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2 BIG Trending Styles at MUCH Better Prices

January 11, 2024

Some fashion bloggers have a built in radar for finding trending fashions at a lower price. I’m not one of them. Hahaha! No, I’m the gal who walks into a store and immediately walks toward the most expensive item in the shop. That’s the kind of radar I have! But today I’m so pleased to share with you 2 big trending styles that I’ve found at a much better price. And just to make sure they are all that and the cat’s pajamas, I tried them for myself.

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Not only did I find these two trending styles at much lower prices, but I also found them at a retailer that I love supporting. Quince’s website says it is, “committed to making exceptionally high-quality essentials at a price within reach. Because everyone deserves to fill their life with the finer things.” Not only do they offer truly elevated basics at reasonable price points, but Quince is also committed to choosing organic materials (when possible), using environmentally conscientious packaging and working with ethical business practices.

Slip Skirt from Quince
slip skirt in burgundy // cashmere sweater in burgundy // necklace // bracelet // earrings and pumps no longer available

And no, today’s blog post is not sponsored by Quince; I’m just that impressed. I’m most pleased that Quince offers fair pricing and is completely transparent about the composition of the price. Bottomline, their mark-up is lower because they cut out all the middlemen, such as sourcing agents, warehousing, wholesaling, distribution and storefront retail. Instead, they ship directly from the manufacturer to you. (That’s why you do need to be a little patient when ordering from Quince. Depending on where your order is manufactured, it may take a few days longer than other retailers’ shipping speeds.)

The Trending Slip Skirt

Silk Slip Skirt
slip skirt in burgundy // cashmere sweater in burgundy // necklace // bracelet // earrings and pumps no longer available

Have you noticed everyone raving about and wearing slip skirts for the past few years? I have! And I have to admit, I’ve wanted one. But I wasn’t willing to take the leap for something I probably couldn’t wear at least weekly at the prices I was seeing.

2 BIG Trending Styles (2)
Vince 100% Naia™ acetate slip skirt in cinnamon (originally $325, now $227.50) // Vince 100% acetate slip skirt in coastal blue ($295 regular price)

High end brands like Vince made the bias cut slip skirt popular a few years ago. And I have to say, this is an incredibly versatile, flattering and beautiful skirt. But the Vince slip skirt is 100% acetate, and while it is well made, there is nothing unique about it that warrants that price. And I love me some Vince!

Quince Slip Skirt
Quince 100% washable silk bias cut skirt

I did try on the Vince slip skirt in cinnamon (originally $325, now $227.50) a couple of months ago, and I’ll concede that it may be slightly thicker than the Quince 100% washable silk bias cut skirt. But as a seamstress myself, I can assure you that the stitching and other details on the Quince skirt are every bit as polished as those on the Vince slip skirt.

You may also have seen slip skirts, however, at more reasonably priced brands such as J.Crew. Again, I love J.Crew. And I almost purchased a Gwyneth slip skirt at J.Crew last fall. But I kept feeling like I was in between sizes with the Gwyneth, and it didn’t lay very nicely on my hips. The Gwyneth slip skirt at J.Crew is 100% polyester and comes in a variety of colors that change with each season. It’s a little longer than the Quince skirt, and the price is regularly $89.50-$138, depending on the the variation.

Quince silk slip skirt
Quince slip skirt in burgundy // cashmere sweater in burgundy // necklace // bracelet // earrings and pumps no longer available

Oops! Did I fail to mention that the Quince 100% washable silk slip skirt is just $59.90???

Cashmere sweater from Quince
Quince slip skirt in burgundy // cashmere sweater in burgundy // necklace // bracelet // earrings no longer available

And my 100% cashmere sweater, also from Quince, is just $50. Is the quality quite the same as, say, Jenni Kayne? No. I do indeed prefer my Jenni Kayne sweaters for truly superb quality. But that’s only because the Jenni Kayne sweaters are designed a little differently, a little fuller. But the Quince sweater is an extremely nice pullover for that amazing price. And what blows my mind is that the price was achieved fairly and equitably. Quince uses only 100% Grade-A Mongolian cashmere that they guarantee was sourced from sustainable origins in order to secure top-quality and ethical practices.

Quince slip skirt
Quince slip skirt in burgundy // cashmere sweater in burgundy // necklace // bracelet // earrings and pumps no longer available

I’m wearing the Quince slip skirt and cashmere sweater both in burgundy, but, as you can see, the shades are not the same. I knew that when I ordered. I like the variation on reds myself. But you can put together similar looks with the wide variety of colors these pieces come in. And, while I styled my slip skirt for a more formal occasion, it’s very popular to wear a slip skirt with a t-shirt, denim jacket and sandals or sneakers. So it’s truly a versatile wardrobe basic. I’ll try to style mine differently for you later in the spring.

The Trending Tiered Maxi Dress

tiered maxi dress from Quince
tiered maxi dress in hot fudge from Quince // earrings // necklace // bracelet // similar boots // similar clutch

My hot fudge tiered maxi dress from Quince is another hot, hot, trend. Have you seen the Somerset maxi dress from Anthropologie? That trending tiered maxi dress is indeed so gorgeous and flattering on every body type. I’m sure that’s why I’ve seen so many influencers show them as wedding guest dresses, Easter frocks, party dresses and even mother-of-the-bride options.

tiered maxi dress
black cotton Somerset maxi dress // pink combo Somerset maxi dress from Anthropologie

According to the Anthropologie website, the Somerset maxi dress is their “best-selling, best-reviewed dress ever.” They go on to say that this silhouette has the magic of the “sisterhood of the traveling pants.” Remember the movie? The jeans fit all four friends beautifully even though they were very different sizes and shapes. And this Somerset maxi dress has that same versatility. But not only does it look amazing on everyone; it also works beautifully for every event, from work to church to picnics to parties, this flattering, feminine silhouette seems perfectly suited.

And look, you absolutely cannot go wrong buying the beautiful Anthropologie Somerset maxi dress. Every season they introduce them in new colors, patterns and fabrics. You can see the current collection HERE.

Somerset maxi dress
tiered maxi dress in hot fudge from Quince // earrings // necklace // bracelet // similar boots // similar clutch

But the Somerset maxi dress retails for $168 (still pretty reasonable) and my Quince tiered maxi dress is just $129.90. The biggest difference? The Quince tiered maxi dress is 90% mulberry silk and 10% spandex for a little stretch. Yeah, that’s a pretty significant difference. And the Quince tiered maxi dress comes in some beautiful colors like my hot fudge, celestial blue and wine tasting, as well as navy and black.

Oh, the Anthropologie Somerset dress does have functional side slit pockets. But guess what! So does the Quince tiered silk maxi dress. And did I mention that the dress is washable?

similar wrap // tiered maxi dress in hot fudge from Quince // earrings // necklace // bracelet // similar boots // similar clutch

I kept the chill off with a cashmere wrap from my closet. Quince has a similar wrap for just under $100.

Tiered Maxi Dress
similar wrap // tiered maxi dress in hot fudge from Quince // earrings // necklace // bracelet // similar boots // similar clutch

What if you’re not really in the market for a silk slip skirt or a silk maxi dress? No worries. I just really wanted to share with you that Quince is a great option for finding so many of the big trending styles but at more reasonable prices.

Quince Tiered Maxi Dress
similar wrap // tiered maxi dress in hot fudge from Quince // earrings // necklace // bracelet // similar boots // similar clutch

As someone who has an eagle eye for the most expensive things in the store (hahaha!), I’m frequently asked to share options at lower prices. But dear reader, I just cannot recommend garments, shoes or accessories that I don’t feel are good values. And I always prefer to recommend brands that are at least making an effort to be responsible, ethical and transparent with their pricing. And that, sweet friend, is why I recommend you check out Quince any time you want to shop my looks…or anyone else’s…for less.

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26 thoughts on “2 BIG Trending Styles at MUCH Better Prices

  1. Good morning Kay, I enjoyed yesterday’s video especially about our outerwear. After watching, I drive to my local Talbots for their 50% sale and picked up the LS Stand Collar Coat in Blue Chill
    It made me smile😀. Now going to donate the coat I bought last year (gray) that I really didn’t like, darn impulse purchase.

  2. Such a cute maxi dress. Anthropologie caters to a 30-40year old target. That sleeve no longer flatters me so I will keep looking for a maxi with a different sleeve style. Such a fun look for summer

  3. I love the style and prices at Quince. Btw, the silk slip skirt also comes in a maxi length. I plan to order it today and can hem it if it’s a little long. Also planning to try the ponte straight leg pants.

  4. This is a terrific post, Kay! I love Quince, but I had not seen the maxi dress. I will have to check it out! My previous purchases include a linen camp shirt, a cashmere sweater, and my favorite, a washable stretch silk tank. It has a v-neckline and the light colors are self-lined. It’s cut on the bias so it flows over the body and adds that little extra layer of warmth when I need it.

  5. I bought a cashmere cardigan from Quince a few weeks ago, and I agree. It’s a great company and I love the quality.

  6. I’m glad you did this post on the subject of clothing for better prices. I think if you know quality and what to look for, you can find great clothing at reasonable prices. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on one garment to get “quality.” Not everyone wants to spend like that. There are many people who cant or just won’t. The other side of it is that people are tempted to get into debt because they are convinced that the only way to have a good wardrobe is to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars when that’s not the case.

  7. Yes I could get into wearing the tiered maxi dresses! It looks kinda like the baby doll dresses but with a waist! So Sox cute….gonna have to find me one…..maybe for Easter!


  8. Hi Kay,
    My mom often said that I also had expensive tastes in my younger years. As an adult I also have done a lot of sewing for myself and others, so quality gets easier to spot, I suppose.
    One question: Where did you say we would find the code for the printable library? I want to check out what new info you might have there now.
    Thanks for that. —Janie

    1. Hi Janie. We haven’t put anything new in the Printable library recently. But the code is at the bottom of your subscriber email.

  9. Hi Kay, I love the look of the slip skirt, BUT, it seems to me that a skirt like that would show every bump and bulge! And frankly, I’m so over wearing shape wear. So are you wearing Spanx under the skirt? Does it flatter most older ladies? And yes, to the tiered maxi dresses; I got one last summer and loved it. Very easy to wear, comfortable and feminine.

    1. Hi Susie. I’m wearing thin shapewear, not heavy duty Spanx. I feel like the skirt does pretty well with lumps and bumps. But you should definitely wear what you feel comfortable with.

  10. I ordered an organic cotton sweater from Quince this past December. It did take about 2 weeks. I’m very pleased with the quality. I want to try cashmere but I’m afraid it will make me itchy.( I have sensitive skin. )
    I tried a cheap cashmere sweater at Marshalls and it was itchy. Maybe high quality cashmere wouldn’t itch. I intend to order a silk top from Quince in the future. The items you styled are really nice.

    1. I forgot to add that I always seem to like the most expensive items too. It’s your blog so continue to show what you like. We can choose to buy or ignore. I have to be able to justify the price. I honestly can’t anymore because I have exces even though I donated a lot. This year I want to buy natural fiber clothing like from Quince at a good price. It’s unreal how much high end stores charge for polyester.

  11. I ordered a beautiful silk shirt from Quince, but it made me nervous, so I sent it back. I ironed it on the ailk setting, but it still had creases and I was afraid to wash it. Can you teach us about taking care of these garments?

  12. I completely agree with you regarding Quince. I have purchased four or five pieces from them, and I have been super impressed with every single one. I recently tried a pair of joggers, and I can almost not tell the difference between those and my vuori joggers. I also purchased recently a cotton cropped sweater, and it is one of my favorite sweaters ever! So well made and comfortable. It is important to me that my dupes are from ethical companies and are made with high quality natural fabrics. Now…I have the Anthropology dress on a velvet I wear to winter weddings…didn’t realize Quince had a dupe!

  13. Interesting that you recommended Quince. My daughter who lives in the US asked me what I wanted for Christmas so I answered her question. I told her that a nice cream coloured satin shirt would be nice. So, she gave me a cream-coloured silk shirt from Quince! Haven’t worn it yet cause I needed to steam it and now is really cold here in Canada. Thought I would pass this along.

  14. Hi Kay
    I’ve just discovered you and am finding your suggestions so helpful–particularly your suggestions regarding shoes for aging feet. However, I do take issue with your endorsement of Quince. I tried the slip skirt and the basic cashmere sweater last fall. The skirt has survived and I agree is a great deal. I wore the seater about 3 times and it was covered with pills–so many I could not shave it. The sweater is not a good deal for anyone–it’s cheap. These are the kind of clothes that are clog our landfills and waste our resources–because they don’t last. End of sermon!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Quince, Donna. Different opinions are always welcomed (although I don’t appreciate a sermon, to be honest). Your experience is different from mine. I have not had that same experience with my sweater.