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6 Wearable Trends for Fall & Winter – Video

November 4, 2020

Welcome to video Wednesday! In today’s YouTube video I’m sharing six wearable trends for fall and winter. These are trends I handpicked for you, my 50+ readers. Not only are each of these trends easy for us to adapt into our casual and, ahem, more mature styles, but they’re also extremely wearable.

6 Wearable Trends for Fall & Winter

Look, trends are really optional. If you have a classic wardrobe style, you can look perfectly beautiful and timelessly stylish without incorporating any trends into your wardrobe at all. In fact, I think it’s better for us to pick wisely, participating only in the trends we really love and that resonate with our personal styles.

But when we do adopt a trend or two and wear those more current styles, we’ll look contemporary, relevant. Plus, they’re just fun! Let me know if you’re already wearing any (or all!) of these trends and how you’ve incorporated them into your style. And let me know if you’re feeling a little more inspired to jump in after watching today’s video.

Watch the video

If the video player doesn’t load for some reason, you can click through and watch the video on YouTube here.

Shop the Looks

I’m sharing the pieces I specifically shared up front, what I wore and the looks I modeled. I’m also sharing a shopping widget for each of the trends I mentioned.

Here are the exact pieces I shared from my clothes rack:

By the way, to me the difference between lounge pants and joggers can be subtle. But the way I look at it is that I don’t mind wearing joggers out in public. They’re generally thicker, more substantial, whereas lounge pants are often a little slinky and thin. Or some lounge pants are even made of fuzzy fabric! So while I do wear joggers out and about, I reserve lounge pants for, well, lounging around the house.

What I wore in the video:

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Blessed for My Day

Yes, Virginia, there is Truth. And truth is not relative; it’s solid, eternal, immutable. And we absolutely can know the truth. But knowledge of the truth does not come through experience or grey hair or education or contemplation. Truth is not so much unveiled as it is revealed.

God reveals the truth to us through His word. As we spend time in His Word – reading it, hearing it, studying it, memorizing it, meditating on it and praying through it – we come to know the truth. And then the truth does indeed set us free. It sets us free from the lies of this world, the negative recordings that play in our minds, the doubts that Satan throws at us, the false ideas that others try to lay on us. It also sets us free from the bondage of our own sin and shame. Do you know the truth? And has it set you free?

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly My disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:31-32

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9 thoughts on “6 Wearable Trends for Fall & Winter – Video

  1. I am on the hunt for a pair of straight legged jeans to wear once in a while instead of my skinnies. I will have to click on all of the options you have in the shopping widgets to see if one style might work for me. I want something full length heading into winter…no ankle baring in the cold temps. Probably a 30” inseam so I can wear socks with my sneakers or booties. I purchased a faux leather jacket from Chicos, but mine is longer and less structured. I plan on wearing it with my skinnies. I do like the blazer you showed and may have to consider it also. I have also purchased a menswear blazer that I feel is on trend for the times…I’m not sure I can embrace the vest…we shall see. Lounge pants and joggers are items I have been wearing for quite some time since I no longer work outside of the home. Great video.

    1. Thanks for sharing Michelle. I’ll confess, it’s not easy to find those elusive straight jeans. I ordered a few more pairs yesterday (with plans to keep just one of them) and am hoping I find some too. I want a pair in a darker wash.

      1. Yes, I am looking for a medium/dark wash that I could wear year round. I really wish I could head to a mall and spend time trying jeans on instead of ordering multiple pairs and then have to deal with returns. Oh well, someday.

  2. Good Morning Kay!
    Such a treat to be able to tune into your video after the stress of the election! I loved everything you presented today. I especially love the wrap. However, whenever I have tried one on, I always feel overwhelmed by the look since I am 5’4″ and have short legs!
    I wish wraps were also sized in petite! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Diane. What’s kind of funny about that is that I actually wish the one I showed was a little longer. The red and black one from Chico’s is definitely longer. But the plaid one is shorter to me. So you might give it or another one that length a try. ?

  3. I can see myself wearing all of these. I tend to second-guess my outfits but when I see something on a fashion blog that’s trending I can get on board. I have some things that my daughter really doesn’t like but I know it’s ok because you girls in my fashion group says it is!?

  4. Kay – I laughed out loud when you said that joggers are not the same sweatpants that we painted our kitchen in -it’s as if you were speaking to me! I’m going to donate my 20+ year old sweatpants with paint on them and buy some new joggers. Thanks for the nudge!