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What to Get Your Main Man for Christmas

Gift Ideas
November 19, 2018

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day! Today I’m sharing with you my Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Main Man. I’ll explain that in a minute.

Can you believe this is Thanksgiving week? Wowsa! Of course, like you, I have so much to be thankful for, and I can honestly say that is where my heart is this week. I really want to focus on thanking the good Lord for all of my blessings. Indeed, I live such a blessed life, and the grace of that is not lost on me. I literally wept through most of the church service yesterday as the pastor (at my parents’ church) tried to help us prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving with a powerful message from Ephesians 1:3-14.

But as we chug steadily toward Black Friday and all the other shopping days before Christmas, I feel like it is my job here to provide you with shopping tips, suggestions and sale alerts. Yes, I want to encourage you to focus on the reason for the season in my daily Blessed for My Day. But, alas, this is a style blog, so I will be true to that theme, too. My goal will be to help you look your best, feel your best and give your very best to those you love and serve throughout the holiday season.

Introducing my Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Your Main Man

To that effect, let me share with you my gift guide for your main man. This is the gift list for your husband or boyfriend. But you may also find great gifts for your dad, brother, son or son-in-law. However, I will have more lists coming soon that are directed more toward the young men in your life and the older men in your life, so be watching for those, too.

This list was cultivated by my husband mostly with a little input from my son. And it is filled with things I’ve never heard of or thought of. That’s how I know it’s a great list for men!! Ha!!

Remember, so that you don’t have to hunt for this post over and over, you can find all of my Christmas Gift Guides in the special Tab on the Menu at the top of my website. It will be available to you through January, in fact.

Without further ado, my gift picks for your main man!

All the Great Gifts for Your Main Man

The Dressed for My Day Christmas Gift Guide for Your Main Man…Recommended by My Main Man

These are the gifts for the men in your life, but especially for your main man. I know without a doubt that this is a good list of gifts for men because none of them are anything I’d want. Ha! My husband passed most of these gift ideas to me, and he selected things I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t know what to do with. I figure that’s a pretty good indicator that these gifts are truly for men!

I’ll continue to add to this list in the days to come, so check back before you begin your shopping or wrap it up. But let’s get started!

  1. For the mechanic/craftsman, a magnetic wrist band for holding nails, screws, and such.
  2. For the mechanic or wannabe, an electric scanner/car code reader. This little device saves your handy husband a trip to the dealership when a mechanical malfunction or code shows up in your dashboard.
  3. Also for the mechanic/craftsman, a magnetic telescoping pickup tool with flashlight. Also great for the camper or fisherman.
  4. For the hunter, a Promier Strap and Focusing Headlamp.
  5. A Trail Camera for hunting game. It has night vision capabilities.
  6. Also for the hunter, a set of Nikon binoculars. Of course, these are also good for all sorts of other purposes.
  7. For the guy with a commute, this Hydro Flask Tumbler will keep his beverage hot or cold for hours.
  8. Or this Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug holds even more liquid for the long commute or trip.
  9. The Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder is the preferred one by many coffee connoisseurs.
  10. My husband likes his coffee hot! So he warms his coffee mug with hot water in the microwave before pouring his first cup. I think this Mr. Coffee mug warmer is a hint!
  11. For the avid gardener, my husband suggests the Soil pH Meter. It would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the man with a green thumb.
  12. Also for the gardener (or at least the guy who works in the yard a lot!), there’s this great Steel Garden Cart. I want one of these…and we don’t even really have a yard!
  13. The final three gifts on this graphic are for the photographer, especially the guy who takes pictures of people and not just landscapes. First there’s this Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector Set.
  14. He also might need this Flash Diffuser Light Softbox.
  15. Finally James recommended, for your photographer husband, this Wireless Camera Flash.
  16. This is the priciest item on my list I think. But if you’re honey has been hankering for a Bradley Smoker, maybe now is the time to surprise him!
  17. And if he already has a smoker, he would undoubtedly love these flavored Bisquettes.
  18. My husband eats, sleeps and breathes college football at this time of the year. If your husband is a sports fan, he might appreciate a new coach’s sideline polo for his favorite team.
  19. On to the techy gifts. He’ll undoubtedly appreciate one of these Anker Powerline Lightning Cables so he can charge up his electronics fast.
  20. The best gift I ever gave my husband was wireless earphone. But these Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones are so much better than what I gave him 15 years ago. He’ll love the noise cancelling ability.
  21. These wireless earbuds even have a built-in microphone.
  22. This portable/travel charger comes with the cable and travel pouch.
  23. If you have an older car like we do, but still want hand-free capabilities with your phone, you’ll want to get your husband this Bluetooth clip on car speaker which adapts to your phone or GPS system.
  24. What man wouldn’t love this Nautica woven PJ set?
  25. Both of my guys love fun, printed and colorful socks. Maybe your guy would like these socks in this Happy Socks 7-Day gift set.
  26. And of course, it’s always a good idea to give your man a pretty pullover like this CHAPS Cotton-Button Mock Sweater.
  27. Last year my son ordered us all socks from Bomba. He especially like these. Bombas are durable and oh so comfortable.
  28. My son also suggested these Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins.
  29. This Fossil Buckner Workbag looks both professional and youthful. Briefcases may be out, but this bag is definitely in.
  30. Both of my guys started shaving the old fashioned way a few years ago. If your man enjoys an old-fashioned lather and shave, he might appreciate this deluxe shaving set.

***Watch for this list to grow!!***

Of course, do let me know if you have any questions. I’ll go ask my husband! Hee, hee! Thank you for shopping through my links. They are affiliate links, so when you shop through them and actually buy something, I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. If fact, I’d love it if you always begin your online shopping for the holidays by coming here to Dressed for My Day. Thank you for your support.

Happy shopping!

Blessed for My Day

In the sermon I heard yesterday, Pastor Mike reminded us that the Greek word for blessing used over and over in Ephesians 1:3-14 means “a good word spoken over or to.” It’s actually also the Greek word from which we get our English word eulogy. So a eulogy at a funeral or memorial service is a “good word spoken over” the deceased. That makes sense, right? 

As we thank the Lord this week for our blessings, we’re really thanking Him for all the good things He has spoken into our lives. Just as He created the world by speaking it into existence, He has spoken blessings into our lives for which we can be grateful. He says In the Ephesians passage that we are loved, chosen, adopted, forgiven, redeemed, In other places in the Bible, He says that we are His beloved, we are beautiful, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are worthy, we are His children and we are precious to Him. 

And when God speaks, it happens. What He says…is true. Today, why not take a few minutes to speak back a blessing to the One who has blessed us so richly. Speak a good word over and to Him. And simply tell Him thank you.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ… ~ Ephesians 1:3

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xoxo, Kay
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5 thoughts on “What to Get Your Main Man for Christmas

  1. Such awesome ideas, thank you! The link for Fossil Buckner Workbag doesn’t appear to be working. Would you check on that please? Thanks.

  2. I have two boys in their twenties and they are so hard to buy for! They do like quarter zip pullovers, does your son like them and does he have a favorite? They are also big sports fans. Thanks for your suggestions!!