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Target Spring Try-On Session

March 2, 2020

Happy Monday! Oh, and may you have a wonderful March! We’re definitely getting closer and closer to spring. And today I’m sharing some great spring finds from one of the most affordable stores around, Target. In fact, later this week I’ll share a couple of surprisingly sharp looks I put together with a few of my finds from Target.

Why Target if You’re Going Slow Fashion?

Now, as most of you know, I’ve turned a bit of a corner in my fashion wardrobe strategy this year. I’m intent on building a sustainable wardrobe that works for me and requires fewer purchases over the long haul. This year’s Dressed for My Day style series, in fact, is called Moving Toward Slow Fashion. Because I’m interested in building a more robust but streamlined wardrobe, I am, indeed, spending a greater percentage of my shopping budget on quality clothing. So you may be wondering what I was doing at Target. Ha!

Well that’s the very reason you would have seen me flipping garments inside out, pulling out my reading glasses and perusing the labels if you’d spotted me at Target last Friday. Even at Target, I’m scrutinizing possible purchases more carefully. And while I generally don’t find high quality clothing at Target, I was looking for wearable and sustainable fabric choices. I was also considering cost per wear, recognizing that some trendy pieces are not worthy of a large chunk of my budget.

So whether you like to shop Target because it’s more in your preferred price range or you simply want to pick up a few trendier pieces to fill holes in your spring wardrobe, let’s check out what I found! You might be surprised as I was.

Size Information

I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or maybe mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, skirts or dresses. But in jeans I vacillate pretty evenly between 8s and 6s, depending on the amount of stretch in the denim.

I’ll let you know if things run true to size and what size I’m wearing in the photos. But if you have any additional questions about fit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Spring Styles at Target

First up, I tried on these high rise, ankle length, paper bag waist pants in black. Talk about having to adjust your eyes! I’ve not seen this silhouette on me since sometime in college, I’m pretty sure!

Target Spring Try-On Session

high rise, ankle length, paper bag waist pants // These pants indeed come to below the ankle on my 5’8″ frame. I’m wearing a medium and they have a generous fit. Honestly, they do what they’re supposed to do for this silhouette of pant. I’m not sure I care for the above-the-navel rise, but they’re trendy, fun pants. They’re 100% polyester and available in black, green and brown (see below). The key to styling these paper bag waist pants is to wear a fairly fitted shirt, tucked in.

If these full length pants are not your bag (hahaha! get it? bag?), then you might want to check out these shorter, tapered paper bag waist trousers.

The photo below is of the same pieces, but in different colors.

paper bag pants

ribbed knit crewneck short sleeve t-shirt // This slightly ribbed t-shirt fit the bill. I’m wearing a medium, as I generally do when the shirt is fitted. The tee comes in a wide variety of colors, definitely more online, and is made of 58% Cotton, 39% Modal, and 3% Spandex. The shirt feels nice, but has lots of stretch, too. I’m wearing the light green in the first photo and white in the photo above.

Please ignore my facial expression in the next photo. LOL! I wish I had a better photo to share. I guess I was concentrating, trying to get this photo done quickly since someone was walking in.

leopard slip dress

satin slip dress in leopard // I probably wouldn’t wear this satin slip dress in leopard alone like this, but I wanted you to be able to see how it fits. I’m wearing a medium and it fits nicely. This simple dress has a nice drape and pretty shape. But I would probably wear it with a sweater over it or at least a denim jacket.

Target Spring Try-On Session(3)

crewneck textured pullover sweater // I also wouldn’t necessarily wear this particular crewneck textured pullover sweater over this satin slip dress in leopard, but I just grabbed the first sweater I could find that kinda fit the bill. I simply wanted you to see how I would style the slip dress. If I topped this dress with my loose fitting black cashmere pullover I think that would make a great date night outfit. I’m wearing a small in the pullover for a nice fit.

Next up, I tried a pair of grey plaid mid-rise slim ankle pants with very low expectations. Boy, was I wrong!

grey plaid mid-rise slim ankle pants // I’m wearing my usual 8 in these pretty plaid pants, and they fit, but barely. I think I would size up in these. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a 10 for me to try that day. But the plaid in these pants is a very pretty black, grey, pink and cream combo.

There’s a jacket, too. But I didn’t think I’d like it as a suit, so I tried it with the same ribbed crewneck t-shirt shown above, but in pink. And topped the duo with a simple black lightweight back belt open cardigan.

plaid pants

back belt open cardigan // This cardigan is lightweight and constructed in a rayon blend. It has no buttons, but has an attached decorative belt in the back that helps keep the silhouette feminine. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely. The sweater has lots of stretch, and would make a nice “office sweater.”

But then I wised up and tried the pants with the matching blazer. Oh my!

plaid blazer

plaid long sleeve blazer // Not only do I like this blazer and pants duo worn as a suit, but I absolutely love the blazer itself. It’s a pleasantly loose fitting, long blazer that is fully lined and constructed with a feminine silhouette. I’m wearing a size 8 and it fits wonderfully. The sleeves are a little long, so you might want to have them tailored if needed. I think this makes such a pretty and contemporary spring suit for the office or church.

Granted, the quality on this blazer is not stellar. The lining is nice enough, but also a little floppy, if you know what I mean. You’re getting what you pay for. But if you want a pretty plaid blazer to wear this spring and summer, but don’t want to pay much for it, I can highly suggest this one. You’ll see me style it later this week!

black pants

I guess I liked those tees because I don’t seem to have tried on much else up top! Ha! Still wearing the white one here with these black wide leg cropped pants .

black wide leg cropped pants // I loved these black wide leg cropped pants. And I would have kept them, but I already have several pair that are very similar. They’re 99% cotton and 1% Spandex for just a little stretch. I’m wearing an 8 and they feel amazingly comfortable, hitting around the navel. They feature a front zip and button closure and back patch pockets. They’re lightweight and have a very contemporary, casual silhouette.

These wide leg cropped pants also come in coral and cream, but the coral didn’t really work for my wardrobe and they didn’t have the cream in my size. Otherwise, I would have loved to try the cream, and I still may order them. I know these pants may not look like much in this photo, but if you’re looking for cool alternatives to shorts this spring and summer, these are the kinds of pants I suggest.

Next up, I tried a pair of high rise ankle length tapered pants with a drawstring waist. I paired them with a simple, lightweight button up relaxed fit shirt.

Target Spring Try-On Session(7)

high rise ankle length tapered pants // I’m wearing a medium in the pants for a comfortable fit. They are slightly snug in the legs for me, but remember I have very thick muscular legs (ahem!). The pants are cuffed just once on me in the photo above for reference. They’re a linen/rayon mix and come in black and coral, too.

button up relaxed fit shirt in pink // I’m wearing a small in the shirt, but would probably prefer a medium. I like that it’s lightweight, but not sheer enough to warrant a camisole in my estimation. I think simple shirts like this are perfect for spring. It’s also available in a pretty pale blue stripe.

Next I tried on this black double v-neck sleeveless jumper.

black jumpsuit

double v-neck sleeveless jumper // This simple jumper feels nice and light, but not at all fancy. Yes, you can dress it up or down, but the quality is not great. Still, if that’s okay for your purposes, this could make a great addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. You could wear it with a pretty cardigan or blazer or even your denim jacket.

I’m wearing a medium and it fits. But I did struggle getting it on. Of course, I have wide hips and shoulders that often make it difficult for me to get things off and on. Ugh! Trying on clothes is not for the faint of heart!!!

I then tried on a simple jeans and tee. Nothing fancy here, but these are the separates we all need, right? And these are good ones.

jeans and tee

high-rise skinny jeans // These high-rise skinny jeans fit beautifully in my usual size 8, with lots of stretch but a quality denim hand. The come to mid ankle on my 5’8″ frame, so if you’re taller you might want to get them in long. And they are available in short, regular and long fits. I really like these jeans. And the dark wash is trimming and more elevated.

relaxed fit v-neck short sleeve t-shirt in rose // I’ve worn these Universal Thread t-shirts for years. They’re not the smoothest in my wardrobe, but they are a nice thickness, have a nice shape to them and feel good on. I’m wearing a small.

I think this last outfit is my favorite from my Target try-on session.

cream jeans

high rise skinny casual fit ankle jeans in ecru // I’m wearing an 8 in these high rise skinny casual fit ankle jeans and they fit very nicely. I sometimes wear a 6 in blue or black jeans, but almost always wear an 8 in white jeans, so these are very true to size. I love the button fly detail and the raw hem. I almost came home with these, but couldn’t really justify them in my wardrobe. But they’re a win, for sure.

long sleeve open front shirt in multicolor floral // I found this long sleeve open front shirt to be very soft and flattering. I think it looks best tucked gently in the front, at least. But you can wear it out for more of a smock look. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely. The long sleeve open front shirt also comes in several other prints and a striking bright red textured dot.

army coat

utility anorak jacket in green // I wish I’d tried this utility anorak jacket in a small, but I didn’t take the time to do so. The medium is definitely too roomy on me. But it’s a great jacket. I like the full length inner zipper and front snaps along with the hood on the back. I think a utility jacket is a great spring wardrobe completer piece. Just probably size down on this one.

Well, that’s a wrap for today. But I do have a couple of outfits to share with you later this week that I created from some of these and other great Target finds. Let me know if you have any questions about the items I’ve shown here. As usual, I felt like I tried on a ton of clothes, but now it doesn’t seem like that many at all. And truly, there were many great pieces I couldn’t get to that day. You can check out all of Target’s new arrivals here.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

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While I prefer things to be even more predictable, our God’s faithfulness is somewhat like that of this geyser He created. He is indeed faithful, but God is not at all predictable. We cannot put Him neatly into a box, clock His movements or measure Him out. Instead, we must trust that He is faithfully at work doing far beyond what we can imagine or understand. And even if we cannot predict His next move, we can trust that He will be faithfully demonstrating His love and commitment to us.

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9 thoughts on “Target Spring Try-On Session

  1. Kay,
    You always look good in whatever you
    have on! However, what I really liked were
    the shoes! They looked good with each
    outfit, but I didn’t find where you
    mentioned where you purchased them.
    Would you direct us to where they were

      1. They do look great!i Maybe, I’m in luck! I wear 11S. I’ll check and see if they have a slim! Thanks!’

  2. Great try on session Kay! My faves were the plaid pants, dark jeans, ribbed tees and floral top! And all reasonably priced.
    On a side note I just ordered and received the black and red plaid skirt along with 2 sweaters from Talbots, first time ordering from there and the quality was no better than targets, old Navy or Kohls in my opinion. The skirt was the thinnest wool skirt I have ever seen along with the sweaters.But they were all deeply discounted so that was good.

  3. i haven’t looked for clothes at Target for years! Several of these were pretty cute, I may have to stop by the clothing section next time I’m there! Thanks for the try on session!

  4. Thank you so much for showing us some of the spring fashion from Target! I enjoy shopping there and am so happy with how they have upped their game. I can’t wait to see what pieces went home with you! You look nice in everything you shared with us! Great BFMD! I hope the drive down here to GA has been uneventful.

  5. I have to laugh about the ribbed T-shirt. Based on some of your previous posts I was on search for Ts in neutral colors with a little extra style. I found these and got them in black, white, gray, and tan (the pink went back as it looked more peach than pink to me). All fit well, are comfortable, and were 20% off over Presidents’ Day. Glad you found and approve of them too.
    I have found price is not always an indicator of quality – I have inexpensive items that have lasted for years and “high end” items that didn’t hold up.