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Black and White Summer Work Outfit

June 26, 2019

Hello sweet gals! Welcome to Dressed for My Day. While I sometimes work in my home office for hours before actually getting dressed for my day, I know that many of you get dressed and head off to work in more office appropriate attire every day. So today I’m styling a black and white summer look that is appropriate for most office environments.

Black & White Work Attire for Summer

Depending on your work environment and position, you can elevate this look even more or dress it down a little, too. But this classic black and white look includes a few key elements that work in most every office. It’s a clean look, professional and comfortable. But it also includes that essential third piece – a sweater for the air conditioned office!

Black & White Work Attire for Summer

My white pants are thick enough so that they don’t require lining. I love that about these summer slacks. I’m wearing the curvy fit, as I like to do in white pants and jeans, but still my normal size 8.

Black and White for the Office

Unfortunately this black sheer cardigan is sold out in the black, but it’s still available in a black and white stripe or a few other colors. It’s very lightweight, so it’s perfect for keeping the chill off from the air conditioning without adding extra thickness. However, it’s also very sheer. So keep that in mind as you shop.

Black and White for the Office

This outfit would also look perfectly classic and summery with black pumps or sandals, but I couldn’t find mine that day. I guess I tucked them away for summer. But nude pumps work with absolutely everything. And I think I prefer the nude pumps for a long leg silhouette. These nude pumps are surprisingly comfortable and wearable with a 3 3/4″ heel. But if you’re looking for a lower heel option, these Sam Edelman pumps are beautiful and classic, too.

Black cardigan for summer office

Black and White for Summer Office

My black and white striped tee is also almost sold out. I’m wearing the small for reference. And this striped linen tee looks very similar. If you’re working in an office this summer, I highly recommend having a black and white or navy and white striped tee in your closet. So versatile!

black and white striped tee

I could have stopped with the classic gold hoop earrings, gold bangles and delicate gold necklace, but I added the black and white tassled necklace for more interest. Here is a similar tassled necklace and another option. My black handbag is no longer available, but here’s an option that you could use year round.

Black and White for Summer Office
white slacks (curvy fit as I’m wearing) // black and white tee (another option) // black cardigan – sold out (same sweater in other shades, in stripes) // gold bangle // palm leaf necklace // similar tassel necklace // hoop earrings // similar black satchel // pumps (lower heel version) // sunglasses

It’s definitely wise to have a pair of black sunglasses in your arsenal, too. Especially if you wear black often.

You could duplicate this black and white look with navy and white, too. Both combinations are classic summer selections for the office or work place. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’m sorry that the supply is so low on these pieces, but I’ve tried to provide some similar options in the shopping widget below.

Thank you so much for stopping in today. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you live in constant awareness of the Lord’s presence. And may that realization that God is near not only comfort and encourage you, but may it also keep you all the more conscious of your words and actions and thoughts. Let’s remember that nothing we do is actually in private. But everything we do and say and think is known by God.

While we don’t need to be scared by our God, we do need to have a healthy fear and reverence for Him. Today may we aim to live in a way that honors and pleases our holy God. May we so love Him that we strive to please Him…even when we are alone or “hidden” from the scrutiny of other people.

Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord. ~ Jeremiah 23:24

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xoxo, Kay
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9 thoughts on “Black and White Summer Work Outfit

  1. Hi Kay,
    You mentioned yesterday about doing a post around a destination vacation. My husband and I are planning a five day trip to San Diego the end of July. I would love to see your ideas for that destination. I live in the Midwest and have never been to California.
    We do have a few things planned, Del Mar Race Track is on my husbands bucket list, so we will be spending a day there. Coronado Island., a Padres game are a few.

  2. Kay
    I am a new subscriber and I love your blog, Your outfits strike that balance of fun and trendy while still being age appropriate.
    I particularly enjoy your Daily Blessings. I have a 2 week European vacation coming up in August and am struggling with what to bring ( I am a chronic over-packer!) any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated, especially any tips on styling the same pieces in different ways to create multiple looks.

  3. Got a giggle out of this post because yesterday almost every woman in this office was wearing a black and white outfit! I had on a black top with black/white patterned pants… there were all kinds of other combos. I sure hope that black and white doesn’t ever go out of style! (Today – I’m wearing pink!)

  4. Kay, the BFMD is spot on, and it’s a great reminder for us. Your outfit is so classy, and as you said, can be dressed up or down. I hope that you are having a blessed day!

  5. I have that exact outfit only not those particular brands. It’s classic and I love it. The black cardigan I have is rather sheer as well and I’m always conscientious of wearing it with a tee underneath due to the short sleeve peeking through the fabric. I generally wear a sleeveless top when I wear my cardigan. Is it okay to wear a short sleeve top under such a sheer cardigan? I never know. I didn’t get the chance to comment yesterday but Abagail is darling just like her Mama!