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Talbots Fall Try-On Session

September 11, 2018

Hi gals! Today’s post is brought to you from the Talbots fitting room. Saturday I went into Tucson to the Talbots at La Encantada and tried on several pairs of jeans, a couple of sweaters, some long sleeve novelty tees and a ponte knit blazer. I thought I’d shared my fall try-on session with you today in case you’ve been eyeing any of these items in the newest catalog.

Fall Try-On Session Talbots

Before we Start

Before we get started in the fitting room, let me catch you up on my fit and such. I’m 5’8″, weigh about 148 pounds and have an hourglass shape and pretty even proportions. I usually wear a size 6 in jeans, an 8 in dress pants and a small in tops.

By the way, keep in mind that Talbots is offering $20 off one pair of pants or jeans or $50 of 2 or more pairs through tomorrow, September 12th. Plus, they’re giving an additional 30% off sale items.

Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings

I’ve been looking for and trying on tons of jeans. Since I lost about 20 pounds last spring, I’m going to need a couple of pairs of new jeans for the fall/winter. But I (like many of you) have a difficult time finding jeans that fit me so that they both flatter and feel comfortable.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

These are the comfort stretch denim jeggings in the leo wash. Here’s the thing. I’ve been trying on some very high end jeans lately, trying to find some that fit the way other women brag about theirs fitting. But even the high end jeans at Nordstrom (think AG and Jen7 and FRAME, etc.) don’t fit me right. I’ve also decided the jeans at Ann Taylor and Loft don’t fit me especially well either. There’s always a gap in the crotch area. I don’t think I’m especially long legged or high waisted, so I don’t know what gives. But, while I can get them on and they technically fit and look pretty good, they just don’t feel right.

But Talbots jeans fit me. They always have.

The term “jeggings” threw me a little. I expected them to feel like the jeggings of old, sort of like cheap, knit tights. Yuck. But that’s not what these are at all. These are skinny ankle jeans. I wish Talbots would just call them that in order to cut down on the confusion. But that’s what they are. Skinny ankle jeans. And they do come in petite and long sizes, so I guess you could get them longer if you desired.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

Above I’m wearing the comfort stretch denim jeggings in my normal 6 and they fit nicely and feel wonderful. These were a keeper. But I didn’t get them in this wash right now. Maybe later. These jeans have a lot of stretch, so buy the lowest size you normally wear in jeans. But they feel like good, sturdy jeans, not nasty tights. You can also get them in the curvy fit.

I’m wearing a small cotton crown print shirt and the small merino sweater jacket in Merlot. The shirt felt pretty nice, but I would have preferred a different print (they were out in my size). The jacket is nice, but not something I need right now. And it’s pretty pricey. (Use that “sale alert” feature on the shopping widget if you’re interested!)

You’re invited! Our biggest pant sale of the season at Talbots: $20 off 1, $50 off 2, $75 off 3 … 9/4-9/12

High Rise Straight Leg Jean

Next I tried the high rise straight leg jean. I’ve worn Talbots straight leg jeans before. In fact, I have a pair in my closet that fit well. But I was interested in the higher rise and a darker wash. These high rise straight leg jeans in the Marco wash fit the bill. And they fit me. I’m wearing a 6.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

I’m wearing the modern v-neck sweater in whisper pink. I have on a small, and that’s what I decided fit best. This extremely soft, giving and beautiful sweater comes in eight great shades.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

Here’s the obligatory back view of the high rise straight leg jeans. I think they fit nicely and I like the pocket size and placement.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

And here I’ve added the navy destination city scarf here. You’ll see it again tied differently. I also like this London scarf, but I don’t believe they had one in the store.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

Here I’m wearing the same high rise straight leg jeans, but I’ve changed into a medium sized modern v-neck sweater in Merlot. I think this is a beautiful rich color, and I would have bought the sweater if they’d had it in a small. Alas, they did not.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

Here’s the sweater and jeans with the destination city scarf. I really like this dark wash jean, Merlot sweater and navy print scarf combo.

Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings – Colored

Next I tried on the comfort stretch denim jeggings in the bay leaf. I really wanted to try the Merlot, but they didn’t have them in the store. It doesn’t say on the web page, but it may be that they only carry the Merlot online.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

These fit just as beautifully as the blue jean wash jeggings. I didn’t end up getting them, but not because they didn’t feel great. They did.

I’m wearing this marled shoulder button sweater from Loft in this photo. I had just purchased it at the Loft and decided to put it on with the green jeans. I think the combo is nice. I’m wearing a small.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

I took the above photo just so you could see that the jeans lay nicely against the tummy and don’t have a lot of unwanted wrinkles and whiskers. You can also see how high the rise is.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

And the obligatory rear view. Ok. Moving on.

Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggins – Steel Grey

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

I know they look pretty black in this photo, but I’m pretty sure these are the comfort stretch denim jeggings in steel grey. They really are darker in person than they look in the online store. I’d call them a dusty black. I thought they’d look nice with this novelty tee featuring partially eaten apples.

I’m wearing a 6 in the jeans and a small top.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

The rear view reveals that everything is copacetic back there.

Talbots Fall Try-On Session

Now these jeans are the comfort stretch denim jeggings in the true black. So now you can sort of see the difference. I ended up buying the others because I thought they looked a little more interesting. But I really like both of them. It just depends on what holes you have in your wardrobe or what you might enjoy wearing more.

I’m wearing the stripe destination tee in a small. Cute shirt.

Here’s the shopping widget for the items I tried on in the photos above. Don’t forget, you get $20 off one pair of pants or jeans and $25 off per pair above that.

Other Items I Like

So that’s all I had time to try on during my try-on session Saturday. It’s amazing how much trying on clothes wears you out, huh! I am not just blown away with this most recent Talbots collection. But I do like the way the jeans are fitting me. And they have several other jean styles that I didn’t get to, of course.

Saturday premiere credit card holders received 30% off all purchases, so I ended up using the remainder of the gift card I’d won back in the summer to purchase the grey jeggings and the dark wash straight leg jeans, the whisper pink v-neck sweater and the destination city scarf. Oh, I also got the apple tee.

I’m including other items that I like from the catalog but didn’t get to try on in the store in the shopping widget below.

I hope today’s try-on session post was helpful to you if you’re a Talbots shopper. And I know many of you are. Let me know what you like from the new Talbots collection. I’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve never read my post on fitting room tips, you might enjoy that post. Trying on clothes can be so defeating if we don’t get smart about it.

Don’t forget to use the new “sale alert” feature in the widgets above. It really is handy to get an email when the items you like go on sale.

Of course, I’ve used affiliate links in this post. Honestly, that’s how I earn an income. And it doesn’t cost you anything. I appreciate you taking the time to read today’s post and shop through it. In fact, why not share this post on your Facebook feed and pin it on one of your Pinterest boards so that you can shop through it later if you’d like? That would be so helpful to me.

I hope you gals all have a great day!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you give grace freely and lavishly to those who do not deserve it. After all, that’s what grace is. It’s undeserved. So if you’re waiting for the person who offended you to somehow deserve forgiveness, that’s not going to happen. Jesus graciously gave His life for us so that we might be forgiven for our sins, but we don’t deserve such amazing mercy. So He has asked us to forgive others as well. Remember, forgiving does not mean we justify what the other person did or didn’t do. And when we forgive we do not just brush the offense aside as though it doesn’t matter. Instead, forgiving means we cancel the debt owed. We acknowledge the cost, but cancel the payment required. Forgiveness is hard. But when we look to the cross where Jesus died for our wrongs, we are better able to let the other person off the hook, so to speak.

For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. ~ Matthew 6:14-15

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8 thoughts on “Talbots Fall Try-On Session

  1. Hello! I completely agree with you about the high end denim debate. I am just not wowed by any of the brands, and I’ve tried everything that Nordstrom offers. I order the curvy fit in Talbots jeans and dress pants, and like you said, they fit and feel good. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of dress pants, or dark wash denim- both are closet staples for sure!

    1. Huh! That’s really interesting that you’ve had the same experience and perspective. Thanks so much for sharing. Now I don’t feel like such an oddball! ?

  2. Kay you are going to laugh at this but I don’t wear the high end jeans. My 1st and only reason is that I can’t justify paying a lot of money for jeans that don’t fit my figure. I found Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans years ago. They fit me perfectly and are amazing. I am 5’3″ so I wear 6 petite. They look good on me with a t-shirt, sweater, jacket, blazer, etc. I add the same accessories that we all wear. The shoes really make the outfit and these jeans work for me. I buy them at Kohl’s!
    So I liked the fact that you wear Talbot’s jeans and I think they looked good on you.

    1. Well, I’m glad to hear I’m in good company. And I realize Talbots jeans are not cheap. But they definitely a bargain compared to some of the $200+ jeans I have tried on recently. And I would wear jeans from Target if they felt great on me, too. Unfortunately, the jeans I’ve featured here from Target look good on me, but they don’t feel right in the crotch either. So I’m sticking with my Talbots. They feel good, and that’s what jeans are supposed to do. Right?! 🙂

  3. Love Talbots jeans and I’ve bought (sadly) high end jeans too. I have the Flawless Finish slim ankle, the high waist straight leg I’m 5’3” and like the petite for ankle as their ankle is full length on me.

  4. I also don’t get the premium denim or spending all that money when other brands work. I actually like Loft jeans. I do like the Merlot sweater outfit for fall. It’s a beautiful color!

    1. Great to hear, Kathy. I think Loft has nice jeans and I own a pair. Yes, that Merlot is featured in a lot of Talbots items. Very pretty for fall!