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How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

October 13, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s time for me to share my daily outfits again. This week’s outfits include a couple of travel looks as well as some work from home outfits. And I did get out for a nail appointment and blog research (aka shopping!) one day, too. Let’s how I really dressed for my day this week.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

What I Wore to a Family Gathering in the Park

Last Friday James and I were in Abilene, Texas, visiting his family. The photos below were taken at a Mexican restaurant he and I ate at for lunch before meeting up with everyone else. My day included a stop for ice cream with his sister and brother-in-law, a drive out in the country and then a big family gathering in a park.

dress is no longer available (similar alternative)// denim jacket // sandals // necklace // earrings // purse

My legs definitely look pasty white, but I’m just done with self-tanning for the summer. Ha! But with the temperatures in the 70s it felt nice to wear my J.Jill dress and denim jacket for the day.

What I Wore for a Car Trip Saturday

Saturday morning we gathered with some of James’ family for brunch at the Biscuit Bar in Abilene before driving back to Fort Worth, where we would board a plane the next day. It was breezy and pleasantly cool. I wore my new brown

white Everlasting top // white tank // toasted brown Endless pants // necklace // sneakers // purse // earrings

I wore the white Everlasting top and my toasted brown Endless pants for the day. These separates are so comfortable for travel, but great for everyday wear, too.

What I Wore for the Flight Home

Sunday morning we flew out of DFW. I wore my Athleta bomber jacket with a grey Athleta top and my Endless pants in abalone grey. I completed the outfit with my ON Cloud sneakers.

Athleta bomber jacket // top // Endless pants in abalone grey // sneakers // shoulder bag // earrings // necklace // suitcase // tote bag

My outfit felt comfortable but also sharp. (Don’t worry; that’s just water on my pants leg. Ha!) Next Wednesday I’m sharing 6 great fall travel outfits in our YouTube video. Stay tuned!

What I Wore to Work from Home on Monday

Monday we had to hit floor running because we were both preparing for trips today. I’ve gone to Georgia for Abigail’s baby showers and to visit family. And James is on a photography trip in Acadia Nation Park. I’m so excited for him.

performance top // high waist leggings // sneakers // Bombas socks (Use code DRESSED20 for 20% off your first order)

Because I needed to motivate myself to get out walks throughout the day, I wore my T by Talbots performance top and high waist leggings with sneakers. I find Talbots exercise leggings to be very comfortable and to run true to size. And aren’t these fun? You could also wear this mockneck pullover or this zip sweater with them. And the identical eggplant and wild aster leggings are marked down.

What I Wore Out & About Wednesday

Tuesday we shot videos, so I never really settled into one outfit evidently. But Wednesday I was excited to get dressed up and little and head out the door. I just had a nail appointment, but I also treated myself to lunch and then did a little blog research, aka shopping.

red blazer // ribbed t-shirt (sold out) similar white tank // denim jeans (more economical option) // belt // purse // necklace // bracelet // earrings // flats (use code KAYFLATS for savings on your purchase)

It was pleasantly cool that day, so I wore my dark wash Mother ankle jeans (more economical option) with my favorite white ribbed t-shirt (sold out) with my new red classic Shetland blazer. I’d been itching to wear this jacket! And we took photos later that evening with this look, so you’ll see those next week along with another red jacket look. In fact, we’re going to have a little chat about the color red.

What I Wore for Work in My Home Office

And yesterday we took more photos during the first part of the day, then I was glued to the desk for the remainder. I had to edit next week’s video before heading out today. I wanted to wear something autumnal, but it also had to be super comfortable.

denin button down // corduroy pants // similar white tank // similar sneakers // necklace // earrings

So I opted for my new almond buff corduroy pants with a white tank (similar white tank) and a denin button down. I can’t stress enough how comfortable these corduroy pants are. I do always size up to a 10 in Talbots’ cords, so maybe that’s why. Ha!

Thanks so much for dropping in. I am traveling today, but I’ll try to check comments throughout. So if you have questions, ask away!

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8 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

  1. Love the red blazer, but on Talbots site it says it is berry and looks more pinkish red,. Would it be good for a winter, Brunette? Sounds like you have a busy life lately. Have fun at Abigails baby shower. Really nice BFMD. We have to remember our life is not lacking, if we have the Lord in our life. We sometimes forget to take things to Him. Have a blessed weekend and week in Georgia.

    1. Hi Sherry. It definitely is a berry red, not a neutral red. I think it would look great on a winter or summer. But it’s not pink or purplish.

  2. My favorite is the denim shirt and the corduroy pants. I have both of those and never thought of wearing them together. It is so cute! Thanks!

    It is fun to see you travel. Have a nice time with your family. How exciting-your first baby shower of your first grandchild. Grandchildren are one of the best blessings ever!

    I do appreciate your devotionals. My life has been filled with wonderful blessings and horrible things (like everyone’s life). I don’t know how people get through it all without Jesus.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  3. Hi Kay,
    First~Congratulations on your first Grandchild!! One of life’s GREATEST blessings!!💕

    Thank you for all the inspiration! Live the dark wash jeans and red blazer! Love the cords and denim shirt also….and the workout outfit is very cute! Safe travels!! Have fun!

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