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How I Really Dressed for My Day 1/29/21 – 2/4/21

February 5, 2021

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. Don’t forget to Go Red today. It’s national Wear Red and Give Day. In case you missed my post about how I’m encouraging our Dressed for My Day community to go red with me, be sure to check it out here. That’s a post you don’t need to miss. But don’t leave before you first check out how I really dressed for my day this week. These are my daily outfits for this past week.

How I Really Dressed for My Day 01/29/21 - 02/04/21

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

Let’s get started!

How I Really Dressed for Running Errands & Going Out to Eat Friday

Friday I got my work done for the week, ran errands (mostly returns for work and last minute shopping for my photo shoot) and then packed up the car to go on a little working staycation. We had so much frozen snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, but I needed to shoot photos. So James and I got a sweet deal on and headed to a nearby hotel where we hoped to be able to shoot some indoor photos.

Sale Alert: has a great offer if you’re considering a staycation or vacation. Save $25 off of a booking of $250+ with code SHOP25FEB21. Book your trip by 2/7 and travel by 6/30/2021.

Friday Out to Dinner

I seem to forget about my riding boots (similar). Do you wear yours a lot? But I decided Friday was the perfect day to wear them over my Talbots denim jeggings. The equestrian look continues to trend, so I topped my sweater and jeans with my camel blazer. I think this is such a chic, casual look. I also wore it out to eat at an iconic Cincinnati burger joint that night. Have I mentioned how much we absolutely love living here???

Sale Alert: Today through this weekend Talbots Classic Awards members receive 40% off your highest regular-price item and 25% off the rest of your regular-price purchase. You’ll also earn triple Style Points on all merchandise purchases. Not a Talbots Classic Awards member? Join for free here. This is not a credit card.

Shop the Post:

You can shop the look through the links in the copy above or through the shopping widget below. Sale prices are not always reflected in the widget, so click through to get pricing info. Remember, if you purchase anything through these links I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping through Dressed for My Day. I am grateful!

How I Really Dressed After a Grueling Photo Shoot on Saturday

We actually overslept Saturday morning, so we had to run like mad dogs to get all the photos taken that we had planned. You saw a portion of them in this week’s previous posts. Anyhow, by the time we finished shooting photos for four hours I was bushed. So I changed into something very comfy and warm for my afternoon at home.

Honestly, I would probably wear these lined Chelsea cargo pants every day if I could. They are so comfortable and warm, but I think they still look smart. I did size up to a 10 in these elasticized pull-up pants for easy on and off. By the way, they wash well. I just hang them flat on a drying rack instead of putting them in the dryer.

Saturday After the Shoot
Yeah, I was so tired I didn’t even clean up my office before snapping this photo!

I just topped my lined Chelsea cargo pants with my black cashmere turtleneck (no longer available, but options are in the shopping widget). And I put on my running shoes when I got out for a brisk walk later in the afternoon.

How I Really Dressed for Church on Sunday

Sunday was cold and a little wet. So I decided to go casual since I was attending our more contemporary and casual service. I wore my wool and cashmere hoodie over a camisole like this one for warmth. Yes, the sweater is pricey even at 45% off. It was one of my splurges in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m putting a few more economical options in the shopping widget.

Oh my! Please excuse my dusty mirror. I’ll have to dust that thing!

I had tried out these jeans from Vineyard Vines in my photo shoot the day before and I unintentionally fell in love with them. Ha! Yeah, that wasn’t supposed to happen. But these dark wash skinny jeans feel so good on. And they have a true high waist – not too low, but not too high. Some skinny jeans start slipping down on me as I wear them, but these Jamie High Rise jeans do not do that. Yeah, I’m keeping them for sure. Oh, and they run very true to size. The fit is perfection.

Notice I kept the contrast in intensity low in this outfit. I talked about that a little in Wednesday’s video, 5 Steps to Help You Look Oh So Pulled Together. The sweater, jeans and boots are all dark in intensity, so the contrast is low.

How I Really Dressed for Sunday Afternoon at Home

As I was changing into my Sunday afternoon attire I thought to myself, “Have I always stayed home and worn loungewear on Sunday afternoons?” Ha! No, I don’t think so. I think my Sunday afternoon loungewear is a pandemic habit. I think I used to go places and do things on Sunday afternoons. Ah, one day!

Sunday after Church

How I Really Dressed to Work from Home Monday

We didn’t have much of a winter our first year here in Cincinnati, but we’re having one this year. It’s been a cold, cold week. And next week is supposed to be colder. So, since I wasn’t going anywhere Monday, I dressed very casual and warm. But I still needed to “get dressed for my day” because I just get more work done that way. This is the kind of outfit that serves me well working from my home office.

Monday Work from Home

These are another pair of pants from Athleta. If you’re new here you’ll soon figure out that I love Athleta, not just for workout apparel, but for travel and work from home, too. It’s great quality, very comfortable and easy to wear, but also elevated in style. These are their Venice Heathered Pintuck Pant in a deep brown. They’re constructed from thick blended fabric that feels so warm, sort of like a heavy flannel or even felt. But they look very polished. I wore them to the mall one day the previous week and got so many compliments on them.

I topped my look with a cashmere blend sweater from Everlane (similar) and finished off the outfit with matching brown socks and my black patent leather loafers. I wasn’t going anywhere, but these loafers wear almost like house shoes, they’re so comfortable.

How I Really Dressed to Edit My Video Tuesday

Tuesdays are always spent hunkered down at my desk editing the week’s video. It’s usually at least a ten hour work day. But in order to motivate myself to at least get up and walk down the street and back a few times, I generally wear leggings or joggers and my slippers, changing into boots or running shoes to get that walk in. My Fitbit is set to remind me to get in at least 250 steps every hour, so that has been a huge motivator to get moving a little throughout the day.

Tuesday Editing Video

Here’s another sweet piece I picked up at Vineyard Vines for last weekend’s photo shoot. Again, I had intended to return it. But my one zip up moisture wicking top that I have for running is about ten years old, so I decided this Striped Sankaty Shep Shirt was worth keeping. By the way, it and the jeans I shared earlier were both on sale last week, but no such luck today.

How I Really Dressed for Zoom Teaching and Dentist Visit Wednesday

So after not putting any makeup on or really getting dressed to speak of on Tuesday, I’m always glad when Wednesday rolls around. I teach two Bible studies on Zoom on Wednesday, so I like to really get dressed for my day on those days. Plus I had a dental appointment. Still it just felt like a neutrals sort of day to me.

I chose to wear my grey wool trousers with my black cashmere turtleneck. And this outfit kinda progressed, so I thought I’d share that with you. At first I opted to leave the sweater untucked and wear my black loafers.

Wednesday Take One

There’s nothing wrong with this look. Especially if your weather is temperate enough to wear the loafers without socks. I think the addition of the Tegan y-necklace really helps pull this tonal look together.

But it was cold outside and I was going to have to get out. So I decided to change into my black booties. When I did that, I also decided that I could really ratchet up the outfit by tucking my sweater into my trousers (that are suddenly quite loose on me, thanks to FASTer Way to Fat Loss!) and adding a wide black leather belt.

Wednesday Take Two

When I considered that I’d be leaving the house, I decided to add my black leather blazer (comparable faux leather option) to this look as my outerwear. When I realized the hardware on my belt and jacket was gold, I took off the necklace and opted to go without. I love this outfit. It felt comfortable and polished and pared back. You may see it again next week!

I received this Tumi Patricia backpack recently and decided it would be fun to carry that day. Tumi’s are pricey, but they are known for the details. This backpack has so many thoughtful details, including an outer pocket for your phone that has a magnetic closure for safe-keeping. I’ll be sharing more about it in an upcoming post. But if you’re looking for a more economical alternative to a sporty black (or other color) backpack for daytrips or travel, I love this one from Vera Bradley and even this one from Talbots (use code CLASSIC for savings).

How I Really Dressed for Lunch With Friends and House Hunting Thursday

Finally, yesterday I worked from home but also went to lunch with my friends and then toured a home in the afternoon. I was working on yesterday’s post about Going Red for Women and decided to go ahead with the red. Ha! So I topped my straight leg jeans with my red cashmere sweater (similar). To add a little more interest to my outfit I wore my leopard print booties (similar) and a necklace (similar), too.

Thursday to Lunch and House Seeing

Don’t forget to wear red today. And when someone tells you how beautiful you look in it, be sure to share with them that you’re Going Red for Women and talk a little about the importance of heart health. And if you’d like to contribute to our Dressed for My Day Community’s Go Red campaign, every little – or big! – donation will surely make a difference. You can give HERE.

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Blessed for My Day

Love feels good when it’s easy. And there are certainly times when our hearts just overflow with love. When was the last time you looked out over your family or a special someone in your life and just felt love gushing from your heart? Those are glorious days, aren’t they?

But there are other times when love is hard to muster forth. Love can require a toughness that feels counterintuitive at best, plain out grueling at the worst. Love means we stick with, persevere, sometimes say no, wait, forgive again, put into place appropriate boundaries and hope for the best. It can be tricky to navigate and trying to keep going. But on those days when love is hard, let’s remember that Christ has set the pattern. If we’ll lean into Him and ask for His love to flow through us, we’ll be able to love in a way that truly makes a difference.

It {love} does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; it keeps every confidence, it believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:6-7

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21 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 1/29/21 – 2/4/21

  1. Hi from the UK. I have just recently started to use your styling techniques and have had lots of positive comments. Thank you for all your help. Looking forward to more

    God bless

    1. That’s great to hear, Christine. Thanks so much for sharing with me. It’s amazing how much difference a few little tweaks can make, huh. I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. I prefer wearing pants & jackets so my my favorite outfit was the one you wore on Wednesday! You looked spectacular!

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I really enjoyed wearing it too. Honestly I prefer pants instead of jeans too. But I feel a little overdressed when I wear them with no place to go. ??‍♀️ Thanks for sharing. ?

  3. Kay, your hair is looking so great! I would love to see a hair tutorial with the products and tools you use…..maybe a YouTube video! ? I have short hair and am always considering letting my hair get a bit longer. I have thick hair that hugs my head (ugh) if I don’t get a lot of volume and lift! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You look fabulous in the outfit you wore last Friday and in the red sweater! It is amazing how much little tweaks can change an outfit. I hope that the house hunting is going well!

  5. Blessed For My Day really spoke to me this morning Kay❤️ I plan of taking heed to this and moving on with love to someone very close, Love the Private FB posts today which has a lot of meaning behind each one❤️.


  6. As soon as I saw you in your camel blazer, I noticed how slender you’re looking, then you mentioned FWFL. Congrats! Love all these looks and how you go for quality AND comfort.

  7. Just found you when I was looking for help and advice on my wardrobe. I am turning 60 next month, and have always struggled just wearing things that help me to look put together. I am definitely a classic dresser. Your videos are super helpful! My newest dilemma is finding the right MOTHER of the BRIDE dress. I have tried on 30+dresses and am nowhere near a solution. It will be an outdoor ceremony and indoor/outdoor reception April 23rd. We are in Michigan, so weather can be tricky. Please help!

    1. Hi Regina. Congratulations. That will be such a wonderful day. My son got married a little over a year ago and I found my dress through Nordstrom’s Trunk Club. They’ll send you about 8 dresses and accessories to try out. You send back everything you don’t want and it’s all so easy. But that way you can try things on in the comfort of your home and at your pace. Here’s the link if you want to give it a try.

  8. Hi Kay, I recently found you and am enjoying all of your content. This week’s video on looking pulled together was especially helpful! I’m keeping an eye out for low contrast now. How about doing a post on what you enjoy about Cincinnati? We are looking for a nice place in the Midwest to settle after retirement as we are planning to escape Illinois.

  9. Do you think there is enough material to put together some basic jewelry guidelines? I have longer hair than when I bought most of my earrings and some just get lost. Are there some guidelines regarding necklaces and necklines? I have a collected an assortment over the years. It is fun to see some styles return and have pieces that fit in.