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8 Reasons You Should Wear Red this Fall + Winter

October 23, 2023

Okay, this blog post topic is mostly just for fun. But I hope you’ll hop in with an open mind, too. It turns out that, on the large, many women are hesitant to wear the color red. But shades of red are definitely the most trending colors for fall and winter 2023. So today I’m walking you through a striking red and black outfit that I’ve put together and sharing eight reasons you absolutely should wear red this fall and winter.

red cowlneck blouse

Reason #1 – Red is the hottest color for Fall/Winter 2023.

Red dominated the runways for the fall/winter fashion shows last spring, and it’s showing up bold in all the stores today.

red cowlneck blouse
plum wine silk cowlneck blouse // necklace // earrings

I purchased this striking plum wine silk cowlneck blouse in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July, but the few that are in stock are on sale for even less right now. Yes, it comes in safer navy and black, but why not show up big with this beautiful shade of red?

Reason #2 – Red is one of the colors men most prefer to see women wear.

“Whoa, Kay! I’m not dressing for a man!” I’m sure I’ll get that reaction from some. But while I usually don’t dress for a man either, there are occasions when I absolutely do want to show up wearing something especially pleasing to my husband. And why not?

Reasons Why You Should Wear Red
plum wine silk cowlneck blouse (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // Veronica Beard Somner Dickey jacket (more economical options below) // similar black jeans // black Ally leather booties (Use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of Ally boots.) (more economical option)// convertible satchel bag (more economical option)

It turns out that red is the color men most prefer to see women wear. I’m sure that’s not true for all men in all circumstances. But it’s a statistic worth tucking away for future reference for sure.

Reason #3 – Red is a winner.

I found several studies that had shown that competitors wearing the color red are more likely to win their contest – especially athletic competitions – than their counterparts wearing other colors.

Reasons Why You Should Wear Red
Veronica Beard Somner Dickey jacket // earrings

This Veronica Beard Somner Dickey jacket definitely makes me feel like a winner. (Some say Veronica Beard jackets run a bit large, and I do wear an 8 in them, whereas I often wear a 10 in other brands.) And I suppose feeling like a winner is a big factor in helping contestants who are wearing red to win at their game.

Black Jeans and Ally Boots
similar black jeans // black Ally leather booties (Use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of Ally boots.) // convertible satchel bag

If red is too strong a color for you to wear most days, you might want to consider donning a shade of red when you need to be a winner. Whether you’re running a 5k or playing your gal pals in Mahjong, wearing red might empower you to run a little faster, play a little smarter.

Reason #4 – Red is the color of love.

While scientists aren’t sure why we associate red with love, passion and sex, they’ve proven over and over that both men and women make this mental connection. In fact, one study showed that women are more likely to wear red when they think they may be meeting a handsome, desirable man on a blind date, whereas they opt for other colors when they fear their date may be a miss.

Reasons You Should Wear Red

So maybe you’ll reserve your red for the bedroom or romantic date nights. But keep in mind that red signals more than affection and passion. It also commands notice (like a stop sign), increases appetites (which is why you often see it in restaurants), indicates glamour (think red carpet) and proclaims vibrance and liveliness (think blood). Red stands out in the crowd. Just last night James and I were in a big place with lots of people. Fortunately for me he wore a red sweater, so I found myself looking for him…and finding him easily because he wore red. When you wear red you absolutely will stand out.

Reason #5 – This year EVERY shade of red is trending.

In case you’re concerned that my crimson red jacket wouldn’t suit your coloring, never fear. Every shade of red from cranberry to true red to fiery warm orange-red are on trend and available this fall and winter. Below I’ve created a shopping boutique with some of my favorite red pieces that I found in a wide range of red tones. I’ll continue with reasons numbers 6 through 8 below the shoppable Red Boutique (just click on an item to shop it).

My Red Boutique

Reason #6 – Reds come in a wide range of tones and there’s something for everyone.

If you have determined that you can’t wear red, think again. Truly, there is a red for everyone. Because it does cast color on your face, red is one of those colors that can make you look healthier, more alive. But of course you’ll want to look for a red that suits your undertones and your other coloring.

Reasons to Wear Red

I have neutral undertones, so neutral and cooler reds work well for me. But you may need a warmer red such as a soft coral or roasted orange-red. This year we are seeing a plethora of reds in your favorite stores, so take some time to find the one that works best for you and wear it. And yes, I do in fact know many red heads who wear red beautifully.

Reason #7 – A little red goes a long way.

While I’m a proponent of head to toe red myself, I do understand that some women still do not want to wear a lot of this vibrant color. But a little can go a long way. So add a red brooch to your winter coat, wear a pretty red polish on your nails (I’m wearing CND kiss of fire (cool with a touch of shimmer), but I also wore their wildfire (neutral true red) and lobster roll (warm) recently), wear a red crossbody bag or finish your outfit with striking red slippers.

Reason #8 – Red will make you happy.

Okay, so wearing red won’t chase all your cares away. But donning this standout color will indeed lift your mood a little. Maybe that’s due to the fact that more people will notice you and therefore speak to or smile at you. But for some reason, wearing a little red actually can put a little more pep in your step.

Reasons to Wear Red
plum wine silk cowlneck blouse (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // Veronica Beard Somner Dickey jacket (more economical options in Red Boutique above) // similar black jeans // black Ally leather booties (Use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of Ally boots.) (more economical option)// convertible satchel bag (more economical option)

Now like I said at the beginning of this post, I covered this topic for fun. If you just don’t like to wear red at all, you do not need to. But I’ll be honest, when I heard recently that many women stay away from wearing red, it kind of broke my heart. Do not let the fear of being noticed keep you from wearing red. You have a reason to show up each day and there are people who will benefit from your presence. It is quite fine for you to “show up big” occasionally. Don’t worry about looking overwhelming. While there definitely are times to reach for other calmer and more subdued colors, wearing red and looking striking in it is a good thing at the appropriate time. Enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Should Wear Red this Fall + Winter

  1. I confess a resistance to red. Back in the 80s, I had a red dress and my best friend told me in front of everyone at work that I looked horrible in red and should never wear it again. I wish women weren’t so cruel to each other. But it stuck and is still in my head. Of course, she really turned out to be a false friend in a big way, but even so…

    1. Oh no. That is just the kind of thing that makes me so angry. You’re right, she really should not have said that to you nor in front of people. I do hope you’ll give red another chance and enjoy it. Bless you. And really, thanks for sharing that, because I imagine many of us have similar stories. But we all need to encourage each other to set those story straight and move forward.

    2. What a Horrible person she sounds like . I bet really you looked Fab and being the false friend she was , she was jealous of you Xx

  2. Just purchased the blouse, I have been looking at it since you covered it in July, finally decided to get it. Thanks.

  3. This is great news!! I love red, especially red shoes, and have a number of red pieces in my wardrobe already . . .

  4. Red is my favorite color. I haven’t worn it as much as I used to, but this season because it’s such a popular color in everything we wear, I have started wearing it more. I have always use it as a pop of color in shoes or purses when I wear black or white, etc..I think it’s my favorite color because it’s such a happy color. Love the BFMD and how are you tied it in cheer blogs and red outfits. Have a blessed day.

  5. What a stunning outfit, Kay! You look gorgeous and sophisticated. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and information you provide for us!

  6. Hi Kay, Loved your Fun post and Love your gorgeous outfit you look so Chic and Now , yiur jeans just also look so good with this outfit AND I Love Love Love your choice of ‘Red ‘ , this is my shade of Red plus Claret and the most Red I can go is a Cool Burgundy , as Im a ‘Soft Summer’ so all my colours are soft, muted and slightly greyed. I loved all your Fun Facts about Red too and your Devotional for today so Powerful ❤️

  7. Hi Kay,
    I’ve read your blog for a couple years now but have never commented before. This post was a fun read! First, you look amazing in that outfit. The plum wine color is just beautiful and the classic styling is extremely flattering on you. I wasn’t ever a fan of red until a personal stylist friend of mine helped me find the right red for me – a brick red, as I am a “deep autumn”. I can also wear a universal true red as well. Now I am very happy to wear the reds that look good on me. Can’t say I’ve ever intentionally worn them on a date, though. 🙂 You are absolutely right that there is a red for everyone. It’s just a matter of selecting one with the correct undertone and intensity for our complexion, smile, and – as you said – “show up big”. Thanks for this post!

  8. Hi Kay! I’ve been thinking about buying the red VB blazer with my Nordstrom notes. The website says the color is oxblood, yet it appears pinker in your post. I was wondering if the lighting is causing it to appear pink, as I would prefer the deeper oxblood red. Thanks!

    1. I think if you’ll look back over my photos you’ll see that the ones where I’m in shade the jacket looks a little darker, deeper, and when I’m in the sun it looks a little brighter. I checked the photos with my jacket and with the photo from Nordstrom in the shopping widget and I think the coloring is pretty accurate. It’s a beautiful color, but it does look different in different lighting.

      1. Thank you Kay for responding so quickly. It is a gorgeous jacket! I just put it in my cart along with the black cashmere dickey. I do like to save my Nordstrom notes for something special! Thank you again for your thoughtful response!