (wearing size small here) // Sperry Saltwater Boots // utility slim pants in camel // tiger’s eye pendant necklace (similar)

Sperry Saltwater Boots // These boots are a great rain and snow boot, and I hear they’re easier to get on and off than most. I’ve enjoyed wearing them frequently this year. They run true to size, and they’re 33% off.

utility slim pants in camel // These pants are from Chico’s and I’m wearing the size 8 or 1.0, so they’re true to size. And they have lots of comfortable stretch. The utility slim pants in camel come in a couple of other great shades for summer, too.

Work from home look

Honestly, from this point on, let’s just assume these are work from home looks. Ha! You know that’s all I’m doing these days.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
v-neck cotton sweater // slub jersey tee in white // slim ankle jeans with dropped hem // Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // palm necklace

slub jersey tee in white // I have this slub jersey tee in black, too. It’s a soft tee, perfect weight and not see-through. I love layering it under these v-neck cotton sweaters but it’s perfect by itself as well. I’m wearing a size small. Right now Talbots is offering 30% off your purchase.

slim ankle jeans with dropped hem // These trim fitting jeans are also 30% off. I’m wearing an 8, but I kind of wish I’d tried the 6. Like many Talbots jeans, they grow a little with wear and these are quite roomy on me at this point. But hey, every gals needs a pair of really stretchy jeans for those “fat days,” right? These are mine! And they don’t make me look fat! Hahaha!

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // According to my analytics, a lot of you gals have purchased these Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers. Are you loving them as much as I am??? They are truly soft! They fit and feel wonderful right out of the box. And the Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker is available in a number of versatile spring and summer hues. I’m wearing the size 40 (9-9.5) for my true size.

palm necklace // My necklace is marked way down! I’ve been wearing this one for two years now, and I still love it!

Work from home look

I still wore this to work from home one day. I just managed to get a little more “dressed.” Ha!

How I Really Dressed for My Day
denim shirt // utility slim pants in camel // tiger’s eye pendant necklace (similar) // leopard belt // Sperry Saybrook Leather Slingbacks in tan

denim shirt // I actually bought my denim shirt last year, but the one I’ve linked to is extremely similar. I’m wearing a size medium for a roomy fit. It’s 30% off today.

Sperry Saybrook Leather Slingbacks in tan // These pointy-toe slingback flats are a perfect neutral shoe for the spring and summer. I love the tan color, but they also come in a lighter ivory, coral pink and black. The strap stays on my heels nicely and they fit true to size. Oh, and these shoes have great cushion for long wear.

Work from home, warm day

How I Really Dressed for My Day
Everlane cotton short-sleeve popover (similar in blue) // slim ankle jeans with dropped hem // Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker // palm necklace

Everlane cotton short-sleeve popover // I love, love, love this versatile Everlane cotton short-sleeve popover. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a few sizes at this point. It is 30% off, and of the three similar shirts I own, this one is by far the most well made and softest. I’ve ordered this similar popover in blue, but haven’t received it yet. I’m wearing an 8 in the white, and have ordered the 8 in blue. Of course, the popover in blue is also 25% off.

Working from home

Everlane Merino Cotton Sweater
Everlane Cotton Merino Polo // similar relaxed fit chinos (color no longer available) // Sperry Saybrook Leather Slingbacks in tan //

Everlane Cotton Merino Polo // This luxuriously soft pullover is made of 55% merino wool and 45% cotton. Remember, wool is actually one of the most breathable natural fibers, so I’ll be wearing this little sweater/top for three seasons. I’m wearing it in indigo, but it’s also available in bone and golden yellow. I have a size medium and it fits very nicely for a slightly tapered, cropped fit. By the way, don’t let cropped tops throw you. If you’re wearing pants with a medium to high rise, they’ll actually work very nicely. This rich knit top is available for just $48 with the 25% discount.

similar relaxed fit chinos (color no longer available) // I have these relaxed fit chinos in about a half a dozen colors. They have a low to medium rise and such a nice relaxed fit. Perfect spring and summer pants for casual days. You can get them right now for 30% off.

Work from home

I actually put this outfit on to share with you in last Monday’s post and just ended up keeping it on. This is pure Everlane!

How I Really Dressed for My Day
Everlane cotton short-sleeve popover (similar in blue) // lightweight straight leg crop pants // Day Loafer mule in caramel

lightweight straight leg crop pants in light horizon // I’m wearing a size 10 in these lightweight straight leg crop pants. That’s one thing you have to watch about Everlane; their sizing is a little all over the place. Some things run small, others run large or true to size. But fortunately they provide great sizing information on each item. You can even plug in your height, weight and normal size to see reviews from people who wear the same size. For these very comfy, stretchy pants the reviews encouraged me to size up, so I did. And I’m very pleased with the fit. The lightweight straight leg crop pants come in 6 great shades and are just $54 with the 25% discount. Did I mention the fabric is extremely lightweight and perfect for warm weather?

One warm day…

I put this on during one warm day. I’m pretty sure we’ve only had one!

How I Really Dressed for My Day
Everlane the Air scoop neck tee in washed navy // railroad stripe 9″ perfect shorts // Parker link collar necklace // compass coin pendant necklace // Superga canvas sneakers

Everlane the Air scoop neck tee in washed navy // This tee is lightweight and oh so soft. I’m wearing a size small and it still fits generously. This washed navy is not at all sheer, but I’m not sure about the white. It’s also available in black and burnt sienna. And of course you get the 25% discount for a total of just $21.

railroad stripe 9″ perfect shorts // I picked up these railroad stripe 9″ perfect shorts at Talbots for my trip to Florida and they definitely came in handy there. But I know I’ll enjoy wearing these shorts all summer. I’m wearing a size 8, true to size. They’re 30% off.

Parker link collar necklace // compass coin pendant necklace // Both of these Gorjana necklaces are available in silver, and the link collar necklace is available in gold. They layer beautifully together and are very lightweight.

Superga canvas sneakers // I’m still enjoying these easy-going sneakers. I generally wear these no-show socks under them. The sneakers are true to size or maybe a tad large.

Sunday afternoon all day

I often dress pretty casual for church, but this casual??? #socialdistancing Obviously I didn’t even do my makeup Sunday!

How I Really Dressed for My Day
slub jersey tee in black // similar Zella joggers // Keds leather sneakers

similar Zella joggers // Abigail found these joggers when she was organizing our basement recently. Ha! I’d been looking all over for them! I got them in a Nordstrom anniversary sale a couple of years ago, but these are similar. Unfortunately they’re available in limited sizes. I’m wearing a medium. Oh, so comfortable!!!

Keds leather sneakers // These Keds leather sneakers fit true to size. And right now you get a free pair of socks with your order! PLUS shipping is always free at Keds. And they’re available in wide sizes now.

Morning at the park

I wore this next outfit just yesterday when I went to a local park for a car picnic and a little hike. It was perfect for the sunny day with temps in the high 50s.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
similar v-neck t-shirt // similar Zella joggers // white everyday yoga jacket // Adidas running shoes

Adidas running shoes // These running shoes have served me so well. I picked them up in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so it’s probably time to switch them out. But I’ll undoubtedly just buy more of these. They’re so nicely cushioned but also extremely comfortable on my feet. They run true to size.

similar v-neck t-shirt // I got this tee from Gap last year, so I’ve linked to similar ones. But they don’t seem to have this soft pink yet. I’m wearing a small. This tee definitely runs large.

white everyday yoga jacket // I purchased this white everyday yoga jacket for my trip to Florida in February, but I’ve worn it so much since then, too. It’s perfect for a vacation jacket, so pretty and neat, but also pleasantly warm and soft. I’m wearing a size medium, but might could have gone with a small.

Monday afternoon work from home

And after I got home from my walk I changed into this so I’d feel more professional. I needed to knock out a lot of work! Plus I wanted to show you a couple more of my favorite finds from Everlane.

How I Really Dressed for My Day
The Italian Merino Rib Polo in dark rose // patch pocket crop chinos in toasted barley // the Day Loafer in deep red // palm necklace // Reversible Faux Leather Tote

The Italian Merino Rib Polo in dark rose // Other than the fact that it’s amazingly soft and breathable, you would never know this Italian Merino Rib Polo is wool. The button front top is extremely thin and lightweight, making it a great slightly dressier option for spring through fall. This top is available in several other beautiful shades, too. I’m wearing a size medium. It’s very stretchy and light, but not at all see-through.

patch pocket crop chinos in toasted barley // I’ve shared these patch pocket crop chinos several times here on the blog. They’re high-waisted and a nice weight for spring and summer. I can probably wear them into the fall, too. They come in other colors, of course, and are 30% off right now.

the Day Loafer in deep red // Like the mules above, these Day Loafers are made in Italy of 100% leather, so they’re pricey. But with the 25% off you can get a great deal right now. These are the kind of loafers you plan to wear for years. They definitely RUN SMALL, so order up a full size. Whereas I wear a 10 in the mule, I have a 10.5 in these. Remember, my normal size is 9.5. These Day Loafers come in so many great colors.

Reversible Faux Leather Tote // Of course I didn’t really go anywhere in this outfit. Hahaha! So I guess I just grabbed the handbag out of habit. Plus I wanted to show it to you. I got this in my last Nordstrom Trunk Club trunk. It’s a sweet price for a great reversible tote. Mine is black on the other side, but you can also get a taupe/ivory duo or a black/cognac.

Speaking of Trunk Club, now would be a great time to try this at-home shopping service. If you give it a try through my link you’ll get a $50 credit toward your first trunk. Yay!

Well, that’s a wrap! Let me know if you have any questions about sizes or fit. And don’t forget those sales! Most everything I showed you is either from Everlane, Talbots or Nordstrom (with a few pieces thrown in there from Chico’s, Gap, Target, etc.), where they’re having great discounts right now.

Oh, and here’s a shopping widget with most everything I’ve shown you today. These are all affiliate links, so if you shop through them and purchase anything I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thanks so much for shopping my links and supporting my work here. You’re a blessing to me!

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Blessed for My Day

It could be very easy to neglect to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter this year with all that is going on. Let’s not allow the stress of the day to rob us of the meaning of this season. Instead, let’s begin today to intentionally focus on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I’m taking the challenge. Will you? Let’s turn our focus to considering the gift of God, how He sent His God-Son to dwell among sinful men, to be scorned and rejected and to die for us. What a gift! What grace! What amazing love!

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. ~ Isaiah 53:3-4

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15 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Days + 25% off at Everlane

  1. You look so cute working from home. I have been doing my hair and makeup every day, but I don’t always get “dressed” unless I have a Skype lesson with a customer. Otherwise, I’m in a sweatshirt and lounge pants, or yes, even pyjama bottoms. It’s still cold in Austria, so comfort is key! I did put on some jeans this morning to take out the trash, so there’s that.

    1. Hahaha! Well you have to remember I’ve been working from home a long time. And I just know me! If I don’t get dressed more days than not, I start falling down a rabbit hole of laziness and self loathing. But I absolutely do wear sweats occasionally! ?

  2. Thanks for the posts, I looked forward to them before but now more than ever.
    I have been dressing up everyday with some of my favorite things that I was saving for special outings! It’s fun and I don’t know why I save favorite outfits anyway, every day is special. It lifts my spirits and even my husband is stepping up!

  3. These are cute and comfortable-looking outfits which I love. The tops look short though and I am very long-waisted so shorter tops are very uncomfortable. Can you clarify if they are shorter in length?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Denise. Some of these are cropped but they are not as short as I had expected them to be. They just fit very nicely without tucking them in. If you are very long waisted you may want to steer clear of the two merino wool tops, otherwise I think everything I’ve shown here would be just fine.

  4. I love this post! So many ideas for dressing casual without being sloppy. I keep noticing how important the shoes are — I love all the ideas you shared!

  5. My kind of style and dressing! Very casual yet pulled together. You always look so comfortable, Kay. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you never look ill-at-ease. The lessons are always a blessing.
    Thank you for inspiring us to keep looking up!
    God bless you,

  6. Hi Kay! I really like the Good Vibes tee and the striped shorts. You look so nice in all of the outfits. I know that you are glad that your daughter found the Zella joggers. I am making myself put together outfits for each day to help my overall mood. And Larry is noticing that I am not wearing sloppy yard clothes every day. Since it looks like things are not going to improve here in South Central GA any time soon, there is no use in saving my better casual clothes. The weather could turn severe later today, so this is definitely an inside day for us. Awesome BFMD!

  7. Thanks for posting these. “What I Really wore for my Day ” is one of my favorite features. The Everlane stuff is cute but I still love me some Talbots. Thanks for all your posts.

    1. Hahaha! Everlane isn’t definitely a little edgier than Talbots. Maybe that’s why I’m love combining pieces from the two brands. I do love Talbots too. ?

  8. I have been looking a good pair of mules. I bought these today! I love Talbots too, but I really enjoyed today’s post.

  9. Now that was fun. I can identify with these outfits because they represent the way I actually dress for my day. I’m pretty laid back now that I’m a senior citizen with not many dressy events that call for getting too dressy. I love color but there’s just something soothing about dressing in all neutrals. You know you look polished.
    I love railroad looking fabric. I have a jacket that reminds me of a train conductor. I had a cap to match but it just made me look like I was trying to hard to be cool.