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Everyday Outfits I Wore Recently

February 3, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s been a week, I tell you. And it’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my daily outfits. Today I’ve rounded up about seven or eight outfits that I’ve worn in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t done a great job of taking those outfit selfies lately, and I’m getting a little tired of my winter clothes. How about you? So it’s hard to get excited about sharing the same ol’ outfits over and over. Anyhow, I do have a few fun ones for you to check out today.

Because it’s been a bear of a week and I want to get this post out before the day gets away from me, I’m linking each outfit to a shoppable LTK post. I promise you it’s safe to click through and it’s a great way to shop really. So if you’re interested in any of the items in my outfits, just click on the caption under the photo and it will take you to the shoppable post. Otherwise, I’m just going to share my ideas on the outfits.

Oh! And be sure to “follow me” on LTK, too!

Brown Coated Jeans & Chunky Knit Sweater

I remember deciding that I really needed to pull out my brown coated jeans and wear them again. These have really been on trend this winter, and they are fun to wear. But I generally forget about them. And they always feel a little dressy to me. I’m pretty sure I wore these to church on a Sunday, but they feel a little more date night appropriate.

Shop the Look HERE.

I love the brown coated pants topped with a bright color. I know I’ve worn them with red sweaters, too, but this purple looks really great with them to me. I think this sweater has been restocked and is on sale. And it comes in a beautiful red and a winter white. Shop the Look HERE.

Loungewear for Working from Home

I think I mentioned in my Coffee with Kay post earlier this week that I’m really struggling to stay warm during the work day. It’s me, not the thermostat. So I gravitate to wearing close fitting knit pants and cozy sweaters on these days.

Shop the Look HERE.

These athleisure straight leg cargo pants have been a favorite. (Ooh! and they’re on big sale, in limited sizes!) And on this day I just topped them with this cotton blend sweater for a comfortable outfit. I think everything here is still available and marked down in limited sizes. Shop the Look HERE.

Natural Colored Jeans and Button Up Shirt

This must have been one of those days when it warmed up a little (or I was just feeling warmer!). I topped my wide leg natural colored jeans with one of my favorite button up shirts. This shirt is a little pricey, but it is available and considerably marked down. And I have LOVED it. It’s so soft and really versatile, especially if you enjoy wearing ivory, rose or grey.

Shop the Look HERE.

Every time I put together a low contrast in intensity outfit I like it better than any other. One of these days I’ll learn to stick to this formula. I really like how this outfit turned out. I think I wore it out and about somewhere, who knows where! Maybe shopping. Shop the Look HERE.

Jeans & a Button Up Shirt

When I was perusing the Everlane website recently I noticed that this button-up shirt was marked down considerably. It’s final sale, but the price made it worth the risk to me. Sure enough, it fits true to size for an oversized effect. And it’s extremely soft and comfortable. It also comes in a red and white stripe. I especially like the concealed buttons down the front.

Shop the Look HERE.

Anyhow, I just wore this button-up shirt and jeans combo at home for work one day. My bet is that didn’t last all day and I ended up putting on some warm joggers and socks somewhere along the way. Ha! I think I was just anxious to try out some of the new things I’ve been getting in. It’s a tightrope we bloggers walk during these transitional months, researching and planning for the next season while still living in the present one. Sometimes after hours of perusing websites and looking at and shopping for the upcoming season, I forget what season I’m actually living in. Ha! Shop the Look HERE.

Layered Denim on Denim Outfit

I really like this next outfit. I guess that’s why I ended up featuring it in yesterday’s blog post on How to Wear Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans. In fact, I wore this to church Sunday and then we took the photos for that post when we got home that afternoon.

Shop the Look HERE.

I’m not really that in to the denim on denim trend, but I do like combining a lighter wash denim shirt with darker wash jeans like this. And adding that textured cardigan really helps create some visual interest. Shop the Look HERE.

Loungewear for Working at Home Part II

Here’s another loungewear look I wore while working from home one day. Really, truthfully, these is where I’m living most days. Ha! I do try to put myself together a little, but as long as I put on something that matches and feels pretty together, I feel fine about working in athleisure or loungewear for now.

Shop the Look HERE.

I do wish these pants were a little roomier on me. I think if they were longer they would feel better. So if you’re shorter than me (I’m 5’8″), these would probably work quite differently for you. They are very soft and a nice midweight fabric. Shop the Look HERE.

Colorful Sweater and Jeans

I had purchased these slim boyfriend jeans and wanted to give them a whirl, so I topped them with that purple sweater. I don’t know why I chose that sweater again; I have plenty of others. But I think I’ve been craving a little color. Anyhow these slim boyfriend jeans are going to be spring favorites because they feel great on and look really nice, too, I think. They do run large, so I sized down to a 29, which, in truth, I frequently wear at J.Crew.

Shop the Look HERE.

I also purchased these jeans in the white and I like them even better. They are definitely going to be my white jeans of choice for the spring and summer. I think I showed them in a video that comes out next Wednesday. They also run large and I got the 29. They’re a very nice thickness for white jeans. Oh! And both are marked down today. Shop the Look HERE.

Casual Look for an Impromptu Matinee Movie Date

And then you’ve probably already seen this outfit in yesterday’s blog post, too. I got these jeans in around noon that day and was in them for the rest of the day once I tried them on. LOVE. James suggested we play hooky from work that afternoon and see a matinee movie. We saw A Man Called Otto and enjoyed it.

Shop the Look HERE.

I love this outfit and I’m featuring it in tomorrow’s video, along with five other outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day. Shop the Look HERE.

Well that’s a wrap. Thank you for giving me a little grace today. I know it’s probably preferable for me to provide links to individual items in these posts. But I’ve got another video to edit today and we’re trying to get out of town for a photo shoot on Monday, so work awaits me. I do love sharing my daily outfits with you though. I’ll try to do a little better with my daily mirror selfies this week, too.

Have a great weekend! Oh! But do check in with me tomorrow on my YouTube channel for a bonus video.

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Blessed for My Day

Has God done anything good in your life recently? What about in the lives of your family members, church or community? Sure He has! God is always at work in our lives. Admittedly, sometimes we have to slow down enough to really notice the good things He is doing. And other times we have to look in our rearview mirror and study the details of the past days or months to spot His fingerprints on our lives. But God is definitely doing a good thing in your life and in mine.

But here’s the next question. Have you told anyone about those things? Have you given a witness, a testimony? When we share God’s goodness and His amazing deeds in our lives with others, we give Him glory. And we encourage those people with our accounts of how God has worked in our lives. I believe that God responds positively to a little “applause” and often provides encores when we genuinely and gratefully brag on Him to other people. And I believe people take great courage in hearing that God is at work. So let’s be sure to share our good news with someone today.

 Jethro was delighted to hear about all the good things the Lord had done for Israel in rescuing them from the hand of the Egyptians. He said, “Praise be to the Lord, who rescued you from the hand of the Egyptians and of Pharaoh, and who rescued the people from the hand of the Egyptians. Now I know that the Lord is greater than all other gods, for he did this to those who had treated Israel arrogantly.” ~ Exodus 18:9-1

xoxo, Kay
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9 thoughts on “Everyday Outfits I Wore Recently

  1. Dear Kay, I always enjoy your outfit of the day posts. I think we all start to feel a bit blah in the outfits that looked good before the new year. Like you, longer days have me wanting to pull out brighter colors and lighter layers even though my weather isn’t cooperating :). I am also loving the boards that your interns are putting together. What a bonus! Thank you! Have a great weekend.

  2. I think the best look today is the cream/gray/pink shirt with the light pants and light booties. You look stunning in that. I did enjoy seeing you in other outfits too today.
    This may seem trivial to most but, in our Bible study group we’ve been praying for our friend’s doe (goat) to have a little buckling because the buck that bred that doe died and he was her best buck. Anyway this morning the doe had not one buckling but TWO–PLUS a little girl as well ! So we are all rejoicing with her for how God answered our prayers abundantly! God really does care for some of the simplest things in our life. God bless. —-J

  3. Hi Kay….yes, sounds as of you’ll have balmy temps today but it’s all relative. It’s -6 right now in Madison WI and we may make it to 5 degrees today. Love the light colors on you but you also look great in that red. You’ve encouraged me to branch out to reds also. I love the look of blouses but whenever I wear them they bunch up. I’m short and am short waisted so not sure if that is the problem or not but I end up often pulling down and tucking in a lot. I’m open to suggestions on that. Ha!

  4. I love these weekly posts as well, Kay. You give me motivation to dress in other things than loungewear and pj’s, as I’m retired and am now writing from home and don’t get out much. I’m eyeing those white jeans for summer. With thicker thighs I’m not sure if I should steer away from white altogether though🤔 I know dark wash is best but on those hot summer days outdoors, dark isn’t always feasible. Plus, white always looks so crisp. Speaking of thicker thighs, being short with a smaller waist, I’m loving the higher waisted straight leg jeans as I no longer have to deal with that gap in the back of my pants. Yay! Belts often didn’t help either. It’s -6 degrees here today and I too be heading out for a bit. Brrr!🥶 C’mon early Spring!

  5. This is a technical issue that is rather annoying. I don’t know if it can be fixed, but thought you should know. In the past, when I liked an item you were showing and clicked on your link, it took me to the store and I could see the price/sizes, etc. Very handy and I could then use the arrow to go back to your blog. Now, when I click on Shop the Look Here, it takes me to LTK which has nice pictures of each item, but to see prices/sizes I need to click on the individual item. That takes me to the store selling it. That’s all fine, but then there’s no way to get back to your blog. I have to exit the store, go back to my email, go back to your blog, and scroll down to where I was when I got interested in something you’re modeling. Granted, this is not a giant issue in the scheme of things, but wanted you to be aware. I do enjoy your posts and like to read them.

    1. Hi Ann, I think the problem you’re describing is only due to the shortcut I took today due to a time crunch. I just didn’t have time to list out all of the links for this post as it was an especially busy week. I’ll do my best to provide direct links in the future, but this is simply a handy way for me to get a post up even when I don’t really have time to provide all those links. Thanks for sharing and for showing me a little grace here.

  6. Hi Kay…the Rail’s button up shirt….does it have pink or more of a blush in the plaid? Great post today…thank you!