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Styling Black, Grey & White for Spring

March 19, 2020

Okay, I’m done with this quarantine. Ha! Not really, of course. I’ll definitely continue to stay home and out of harm’s way. Plus, I feel very strongly about each of us doing our part collectively to defeat this silent enemy. But on the inside I’m meeting friends for lunch today! LOL! Seriously, I’m getting a little stir crazy. What about you?

I think my discontent stems from the fact that it rained absolutely all day yesterday, so I didn’t have the opportunity to get out for a walk. Yeah, I think daily walks are going to be my saving grace. Unfortunately, we’re supposed to have rain today and tomorrow, too. But if I were getting out to have lunch with friends and then stopping by a local park for a stroll…this is what I’d wear!

Styling Black Crop Jeans for Casual Spring Look
Paulson Sweater Tee // black wide leg crop jeans // white denim jacket// white canvas sneakers // link collar necklace // compass coin pendant necklace // my earrings or tear drop earrings (not pictured) // black hobo bag

I have to tell you, I was absolutely freezing the day we snapped these pictures. So while James took great photos, I feel like I appear uncomfortable and awkward in most of them. And I certainly didn’t do a great job of relaxing so that you could see this outfit very well. While I was in the house, I felt comfortable and stylish in this simple duo of cropped black jeans and a relaxed fit summer sweater. I just wish that had translated a little better in these photos.

Oh, and note to self: wear your sunglasses!!!

Styling Black, Grey and White for Spring

Anyhow, I absolutely love the combination of black, grey and white. Really, this color palette is a year round winner. But during these transitional seasons, I think black and grey, pulled together with touches of white as a nod to warmer days on the horizon, seem especially appropriate.

Styling Black, Grey and White for Spring

I could have easily worn my black flats and elevated this look a bit, but I decided to keep it super casual by wearing my white canvas sneakers. By the way, these Superga sneakers are 25% off (along with most of the store!) at Nordstrom right now. (See my Shop My Nordstrom Favorites Page.) They’re available in other colors, too. While I love my leather sneakers, I do seem to wear these canvas ones more often than not. I’m wearing my normal size, and they have a roomy fit.

Style Tip: Black, grey and white work beautifully together in any combination. Let those colors create a pleasing look to the eye by wearing no other colors to compete with them.

Styling Black, Grey and White for Spring

My black wide leg crop jeans have a slim fit and a high rise. They’re extremely comfortable but do run small. The website suggests sizing up, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m wearing a 30, which is the higher of the two sizes I generally wear in jeans. If you’d like more of a skinny jean silhouette, I suggest these button fly black jeans.

By the way, I wore this super soft Paulson Sweater Tee untucked all day, but I tucked it in partially here mainly so you could see the rise of the jeans. The summer weight sweater runs a little large and has a slightly cropped boxy fit, but a nice drape.

Sale Alert: Use code BRIGHTSPOT at Madewell to get 25% off anything that is not already marked down. Both my jeans and sweater are from Madewell.

Grey Sweater Top

I love the relaxed drop shoulders and the banded edges of the sleeves and waistline on this summer sweater. Plus, it’s super versatile. This is the kind of top that will be on constant rotation in my spring and summer wardrobe.

My link collar necklace and compass coin pendant necklace are also 25% off at Nordstrom. And they’re both available in gold plated, too. My earrings are from Brighton, but I just ordered these tear drop earrings in rhodium from Nordstrom. I have them in gold wear them constantly.

Style Tip: When wearing the trio of black, grey and white, I love wearing silver jewelry to keep my look cool and understated. Silver jewelry pairs well with colors with cool undertones.

black and grey

My black Tory Burch McGraw leather hobo is 25% off at Nordstrom right now. I have this bag in moose brown, too, and I’m having to sit on my hands to keep myself from ordering it in this Devon Sand, which is also 25% off. #dontbesurprisedifido What do I love about it? The boxy, open shape, the interior side pockets, the perfect length of the removable strap and especially the soft pebbled leather.

Styling Black, Grey and White for Spring

To make my white canvas sneakers look more like an intentional style choice, I topped the outfit with my white denim jacket.

Style Tip: A simple way to really pull your outfit together is to wear the same color on top and bottom. So you could wear the same color you’re wearing in your shoes in a jacket, necklace, scarf or earrings.

Add a White Jacket
Paulson Sweater Tee // black wide leg crop jeans // white denim jacket// white canvas sneakers // link collar necklace // compass coin pendant necklace // my earrings or tear drop earrings (not pictured) // black hobo bag

Not only is this look easy on the eyes, but it’s extremely comfortable and easy to wear. This is the kind of outfit I’d wear out to run errands, but also to grab lunch with girlfriends…some day!

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nordstrom sale banner
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By the way, I also ordered and received some jeans from Everlane recently. I’ll be showing them to you soon. But meanwhile, they’ve marked down most of their denim to $50 in a goodwill gesture during this difficult time. And they’ve promised more specials to come. Everlane rarely if ever offers markdowns, so it’s worth checking out their offerings. Naturally the pair I ordered is not included in the sale (but they’re only $68). Still they have many other great jeans and denim skirts that are marked down to just $50.

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Hope. Joy. Peace. These are the ingredients of a satisfied soul that I crave right now. You, too? While we can practice positive self-talk, go on walks for a reset and try to limit our exposure to the news of the day, but the only way we’ll really maintain a state of hope, joy and peace is through God’s Holy Spirit.

I’ve found that abiding in the Spirit requires me to relinquish control and give it to Him. When I’m tempted to ponder things that I can’t control, I have to prompt myself to release those thoughts to God and settle into His promises instead. Today let’s hand all of our anxieties over to Him and gladly accept the joy and peace He fills us with instead. It’s really a choice we have to make.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. ~ Romans 15:13

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xoxo, Kay
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39 thoughts on “Styling Black, Grey & White for Spring

  1. I love your posts! Having said that, I am not a fan of today’s outfit. I don’t think those wide leg jeans do any favors for women They remind me of “mom jeans”…. ! I didn’t even like the top, too boxy. I did like the jean jacket though! But again, you’re wonderful and I love viewing your posts and reading your thoughts.

    1. Lol! Well that’s fine. I appreciate you being nice about it. Interestingly Madewell and other jean brands even have styles specifically called Mom Jeans. That’s a very current trend. But I recognize it’s not for everyone. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  2. I am looking for more inexpensive, purchase on-line, workout clothes. Since I will be teaching on-line for the rest of the semester, I can be more relaxed in my style. I want to be comfortable sitting in front of my computer most of the day (and I agree – I have to get more walks in), while still looking “put together” for my students since we will have zoom classes. I looked at Nordstrom since they having such a good sale, but I don’t want to spend that much on workout type clothes. Any suggestions? Thanks. PS Raining and gray here today in New Hampshire.

    1. Hi Arna. That’s a great idea. I use Zoom a lot, too. So I just try to make sure I’m very presentable from the top up and I can still wear leggings or other athleisure style pants.

      I found that Christopher & Banks has everything 40% off today and they have some nice athleisure styles here: PLUS shipping is free, no minimum required.

      Also Lou & Grey athleisure and lounge wear is all 40% off with code QUICK today:

      Finally, Talbots has their lounge wear Buy One Get One 50% off right now: And their T by Talbots clothes are great for work from home and athleisure:

      I hope you find something stylish but also practical and comfortable. Let me know!

      1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check these out. I have taught online before, but online teaching of a language class is new and different (with live zoom). Out of my comfort zone (for now – I will get used to it soon as we were just told we will be doing this for the rest of the semester.) I want to make sure my students have some level of “normalcy” and connection to me and the others in the class.

  3. LOVE this outfit! I have these pieces in my closet but have never put them together this way. I will screenshot one of these pics for future reference. And…your Bible verse for today hits home. I am going thru some medical issues and needed to hear this. THANK YOU!

  4. Such a cute top. And, same for me, going for a daily walk is helping to keep me sane. We’ve had 5 days of gorgeous weather, so that’s been the bright side. By the way, I like the new design of your blog. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks Alison. I’m really liking it, too. Oh I wish for 5 days of great weather!!! We’ve got rain, rain and more rain in the forecast. But I’m getting up from the computer right now and getting out there anyhow, before the rain starts for the day! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kay, I think you look great in the pictures! I can’t tell that you were freezing. I can pretty well recreate this outfit, so I’m saving this post for future reference. I have all of the clothes that I need in my closet, other than a pair of cropped jeans, which I ordered from Nordstrom last night. I do want to add a pair of white sneakers with arch support, which is proving to be more challenging than I expected, due to my budget and finicky feet. Since the weather is not letting you get outside, I highly recommend Body Groove, which you can find on FB or download the app. It is a great way to exercise and get your heart rate up by dancing. Their are other people on the videos with the instructor, so you feel like you are with other people. She is very encouraging and uplifting! I hope you feel blessed today, as you are such a blessing to us! ?

    1. Hi Ginger. Thanks for the suggestions. Actually I get my workouts in with the FASTer Way app. But I just need to get outside too. Which I just did. Sooo many people were out there too. Of course we all kept our distance but it was good to see people and get out. The rain should start around noon. ?

  6. I love the color combinations. Very relaxed, very easy. Anyone can replicate this look.
    The spiritual lessons that you share each day are spot on for the situation we all share.
    Thank you for all you do for us.
    Blessings to you and your family,

    1. Glad you like the look. Yes, the color palette is my favorite part of this look. Like others have mentioned, these are not my favorite jeans but I like variety, so there’s that. Anyhow it’s the color scheme that speaks to me most and that can be duplicated in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Kay! I ran across your blog when looking for how to look stylish for older women. I’ve enjoyed looking at the lovely fashions you pull together! I live in Arizona and it is raining here today as well. Although I am 60 years old, I am home with my sweet adopted 15 year old special needs daughter. She needs constant supervision, so definitely not easy with this whole social distancing thing. And I’m eating things I shouldn’t too! Ugh ?, lol! Anyway, I didn’t think you looked awkward in your pictures at all, but beautiful as always. Have a wonderful day! Numbers 6:24-26

    1. Thanks so much for introducing yourself, Monica. Glad to meet you! Yes, this is such a trying time. And while I THINK I’m doing fine with it I catch myself doing little things that I only generally do when I’m stressed – like eating bad things, not sleeping well, watching more television and slouching. So I’m really trying to get on top of this with more time in my quiet time each morning and earlier exercise. Thanks again for commenting.

  8. Although they are trendy, and even though I own two pairs of wide-leg cropped jeans/pants, they make your legs look noticeably shorter and just aren’t flattering, so I’m sticking with just the two pairs I already own and won’t buy any more. Having said that, they are very comfortable and a nice change from years of skinny jeans. I love the two necklaces you’ve been wearing lately and so much want to order them, but the company my husband works for may have to close in a couple of days, so for now I’m just lusting after them but not buying.

    1. Oh Terri, I truly hope your husband’s job stays stable. These are definitely unstable times financially. I’m reigning in my spending too. I know I can’t count on my income to stay on the same course it has been. Things will definitely fluctuate for me.

      Your thoughts on the jeans are mine exactly. I like them for an occasional change and comfort, but they’re not my favorite silhouette for sure. So I’m limiting mine to two pair as well. I really like the straight leg jeans and pants with a slimmer fit. I have some of those to show in days to come too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kay, you look great in the pictures, and I love the gray, black and white color combination! Very fresh! It was almost 70 sunny degrees yesterday here in Colorado, and today, the first day of Spring we are getting a snowstorm….9-12 inches of snow!
    The grocery store shelves are bare, but hopefully we will have enough to get us through. We have treadmills so just worked out, but prefer exercising outdoors. I am making chile and cornbread for dinner…we got the last cans of kidney beans on the store shelves yesterday! Stay safe, positive and thank you for your daily posts!

    1. Oh my! I know when I went to the grocery store the other day I was stunned. And it was the canned goods aisle that was most bare here too. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy that chili! Yum!

  10. Hi Kay! I’m a “black and white” girl too. I’m wearing white jeans and a black sweater today! Need advice on that Madewell grey top. I’m typically a size M in tops…. sometimes a Petite L. (I’m 5’3″ Size 8 or 10 in pants depending on cut etc). Does this brand run TTS? Or should I size up?

    1. No. I’d size down in the top if anything. Mine is a small and I usually wear medium or maybe small if the top runs large. I’m sorry. I meant to say that in the post.

  11. Finally I have found a few blogs for stylish clothes for the 50 and over ladies. I know how you feel about the dreary weather, I also live in Ohio!! I will be following you from now on , have a good day and stay healthy.

  12. Love the grey, black and white combo! So timeless. I am working at home every other day and just now I reached for a bag of chips because of the stress. Just found out someone I work with may have the virus?. I settled for a rice cake and peanut butter instead. Trying to lead my staff by example and stay calm but it is stressful. Praying for a vaccine.

    1. Oh my. Take care Deb. But way to put down those chips!! I’m fixing myself a tuna and garbanzo bean salad with arugula…for the win!

  13. I have also been eating and I told myself today is the today to stop, so you are not alone! I work for the airlines and it’s been stressful wondering whether I’ll even have a job soon. I am also having a hard time even thinking about shopping or putting outfits together but thanks for trying!! You look cute today!! Spring is in the air, the rain will stop and we will all be okay! Stay healthy!

    1. I hear ya. I’m having a hard time turning out posts for the same reason. Oh well, one foot in front of the other for now. Thanks for sharing.

  14. It is taking me a bit to get use to the crop wide leg pants but I am getting there. Keep showing us examples and letting our eyes adapt to the newer look. I am working at home and dressing much like today’s look everyday. It’s important to me that I look presentable to keep my brain going to workmode even when my body is at home! Thanks again.

  15. You look great in that outfit. I like the color combo and your hair like that. You look about 35 and no older! Seriously.

    1. Hahaha! I love it! I just got home from going to a wedding on the rain and my hair looks like a bush. And I was feeling so old and grumpy looking. ? You made me feel all better!

  16. We are having beautiful days so it does help just being able to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. I had an odd feeling today when I had to wear gloves to pick up a package from my mailbox. Better to be safe though. I am getting used to this look a lot faster than I did the tight leggings look. I still don’t care for that. I love the sweater.

    1. Hahaha! Yes leggings and wide leg jeans….two opposite ends of the spectrum but equally hard to embrace. Thanks for sharing Eve.

  17. Hi Kay, I am not sure how I feel about wide leg pants, I haven’t tried them yet. I am afraid they will make me look heavier than I am, I’m already feeling heavy lately with too much snacking. I am 5’8” and fluctuate between 155 and 145, I am doing that lose 5-10, gain 5-10. I am really trying to break the cycle!! I think I will stick to straight legs for now. Thanks for your posts, they brighten my day! God bless! Cindy