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Flare Leg Jeans with a Turtleneck

November 10, 2020

I rarely wear boot, flare or even wide leg jeans. But, like our coffee, I know we all take our denim a little differently. And many of my readers comment that they prefer these cuts. So today I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and styling a pair of flare leg jeans with a beautiful turtleneck.

Flare Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater
turtleneck sweater // high-rise every day flare jeans // boots no longer in leopard (leather Franco Sarto booties) // multi strand necklace // similar handbag // earrings // similar scarf // sunglasses

White House Black Market calls these jeans high-rise every day flare jeans. They do also offer boot cut, which they define as a classic fit with a relaxed leg and a slight flare. But these high-rise every day flare jeans have a slimmer fit in the leg with a more pronounced flare at the bottom. These flare jeans are in their light wash.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater

The high-rise every day flare jeans are truly some of the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on. They are made of a soft, worn in denim and feature a comfortable fitting high rise. They’re available in classic, petite and curvy fits. And within the classic and curvy fits they come in short, regular and long lengths. I’m wearing the classic fit, regular length in my usual size 8. Looking at these photos, I’m wondering if the 6 might have been more flattering. But I really wanted these jeans to be comfortable so I didn’t even try on the next size down. By the way, these jeans are under $100.


I also would have a preferred a dark wash jean. If I’m going to have just one pair of flare or boot cut jeans in my wardrobe, I’d prefer the dark wash because they’re more slimming and versatile. White House Black Market does offer a dark wash skinny flare jean that’s available in all those sizing options I mentioned earlier. But these dark wash skinny flare jeans are made from a different stiffer denim, so they’re not as soft as the ones I’m wearing and they don’t feel quite as comfortable. But they are very flattering.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater

Let’s move on to what excited me most about this outfit: the ribbed turtleneck sweater. If you’re a regular reader you know I’m always harping on the benefits of tucking in your top and belting. However…drumroll please…I wish I hadn’t tucked in this sweater. Yep, you read that correctly. Hahaha!

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater

So I’m not batting a thousand. What’s new! But I did pick a winner when I purchased this modern ribbed turtleneck sweater. I love the ribbing that creates a sort of figure flattering goring effect. And look at the detailing on the cuff of the sleeves. Beautiful! I’m wearing a TTS medium in the cabernet and the turtleneck sweater is available in six other versatile colors.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater

Doesn’t my multi strand necklace with the Raspberry Labradorite stone look beautiful with this turtleneck sweater? Did you know I can wear this necklace multiple ways because each layer is detachable? It’s such a versatile piece, and it’s available in three other very pretty stones, too.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater

I think boot cut and flare cut jeans definitely look best with some sort of pointy toe shoe. I’m not sure why, but a pointy toe is definitely more chic and elongating with these styles of jeans than, say, a ballerina flat or loafer. I’m wearing my Marc Fisher leopard print booties, which are no longer available in this print. And they’re pretty pricey! But my black leather Franco Sarto booties would work just as well here and they’re currently 40% off. Also Marc Fisher does have a beautiful snake print bootie that is on deep discount, too.

Flare Leg Jeans & Turtleneck Sweater
turtleneck sweater // high-rise every day flare jeans // boots no longer in leopard (leather Franco Sarto booties) // multi strand necklace // similar handbag // earrings // similar scarf // sunglasses

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Like I said, I don’t really wear boot or flare cut jeans often. Mainly because I think they do look best with a very particular shoe, and it’s not always practical to wear those shoes. But if you enjoy this cut in jeans, I highly recommend you check out the selection of bootcut and flare leg jeans at White House Black Market. They fit and feel better than any other brand I’ve ever tried, they’re long enough for me (but come in a variety of lengths) and they’re under $100 even when they’re not on sale.

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Blessed for My Day

While many people don’t believe in God, most people will at least acknowledge Jesus. After all, they celebrate His birth each December. But it’s not enough to believe that Jesus existed historically; we must also agree that He exists eternally. In fact, if we’re really going to follow Jesus at all, we’ll need to agree with Him about who He is and why He came. You see, we don’t follow and worship Jesus because other people said He was the Messiah. No, Jesus Himself said He was the Christ. But there’s more.

In today’s passage we see one of several instances when Jesus boldly claimed, with just two little English words, to be God. “I am,” He said. In the original language Jesus is using the same term the omnipotent, creator God used when He said to Moses, “I AM THAT I AM,” in Exodus 3:14. I AM refers to YHWH, the Lord God Almighty. So Jesus claimed to be the almighty God. The way I see it, I either take Jesus at His word and worship Him as the almighty God or I see Him as a delusional, blaspheming fool, much as the Jewish leaders of His day saw Him. Who do you say Jesus is?

“Your father Abraham was overjoyed that he would see My day, and he saw it and rejoiced.” So the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and You have seen Abraham?” Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.”  ~ John 8:56-58

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13 thoughts on “Flare Leg Jeans with a Turtleneck

  1. I am new to your channel, but I love it! I also over this whole outfit that you’re wearing! Thank you for your blessing today!

  2. Kay, I think you look very nice in this outfit. The details of the turtleneck definitely take it up a notch. Like you, I don’t wear my flair or bootcut jeans often because of the shoe style that works best with them. Great BFMD! I am so thankful that I believe in Jesus. Our Heavenly Father is always here for me and I know that all I have to do is call out to Him, and he always hears me. I hope you have a good day! Oh, my W&W Cabernet pants are in the dryer. I love them and plan on wearing them next Monday for my annual GYN appointment.

  3. I love the detail on the sleeve and it’s a beautiful color for wearing on Thanksgiving. We are big fans of canned, cranberry jelly with our turkey, I blame it on our raising.

  4. I think this look is very flattering on you. The flare legs balance out your body. It looks current and in style. Love the lighter denim. What a mighty God we serve! He is the great IAM!

  5. I love the sweater with its cute detailing. You look great in this outfit but I’m not sure I would like the jeans on me. Thank you for featuring clothes from WHBM!

  6. I love this look and think the jeans with this turtleneck are extremely flattering on you. I agree a pointy toe shoe or boot looks best,.. but this is definitely a winning in look?

  7. Jesus is the Great I Am! Praise the LORD! Jesus is GOD with flesh and bones! The Messiah ! Thank you for your Daily Blessings post Kay!

  8. I think the jeans look great on you! I am a few inches shorter, and when I wear more of a boot cut jean with my higher heeled shoes (not high heels, just higher than flat), I think it is flattering. Love the turtleneck, and that color is gorgeous! Fall is a great season to dress for, don’t you think?

  9. Such a nice outfit, you look so pretty. The sweater is a beautiful color and I love the details on it. The flare leg jeans look great too!

  10. Many years ago all I wore were bootcut jeans. Then skinny jeans became popular. When I did wear bootcut I had two pairs. One hemmed for flat shoes, I love Converse with bootcut jeans, and one pair for higher heeled shoes. Recently I bought a pair of bootcut from Old Navy. I wanted to try out the style before I spent a lot of money. I really like them. I haven’t worn skinny jeans in about a year. I prefer a straight leg jean. I really like the vintage straight from J Crew. It’s a Goldielock jean for me.