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Fall Trend Forecast with My #NSale Purchases

July 19, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Yes, it’s just the middle of July, but I thought it would be a fun day to take a quick peek into fall fashion with purchases I made in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You might need to pour yourself a cold beverage or turn on the fan. Ha! I certainly got a little hot when we were shooting these photos, as you’ll detect when you see my hair. But I’m really excited about some of the fall trends we’re seeing. And I hope you are, too.

I’m sharing 5 trends we can look forward to seeing this fall in fashion.

Fall Preview with My NSale Purchases

Trend Forecast #1 – Blush Pink continues to trend.

Pink is one of my signature colors, but the pink that continues to trend is a sort of mauve pink. Pantone calls it First Blush. I recently purchased this blush pink v-neck cashmere cardigan. I thought it was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I guess at some point because it was in my #NSale Wish List. Alas, it’s not even part of the sale! But when I was quickly moving items from my wish list to my shopping cart last Wednesday, I ended up purchasing it.

Blush Pink Sweater

Because a few of the other items I’d ordered in the sale turned out to be a disappointment, I decided to keep this Nordstrom Signature cardigan. I’m wearing the size medium and might could have sized down to a small. But that leads to another trend we’re continuing to see this fall.

By the way, the website entry calls this cardigan purple mesa, but I’d definitely say it reads more blush pink.

Trend Forecast #2 – Silhouettes will be oversized.

I know that not every woman enjoys the oversized silhouette. It’s definitely a matter of taste. I enjoy wearing both fitted clothing and the trending oversized silhouettes.

Oversized Silhouette

Whereas once the “rule” was to wear a more fitted top if you wore blousy pants and more streamlined pants if you wore a fuller top, now the trend is to wear the oversized fit head to toe. How do you feel about that?

I would suggest that if you decide to get on board with the oversized silhouette trend you want to be conscious of fit. Oversized and too big are not synonymous. Oversized garments should still fit you in key places, such as the shoulders, waistband and, in some instances, arm length. It really kind of depends on the item, so you’ll have to gauge that for yourself. But just keep fit in mind.

Trend Forecast #3 – We’re buttoning up those cardigans.

This year in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale we’re seeing lots of cropped or hip length button up cardigans with v-necklines. This is a trend I can really get on board with. I love a v-neck and I love a cardigan. And I think the shorter lengths are much more flattering on most of us than the long lengths we’ve seen in years past.

Button-Up Cardigan

Another reason I love this trend is because these sweaters will be more versatile. Many, but not all, of them will lend themselves to being worn alone and buttoned up or paired with a tee or tank underneath. And even if you do wear something under the button up cardigan, you can either button it or not, creating two very different looks.

The cardigan I’m showing here is actually longer than many of the shorter ones we’re seeing. I did order another one that fits that category and I love it, but it’s sold out. You can see it here and maybe it will restock. I hope so because it’s a great cardigan at a super price.

Trend Forecast #4 – Lantern pants emerge even more.

Lantern Pants

As more people get on board with the looser fitting pants trend, we’re going to continue to see the lantern silhouette. While it may take some time for your eye to adjust to it, I think if you’ll give it a shot you’ll see that it’s actually a little more figure flattering than the wide leg pants. The fuller leg that then tapers in ever so slightly at the ankle helps create that hourglass shape many of us desire, just in a new, fuller form.

These Eileen Fisher crop wool lantern pants are indeed part of the #NSale and they’re still available…today. They were initially also available in a camel color and I purchased those, too. Those are sold out, but could be replenished if returns come in. I’m wearing the charcoal colored pants here. I’m wearing a small.

Lantern Pants

I’m not sure that I’ll wear these crop wool lantern pants like I am above with that particular t-shirt, but I removed the cardigan so you could see the silhouette of the pants a little better. I’ll be playing around with them a bit. But I absolutely love these crop wool lantern pants. They’re an investment piece, but that’s how I prefer to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, honestly. I do purchase a few basics like the long sleeve crewneck tees from Caslon and the Nordstrom brand layering tanks (size up!). But for the most part I use my allotted #NSale budget to splurge on a few nicer items that I wouldn’t be able to purchase otherwise and that potentially won’t be marked down this low again. In fact, I never see Eileen Fisher items on sale pre-season other than in the #NSale.

I’m wearing a size small in the crop wool lantern pants. The wool is very lightweight and I’ll definitely wear them even early fall.

Trend Forecast #5 – Boots that work with fuller leg pants.

Don’t worry. We’re still seeing skinny jeans this fall. Many people are calling them “classics” that will never go out of style. Personally, I disagree. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will indeed be a day when we see much less of them. I believe that the straight leg silhouette is the true classic. Yes, we’ve gotten a little crazy with it and the wider leg may be a passing trend. But the true straight leg jean is definitely the most universally flattering, elongating and slimming.

Alas, I digress.

Because we’re seeing more straight, lantern and full leg pants, we’re going to be seeing more booties with a narrow shaft or a shorter shaft (more of a shootie) that accommodates these silhouettes.


These Eileen Fisher knit booties are made from recycled fibers, which is another trend we’re continuing to see. I’m wearing them in the chocolate knit, but the graphite color would probably be a better combination with these charcoal lantern pants. I think I thought the pants were a dark brown. Ha! They’re not; they’re a charcoal grey.

But the knit booties are a definite keeper. They feel soooo comfortable and can be worn with or without no-show socks. And these knit booties will work well with most of my jean choices because the shaft of the bootie fits close to my ankle. And when I’m wearing them with crops like these, that V on the side is flattering and slimming. I’m wearing my usual size 9.5.

While I’m sharing with you my investment pieces from the #NSale, let’s go ahead and look at my absolute favorite purchase from the sale: my Coach Turnlock Clasp Satchel in chalk multi.


I had overlooked this cream, tan and brown Coach Satchel when I filled my wish list. I’d only seen it in the black, which appears to be sold out, and the patterned brown. But this multi neutral Satchel caught my eye immediately in the store. It is going to be so versatile in my wardrobe and I’ll definitely be able to carry it year round. In fact, I already am using it. It’s the kind of bag that just feels right in your hands. The pebbled leather is luxuriously soft and supple, and it has the neatest zip, snap and locked compartments. Plus it has two completely detachable and interchangeable straps, this one and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Fall Outfit Preview

I’m definitely getting excited about fall clothing after shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But I’m happy to still be wearing summer clothes right now. And I’ll be sharing more summer styles and looks in the coming weeks, so don’t fret about that. But I did think it was fun (if not hot!) to dress up and share a few of the fall trends with you. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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I’ve also gathered up a few of my other favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale below. These are in a variety of price ranges, but they’re all items I’ve actually tried on or checked out personally. The prices showing are the original price, not the sale price.

I’m a little bummed because so much of what I purchased in the #NSale is already sold out. I’m hoping that they restock some things, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that that’s the plan. But who knows really? Already this morning I had one of my orders cancelled on me because inventory ran out before they could fill it. But then I noticed it had restocked, so I ordered it again. So be sure to check back in frequently if there’s something you really wanted that has sold out.

Alright! Enough about that sale for the day! I hope you enjoyed the trend forecast. But let’s get back to enjoying summer now. Have a great day!

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47 thoughts on “Fall Trend Forecast with My #NSale Purchases

  1. If you could either post the peach pound cake recipe or email it to me, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

      1. I was confused as well. However, when I went back to the original email from you telling me about this post, the subject line in my email feed read: “This week at Dressed for my Day PLUS My Peach Pound Cake Recipe”. However, when I opened the email, the email’s subject line read: This “This week at Dressed for my Day”. No mention about the recipe. Not sure why that happened but now you know why people are referring to the recipe. Hope that helps!

  2. I guess I won’t be trending- do not like the lantern pants or oversized-lol. They look great on you Kay with your height and size. Love that you are sharing your sale items.

    1. I think the key is balance. I like the lantern pants and Kay has worn them beautifully in other posts. I just think it’s a matter of balance. I’d wear them with a cropped top. I’m not crazy about wearing two oversized pieces in one outfit myself. If the trend is to have head to toe oversized, I’m not jumping on board either. I agree that if you’re taller it helps to pull it off but still…not one of my favorite looks. GREAT bag though!

  3. Not a fan of oversized for me. At 5’2” it’s a very difficult silhouette for me to carry off. I’m hoping there will be more suitable trends for ME this Fall.

  4. This outfit looks great on you. I’m too petite and short waisted to pull it off. I’ll be sticking to my skinny jeans with longer tops.

  5. Thank you for sharing your posts, dear Kay! I am an inverted triangle shape and feel more comfortable with a closer fit on top; I’m thrilled to learn that shorter, button-up cardigans are coming back! I prefer full-length pants in either a skinny or straight fit.

    Have a beautiful day!

  6. I love these styles so much more than the skinny jeans which I truly think only ever flattered the taller thin women . These new styles just scream total comfort… and style. I have purchased several (more subtle for now) baggier straight let pants and have been asked if I lost weight! Yay! So bring on that recipe, Kay! Sounds yummy?
    You look great in these lantern type pants, Kay, and the pink cardigan is definitely you’re color! Love it, and thanks for sharing these great finds!

  7. Would love the recipe for the peach pound cake! Appreciate the Blessed post. Have some difficult days ahead, due to a very ill pet.

  8. Not at all a fan of the oversized pants and bootie look…..very frumpy looking and at 67 last thing I want to look is frumpy! LOL. But love the Coach purse!

  9. I’m not a fan of any of that outfit, except for the Coach Bag! In fact I have never found anything from Eileen Fisher that didn’t look frumpy. So I stopped looking years ago.

  10. Well, I definitely won’t follow this trend. To me, the oversized look adds many pounds, is not flattering to anyone, and has an “old lady” vibe. I’ll continue to follow the old rule of wearing a fitted piece with a *slightly* fuller piece. But the purse is nice!

    1. I love my shorter cardigans to button up! The blush is great for my coloring so I look forward to the fall for that. I already have some pieces that will be blush yet comfortable in the Texas “fall”. That sweater is very lovely on you.
      Thanks, keep up the good work!

  11. Love the bag and sweater! That pink is so pretty on you. I agree with other comments, not sure about the pants for us petites. Yes please share the cake recipe!!? Thank you for all you do!

  12. I have a pair of lantern pants in sage that I wear with my favorite pink top. I like them. Not sure I would wear oversized top but a cardigan is fine being oversized. That’s a lovely shade of whatever.

  13. Not a fan of lantern pants and the over sized trend. Everything Kay wears looks great on her, but I wouldn’t be comfortable in these type of clothes

  14. Kay, Thank you so very much for your ‘Blessing of the Day’!! My one tough thing today is I have to go to dialysis. BUT I am praising the Lord that I have dialysis to keep me alive to have a life!! He is so good to us ALwAYS!! Peach pound cake recipe only if it’s gluten-free ! I’m a celiac! LOL!!! P.S. You said that most women will look best in the shorter style cardigans but for those of us short-waisted so we gain weight in our tummy’s actually look better in a longer hip length!

  15. What a beautiful and perfect BFMD! I actually like the idea of being able to wear properly fitting fuller tops with proper fitting fuller pants. And I like the lantern pants and would like to add one pair of them to my closet, if I can find a pair in my price range. The color of your cardigan is beautiful and, like you, it is one of my signature colors. I hope you are having a great day!

  16. Oh, no. I’m a fan of keeping up with trends, but I won’t be a slave to it. I do like a straight fuller leg. However, I feel the lantern pants CAN be flattering for an occasional look, but I think the crop lanterns with booties and an oversize top is a sloppy frumpy look regardless of height.

    I love Eileen Fisher and have had many of her clothes in my closet for years but recently I’ve struggled to find anything of hers I like. My husband was shopping with me recently and said most of her new stuff looks like pajamas.

  17. I love, love, love the look. I am petite and I think it looks great! I have purchased several pairs of the lantern leg pants. Love them!!!!

  18. I will add my Yes vote for the peach pound cake recipe! I agree about the Coach bag. It was my absolute favorite of all the handbags in the NSale. My favorite denim silhouette is currently the straight slim with a slight flare crop, light wash with wiskering and light distressing! Haha! That’s pretty specific, but the perfect summer jean! ??

  19. Thanks, Kay, for all your work in keeping us on trend. I agree with a lot of the posts, I couldn’t wear the baggy look out; but at home, it’s good. I do like the idea of shorter jackets/sweaters. I’m 5’1″ and those long pieces make my legs look even shorter!

  20. I’d like to try your peach pound cake recipe too! Thanks! I’ll have to substitute GF flour so hope it works out.
    The lantern pant looks great on you. I’m kind of thin and not tall- 5 ft 3 only. I wonder ….hmmm. Maybe I’ll stay with my slim leg straight jeans and pants. Have to try them on I guess!
    Thanks for sharing what’s new for fall!

  21. Did you say peach? Yes, please, for the recipe. The oversized trend is not something I will be sporting. I do like the color of the sweater and it looks nice on you. Your photos are stunning with the gorgeous landscaping.

  22. Fall fashions are my very favourite, out of all the seasons! Thanks for giving us a heads-up on what to expect. Yes, I agree with you, Kay. The straight leg silhouette is the true classic for jeans and pants. However, before passing judgement on lantern pants, or any new trend, I think it’s a good idea to try it on. As you said, oversized and too big are not the same. Fit is everything!
    I really like the Bible passage from Isaiah in Blessed for My Day. It is one I will keep close at hand.

  23. Kay I’m sorry but there is nothing flattering about that look. I won’t be trending this fall and honestly most of the ladies I know would not wear that look with lantern pants and oversized sweaters. However, your peach pound cake sounds good.

  24. I love the blessed for my day today. Tomorrow will be a very big n trying day for my family. I’ve been praying n talking to my Lord a lot. He gives me great comfort.

  25. Love that Bible verse. It is one of my favorites! Keep up your wonderful posts and don’t get down. Doesn’t matter what others say God loves you! Happy to be following you !

  26. I love the sweater and the purse. Beautiful choices and on my wish list. The color is perfect for you and so soft looking.
    Balloon pants do look good on you. I can’t pull off that look even though they look comfy. I would look sloppy even with a regular fit top. I am slim and straight up and down so they do me no favors. Kinda short too.
    Thanks for the tip to check back on the item(s).

  27. I’m really disappointed in the Fall trends and will not be purchasing anything oversized if I can help it.
    I didn’t think anything about the look could be flattering to anyone.
    Have a good week!

  28. Good morning
    Not sure how I feel about going completely oversized. Honestly I like the shirt ,sweater and booties. The lantern pants just not sure.
    Because I have to wear orthotics I love outfits I can wear sneakers with.

  29. While reading all the blogger posts regarding the Nordstrom Sale I hoped someone would include Fall trends and then YOU did!! Thank you for providing guidance on the trends that are available in the sale. Like many, I can’t get on board with the short, wider leg silhouette. Take what you like and leave the rest!
    I’m 5’11” and prefer a straight leg or bootcut. Thankfully a straight leg is classic. Cardigans are also a classic and I’m glad to see them coming back strong.

  30. I like the different shapes of pants. They just take some experimenting with. It took me a while to warm up to skinny jeans and have had no problem letting them go. They often give the appearance of an apple with arms and legs. At 5’4 I too thought I couldn’t wear fuller pants but this summer they have been the ones that have received the most compliments.I find the 1940’s influence to be tailored and beautiful at the same time. Banana Republic has been my go to for all things this summer. In the fall, with the wider legged pants I enjoy wearing ankle boots that are higher up and tighter on the ankle look.Keep experimenting Kay!

  31. I love your videos on You Tube and have just signed up here. It’s so much easier to see what you’re wearing when the picture is still, even though seeing you moving around gives a better look at seeing you the way we would look if we were in that outfit.
    You have great taste in clothes and are big help to me as I was 120kg and am now 58kg and don’t have a clue what to wear to suit my new body. I am 166cm tall and have a ‘balanced’ body type all in the right proportions. I’m sorry I waited so long! The thought of lantern style pants horrifies me after losing weight to wear fitted clothes!8^))
    I do like the straight pants, though – especially jeans so I’ll be shopping for some of those. I’ve bought a couple of cardigans because it’s winter where I live (Western Australia) and love the neutrals but you’re giving me some great colour ideas. When I was 120kg I dressed to hide, now I want to be seen! I’m so glad I have found you! Thanks Kay!!

  32. Very interesting post. I hope you are right that skinny jeans are on their way out and that cardigans will once again button! I’ve been wearing straight legged pants for some time now, and I’d like to try the lantern style. I’m worried, as other petits are, that it will be a bit difficult to make it work. The key is getting the proportions right, as you always point out.

  33. I love that cardigan! Like the V-neck white top. But, I would not wear the pants or boots. I lived in the North for 63 years, retired and moved to the deep south. After tromping through deep snow & sleet in boots for more than 6 decades, I will never put another boot on my feet!!! The represent terror of ice – bad memories. I wear sandals exclusively 7 months of the year.
    I am very interested in trends and fads, but would not necessarily wear them myself. I just did all of your body shape & body form worksheets and printed off the rules I should follow. My wardrobe represents most of your advice already!
    Before I retired I wore blazers & dress jeans as a rule for work. After retirement, I went Bohemian. After watching your video’s I decided to purchase some modern, updated blazers and wear a more casual knit top with them. Thanks for the ideas! I’m adding versatility into my wardrobe. I even bought white tennis shoes too!

  34. I’m short so a full body of oversized clothes will not look good on me…but I will try a little more relaxed,