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What to Wear this Fall Instead of Jeans

September 30, 2020

Whether you prefer not to wear jeans at all or you just want a few alternatives for your casual but chic lifestyle, I’m sharing what to wear this fall instead of jeans. I hope you’ll join me for today’s YouTube video!

What to Wear This Fall Instead of Jeans

I love my jeans, but as a gal who works from home, I find myself reaching for non-denim options more and more these days. Truthfully, while jeans are casual, they’re not always the most comfortable pant choice. And I like to be comfortable!

Whether you’re one of my readers who never wear jeans (and yes, I know you’re out there!) or you just want options like me, you’ll soon discover that there are so many different great alternatives to standard denim. And maybe you’ve already got your closet loaded with them. But wait! There’s more to this video.

The Problem with Non-Jeans Options

You see, we older gals want to look modern and youthful. And as I mentioned in a previous video, one of the easiest ways to look younger is simply to aim for modern. What’s more modern than trendy jeans? Not much! So sometimes when we choose to wear something other than jeans, we come off looking a little frumpy.

Yeah. I’m sorry, but it’s true. But it’s not unavoidable. If we want to wear our non-denim preferences we just need to make modern choices elsewhere in our outfit. And, of course, we need to choose the most modern rendition of that other-than-jeans alternative, too.

So in today’s video I’m sharing fresh alternatives to jeans, but I also have tips for the shoes, tops and accessories to wear that will keep your looks fresh and contemporary. I hope you enjoy the video!

Watch the Video

If the video player loads on your device below, you can watch it there. Otherwise just click through here and watch it on YouTube.

Shop the Looks

I’m not sure I can include all of the looks in today’s video. But I’ll try to get most of them in here! First of all, here are the looks you can shop through my ShopStyle Collection. Oh so easy! Just click on the photo of the outfit you’re interested in and it will expand, exposing all the shopping details.

But there are a few outfits that aren’t available through ShopStyle.

Title Nine Dress
Similar Dress // Levi’s Denim Jacket // Sneakers (more economical option) // necklace
Leggings from J.Jill
leggings // tunic // booties // similar hobo bag // short necklace // similar pendant necklace
Maxi Dress
tiered 3/4 sleeve maxi dress // the Day Market tote in taupe // the 40 Hour Flat in taupe // denim jacket in sweet Jane // multi strand necklace (customized) // classic hoop earrings

Also, the cotton sweater shown in a couple of the looks is right here. And it is lovely! I’m wearing it frequently.

What will you be wearing this fall when you don’t opt for jeans? What’s your favorite thing to wear instead of jeans? I’d love to hear from you today.

I think that covers it! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and video. Thank you for sharing it with your friends. Have a blessed day.

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What to Wear This Fall Instead of Jeans with Dressed for My Day

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15 thoughts on “What to Wear this Fall Instead of Jeans

  1. This week’s video was really helpful. I loved watching your personality come out as you were dancing around! I know you were saying you were going back to your straighter hair – but I love your hair styled this way. It’s much younger looking and looks thicker. I hope you will keep it this way – or do a variety!

  2. Hi Kay – I’ve noticed that some stores are carrying cords in beautiful fall colors and I’m very tempted to return to the long ago days where I used to live in them. However I noticed that you didn’t feature cords in today’s video and I am wondering what your opinion is about that option. Thanks!

    1. Hi Janet. I actually just purchased a pair last week. I love cords! I realized yesterday that I neglected to mention them, but I think that’s because when I shot the video about 4 weeks ago they weren’t out yet. Out of site out of mind!? But yes! I purchased these stretch corduroy jeggings from Talbots in the color Twig. I did go up a size to a ten. I find I often need to go up a size in corduroy. They do also have the straight leg option and I tried those on too. I could wear my regular size 8 in those but I didn’t like the silhouette as much Thanks for mentioning these. I meant to and forgot! ?

  3. Hi Kay. I’ve been catching up with your videos since I’m laid up with my broken ankle. I am really enjoying them, each video is better than the last one!!! I don’t wear as many jeans during the week because of work so the other options are what I wear more often. The only thing I don’t wear is leggings. I just feel like I’m missing my bottoms when I wear them. I do keep trying every now and then though?

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. Yeah, some years I wear leggings a good bit and other I don’t. They definitely take some getting used to. And fortunately there are plenty of options so we don’t all have to wear them ?. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  4. I wear jeans more out and about than at home. I like pull ons and something softer like knits for around the house. I don’t wear them out unless I feel like I need to be really comfortable. Like annual eye exams that take forever. I just did that.
    Great ideas and oddly for me, I love the dress and jacket. Going to rethink dresses. Great video.

  5. I would like to find pants that fit me perfectly. What I like would not look good on me.
    I need all the help I can get.

    1. Hahaha! I hear ya! I think we all have to try on a lot of jeans to find the ones that really work for us. You gals would probably be surprised at how many pairs of jeans I try on and return. ?

  6. Hi Kay! I’m a new follower and enjoy your fashion tips, choices and advice. In the ‘What to wear instead of jeans’ video, your black shoes with the joggers are adorable (at around 10:30 into the clip)! Can you provide the source, please? Thank you!

      1. Thank you for such a quick reply! I was determined to find them and went through all of your pictures… they were the Zappos Wedge Sneakers! Of course, now I found a lot more items that I have added to my Fall shopping list! Keep the lovely looks coming! 🙂