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2019 Readers’ Top 10 Purchases (and Honorable Mentions)

January 11, 2020

Welcome to this bonus edition of Dressed for My Day! I don’t usually post fashion posts on Saturdays. That’s when we turn our attention to inner beauty here each week. But I ran out of time to cover everything I had scheduled on my editorial calendar this week, so I thought I’d give you a bonus today. (Don’t forget to check out my Inner Beauty post if you have time!)

And it’s a fun one! It’s all about YOU, my faithful READERS! I’m sharing my 2019 Readers’ Top 10 Purchases from Dressed for My Day…plus a few honorable mentions.

These are the products that you clicked through on most often throughout 2019 and made purchases. Truthfully, I have no way of knowing for sure if you actually bought these specific items. (Aren’t you thankful for at least a little privacy on the Internet!!? Hahaha! Actually, I don’t know what any individuals purchased either, by the way. I know nothing about your personal purchasing habits, dear reader. #collectivesighofrelief ) But we’re going with calling these the Top 10 Purchases since that is the best information I have available to me.

Let’s get started!

Honorable Mentions

Okay, I’m going to back up just a bit. Because a few (not nearly as many as I thought) of the items you purchased most of are sold out, I thought it would be fun to share a few honorable mentions, too. The numbers were oh so close to the top 10 anyhow. And these are some great products!

Honorable Mention #1 – Vanishing Edge Panties from Soma

Gals! Let’s get these into the top 10 in 2020. “These are amazing panties,” said every woman who has ever tried them. They came in just shy of the top 10 and these Vanishing Edge Panties from Soma are currently available for a buy 3 get 2 free deal.

Honorable Mention #2 – Talbots Long Plaid Blazer

The Most Modern Way to Wear Your Blazer
Talbots Long Plaid Blazer

Tied for honorable mention with the above panties, this Talbots Long Plaid Blazer was a favorite among readers, too. And I definitely wear my a lot. I hope you do, too, if you picked one up. And it’s not too late to get in on the fun. This blazer is still available for a sweet price in select sizes in the petite, missy, petite plus and plus fits. It’s quite versatile and you’ll be able to wear it into the spring for sure.

Honorable Mention #3 – Wit & Wisdom Flex-ellent High Waist Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants for Casual Summer Look
Wit & Wisdom Flex-ellent High Waist Cargo Pants

I have these Wit & Wisdom Flex-ellent High Waist Cargo Pants in ensign blue and flax. I’ve not been wearing them during the cold months, but I know they’ll be on repeat again in my wardrobe this spring and summer. A lot of you bought these, too. They’re still available in these two colors and two more. And right now they’re 40% off. (They fit true to size; I wear an 8.)

The Top 10 Purchases by Readers at DFMD

#10 – Banana Republic Luxespun Boy T-shirt

I fell in love with this oh so soft dressier t-shirt at the end of the summer. It was perfect for transitioning into fall. Evidently you gals thought so, too!

Upscale T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure this t-shirt is sold out. But never fear! If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you might want to check out the BR Luxespun long sleeve boxy t-shirt or the Luxespun Boxy Cropped T-shirt. Or wait! Check out the Luxespun Curved Hem T-shirt. It’s available in many colors, stripes and solids, and some are discounted.

Luxespun Curved Hem T-shirt

#9 – Christopher & Banks Signature Slimming 5-Pocket Jeans

Finding Your Perfect Jeans at Christopher & Banks Shaped Stonewash
#9 – Christopher & Banks Signature Slimming 5-Pocket Jeans

I have to admit, these are some great fitting jeans. And I love the dark wash. Especially at the price point, the Christopher & Banks Signature Slimming 5-Pocket Jeans are a nice deal. But I first shared these in a post about how to select the right jeans for you at Christopher and Banks. So if you’re interested in their jeans, you might want to check out that post first. Great pick, y’all!

#8 – Buffalo Print Fall Tee

Perfect Fall T-Shirt
#8 – Buffalo Print Fall Tee

Evidently you gals love a great novelty tee as much as I do. This one sold out fast. And of course, it’s not available now. But if you like this one, you might like the other tees that this particular Jane shop carries. You can check out their current offerings here. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching for more great novelty tees to share with you.

Oooh, ooh, ooh! You might like these Valentine’s Tees! I’ll include a few of my favorites in the shopping widget below, but you can check out all the ones at here.

#7 – Target Pink Blazer

Blush Pink Blazer + White Pants

Of course this sweet pink linen blazer is long gone, but I know many of you enjoyed wearing it this past summer. And I bet you’ll get a lot of wear out of it this spring, too. I know I will. You can see all four ways I styled it here. Meanwhile, lesson noted: you gals like pretty blazers at sweet price points!

#6 – Long Sleeve Double Stripe Tee

Coatigan Casual Outing
#6 – Long Sleeve Double Stripe Tee

It wasn’t just the coatigan you gals liked in this outfit (more on that to come!). Evidently this soft striped crewneck tee caught your eye, too. Of course, this color is long gone. But it’s available in gold and white and black and white stripes. And I can attest to the softness and wearability of this tee. I’m wearing a small. It’s a great wear now and later piece to add to your wardrobe essentials.

#5 – Earth Therapeutics Nail & Cuticle Care Cream

Top 10 Purchases
#5 – Earth Therapeutics Nail & Cuticle Care Cream

Well, this wouldn’t be as fun without a surprise or two! I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this cuticle and nail cream since my second post of …ever! That’s when I shared my review and how-to of the OPI Infinite Shine Nail System and I mentioned using this great cream on my nails and cuticles. Evidently a lot of gals are taking my word for it! And it really does the trick. This cuticle and nail cream feels luxurious, smells great and really softens your cuticles while strengthening your nails. Love!

#4 – Christopher & Banks Directional Stitch Soft Pullover Sweater

Mauve Pullover Sweater with Jeans and Coatigan
#4 – Christopher & Banks Directional Stitch Soft Pullover Sweater

Obviously a lot of my readers love Christopher and Banks. I can’t wait to let them know! The Directional Stitch Soft Pullover Sweater was part of my second collaboration with them and that whole collection really took off. This pretty sweater is still available in limited sizes, and it’s been reduced significantly, of course. But you also might want to check out their other pretty sweaters. C&B has some great buys right now. (I’m weraing a small.)

#3 – Christopher and Banks Coatigan

#3 – Christopher and Banks Coatigan

It does not surprise me at all that the Christopher and Banks Coatigan is near the very top of the list. So many of you gals clicked through on this coatigan and made a purchase. Like…soooo many! And it is indeed a warm, luxurious and versatile piece. I styled this one five ways in this post. It’s still available in plus sizes. (I’m wearing medium) But you can check out Christopher and Banks’ full collection of coatigans – some of the NEW – right here.

#2 – Target’s Monterey Pocket V-Neck T-Shirt

How to Style a Basic Black Blazer with a T-Shirt

I think I mentioned somewhere along the way last spring that Target’s Monterey Pocket V-Neck T-Shirt was my new favorite tee. And you gals bought it. And bought it. And bought it. Ha! I did, too. I have about six of them in different colors. And while I’d now say that this tee is my all time favorite, I do still love and wear my Target tees.

#1 – Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream

My Morning Skincare Routine
#1 – Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream

The fact that the Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream is the number one seller on Dressed for My Day in 2019 does not surprise me. But it does kinda concern me. You gals know I’m not a dermatologist, right??? Okay. Good. Now I absolutely love this retinol cream, as I stated in this post on my favorite beauty buys of 2019 earlier this week. It, coupled with the CeraVe SA Cream, has made a huge, noticeable difference in my skin this past year. I hope you’re enjoying its benefits, too. But please use it wisely.

Well there ya go! Those are the top 10 purchases from Dressed for My Day readers in 2019. Did you purchase any of the items above? Not that you have to tell me. Privacy and all… Hahahah!

But seriously, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for supporting what I do here with your purchases. I am grateful to you for shopping through my links. And speaking of shopping links, here’s a widget with most of the top purchased items in it.

And here are the rest!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

(Don’t forget to check out my Inner Beauty post if you have time!)

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2 thoughts on “2019 Readers’ Top 10 Purchases (and Honorable Mentions)

  1. Kay, one of the things I noticed about this post was that most of the items purchased were more inexpensive than a lot of the items that have been shown. Not sure if it means anything, but I did find it interesting. I know that part of the focus is to build a wardrobe that will be durable and lasting, I just wonder if there is a message here? Your thoughts.

    1. Hi Patricia. I love sharing these review posts. I think they’re a lot of fun. But you better believe I use them to analyze and learn from, too. Of course there were many more high purchases, too. I’ve only shared the top 10, but on the heels of those were Tory Burch bags, more blazers, classic pants and premium denim. But, yes, I’m definitely taking notice and planning accordingly. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. ?