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Creating Your Personal Style Uniform

January 14, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m so glad you stopped in for a little style inspiration today. Because the star of the outfit I’m sharing is almost sold out, I thought I’d approach today’s post a little differently than first planned. Definitely check out the individual elements of this chic style. But let’s also talk about creating your personal style uniform and how that can benefit you.

I purchased this oh-so-soft and cozy leopard print faux fur coat just before Christmas when it was 66% off at Loft Outlet. Now it’s available at Loft, but only in a couple of sizes. I’m wearing a size medium and might could have worn a small just as easily.

Creating Your Personal Style Uniform

I’d been eyeing leopard print coats since early fall, but hadn’t taken the plunge because of the prices. When I was able to get this one for just one-third the usual price, I decided to snap it up.

Creating Your Personal Style Uniform

But here’s why I did that. I knew that this coat would work wonderfully with my personal style uniform. And that’s the beauty of creating a personal style uniform for yourself.

Personal Style Uniform

What is a personal style uniform? It’s not something you have to wear every day, of course. Instead, a personal style uniform is simply the basics that you enjoy and tend to wear on a regular basis in your unique blend. And you can absolutely have more than one style uniform, too.

black pants and turtleneck cashmere sweater

I’d say I have about half a dozen style uniforms that I pretty much stick to in the cold weather months:

  • jeans + pullover sweater
  • jeans + long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck + blazer
  • jeans + long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck + cardigan
  • black pants + cashmere pullover sweater
  • black pants + silky blouse + cashmere cardigan
  • athleisure pants + sweatshirt or t-shirt

And within each of those style uniforms, I keep my separates pretty basic and usually solid in color. For instance, I have several cashmere pullover sweaters and they all look pretty much alike except for the color. I also have several long cardigans that are similar. And, while my blazers are all different, they’re generally all long blazers (because that’s the silhouette that works best for me) and they will all work with my selected neutrals and signature colors.

Red Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater

Yes, you absolutely need to have the right wardrobe essentials in your closet. And they need to be in the limited palette of neutral and signature colors you’ve chosen for yourself. But it’s wise to go a step further and make sure that you have the pieces you need to create your favorite personal style uniforms over and over, without much thought.

Style Uniform

That way, when you need to dress quickly for work or you just don’t want to put the effort into styling something new for church, you can easily reach for almost anything in your closet and create beautiful outfits with little thought.

Plus, when it’s time to add a coat or accessories, you’ll know that you have the lengths and colors that work best with your outfits. For instance, I no longer wear tunic length sweaters at all. Nope. Notta. I have nothing against tunics, by the way. I just don’t like them for me. Plus, they would complicate my wardrobe. I’d have to make sure I have coats that would cover them. But since I have no tunic length sweaters or tops in my uniforms, I know that my coats work with everything I do have.

Creating Your Personal Style Uniform

I also include my jewelry in my style uniforms. I have a couple of long pendant necklaces that I wear on repeat with my turtlenecks, one shorter necklace I wear with all of my v-neck sweaters or tops and only a couple of pairs of earrings that I reach for consistently. Sure, I have more jewelry than that. But those few pieces are the go-to accessories I grab when I’m creating one of my easy uniform looks.

Creating Your Personal Style Uniform
cashmere turtleneck sweater (40% off – size down) // black pants (wearing an 8) // leopard print faux fur coat (wearing medium – more options in widget) // black flats (alternative – 60% off!!!) // necklace sold out (better option – 50% off) // earrings // shoulder bag (economical alternative)

I’ve linked the pieces of everything I’ve shown you in this look in the widget below. Plus I have additional selections in most categories for you to shop. I absolutely love every single piece of this classic look from my favorite “uniform” earrings to my favorite black pants to the leather tote I reach for almost every single day. I can personally recommend each piece I’m wearing with confidence.

But most importantly I hope you caught the vision for creating your personal style uniforms and having them on constant replay. It makes life easy, style simple, your wardrobe functional and your day a little less stressful when you know those go-to formulas that work best for you and the clothing in your closet.

Oh, and if you’d like an alternative to my black pants, which are in the shopping widget above, you might consider these at Christopher & Banks. I can vouch that these are chic, comfortable and well-fitting classic black slacks.

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Blessed for My Day

I’ve discovered that if I’m making decisions that seem a little extreme and out of character, I need to HALT. I’m probably either hungry, angry, lonely or tired. It’s kind of like those old Snickers bar commercials where the young man turns into Betty White or some diva. His friends accuse him of “not being himself” because he’s hungry. Sure enough, when we’ve allow one of our basic needs for food, peace of mind, companionship or rest to go unmet in a healthy way, we end up behaving out of character…and out of line with God’s best for us.

Today let’s do what we need to in order to achieve a little balance in our lives. That may mean you need to get out of the house and go for a walk with a friend. It may mean you simply need to get a healthy snack or drink more water. Or it may mean you need to make amends with someone that you’ve been angry with for some time. Or maybe you just need a nap! If we don’t stay on top of these basic needs in a healthy, godly way, we can expect trouble down the road.

Once when Jacob was cooking stew, Esau came in from the field, and he was exhausted… Esau said, “I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?” ~ Genesis 25:19,32

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11 thoughts on “Creating Your Personal Style Uniform

  1. Oh Kay….you look like a million bucks!!! I have the Calvin Klein version that you linked. My precious husband surprised me with it for Christmas in 2018. Mine is extremely warm and I like it a little roomy to accommodate layered clothing. Have a great day. ~Lisa~

  2. I was in a rush to leave the house yesterday morning and didn’t have time to comment on the direction your blog is going. I LOVE it!! I’m so excited and have already learned SO much from you. I now have a wardrobe I’m proud of and don’t have to stand there looking for something to wear everyday. Everything you say makes so much sense and I keep thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that’? Ha! Look forward to all of your posts and especially this series. You look beautiful today, btw!

    1. Oh Sondra, that does my heart good. As happy as I am that so many of you gals enjoy the daily blessings, I’m equally thrilled to know that someone out there has benefited from some of the wardrobe and style tips I’ve shared. After all, my platform here is style! So I’m glad to know that I’ve been at least somewhat effective in that area. ? I’m so glad you are enjoying your wardrobe and that maybe I had a little bit to do with that. Thanks for letting me know. ?

  3. Great post, Kay! I like the coat with red and black. But, it would go with any other color also. As always, thanks for the styling tips.
    The devotion was so true as well.

  4. Kay,
    I LOVE the new series and I can always count on you to give me good fashion advice! I’ve tried so many different styles/trends over the years but found out that the traditional/classic style is more me.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a blessed day,

  5. Hi Kay. Love your new styling blog. I do have a wardrobe platform that I can go to in planning what I’m going to wear to work or church. I love your style and that is why I look forward to reading and reviewing your posts. You seem to have a grace about you. I love the leopard coat. Thank you so much for sharing with others the gifts our Lord has blessed you with.

  6. Hi Kay! I enjoyed reading your post on our personal uniform style along with the much needed Blessed for my day inspiration. Thank you so much!

  7. I purchased a leopard print rain jacket from QVC a couple of years back & have enjoyed wearing it! I always get compliments when I do! Still looks like new! Thanks for sharing your latest purchase. I often wear mine with a red top…makes it really pop!

  8. What a beautiful outfit. I have hesitated buying anything but acessiories in leopard because I’m short at 5’3″and someone said to mr, you should make sure you weight more than the animal whose coat you are wearing. LOL
    I’m going to try a few on though because I just love this look.

  9. Great post on uniforms! I am creating/tracking mine in the Smart Closet app. You can upload your own pics or pull from the web, categorize by occasion (I create uniforms here also) or use the packing feature to do sample capsules. You can add looks to the calendar and it gives you stats on what you’ve worn or not, so you can give away what doesn’t get worn! It has really helped me get organized.