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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Jeans Outfit

September 12, 2018

Add Sparkle to Your Jeans and Tee Outfit

Hi gals! I thought today we’d talk about how to add a little sparkle to your jeans outfit this fall. This is one of the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways to take a daytime-’round-the-house outfit and make it sparkle for an evening out.

Add Sparkle to Your Jeans and Tee Outfit

Even if you’re just heading out to a simple restaurant with your hubby, it’s nice to up your style game a little every now and again. That’s exactly what I did with this simple t-shirt and jeans outfit that I might wear around the house while working from home. I simply added a sheer kimono that has some pretty sequins and beads sown in, along with a colorful gold necklace and earrings. Easy peasy.

Add Sparkle to Your Jeans and Tee Outfit 4

To up my game a little more, I wore my red patent leather heels. But I could have just worn my brown mules and I still would have looked a little more festive for my evening out.

Adding Sparkle to Your Jeans and Tee Outfi

I’m not sure you can tell from these photos, but my green v-neck t-shirt does have a little shimmer in it as well. A shimmery t-shirt is really a great investment because they look beautiful under a blazer, denim jacket, cardigan or kimono, adding just a little sparkle.

Adding Sparkle to Your Jeans and Tee Outfit

None of the items I’m wearing are available any longer. These are all pieces of clothing that have been hanging in my closet for at least a couple of years. So I thought I’d provide you some additional inspiration to help you add a little sparkle to your outfit with items currently available.

Add a Little Sparkle
Paisley Patch Kimono from Soft Surroundings // Dillard’s Ball and Chain Long Necklace // Caslon V-Neck Shimmer Tee in Pink Shimmer

You could certainly wear the kimono above with a dark colored tee like the one the model is wearing. but I love this soft pink long-sleeve v-neck shimmer tee with it.

Add a Little Sparkle
Ignore the short shorts! Ha! Left to right – Vintage Wash Open Front Embroidered and Beaded Kimono // Val Hoop Earrings in gold // Caslon V-neck Shimmer Tee in Gold

This is the same Caslon v-neck tee in the previous graphic above. It actually comes in four colors.

Add a Little Sparkle
Hinge Embellished Floral Kimono // Kendra Scott Leanor Pendant Necklace // Shimmer Dot Ballet neck tee

I think this is a beautiful kimono. The navy flowers on the kimono have shimmery beads sewn into them. I think this would look beautiful with a navy tee, too. The t-shirt I’ve provided is grey, but it has gold shimmery dots.

Add a Little Sparkle
Heritage Floral Velvet Burnout Kimono // Shimmer Vintage Soft Tee // Sandy Crossbody Bag in neutral and gold

Of course, if you check out the kimono above at Chico’s you’ll find the shirt they show with it here. But since we’re talking about simply dressing up a casual t-shirt and jeans I added the simple tee from Loft here.

Below is a shopping widget with all the items featured in the graphics above as well as a few other items. I’ve used affiliate links in the article above and the widget. That way you can shop more efficiently and I earn a little income. Thank you so much for supporting what I do here by reading, commenting, shopping, sharing, pinning and subscribing. Not a subscriber yet? Lands sake! Let’s take care of that right here.

Thank you so much for spending some of your day with me. Have a blessed and beautiful one!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you be blessed with the discernment to know who your real enemy is. The Bible says your enemy does not have flesh and bones, you know. Often we may feel like the person sitting across from us is the enemy, but they’re not. When we mistakenly believe the person speaking hurtful things is the enemy, we tend to pick up some hurtful words to hurl back at them. But the enemy is the evil one, the devil. He is a liar and a deceiver. He craftily uses other people (often those who have made themselves susceptible to his ploys through harboring unconfessed sin) to try to sideline us from God’s intended purposes. He divides and distracts and discourages. He entangles and enslaves. He steals and kills and destroys. And that ought to make us spitting mad…so mad that we put him in his place and refuse to give him the victory. How do we do that? We can start by refusing to treat that person across the table like they’re the enemy. Today may you be blessed with spiritual eyes to see the enemy’s ploys and the courage to shut him down.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. ~ Ephesians 6:12

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    1. Hi Tina, great question. Yes, first look for kimonos that come in petite sizing. Many do. Also it’s probably better to steer clear of the long kimonos and go instead with those that hit at hip or higher. Finally a great way for any woman to wear a kimono is to create a “column of color” underneath by wearing the same color pants and top with a contrasting kimono. Hope that helps! ?