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Fall and Winter Sweaters for Women Try-On

October 24, 2022

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Recently I ordered a number of sweaters from Nordstrom to try on for you. I’ll only keep a couple of these maybe because that’s all I’d need. But I wanted to try on fall and winter sweaters in a variety of colors, silhouettes, fabrics and prices for you. I hope you enjoy this try-on and maybe you’ll find a sweater or two to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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Fall & Winter Sweaters from Nordstrom

Nordstrom makes trying new silhouettes and colors easy because shipping and return shipping are FREE…all the time, no minimum required! (I ordered four pair of brown knee length boots from Nordstrom yesterday to find that one perfect pair!) No, this isn’t a sponsored post. Ha! I just think Nordstrom is a great place to shop because they make customer service such a priority. And they really do have great fashions and accessories available at a full range of prices. You’ll see what I mean as we peruse these sweaters.

I’m trying on all of the sweaters (with a couple of exceptions) with my full length straight leg jeans from Talbots for consistency. You’ll notice I tried the lighter sweaters with my light wash jeans and the darker selections with my dark wash denim (same jeans, darker wash). And I’m wearing these Nordstrom sand suede lug sole boots (also in other colors) and these Franco Sarto navy flats (also available in cognac). Let’s go!

V-Neck Sweater in Red Syrah Heather$69.00 $44.85

This V-Neck Sweater by Treasure & Bond is 55% cotton, 26% polyester, 11% nylon, 5% wool, 3% spandex and feels very soft. I’d say it is a medium warmth. It features long ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and an unadorned v-neckline. Per the suggestion on the Nordstrom website, I sized down to a small in this V-Neck Sweater and I’m glad I did. This V-Neck Sweater was marked down when I wrote this post, so I hope it still is on Monday.

V-Neck Sweater in Red Syrah Heather
V-Neck Sweater in red Syrah heather // same jeans, darker wash // Franco Sarto navy flats // herringbone necklace // earrings

The V-Neck Sweater has a lot of stretch to it, so it might “grow” a little with wear. So I’d definitely size down one size. The V-Neck Sweater is also available in a lovely brown shitake heather and black. I’d probably prefer the brown shade myself, but I wanted to show these sweaters in a range of colors. And this red Syrah heather really is quite lovely and one of the year’s fashion colors.

funnel neck sweater in teal Nile – $59.00

This teal Nile funnel neck sweater is a very soft blend of 55% organic cotton, 26% polyester, 11% nylon, 5% merino wool, and 3% spandex. I’m wearing my usual size medium and I’d say it fits true to size for a slightly oversized fit, and I think that’s probably the goal here.

Funnel Neck Sweater
funnel neck sweater // light wash jeans // sand suede lug sole boots // earrings

As you can see the sleeves run a little long, but you can always cuff those or push the sleeves up a bit. The funnel neck is loose and fits nicely with a v-shaped vent in the back. The Caslon funnel neck sweater is gorgeous in this teal Nile, but it also comes in six other nice colors and neutrals. I especially like the darker teal Atlantic.

directional v-neck sweater in blue palace heather – $59.00

I shared the directional v-neck sweater in my Fall Outfits video last week and ended up keeping it on the rest of the day after shooting those videos. It is super soft and a great sweater for covering the hips and rear a bit. So rather than take another photo in my jeans, I’m just sharing the directional v-neck sweater with my Talbots black everyday pants and black loafers (no longer available).

Monday Working from Home

The vertical texture and dipped neckline on this 89% polyester, 8% nylon, 3% spandex sweater give it a little body and interest, too. These are nice details. The directional v-neck sweater comes in three pretty neutrals and can be machine washed and laid flat to dry. It runs true to size.

ribbed v-neck sweater in brown pinecone – $59.00

This Open Edit ribbed v-neck sweater features a slightly boxy silhouette that does taper in a bit at the waist. But it’s also slightly cropped, so you’ll want to pair it with high waist or high rise denim or pants. It works just fine with my high rise Talbots jeans, but I’d probably wear a camisole under it once it gets colder just to keep the draft off my mid section.

ribbed v-neck sweater
ribbed v-neck sweater // same jeans, darker wash // Franco Sarto navy flats // herringbone necklace // earrings

The ribbed v-neck sweater also comes in a soft beige, black and pink chiffon (very pretty!). The ultra soft knit is 55% cotton, 26% polyester, 11% nylon, 5% wool, and 3% spandex. Again, instructions on the website say to hand wash, but I would probably wash in a mesh bag in the machine with cold water and on delicate then lay flat to dry. If a garment tag says simply “hand wash” you can usually wash in the machine on delicate. But if it reads “hand wash only” or “dry clean only” you generally need to do just that. I’m wearing my usual size medium comfortably.

thermal knit cotton sweater in purple gem – $69.00

Treasure & Bond (a Nordstrom house brand) calls this a thermal knit cotton sweater, but it feels more like a substantial waffle knit top to me. At any rate, it’s very soft, comfortable and a nice weight. Perfect for not so cold climates, but substantial enough for colder areas, too. It is 100% cotton.

Purple Waffle Weave Sweater
thermal knit cotton sweater // same jeans, darker wash // Franco Sarto navy flats // herringbone necklace // earrings

The thermal knit cotton sweater fits true to size and feels great on. I love this pretty purple color, but it comes in beige and grey heather as well as a bright blue mazarine. I appreciate the raglan sleeves and the way the sweater tapers in just slightly. And this sweater is a nice length, too, especially if you don’t want to have to tuck your sweaters to achieve nice proportions.

Fair Isle cable knit sweater – $79.00

This grey heather and pink Fair Isle cable knit sweater is definitely one of my favorites in the group. Not only are the colors and pattern charming, but this sweater is extremely soft and comfortable. It’s a nice weight, especially for colder climates. And I didn’t find it itchy at all. I love a mock neck and the cable knit is a nice touch, too.

Fair Isle cable knit sweater
Fair Isle cable knit sweater (plus sizes) // light wash jeans // sand suede lug sole boots // earrings

The website does say to handwash this cable knit sweater, but you might get away with machine washing on delicate cycle and cold water followed by laying it flat to dry. The best news is that this cable knit sweater comes in two other nice color combinations, too, one a neutral and one a vibrant color. This sweater is also available in plus sizes.

cashmere crewneck sweater in pink paradise heather – $129.00 $89.90

Nordstrom does a good job with cashmere. It’s always a little on the thinner side, but still not generally see-through and quite nice. This pink paradise heather cashmere crewneck sweater is a beautiful color, but there are many more cheerful hues to choose from, as well as a stripe.

cashmere crewneck sweater
cashmere crewneck sweater in pink paradise heather // light wash jeans // sand suede lug sole boots // earrings // herringbone necklace

I’m wearing my usual size medium comfortably. Again, because this sweater is 100% cashmere the instructions say dry clean. But I wash my cashmere sweaters at home, usually in the sink by hand, but sometimes in the machine in a mesh bag on gentle cycle. Of course I lay them flat to dry. And I get really good results that way. If you wear a lot of cashmere, I suggest investing in this sweater comb and this wool & cashmere shampoo (I’ve linked you to Saks because they offer free shipping and free returns).

As I’m writing this post, the Nordstrom cashmere crewneck sweaters are marked down 30%. Fingers crossed the deal is still going on Monday!

cashmere v-neck sweater in brown taupe – $129.00 $89.90

Nordstrom has also marked down their cashmere v-neck sweaters as I’m writing the post. I especially love this new brown taupe shade. But the cashmere v-neck sweater does come in a whopping 12 other shades, some bright and others soft and neutral.

cashmere v-neck sweater
cashmere v-neck sweater // light wash jeans // sand suede lug sole boots // earrings // herringbone necklace

I’m wearing my usual size medium for a comfortable fit. Again, this Nordstrom cashmere v-neck sweater is not the highest quality, but for the price I think it’s a really good buy and a sweater you can enjoy wearing. I have at least half a dozen Nordstrom brand cashmere sweaters in my wardrobe and love wearing them.

Nordstrom Signature crewneck cashmere sweater in pink – $199.00

And this is the last and priciest sweater I’m sharing. Of course it’s my favorite. Go figure. Nordstrom has a Nordstrom brand and a Nordstrom Signature brand, which generally features styles a good step or two up in quality. I generally like the Nordstrom brand just fine. But the Nordstrom Signature brand is closer to Vince or other high quality brands you associate with luxury. Indeed, this Nordstrom Signature crewneck cashmere sweater is a thicker, more lush cashmere than that in the two sweaters above. And the color of the sweater is a beautiful raspberry pink, very rich looking.

Pink Cashmere Sweater with Grey Jeans
grey Mother Hustler jeans (sized up to 31) (Mother option with more availability) (more economical option and more below) // Nordstrom Signature cashmere sweater // ivory mules (under $50! and in other colors, too) // earrings // similar necklace // coat // bag not available (similar from Coach)

I also appreciate the slightly tapered fit on this relaxed sweater. And the rib trim at the neckline, cuffs and hemline are gentle and lovely. It’s just a great sweater that will stay in my wardrobe for years with good care.

I also ordered this button up sweater in blue mineral from Nordstrom and wore it in this past week’s video. Alas, I forgot to take a photo. It is a cropped sweater, but it worked with my high rise jeans. I’ve included it in the shopping widget below, too.

Of course, I could have ordered so many other great sweaters in a full range of prices to share with you. So I’m sharing these and others in the shopping widget below. Of course most every sweater in the shopping widget comes in other colors as well, so click through to see those. And the prices shown do not always reflect current sale prices.

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7 thoughts on “Fall and Winter Sweaters for Women Try-On

  1. Your email this morning was so touching and comforting. There is so much self centeredness in the world. We are quick to anger when someone does something that we deem rude. But we do need to take a step back, breath and think that maybe they are weighed down by troubles or heartache. Instead of lashing out at them, we need to silently pray for them. Thank you for reminding us to care.

  2. First off I want to tell you, you’re such a wonderful person. Love the intro that she did today about how we all have bad things happen and bad days and that the Lord is always there working behind the scenes. Loved the BFMD too. Fits right in with the heading
    Love so many of these sweaters. Thanks for showing so many and price choices.
    Have a blessed day

  3. Your message today is most comforting and a great reminder to pray for anyone who seems to be having an edge about them for one reason or another. We’re all human and face many trials and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. A silent prayer can trigger a ray of hope and sunshine where needed. Love all the warm sweaters on you. They bring a sense of coziness to the soul.

  4. Thank you for your comment this morning in your email. I needed that. Sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s plan when bad things happen. Then all we can do is trust and pray.

  5. Kay, you look so nice in all of the sweaters. Thank you for providing so much of the pertinent information about each sweater! For those of us interested in purchasing one of them, your details are so helpful. I hope that you are having a great day!

  6. Thank you Kay for your sensitive comments today. It brought tears to my eyes. I think it was a touch of the Holy Spirit on your heart to write that. And yes, Jesus is always there to walk beside us through difficult times. Thanks for your ministry in this daily blog.