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Summer Clearance Transitional Finds

August 6, 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time to start again. I tend to bubble with enthusiasm at beginnings and wind down with a whimper at endings. And that’s kinda how I feel about end of season clearance sales. By the time clothing is marked down enough to get me to buy in, I’m already spent out and done. But honestly, there are some good buys to be had for the shopper who braves those disheveled clearance racks or scrolls through the motley clearance listings online. So today I’m sharing with you some transitional finds from the Dillard’s clearance sale.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

Generally, by this time in a season, if I buy something on clearance that is clearly seasonal, I tuck it away with the tags still on it. I save it, so that it feels completely new when the appropriate season rolls around next year. Of course, you have to be careful with those purchases. You don’t want them to be so trendy that they feel like has-beens the next year.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

But if I find separates on sale that will work during the transitional weeks between the waning season and the approaching one, I wear and enjoy them. Here in Arizona, as well as where I lived in Texas and Georgia, those transitional weeks can last indefinitely. It’s almost as though they’re a season in and unto themselves!

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

As September rolls in I’m tired of the clothes I began wearing as early as March. So a few new items bought on clearance can tide me over until I can pull my warmer fall clothes out of storage. I’m not suggesting spending a lot of money on these sale buys, but if it’s something you can enjoy wearing enthusiastically now and next spring, and you just love the item and you’ve got a few dollars in your wallet, go for it!

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

I bought one pair of embroidered jeans during the spring, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear out of them this summer. But when I saw these soft and faded jeans embroidered with pastel fireworks I was smitten. These Code Bleu jeans were on sale at Dillard’s when I bought them, but they a) don’t have them in the regular misses sizes online and b) don’t have the petite sizes marked down. But they are darling, and they feel really nice on. Very soft. I’ve culled the sale listings and found you a few other embroidered jeans that are on sale that you can look through in the widget below.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

For some reason I really like the deconstructed collars, otherwise known as ripped collars. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. I just like them. As long as they are over-ripped that is. Ha! I guess a little rip goes a long way!

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

This pale pink deconstructed tee by Lucky Brand works nicely with these jeans, I think. Yeah, there’s a little touch of embroidery on the neck of it, too. But while you certainly don’t want to overuse a style technique in a single outfit, I don’t think that little bit would qualify as overkill.

I like to think this jewelry set is a little bohemian looking. At least that’s what I was going for. Ha! I bought the necklace, bracelet and earrings at a conference a couple of years ago. It’s all Fashion & Compassion jewelry made by women who have faced times of despair and poverty, many from war torn and impoverished countries. Fashion & Compassion is a faith based organization that helps these women become artisans so that they can get on their feet, support themselves and their families and discover who God created them to be.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

I just slipped on my denim espadrilles to complete this ensemble. Easy going and relaxed. That’s what this is. These espadrilles are marked down more than 50%, by the way, and they still have a pretty wide assortment of sizes. I think they’re a good buy for next spring or even to wear through the transitional weeks leading into fall.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

Finally, I paired my crochet straw bag with this outfit. It’s casual and easy. I’ve really enjoyed using it this summer. I won mine from Talbots, but it’s finally on sale now, too. Hopefully, the price will be marked down even deeper eventually.

Deconstructed Tee and Embroidered Jeans

This is my kind of look really. I enjoy soft colors like these and gentle fabrics that feel good on and are easy on the eyes. And this is definitely the kind of clothing I could easily wear into October here in Arizona.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thank you for spending some time here. I really appreciate it when you shop the affiliate links I’ve included, share the posts with others on Facebook or Pinterest, comment and subscribe. Thanks so much for being here!

Blessed for My Day

Yesterday my husband preached from Acts 23 where Paul faced a very daunting and discouraging situation. But in verse 11 we discovered that Paul was able to endure because the Lord stood by him. He was not alone. Not only that, but the Lord said to Paul, “Take courage…” In fact, several times through the gospels Jesus told people to take courage from Him. And in each case He was right there, working on their behalf. Today my prayer for you is that you “take courage.” Only the Lord can truly give you the courage to face the situations that some of you are enduring. You’re tired, the load is too heavy, others can’t carry it for you and you don’t know how much further you have to go on this trail. But this I know, the Lord is with you and He is at work on your behalf. Take courage, dear sister. The Lord is with you.

The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.” ~ Acts 23:11

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6 thoughts on “Summer Clearance Transitional Finds

  1. That’s my kind of look too! I’ve been wanting a straw bag and haven’t found one yet…it’s getting too late but if it’s on sale I’m sure it’ll be in style next season as well! Great finds!

  2. My kind of look too!! Thanks, Kay, for your blog and showing us actual clothes we can wear. I also love all of your descriptions of the items- “I guess a little rip goes a long way” ? I also love the tip to keep the tags on so next year they feel new. Great idea!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Kathy, and for the affirmation. This blog has been both rewarding and challenging. But I’m enjoying the process of learning the ropes. ?

    1. Yes, I’m really enjoying embroidery too, Jodie. It reminds me of my childhood but it still feels current and fun. ?