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A Wear Red for Women Outfit

February 4, 2021

Did you know that this is American Heart Month? And tomorrow, February 5, is Wear Red for Women Day. I’m always down for wearing red! But as excited as I am about putting on something red…and adding a little red lipstick…I’m even more passionate about doing my part to prevent heart disease. And I’m asking you to join me.

Go Red for Women with Dressed for My Day

The fact is cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That means approximately one woman dies of heart disease every minute! The way I see it, you and I can do three things to help change the statistics.

  1. We can make heart healthy decisions. We can move more, eat better, get regular checkups and live in community so that we keep our own hearts as healthy and vibrant as possible.
  2. We can wear red on Friday, February 5th and all month long to remind us to encourage each other and the women around us to consider heart health, too.
  3. And we can give to the American Heart Association during Wear Red and Give Day to help advance research and education efforts.

We can make heart healthy decisions.

I’m going to leave #1 up to you. But let’s all do this thing, ladies. Let’s make heart healthy choices today. I know I struggle with my blood pressure. I’ve been on blood pressure medication for years and just last year went off of one of those medications (with my doctor’s blessing, of course). But with recent stressful situations, I’ve noticed those numbers going up again.

Wear Red
polka dot easy shirt // polka dot cardigan // Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants // black and white long pendant necklace // similar face mask (same brand) // comparable pumps // earrings // Red Dress Pin

So I’m being ever more conscious of eating green and lean, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and taking time for relaxation, recreation and meditation. I encourage you to do the same. You are worth it!

I’m also staying in touch with my healthcare provider. She’s helping me to monitor my blood pressure and other heart health indicators. It’s so important to get those regular checkups at our ages, even if we’re feeling fine. And healthcare providers are taking great precautions these days to make your visit safe. So don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to cancel that yearly checkup. Get it done!

Wear Red
polka dot easy shirt // polka dot cardigan // Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants // black and white long pendant necklace // similar face mask (same brand) // comparable pumps // earrings // Red Dress Pin

We can wear red on Friday, February 5th

Why wear red? Because one in three women will die of heart disease. This is about all of us. So many issues have felt polarizing and divisive lately. But this wear red movement is a unifier. While some ethnicities are at greater risk of heart disease than others, we’re all in this together, ladies. We can all spark some meaningful conversations just by wearing red.

I also ordered this pretty red dazzling crystal brooch to wear. Obviously it’s too late to order it for tomorrow. But you could still order one to wear rest of the month and each February from here on out.

Red Pants
Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants

And of course, you could wear your red pants. Ha! Let me tell you about my outfit real quick. After all, much of what I’m wearing is such a great deal.

My Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants are under $30 right now. And they seem to be well stocked. But they come in other colors as well. I’m wearing a size Chico’s regular 1 (size 8), so I’d say they run true to size.

Wear Red

Black and white as well as polka dots are continuing to trend this spring. So I thought the polka dot cardigan would be fun to wear over the polka dot easy shirt. Both run true to size. Unfortunately, neither are marked down today. But “favorite” them in the shopping widget below for notification when they do go on sale.

Wear Red
Don’t forget the red lipstick. I’m wearing L’Oreal’s Luminous Hydrating Lipstick + Nourishing Serum in Sublime Red.

But my black and white long pendant necklace is included in Chico’s buy-one-get-one-50%-off jewelry deal. This is a year-round necklace that could elevate the simplest look.

Wear Red
polka dot easy shirt // polka dot cardigan // Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants // black and white long pendant necklace // similar face mask (same brand) // comparable pumps // earrings // Red Dress Pin

If you don’t like to wear red close to your face, wearing a red skirt or pants like mine is a smart option. And don’t forget those red shoes in the back of your closet! Those will start a few conversations for sure.

And we can give to the American Heart Association

Finally, I’ve created a Wear Red and Give Today campaign. I’d love it if you ladies would help me raise a large sum from our Dressed for My Day community to help educate women about the seriousness of heart health as well as promote research.

Go Red for Women with Dressed for My Day
Make your donation at my Go Fund Me page:

But don’t think of this as my campaign. This is our effort. This is the Dressed for My Day community coming together to promote heart health for women – for ourselves, our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our coworkers, our friends.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to set our goal at. I have a feeling I’ve aimed low. I hope that you’ll prove me right in that. Surely our community of over 6,000 email subscribers and more regular readers can gather over $5,000 to give toward such an important cause. I’ve started us off with a donation of $100. I hope you’ll join me. And then share the campaign on Facebook or Twitter if you’re on those platforms, too.

To contribute to our Dressed for My Day campaign to raise funds for the American Heart Association CLICK HERE or on the button below. It will open in another tab.

And hey, this is not meant to be a guilt trip or compulsory. I’m just passionate about this cause and wanted to offer for you to join me in this endeavor. But if you don’t want to give, please still join me in making heart healthy choices and wearing red.

Wear Red
polka dot easy shirt // polka dot cardigan // Juliet Side-Vent Ankle Pants // black and white long pendant necklace // similar face mask (same brand) // comparable pumps // earrings // Red Dress Pin

I also have a heartfelt freebie for you today. You can download a printable graphic with the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. This could prove to be invaluable to you when you least expect it.

Thank you so much for dropping in today. I’d love to see how you Wear Red tomorrow. So be sure to post a pic in Instagram or Facebook and tag me. I hope you have a great day!

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Blessed for My Day

I’m a firm believer in the heart-mind-body connection. We can eat green and lean, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and take prescription medications. But if we harbor bitterness in our hearts we’re still susceptible to an unidentifiable hardening of that muscle. We may not be able to turn around our physical health in one day, but with one prayer we absolutely can increase the health of our most vital organ.

If you are still bitter over a past wrong, I want you to know that I understand. I’ve been there. There is no justification for some of the horrendous injustices you may have endured. There will never be a good explanation, and you may never receive the apology or restitution you deserve. And even if you did, it probably wouldn’t feel like enough. Instead, I encourage you to take your hurt heart to the only One who can truly bring the healing you long for. He’ll ask you to let go of the bitterness and hand it to Him. I know that’ scary and hard. But if you do so, in time, you’ll begin to feel the freedom and joy that comes from a healed heart.

It {love} does not act disgracefully, it does not seek its own benefit; it is not provoked, does not keep an account of a wrong suffered. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:5

There is no healthy part in my flesh because of Your indignation; There is no health in my bones because of my sin. ~ Psalm 38:3

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xoxo, Kay
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17 thoughts on “A Wear Red for Women Outfit

  1. Thanks Kay for the info on the Heart association wear red tomorrow on February 5th.
    I have heart conditions on both sides of my family, so it has always been a charity and a
    concern for me. I just started taking a low dosage of high blood pressure medication 6 months
    ago and have made it my goal to eat healthier. I have a pretty good diet, but there are days I
    reach for the sugar and fat. God Bless you.
    I will be sure wearing red tomorrow, even though we have an ice and snow storm today in Minnesota that
    had our ladies group cancelling today because of all the ice.
    Oh, yes, I love polka dots! So cute!

    1. You look beautiful in this outfit, Kay! Heart health for women is so important, and I appreciate the reminder. We’re these pictures taken at the hotel where y’all stayed the one night, last weekend? You look like a professional model in these pictures!

      1. Yes they were. You’ll be seeing that background over and over for a while because it was the best location we found. Hahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ?

  2. I lost my husband of 50 years to this disease on Tuesday so I know how important your cause is. Women also get heart disease but we sometimes forget that. I’m urging you all to wear red for the women in your family and remind them to take care of themselves. Donate to help this very worthy cause.
    I’ll be okay because I have my faith to lean on. What a blessing that is.

    1. Eve I am so very sorry to hear that your husband passed away Tuesday. This breaks my heart. You are such an encouraging and vital part of this community. Please know that I and other women here are praying for you as you grieve the loss of your husband. Bless you, dear sister. ?

  3. I love red and black and white polka dot! You look amazing in this outfit Kay….the background (I think you mentioned you went to a hotel for a few photos?) is so nice in these photos too. Looking forward to tomorrow’s DFMD Private FB page to see all the ladies❤️


      1. Thank Kay for such a wonderful post! I especially appreciate your Christian insight at the end. Thank you for your grace and dedication to your community.
        ? Sister in Christ,
        Becky Brothers

  4. Kay thanks for such a timely, informative post. As women it is so important that we take care of ourselves as we care for everyone else. That includes keeping regular health appointments and annual checkups with a supportive doctor along with listening to our bodies. Some readers may not know, but women’s heart attack symptoms can be subtle – not that classic heavy chest pain – a reminder my doctor shared with me for years. About ten years ago my detecting subtle signs (and not feeling like me) had my doctor send me for additional tests. I ended up having triple bypass surgery. Fortunately I had no heart damage and a fairly easy recovery. All things considered, I feel grateful and blessed. I have donated to the American Heart Association annually for years. After my experience I doubled my support. I hope as many DFMD readers as possible follow the suggestions in today’s post and make a donation if they can do so to this worthy organization.

    On a lighter note, love the red//black/white outfit suggestion. The right shade of red looks good on most people. You certainly wear it well! Enjoy your day.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Pat. That’s what it’s all about. I appreciate your encouragement for us all. ❤️

  5. I live with heart disease,undiagnosed for years! Found when I switched doctors and the new one wanted a baseline and since I have heart disease in my family history she sent me for an EKG, since then specialist appointments, monitoring and more tests. I can still live a long and healthy life with proper care! Knowledge is power! I hope all of you ask about heart health at your annual physical, too many people still think heart disease is a male issue! As for wearing red, no problem it is one of my signature colours. Canadians can support the Heart and Stroke foundation!

  6. I was born with a heart defect. I have had open heart surgery and lived with heart failure for years now.. Please support the heart foundation. I will be wearing red in support!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Natalie. Your story is so inspiring. Knowledge is so important when it comes to caring for our hearts. Bless you. ❤️