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2 Ways to Wear a Shirtdress This Spring

April 18, 2023

The shirtdress is a classic silhouette, but it’s having a moment, as we say. I’ve been seeing beautiful shirtdresses in cotton, linen and blends this spring, but it has taken me a while to find one that is just right for me. Many of them seem to be too short for my 5’8″ frame. But today I’m sharing a great shirtdress from L.L.Bean and two completely different ways to wear it. Let me know which is your favorite.

shirtdress (TTS, in petites, misses and plus sizes) // sandals (marked down!) // tote // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // Parker chain necklace // coin necklace

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Just in case you’re not sure, a shirtdress (or shirt dress, both are acceptable spellings) is a dress with a collar and buttons in the style of a men’s button-up shirt, typically cut without a seam at the waist. Generally they are made from cotton, cotton blends, linen or linen blends, and occasionally you’ll see one in a beautiful silk. The classic silhouette combined with these natural fiber fabrics makes for a truly versatile dress.

Shirtdress from L.L.Bean

My L.L.Bean plaid shirtdress is a lightly textured cotton slub fabric, but very soft. It fits true to size; I’m wearing a misses Medium. And it’s also available in petite and plus sizes. And the dress comes in two other solids and one additional print, but I’m crazy for this blue, green and white plaid. It works perfectly with the colors in my wardrobe.

The First Way to Wear Your Shirtdress

I’ve completed my one-and-done outfit with nude sandals, some simple jewelry and a woven tote. These sandals are extremely comfortable, by the way – so soft across the top of the foot. They fit true to size, come in other colors and are currently marked down 25%. I love them so much I purchased them in black, too.

Cotton slub shirtdress

Of course the most instinctive way to wear a shirtdress is as a dress. You can wear it with the sash that usually comes with these dresses or swap in a belt. I forgot to take mine along with me to the photo shoot, but I can highly recommend these simple and inexpensive belts for dresses like these.

One-and-Done Outfit with a Shirtdress

But then you can also leave off the sash or belt altogether for a straight silhouette. Styling your shirtdress this way will help conceal a tummy, but still look very chic and feminine. I’m seeing a lot of shirtdresses modeled this way in fact.

A Second Way to Wear a Shirtdress

I love filling my closet with truly versatile pieces. And a shirtdress definitely provides you with options, specifically if your dress buttons all the way down the front. Especially if it’s still a little too chilly where you live to bare your legs, you can enjoy wearing your shirtdress as a completer piece for a jeans or pants and tee or tank.

A Second Way to Wear a Shirtdress
shirtdress // blue jeans (same jeans/not the exact wash) // tank // sandals // tote // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // Parker chain necklace // coin necklace // simple chain necklace // bracelets no longer available

One of the reasons I gravitated to this particular shirtdress is because I knew it would look amazing with simple blue jeans (same jeans/not the exact wash) and a tank in one of its featured colors. I have this yellow tank in my closet from last year, but it now comes in a beautiful soft green that would work beautifully here, too.

Shirtdress with Jeans and Tank

Wearing a shirtdress open over jeans and a top is a great way to minimize wide hips or completely hide your derrière. With a simple and loose front tuck of your top, adding this sweeping completer piece also helps create the illusion of a more defined waistline.

Wearing a Shirtdress as a Completer Piece Over Jeans and a Tank Top
shirtdress // blue jeans (same jeans/not the exact wash) // tank // sandals // tote // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // Parker chain necklace // coin necklace // simple chain necklace // bracelets no longer available

You actually can also wear a shirtdress as a swimsuit coverup if you have the pieces that coordinate. So it’s a great dress option when you’re packing for a vacation.

I’ve linked everything I’m showing today in the captions of some of the photos above and in the shopping widget below. I’m also sharing a few other pretty shirtdresses that have caught my eye recently. Some of these are too short for me, but they may work for you. Thanks so much for stopping in. Let me know which is your favorite way to wear a shirtdress.

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Blessed for My Day

This year I’ve tried to take special note of any mentions of clothing in the Bible as I read it each day. This past week I came across Isaiah 61:10 in a devotional book I sometimes read and I was immediately struck by this verse. I love the picture painted of being dressed in the garments of salvation and a robe of righteousness. Where do you suppose we get such clothes? There’s only One who can give us these eternal and most beautiful garments – the One who paid for them, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

And the scripture in Isaiah says He has clothed us in these garments in the same way a groom puts on a turban. A groom wears a special turban that sets him apart from all others. We are also wrapped in a robe of righteousness in the same way a bride adorns herself with her jewels. I know most brides choose their jewels because they are beautiful, but also meaningful. And quite often a groom will give his bride a special piece of jewelry to complete her wedding day ensemble. As you reflect on these pictures from Scripture today, what are your thoughts? Share them here or simply with the Lord.

I will rejoice greatly in the Lord, My soul will be joyful in my God; For He has clothed me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As a groom puts on a turban, And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. ~ Isaiah 61:10

xoxo, Kay
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7 thoughts on “2 Ways to Wear a Shirtdress This Spring

  1. Love the BFMD I too wish I knew where to get the garment of Salvation and the robe of Righteousness, joking aside Kay it is a beautiful Scripture and makes me realise how lucky we are having Our Lord taking care of us❤️. Now onto your shirtdress , the colours are beautiful and really suit your colouring and the shape really suits you , you suit it both ways but I didnt think I would like it without a belt but I do it looks lovely. I loved the surprise way of wearing it at the end , hoe lovely it looks with your jeans and top , I would never have thought of wearing it that way , it makes it such a versatile and useful piece ❤️Xx

  2. I really like this shirtdress on you and I like it as a topper to your jeans and tank. So smart looking and another way to wear this piece for sure. I have always liked shirtdresses and I always have one or two in my closet. This Bible verse has always been one of my favorite. I love the meaning behind it. Have a blessed day.

  3. I like both ways but the shirtdress as a dress is my favorite because I like the one and done idea.

  4. I absolutely love that you transformed the shirtdress into a duster. I remember the first time I saw this “trick” and it was eye-opening. In fact, I almost prefer this way with most of my shirtdresses because they can be a tad too short worn by themselves.

  5. You look so pretty in this dress! I love those Marc Fisher Celia sandals, but the Nordstrom link does not indicate a sale. Am I missing something?

    1. Ahh, bummer. They must have gone back to normal price since yesterday. I’m sorry. I’ll correct that in the post.

  6. Thank you for the Scripture from Isaiah. It’s a great verse to share with a friend who could use some encouragement and I plan to do just that! I was surprised to like the shirtdress without the belt but I think it looks smashing on you. Every option really worked, though. You’re so creative! I can’t tell you how much better I’m beginning to feel about the state of my wardrobe. I still have some work to do, but thanks to your guidance, I’m starting to feel I have what I need no matter what occasion comes up. I had a closet full of clothes but little to wear. Now, I have a plan when I go shopping and resist buying on impulse. I can see where limiting the number of colors will also be helpful but it might be my biggest challenge so far. As I combed through my closet, I found older classic pieces I hardly wear but with your inspiration can wear with more modern or trendy pieces to breathe new life into them. That’s exciting. On a totally different topic: Perhaps I’ve overlooked it, but have you ever done an article on how to wear vintage jewelry? My mother had some really wonderful costume jewelry that I’d like to figure out how to work into my wardrobe. Appreciate you.