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Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

September 13, 2018

Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session Ann Taylor

Hi gals! The Friends of Ann Event kicked off at Ann Taylor last night, so I thought I’d share a try-on session of their fall career clothing. Ann Taylor is offering you 40% off your purchase and an extra 40% off sale items. I’m not sure how long the sale will last.

I went to the Ann Taylor at La Encantada in Tucson, yesterday and tried on several of their newest items. Let me share with you what I loved and what just didn’t work for me.

Before we start, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 148 pounds. I usually wear a size 6 in pants at Ann Taylor, 6 in skirts and smalls in tops. My body shape is an X or hourglass and my proportions are fairly balanced. However, I am also barely a B cup. You’ll see why that measurement is significant in a little bit.

Ankle Pants & Sweaters

The first pants I tried on were these curvy fit ankle pants in black. I’m wearing a size 6, but remember it’s a curvy fit.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

I felt like these pants fit nicely and felt pretty good on. They’re a nice length for my 5’8″ frame. They’re constructed of a dense twill fabric. They have off-seam front pockets, a zip closure with hook and snap and back besom pockets.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

I first tried the ankle pants on with this black and gray enlarged plaid bell sleeve sweater. The bell sleeves are very subtle. I felt like the sweater was a little boxy for my taste, but it is pretty and classy. Also, I kind of prefer a v-neck, like this.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session 3

With this elbow sleeve turtleneck in vintage burgundy you can see the silhouette of the pants a little better. I think I might would need this sweater in a medium. I notice on the online catalog the sleeves look fuller and looser on the model, so mine may be a little snugger than intended.

This sweater comes in several other beautiful colors as well, including a deep teal and a dark olive green. But really I think if I were buying this sweater to go with black pants, I’d like to have this online exclusive sweater.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

I had seen this bell sleeve cardigan online and really thought I’d love it. But it’s boxier than it appears on the Internet. Then again, maybe I just tried it on with the wrong top underneath. I’m wearing this mixed media shell, which has a long shirttail. I think it really should be worn under a pullover sweater. Anyhow, it’s all I could find at the moment, but it’s definitely the wrong shirt.

I wanted to create a black column underneath the cardigan, but I probably would accomplish that better with a sleeveless top like this v-neck shell with contrast stitching. It fits closer to the body and has that pretty v-neck.

By the way, the bell sleeve cardigan is nice and worth a second look. I just didn’t pair it with the right top. And I’m wearing a small.

Here’s a shopping widget with the pieces I’ve modeled or mentioned so far:

Cheetah Print Skirt with Tops

Next I wanted to look for additional tops to wear with the cheetah print skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago and featured in this blog post. My skirt is a 6. I have this Ann cardigan to wear with it, but I would love to have at least one other top that would help me create a very different look.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

I do love this pearlized inset shell. But I’m not sure it’s really one you’d want to wear by itself and untucked. If it were more fitted maybe that would work. But it’s really a little less fitted than it appears in this photo. On the other hand, it is a gorgeous blouse with a very pretty neckline. So if you just need a black shell to go under a jacket or cardigan, this one would look beautiful. I’m wearing a small.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

I had tried this wrap top in dark tea green before, and I don’t know why I didn’t try this winter white then. Maybe they didn’t have it in at the time. But I really like this blouse with the cheetah print skirt. As I mentioned earlier, I’m fairly small up top, but this blouse stays put just fine. No gaping, even when I bend over or move about. I’m wearing a small.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

So do you think the wrap blouse looks best with the loose, long tie or more of a bow?

I found this simple, but oh so pretty pearlized station necklace to wear with the blouse. I had thought a short necklace that sat within the neckline would look better, but I really think this one looks elegant.

This blouse and necklace would also look great with this skirt or this one.

Marled Knit Wide Leg Crop Pants

Next up was these wide leg crop pants. They’re made of a black/white marled knit and they zip up in the front with a hook and bar closure. They are also available in petite sizes. I’m wearing the 6.

These pants are very comfortable. I think they’d especially look great with heels, maybe pumps or even my black suede booties later on.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

Because the wrap top above had worked so well, I assumed this crossover v-neck sweater would, too. Wrong. I didn’t show you in the photo, but this sweater left me completely exposed! If you have more to fill your top, it might stay closed. But it wouldn’t work for me.

It looks beautiful with these full leg pants, but the sweater just didn’t work for me.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

Next I tried on the marled knit wide leg crop pants on with the elbow sleeve turtleneck. I do like the close fitted top with the pants, but I still think I was trying on the wrong size. So maybe size up if you try this sweater.

I think this belted wrap top or this belted wrap top would also look great with these pants.

And then finally I tried the marled knit wide leg crop pants with the wrap top from above. Bingo!

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

One of these days I’ll learn how to take these photos! Meanwhile, forgive the weird angles. And again, imagine the shoes with some heels. I really like the wrap top with these pants.

I purchased this outfit and plan to style it for a future blog post.

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

Oh, one last thing. I did try this pearlized tweed choker necklace with the top. I felt it was a good match for the textured pants. And I do like it. But for me, I like the long pearl necklace better. I just don’t like drawing attention to my wrinkly neck!

Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

And so I’ll leave you with that! The one outfit I actually walked out the door with.

The Friends of Ann Sale

I’m not sure how long Ann Taylor’s Friends of Ann Sale will last, but I don’t think some of these items will last long. Thursday was a preview sale for credit card holders, and the sale went live for everyone else Thursday evening. So I bet items will start disappearing soon.

During the sale you get 40% off your purchase (there are a few exclusions) with code FRIENDS40. Also, you get an extra 25% off if you open and use an Ann Taylor/Loft credit card. Shipping is free with purchases over $125.

Here’s the final shopping widget:

Well let me know if you have any questions. I hope this post was helpful to you, especially if you’re an Ann Taylor gal. I know sometimes it helps me to see someone else wearing the clothes…besides the size 0, 5’10” model! And while my body is not just like yours, I do have the lumps and bumps most of us gals have. Ha!

I included affiliate links in this post, so if you shop through them I earn a little income at no cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting what I do here by shopping my links. In fact, feel free to come back and shop them again later! I enjoy producing this blog so much, but it does take a lot of time and effort, so the income is very appreciated.

I’d love to hear what you like from the new Ann Taylor collection for the fall. Have a great Thursday!

Blessed for My Day

Today I pray that you would experience peace in the midst of your storms. As a major hurricane approaches the eastern shores of our country, we are reminded of the fear, uncertainty and potential for destruction that accompanies a physical storm. But we know that the other storms of life can feel just as harsh and scary. If life is stormy for you right now, resist the temptation to “chase” the storm. Instead, chase your God. Stay focused on His character, His ways and His Word. He can keep you in perfect peace amidst the storm.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. ~ Isaiah 26:3


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3 thoughts on “Ann Taylor Fall Career Clothing Try-On Session

  1. Hi Kay…I love your blog. So very helpful when you provide detailed info on fit, material, what coordinates and what didn’t work for you and why! I feel much more informed about the items you feature. I love the turtleneck and that leopard skirt is tempting, too! Have a blessed day!

  2. Love the outfit you chose with the long pearl necklace and i vote to leave the ties in a long knot, especially with the long necklace. Gorgeous!