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2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants

April 9, 2024

Before I bring something new into my closet, I practice the 3-3-3 rule. That simply means ideally I want to be able to wear that item with at least three things in my closet, with three different pairs of shoes and in three different places or scenarios. So when I purchased these black linen trousers recently, I immediately went to work applying that rule. Today I’m sharing two ways to wear black linen pants, but I’ve got more up my sleeve!

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I rarely promote a product as a “must-have.” Generally I try to share different options at different price points. Or I even suggest that you may already have something just as wonderful already in your wardrobe. But I have to tell you, I’m pretty close to saying, “Run, don’t walk, to get these linen way-high® drape pants from Everlane. I’m also pretty close to ordering them in other colors myself. Ha!

2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants this Spring and Summer

Of course, I say all that tongue in cheek. I don’t ever want my readers to think that they MUST have anything I show. But if you’ve been thinking about adding a pair of structured, wide-leg linen trousers to your closet, I really do highly recommend these linen way-high® drape pants. They fit true to size (I’m wearing a 10), the price is nice, the quality is great and they come in other neutrals, too.

2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants this Spring and Summer

But whether you add these black linen pants to your wardrobe or already have some, you can wear them so many ways this spring and summer. In fact, in the current fashion culture, I’d say you can wear them into early fall, too. First up I’ve shown a simple casual outfit with the linen way-high® drape pants.

2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants this Spring and Summer

Now I’m just wearing a basic white crewneck t-shirt and my Levi’s denim jacket, accessorized with casual cognac belt, sandals and shoulder bag. But you could easily swap in a graphic tee or other casual t-shirt. And you could wear a utility or bomber jacket instead of the jean jacket. But I just love the classic, casual vibe of this very basic combination.

Ways to Wear Black Linen Trousers
Veronica Beard Goody Bag

I love wearing cognac accessories with black. This color makes your black outfit pop with richness, but also keeps it more casual.

Cognac Sandals
The Everlane Day Crossover Sandal in Sienna Brown

By the way, my Everlane Day Crossover Sandals are extremely soft and comfortable. They run true to size and come in other neutral leather shades and a recycled fabric as well. I think they’re going to be my go-to sandal for adding cognac to casual outfits this spring and summer.

How to Wear Black Linen Trousers for Spring and Summer

My white tee is from L.L.Bean. I love it so much, I have two! It’s a nice thickness, completely opaque. But it still feels soft and cool. And before we go on to the next look with my black linen way-high® drape pants, let me go ahead and share that these are, of course, a very high rise pant. I LOVE the fit, but if you can’t wear high rise, these might not be for you. Everlane also has a beautiful linen easy pant that features an elasticized waistband, but looks polished just the same.

For my second look with black linen pants, I created an elevated outfit in black and ivory.

Another Way to Wear Black Linen Pants

This is the outfit I actually wore to church Sunday, so that’s why my linen way-high® drape pants do have some wrinkles. Linen wrinkles do not bother me, but if you’re not a fan I suggest you look for linen blended with viscose instead. Or you might look for cotton gauze pants.

linen way-high® drape pants
black linen pants // striped silk blouse (c/o) (use code 20KAY for 20% off) // pearl detail Nappa kitten sandals (c/o) (beautiful more economical option) // belt (similar) // similar shoulder bag (more economical option) // Starry Night Aurora pearl necklace (c/o) (use code KAY15 for 15% off) // pearl Stellar Ballet bracelet (c/o) (use code KAY15 for 15% off) // Croissant de Lune pearl earrings (c/o) (use code KAY15 for 15% off) // similar sunglasses

To create an elevated look with my black linen pants, I wore a black and ivory striped silk blouse (c/o) from Lily Silk. (You can always use code 20KAY to get 20% off your purchases at LilySilk.) I accessorized with a black belt (similar) and ivory pearl detail Nappa kitten sandals (c/o) (beautiful more economical option) and crossbody bag (similar shoulder bag and more economical option).

2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants this Spring and Summer

I also added the beautiful pearl jewelry I selected from Gingiberi when they sponsored last week’s YouTube video. The Starry Night Aurora pearl necklace is definitely my favorite piece – so dainty and exquisite. Remember, you can use code KAY15 for 15% off sitewide at Gingiberi.

Styling Black Linen Pants 2 Ways

I actually love the mixture of ivory and black accessories in this elevated look. I tried an ivory belt, but it interrupted the line too drastically. And black shoes and handbag felt too heavy. So I kind of accidentally happened upon this beautiful combination of ivory and black leather.

I’ll be sharing these linen way-high® drape pants many more times, I’m sure. I know they’ll be in next Wednesday’s YouTube video (April 17), but I have a feeling they’ll show up in my How I Really Dressed for My Day blog posts as well. Is there a particular kind of look you’d like to see me style with them? Just let me know. I’m game! Thanks for dropping in!

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9 thoughts on “2 Ways to Wear Black Linen Pants

  1. I really like these pants – I’ve been looking at linen black pants for a couple of weeks and I have found them now! You look really sharp in these in every picture. Have a great day. Can’t wait until Wednesday!

  2. You look fabulous as always! I love that silk blouse and pant combination

    We are planning an anniversary get away to Texas later this month. Can you make any suggestions for a small capsule wardrobe? I am a very casual dresser….mostly jeans.

    Thank you!

  3. Love these linen pants but wish they were just a bit less expensive. With that said…..I really would love to have a pair of linen slacks in my wardrobe!

    I also want to give a Shout Out to James in these Great Photos Kay!!! I see some different angles and highs and lows! Nice work.


    1. I bought a black drawstring linen/cotton blend (which I prefer over just linen) on Amazon. When I want to elevate the look a bit, I just put the drawstrings inside the pants and belt it. They’re one of my favorite pants. I’ve had them for a few years and they’re under $30. I’ve bought 100% linen on there too but like I said, I prefer the blends. You don’t have to spend 3 times the price for nice quality pants.

  4. I love your first look, relaxed linen slacks, a nice tee, and a jean jacket. Unfortunately, I cannot wear a high waist. But I like the look of the linen easy pant and the same look could be accomplished. I like the color selection of the easy pant better as well!

  5. Love Black linen pants and black and white striped silk blouse. I have the blouse in navy and white. I wish the linen pants came in navy Really liked the BFMD.

  6. I’m thinking of these slacks for the welcome dinner prior to my son’s wedding. It’s casual and in a sports bar. . My son says he will wear shorts and a polo! But I’d like my look to be a bit more stylish. I love the silk blouse but would like to hear any other options as well! TIA!

    1. I think that sounds like a great choice for the occasion. And you can top the trousers with most anything you enjoy wearing. A solid colored silk blouse like this one is very pretty with them too you can tuck it in or give it a front tuck. But really any pretty blouse will look lovely against these black linen trousers.