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2 More Ways to Wear Wide-Leg Casual Pants

October 19, 2023

I hope you are enjoying some beautiful autumn weather today. It’s a great day to wear these Harlow wide-leg pants that I shared in Monday’s blog post. So today I’m styling them two more ways. Yes, I’ve got two more ways to wear wide-leg casual pants for fall.

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Again, I know that not everyone will want to wear wide-leg pants this fall. But wearing contemporary silhouettes of jeans and pants is one of the easiest ways to look current and fresh. Be sure to check out Monday’s blog post if you missed it. There I styled these Harlow wide-leg pants with a cinched button-up shirt and also with a close fitting tee and unbuttoned chambray shirt. And in both of those outfits I wore sneakers. But today I’m leveling up just a bit.

#1 – Add a striped t-shirt or sweater for a fun contrast.

long sleeve tee // black cashmere v-neck sweater // Harlow wide-leg pants //  belt // loafers (more economical option) // bag // necklace //  earrings 

I purchased this long sleeve tee in black and white back in the spring, but now it’s only available in navy and white or blue and white. Any color or kind of striped tee or sweater will give your wide-leg pants a modern vibe.

If you’re just catching up with us, these wide-leg pants are from Madewell and they run just a tad large. I’m wearing the lower of my two usual sizes, a size standard 8. I suggest you use the True Fit size guide that is available at Madewell (and many other retailers) to get your best size; it usually works really well. Just put the requested information in and create an account if you haven’t already. It correctly predicted I would wear a size 8 based on my size in other pants at other retailers.

Harlow wide-leg pants in seed khaki (wearing size regular 8) //  belt // loafers (more economical option) //  handbag

#2 – Drape a pullover sweater over your shoulders.

There’s just something very elevated about draping a pullover sweater over your shoulders. And this little style hack is a great way to balance out the fullness of your wide-leg pants, too. It simply adds a little interest at the top of your outfit.

long sleeve tee // black cashmere v-neck sweater // earrings // necklace // belt // handbag

Above I’m wearing a black cashmere v-neck sweater from Talbots that I’ve had for several years, and of course they have them this year, too. In fact, right now you’ll get 30% off your purchase at Talbots, including brand new arrivals.

#3 – Bookend your look by wearing shoes in the same color as you have up top.

Bookending an outfit is always a good way to tie the look together. Here I’ve worn black lug sole loafers from my closet. But these from Madewell are a great option.

long sleeve tee // black cashmere v-neck sweater // Harlow wide-leg pants //  belt // loafers (more economical option) // bag // necklace //  earrings // handbag

#4 – Wear a trending cardigan over a close-fitting t-shirt with your wide-leg casual pants.

I frequently receive questions about cardigans about this time of year. Are they in or are they out? I don’t think cardigans as a style category ever go completely out of style. However, as in all other categories of clothing, there are those that look more current than others.

Harlow wide-leg pants // white tee // cardigan (similar 60% off) // earrings // necklace // loafers (another option) // belt // bucket bag // loafer

The most popular type of cardigan this year is the loose-fitting button-up style with an open neckline. And I find that this style is also a little easier to wear because the neckline doesn’t get in the way of collars and such.

Harlow wide-leg pants // white tee // cardigan (similar 60% off) // earrings // necklace // loafers (another option) // belt // bucket bag

I got my cardigan (now only available in plus sizes) in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July, so it’s no longer available. But this Vince cardigan and this one are the same style. And this one at Madewell is the exact same silhouette and available in so many great colors. It looks like a really nice option to me.

#5 – Wear a coordinating belt under your cardigan to define your waist and create pleasing proportions.

You don’t have to have a tiny waist to wear a belt in this outfit. Adding that belt helps to define your waist and create pleasing proportions. And wearing the cardigan over it will camouflage any tummy issues.

loafers (another option)

#6 – Coordinate your accessories for an elevated look.

This year it is really on trend to coordinate your belt, handbag and/or shoes. That doesn’t mean they have to match perfectly, but when they’re in the same color family it really levels up your outfit. I’m loving cognac accessories like these this fall.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
bucket bag

Again, just like Monday, my final tip is simply to wear your wide-leg casual pants with confidence and joy. Yes, they’re a “new” silhouette and others in your circle may not be wearing them yet. But you can be the fashion forward one in the group and go for it. They’re comfortable and fun. Enjoy them!

Harlow wide-leg pants // white tee // cardigan (similar 60% off) // earrings // necklace // loafers (another option) // belt // bucket bag // loafer

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. I also wore these Harlow wide-leg pants to church Sunday, yet another way. You can see that look in my LTK Shop or wait to see it in tomorrow’s blog post. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m traveling today, but I’ll try to keep an eye on the comments.

I’d love it if you pinned the graphic above in your Pinterest board. Have a great day!

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13 thoughts on “2 More Ways to Wear Wide-Leg Casual Pants

  1. Hi Kay loving your Wide Leg Silhoutte Looks ❤️These 2 look so good and that plum wine colour cardigan really goes so nicely with your beige pants and cognac accessories , these 2 outfits to me look super easy and comfortable to wear whilst also looking elevated . Happy travels back home , your trip sounded like just what you needed and pleased to hear your mum is feeling better ❤️ James photography trip sounds so good too , Have fun catching up . Loved your Blessing today ❤️too .

  2. Oh how great that your husband is at Acadia again! That’s in my backyard. It’s a shame we don’t have the usual color this year in the leaves, mostly yellows and rust colors. We just had, as I’m sure you’ll remember, far too much rain this year, and that makes for poor Fall foliage colors. Hope he found some beautiful spots to capture!

  3. I love wide leg pants and am so happy they are back in style. I have been waiting expectantly for them for years. Even though I don’t have the figure I had when they w

  4. With all due respect, how is this styling any different from what you would style with slimmer trousers or jeans?
    If your point is that the tops and swearers also look good with wide-legs, fine – and good news for those of us who wear both.. You could do a side-by-side with straight and wide pants,
    The sweater over the shoulder 565is a great spring-summer look in New England, but at this time of year, we’re wearing our sweaters not draping them – lol.

    1. I didn’t mean to imply that you can’t duplicate the looks with straight leg pants. This post and the other simply shared how the outfits will look with these wide leg pants.

  5. These looks are so cute and I love a cardigan to complete an outfit. The statement about keeping the cardigan current was very timely for me. I have a black cardigan with a waterfall front (I think that’s the correct term!) and I believe that particular style is looking dated……what do you think? I’ll probably donate it. But my classic cardigans I keep until they wear out. I consider them timeless.

    1. Thanks for bringing that up; yes, I’d say the waterfall cardigans are definitely on the out. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 😊

  6. I’m so happy to see wider legged pants this fall. I lived in my 90s pants this summer and am enjoying my new cargos. I’m just under 5′ with broad shoulders and think the wider legs provide a good balance for my shape. I get that not everyone will enjoy this look, but I love it. Thanks for all the styling ideas.

  7. You certainly make those wide leg pants tempting. I loved the way you styled them earlier in the week and again today.

    So, I’ve been having a jeans crisis. I am having trouble letting go of my skinnies. There, I said it. Like you, I am 5’8″ and weigh 150 but I have more narrow shoulders, wider hips and long, thin legs. I have a belly so I can’t wear a full tuck, but a front tuck is okay, except even then I have to be careful, or I look out of proportion because I am high waisted. I tried straight legs from Talbots and felt sloppy. I like the wide-leg jeans on someone younger (I am 69), but I feel like they just don’t fit my personality. Like maybe I’m trying too hard. I have tried several brands of bell bottoms, including NYDJ, and no luck. I did get a pair of Wit and Wisdom itty bitty bootcut and I think they work, so I’m keeping them for now. I plan on still wearing my skinnies, because they just look better with some of my longer tops. But maybe these wide-leg slacks are the answer I’ve been looking for. And I feel they would look fine with my ECCO sneakers for casual days.

    So, all of that is to say is that you have given me new options to think about. Thank you.

    So, I’m wondering are the bootcut in style or are they on the way out?

    Also, I really appreciate your BFMD today.

    1. Bootcut jeans are definitely here to stay, at least for a good while. If you just love your skinnies and feel best in them, wear them. But add some more modern details to your outfits like loafers or ballet flats, also a button up shirt instead of a long top. Those are some good ways to wear skinnies and look current.

  8. I wanted to drop you a line to say I’m really enjoying seeing you show the same clothing item styled multiple ways. That’s real life. Most of us don’t have the capacity to have (or even want) a super large wardrobe, yet we enjoy wearing different and unique looks. So this is great! I love seeing many of the beautiful items you show us on repeat. Thank you for all you do for us,


  10. Thanks for all the styling ideas. I’m loving my wide leg pants and jeans. I’m 69 and don’t think they’re too young for me. It’s all how you style them. I also have camel ones like the ones you are wearing. Keep doing what you do.