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How I Really Dressed for My Day – 01/22/21 – 01/28/21

January 29, 2021

Well hello Friday! I’ve had a pretty good week after a sluggish start. Last weekend I wasn’t feeling great and I was a little concerned that it was “the virus.” But after taking it easy Saturday and Sunday I realized I had just been run down. I wasn’t exhibiting any of the symptoms, and by Monday I felt 100% fine. So I pulled myself together and moved on. I’m glad I did (and that I was able to) because it turned into a very productive week. Let’s see how I dressed for my last seven days.

How I Really Dressed for My Day 01 22 21 01 28 21

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

Let’s get started!

How I Dressed for Saturday

Like I said, I wasn’t feeling well on Friday, so I never really dressed for my day. Ha! Yeah, sometimes even Miss Dressed for My Day doesn’t even get dressed! But on Saturday, even while I still wasn’t feeling great, I knew I needed to take a shower, put on something that somewhat coordinated and apply some makeup. Sure enough, those little choices lifted my spirits even if I was still dragging a little physically.

How I Dressed for Saturday

You’ll see that I’m wearing lots of warm pants this week. I am so grateful to have found so many warm and cozy options that are also stylish and a little elevated. On this day I put on my “coffee house” taupe Chelsea cargo lined pants. I did size up to a 10 in these pants for a generous fit since I have to slip these pull-up elasticized waist pants up over my hips. And I’ve not regretted that decision at all.

I’m just wearing this reversible tank underneath my comfy light blue sweatshirt (similar). But I do like that it provides a layered look without really changing my proportions because both tops are light colored.

How I Dressed for Sunday

Sunday I stayed home from church and watched our service online. Again, I knew I needed to get dressed for my day. Plus, I was feeling a good bit better and ended up spending most of the day at the computer working. I made it easy and put on the same pants as the day before.

Copy of How I Really Dressed for My Day Sunday

Since I hoped to step outside for a few little walks and it was snowing a little, I put on my Sorrel boots. But I’m not sure I wore them that long, and I don’t think I ever got out of the house. Still, I’m really enjoying these boots. I think you’ll see them again further down.

I topped my Chelsea cargo lined pants with this polyester and Merino wool jacquard sweater. It’s on sale, by the way, but also selling out in some sizes. But it’s priced even lower in the darker version of this warm, slightly cropped sweater, and available in more sizes.

How I Dressed for Monday

Monday I soldiered on and felt so much better that I even got in a good cardio workout. Because I’d posted How to Wear Socks Stylishly this Winter that morning I decided to wear jeans with socks that day. I often wear something similar to what I post about so that I can hop on Instagram stories and talk about it a little. And I’m pretty sure I did just that on Monday.

Copy of How I Really Dressed for My Day Monday

Here I chose to cuff my boyfriend jeans up a bit and I wore my brown leather loafers from Calla (see this video). So while these shoes are created for women with bunions, I’m wearing them comfortably in my true size. If you need more room in the toe box for whatever reason, you might want to check out Calla. They ship free in the U.S. and returns are free, too. Use code KAY20 for 20% off your order. The loafers from Calla are not included in the shopping widget, but I found some great deals from Talbots to include.

How I Dressed for Tuesday

Tuesday I received some clothes that Chico’s sent me to try out. I immediately fell in love with these black Juliet side-vent ankle pants. They’re a super soft ponte fabric with a flat, pull-up waist band. These pants look dressy but feel like you’re wearing thick, cozy pajamas. I topped them with the black and white polka dot button up easy shirt they sent me and this silky soft and lightweight black and white polka dot cardigan.

How I Dressed for Tuesday

I just work on editing my video all day on Tuesdays, so I frequently dress in something athleisure. But these work-ready clothes felt so soft and light and comfortable that I just decided to keep them on. My white earrings are old, but this chic black and white pendant necklace is also from Chico’s. Through this weekend only, Chico’s is giving you 25% off regular price items with code 33519.

I love the Juliet ankle pants in the red scarlet they sent, too. They work well with this blouse and cardigan, as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some other photos this weekend with these beautiful separates from Chico’s.

How I Dressed for Wednesday

Wednesday I taught Bible study on Zoom in the morning and again in the evening. During the afternoon I ran a few errands. I needed something with some bold pretty color, so I put on this pink center-seam sweater over my brown pintuck pants. I love combining pink and brown, and deep, chocolate brown is really trending right now.

Copy of How I Really Dressed for My Day 01

This leopard print scarf, with splashes of pink, orange and dark brown, tied this casual but cheerful outfit together beautifully. Plus, it look great on my Zoom screen. When I exited Target to snow that afternoon, I was glad I had chosen to wear my dark brown Sorel boots with genuine shearling fronts.

How I Dressed for Thursday

I actually put on Sunday’s “uniform” again yesterday morning. But then as I was working with today’s photos I realized what I had done and changed clothes. Ha! It was snowing outside and again I thought I might get out in it (LOL!) so I put on my black fleece lined pants, my camel cashmere sweater (this one’s now just 1/3 the original price! and I like it better, too.) and my black waterproof Blondo boots. By the way, these boots are 38% off and the mushroom nubuck color is back in stock. I’m having to force myself not to buy those!

How I Really Dressed for My Day 07

Playing with New Cosmetics

If you’re an email subscribe, you may remember that Wednesday I asked for suggestions on drugstore brand cosmetics to try for an upcoming blog post. Many readers made recommendations, so I have lots to try. But since several had asked for me to try and review the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect cosmetics I thought I would start there.

I looked for them at Target to no avail, and then my daughter recommended I try shopping for them online at Walgreens and use their same-day curbside pick-up feature. It turned out I was also able to find a coupon code to get 25% off my $40+ curbside order, so that was a win. And my order was ready in less than 30 minutes.

So I wanted to go ahead and let you ladies know about this before the coupon code expires on January 30th. Use coupon code WELLNESS25 to get 25% off your $40+ curbside order at your local Walgreens, and that’s not just for beauty products.

L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Makeup
Shop the Look.

That’s not a great photo. I took it on my phone. But I think it’s enough for you to see why I was so impressed with my L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect purchases. I’ll be posting a full initial review with better photographs on Monday. But if you want to take advantage of that great 25% off deal, I wanted you to be able to shop my look. You can shop the products I purchased and use here. And here’s a quick list of the colors I’m wearing:

I’d love to share more, but suffice it to say, I’m impressed! I’ll share all the details on Monday’s post!

Have a great weekend!

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Blessed for My Day

Do you sense God is prompting you to do something that feels beyond your comfort zone? Join the club! Ha! Throughout the ages and just yesterday God has been calling His children to step up to the plate and do things that truly are beyond their own ability. But that’s the beauty of how God commissions.

Indeed, He does call us to do things that we cannot (and should not!) do on our own. But if we will lean into Him for support, trust Him to provide the resources and simply follow His lead, He will do amazing things through us. When that happens, He gets all the glory and we receive the joy of it all. And amazing things happen, too. So stop making excuses and simply step forward. Bring the little you have in your hands, offer it all to Him and watch what He will do…through you!

And now come, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.”  But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?” And He said, “Assuredly I will be with you, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God at this mountain.” ~ Exodus 3:10-12

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27 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – 01/22/21 – 01/28/21

  1. I did order the black ponte knit black pants a few days ago when you had posted them….now reading this post I looked at the leopard pink scarf and wouldn’t you know it, it’s sold out! UGH!!

    I am very much looking forward to the post on L’Oréal as I do like using their products. They have been around for a lot of years.


  2. Well this is the first time I have felt the need to comment.
    Give Chico’s their 90’s polka dot sweater that isn’t selling back to them. Oy….that brings back memories that make me cringe.

    Here is where I don’t want to offend anyone. If you want your socks to show please consider color with pattern. In the pictures the ones your wearing appear very plain. Also. Don’t wear white or pale color plain ones. They read Walmart and old lady. Sorry.
    I hand knit my socks and they have pattern and color. But I wear full length pants. You get to see my pretty socks when I sit down and cross my legs. If you aren’t wearing socks because it’s cold then don’t wear them. If you’re wearing them because you’re cold you probably need long pants anyway.
    Again I don’t mean to offend. But the whole socks thing won’t happen unless I’m wearing capris at the gym and even then they’re footies. This is definitely a fad I’m not interested in.

  3. Good morning Kay. Thank you for all you do. I always smile when I see your post in my in box. Once I do my devotional, then I read your post or watch your video if it’s Wednesday. My favorites this week were the socks post and how to be modern video. So with that, I bought some. new socks and started enjoying my loafers again in winter. I laughed out loud about the mauve nail polish! Cant find it anywhere!! Lol?. Have a blessed day.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I live in Michigan and sometimes the short dreary days just add up to no energy and you need to “hibernate” for awhile.
    Love your makeup. I am going to have to try out some of those products. I have a couple of suggestions to try also. I love the Lumify eye drops. They make my eyes so bright. I also love Palmers coconut oil deep conditioning protein pack for a deep hair conditioner that you leave on for 20 minutes. Makes my hair so soft and shiny. Thanks and have a good day everyone

  5. Miss Kay,
    Sometimes just getting cleaned up and dressed helps when you are feeling under the weather. There were times when I taught school, I just did not feel well (no, temperature — and just usually my allergies gave me trouble), I would wear clothes that were comfortable and very stylish which I thought made me look ready to take on the world of little people. Your choices were spot on. Praying you feel better today.

  6. So glad you’re feeling better, Kay. Love these looks. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he’s giving me the Chico’s pants and a few other sales items for Valentine’s Day. He’s so generous! (LOL, but he gets free work from me at the office!) You look radiant in the L’Oreal products. Love your haircut too!

  7. Thanks for the linky / suggestion for the “Calla Shoes” site! I don’t have bunions, but I have arthritis in my toes… sort of the same thing but not really. Anyway, these look like they might be a good option! I just bought a pink sweater at LOFT that might need that same scarf, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I love the polka dot blouse and sweater. I heard polka dots are going to big again this spring.
    I have a brown and white polka dot dress I have had for years and cannot let go of. So cute!
    I feel they are always in fashion.

  9. Kay,
    Glad you’re feeling better and didn’t have the virus.
    Thanks for the review of the L’oreal makeup products. I will be checking them out today….and maybe purchasing a few.

    Enjoy your blog.

  10. I believe God pushes us to do things we think we can’t just so we can realize our strength. We all will step up to the plate when needed by someone we love. It’s been my experience that we have an inner strength we don’t know we have until tested.
    I think you look so pretty in these casual looks. A Stylish haircut and shoes that may be house shoes but don’t look it are keys to looking good in casuals even around the house. IMHO. Those soft ballet shoes or moccasins work for me.

  11. As always you provide excellent information! However, there are ads covering the content. This has happened since Monday.

  12. Love your makeup Kay. It looks soft and natural. I will definitely try some of it. Bless you and have a great weekend.

  13. Hi Kay. You looked great all week. I was on your website this morning trying to find a youtube video and I didn’t see a link to your videos. Did I miss something? If not, you might consider adding a link. Thank you.

  14. I too love the large polka dot sweater and small polka dot shirt! But sadly, there will always be nay-sayers. Keep it up Kay, you have opened my eyes to huge new possibilities in fashion and taking better care of myself. Thank you!

  15. Morning Kay Happy Weekend
    Are the boots warm? I live in Michigan and am looking for warm boots.

    Also, those L’oreal lip pencils, I have a hard time sharpening them, any tips or tricks?

    1. I haven’t tried sharpening the lip pencil, but it does look a little tricky. Hmm. The boots are quite warm and I’m loving them.

  16. I agree, Joan. I won’t be wearing those plain contrasting socks with dark pants and shoes, especially white socks. It looks very 80s / Michael Jackson, in my opinion. When wearing menswear-inspired shoes such as loafers or oxfords, I like menswear-inspired socks — a dark sock with a small subtle pattern. However, many of the lawyers w/whom I work wear brightly patterned socks with suits, so the socks only show when they sit. Style is very individual and we certainly don’t want to all dress the same. You do you.

  17. Hi Kay! I just got around to reading this post. I used your link to order the pants from Chico’s and I also ordered a cotton top with elbow length sleeves in one of my signature colors. I am so glad that you had a good week and that you felt better. While I really like everything you wore this past week, my favorite is the outfit you wore for the Zoom Bible studies. You look fabulous in the bright pink with the scarf. I hope that you and James enjoyed your overnight getaway! Oh, your FB group has connected me with the wife of one of Larry’s best friends from his childhood. I have not had the pleasure of meeting her, but hope to do so when we are able to travel to Larry’s hometown. Such a small world!

    1. Yes, small world indeed. Thanks for shopping my links, Ginger. We had a nice time but it was very much a work trip. So we just got home and we’re exhausted! But James has gone to the church to add final touches to his sermon and I’ll be unpacking and putting away things for a couple of hours. ?

  18. Kay,
    I enjoy your blog and getting ideas on what clothes to put together. So much of what you have is very similar to what I have in my closet so I like see the way you style things together. I also ordered to of your Bible study from Amazon and have really enjoyed them! Thanks for all you do 🙂