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Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

December 21, 2018

Happy Friday! I bet if you’re a working gal you may be off for the holidays after today, huh? As a self-employed, work-from-home gal I’m trying to tie up loose ends so that I can take a few days off after today, too. And maybe you have family coming in today or this weekend. Oh, enjoy! I really do hope you have a wonderful Christmas. But first, let me show you this colorblock crew neck pullover that I’m crazy about. If Ann Taylor is playing nice, it’s still on major sale today!

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

The colors in this wool infused colorblock crew neck sweater are definitely in my wheelhouse. But I bet they’d be lovely on you, too. Lavender continues to trend, but I think most of us older gals can look a little washed out in all lavender. That’s why I love the way they’ve grouped it with a little lime green and more hunter green and slate blue. What a pretty combination!

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

But here’s another great thing about this sweater. The way the shades descend from light to dark actually helps create a slenderizing column of color if you wear this top with dark wash blue jeans. Do you see how this pairing visually creates more width across my shoulders and slenderizes from the waist down?

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

If I’d had dark colored booties to wear, that would have created an even longer, leaner silhouette. But I think my beige Vince Camuto booties work well, too. Here’s a nice lower heel option.

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

I recently had a reader ask me about what to wear with booties or casual shoes if you can’t go sockless like I am here. You have to remember, I live in Arizona where, while it does dip below freezing quite often at night, it usually heats up to pleasant temps during the day. So it’s no problem for me to go without socks. But it is perfectly acceptable to wear socks with booties, even ones with a split shaft like these. I’d just wear socks that are the same color as the booties. Or, hey, you could go all out and wear something fun that you want to show! Maybe something in the colors of the sweater.

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

When I wrote this post, this sweater was 60% off. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it still is! It was also fully stocked in sizes. Y’all! This is a beautiful sweater, and it’s a nice weight. Plus, paired with dark wash jeans it creates a beautiful, slimming silhouette.

Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans
colorblock crew neck sweater // comfort stretch denim jeggings // booties // pendant // earrings no longer available // bracelet no longer available

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I think this is an especially pretty jeans and sweater look. The colors are beautiful and the way they’ve blocked them is definitely flattering. Fingers crossed that it’s still 60% off!!

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I’ve linked today’s post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up, so be sure to check out some of the other great style ideas there.

Blessed for My Day

I know it’s been done before, but I do think it’s appropriate at Christmas to ask ourselves if there is room for Jesus in our hearts. Because there was no room for Mary and Joseph at the inn in Bethlehem, they were forced to make do with a stable. And the innkeeper missed out on being among the first to come and adore the newborn King. 

I don’t want to miss out on experiencing Jesus. But that means I need to make sure that I’ve made room for Him in my life. How can I do that? By giving Him the first moments of my day, by expressing gratitude to Him for every blessing, by watching for Him to work in my life and by seeking Him throughout my day.

While they were there, the days were completed for her to give birth. And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. ~ Luke 2:6-7

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3 thoughts on “Colorblock Crew Neck Pullover with Jeans

  1. I Iive in a colder climate so has your reader that asked about what to wear with your booties ever tried the “ Smart Wool No Show Socks”? The wool in the socks keeps your feet warm but you can’t see the socks above your booties. It’s the best invention ever for booties!!

    1. Those look great, except for keeping the ankles warm 🙂 which is the case in New England. But for those times when it is too cold for no socks, but not cold enough to freeze the ankles, these would be great. Thanks for the tip!