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My Top 18 Fashion Buys of ’18

January 2, 2019

I’m still turning the page on my calendar, so we’re still pausing to look back a little at 2018 here at Dressed for My Day. But this post is an important one for me personally. I’ll tell you why in a minute. Today I’m sharing my top 18 fashion buys of ’18!

Top 18 Fashion Buys 2018

My 2019 Style Goal

While I’ve established several goals for 2019, one of my primary goals related to this blog is that I want to build a functional wardrobe that I love. I want to cull my closet of those items that don’t suit me or my lifestyle, and I want to create and maintain a slimmed down but beautiful selection of clothes that really work for me.

I plan to take you, my readers, along with me on this journey. So if you’d like to join me by setting a similar goal for yourself, you can follow along with me step-by-step. Like my Dressed for My Day…My Way series from 2018, this style goal has the makings of a series. I don’t know what I’m naming it, so we won’t go there quite yet. But this is definitely the style goal that is defining my blog post series for 2019.

We’re going to create wardrobes that truly help us “dress beautifully and stylishly for our unique days so we can engage gracefully with those around us and influence them positively.” That’s always been my goal here at Dressed for My Day. So this year I’m getting serious about eliminating the fluff, the outdated, the ill-fitting, the major misses and the worn out, so I can make room in my closet for only that which truly serves that purpose.

I’ll take you step by step through the process beginning in late February. But I can tell you today that the first step is going to be defining my personal style. And one of the steps within that step is to think back over my purchases in the past year and distinguish between the wins and the losses.

So today, having done that, I’m sharing with you the fashion purchases I made this past year that I have absolutely loved, loved, loved. Trust me, there were too many purchases that were fails. And I’ll even share those on another day. But today is all about the top 18 fashion buys of ’18.

The Top 18 Fashion Buys of ’18

Now keep in mind that as of past March, I’m a style blogger. So I undoubtedly purchased more clothes, shoes and accessories than I would have otherwise. Plus, I did lose a substantial amount of weight and had to restock things like pants, tops and dresses. Eighteen wins is a lot of purchases! So before you think I’m an excessive and compulsive shopper, give me a little grace here. I don’t plan to purchase nearly as many clothes in 2019, fashion blogger or not!!

{And my husband said, “Hallelujah!”}

These are categorized by clothing type and are in no particular order.


Leopard Print Flats

Casual Friday Colored Denim and Cardi

I bought these Sam Edelman leopard print flats (similar) during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was such a newbie at that sale, and I made a few regrettable purchases. But I’m a little more prepared for it this year. Anyhow, I did come out of it with these gorgeous flats, and I’ve worn them almost weekly since then.

From this purchase I learned that I do like Sam Edelman shoes. I had never tried any before. And I also learned that footwear is a great place to incorporate trends with staying power.

If you’re interested in leopard print flats, I’m linking to Nordstrom’s full selection of them here.

Leopard Print block heels

Crepe A-Line Dress

While I equally love my leopard print block heels, also by Sam Edelman, I haven’t worn them nearly as much. But I’m definitely glad I have them in my closet for those days when I want to raise the level of my outfit a little. Here’s a selection of other leopard print heels, but I think what I really like about mine is the block heel.

Tweed Block Heels

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

I receive compliments on these tweed block heels almost every time I wear them…which is often! They’re amazingly comfortable and very versatile. They’re marked down considerably now, and still have a few sizes left.

Corduroy Teva Sneakers

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

These corduroy Teva sneakers are the other shoes I wear weekly. They’re comfortable, basic sneakers, but in a fashionable color that goes with more than I had first estimated. That’s a win! They’re still available in fig and several other nice shades at in a full range of sizes…for a sweet price!

Gold Sandals

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts

I never tired of these pretty gold sandals, and I’m looking forward to wearing them again this summer. In fact, Talbots still has them in a couple of sizes at a really nice price.

Metallic sandals are forecasted to be in again this spring and summer. So if you have some, hold on to them!!

Black Strappy Sandals

Gingham Dress Black Sandals

I’m just a sucker for strappy sandals. And this black pair turned out to be versatile, comfortable and easy to pack for summer trips. I especially like that these have a V vamp. That’s important for gals like me with thick ankles! Here’s some somewhat similar sandals that are available at right now.

Gold Driving Moccasins

What to Wear to a Casual Christmas Gathering

I’m learning that I’m not really one to wear metallics in my main pieces of clothing, i.e. jacket, pants, etc. But I love adding a little shine on my feet, with a belt or in my handbag. So these gold driving moccasins have seen a lot of wear this winter, especially during the holiday season. But I’ll still be wearing them even when my tree ornaments have been stashed away.

These are sold out, but you’ll find this moccasin in pretty shades of suede marked down significantly here.

Nude Microsuede Slingback

Skirt and Cashmere Sweater in Soft Shades of Fall


This little shoe from Target has proven to be so versatile. And it’s quite comfortable. I’ll be wearing them for quite a while! They also come in black and other shades.


Michael Kors Scalloped Benning Large Satchel in Truffle

Sweater and Jeans with a Little Sparkle

I haven’t ranked these top 18 fashion buys of ’18 in any order, but this structure satchel bag is definitely my very favorite purchase of the year. I managed to buy this Michael Kors Benning Large Scalloped leather satchel when it was already marked down from $428 to $148, but I got another 25% off of that price, too. Plus, I got free shipping.

Besides this being a good buy, though, it’s just been such a versatile handbag. It goes with absolutely everything. And it’s a classic, structured bag, which I’m learning is definitely my preference. It’s now available only in navy and optic white. They’re lovely, though!

Leopard Print Foldover Clutch

J Jill Mixed Media Sweater
J. Jill Relaxed mixed media sweater // delicate filigree pendant // foldover clutch

I’ve also used this leopard print foldover clutch quite a bit. This is a four-season handbag, so I’ll be carrying it for a while. Here’s another similar one.

Other Accessories

Gold layering necklace

Classic Fall Plaid and Soft Cashmere

I’m sure I may tire of it eventually, but right now I’m still enjoying this gold layering necklace. I like that it’s delicate and uncomplicated, so it goes well with so much. It’s no longer available.

leopard print belt

Checking Out Prologue - Target's Newest Style Brand

This leopard print belt is a favorite because it’s leopard print (duh) and because it was a bargain from Target. It’s still available, too. I don’t wear it weekly, but I do wear it often. And it will be in my closet indefinitely.


Black blazer

How to Style a Basic Black Blazer with a T-Shirt

I’m so proud of myself for investing in this black blazer. All along I haven’t felt like any of my photographs do it justice. At any rate, I’ve worn it with jeans and dress pants, and it’s the perfect addition when the weather is just a little chilly. I have a feeling this essential will be in my wardrobe for years to come.

Black Stretch Pants

Pretty in Pink and Black for Fall

These Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch pants are currently price matched at Nordstrom, so they’re marked down significantly. They run true to size, and they feel and look amazing on. I can wear these four seasons, and I think these essentials will be in my closet for years, too.

Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings

What to Wear to a Casual Christmas Gathering

Talbots calls them a denim jegging, but these are really just skinny jeans. Don’t let the name turn you off, as it almost did me. These are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. They’re marked down right now and available in all sizes.

Utility Jacket Completes Fall Weekend Look

I love, love, love this green utility jacket. It’s one of those pieces that makes me wonder why I didn’t have one before. This jacket is especially perfect for fall and spring, but it will be hanging in my closet ready to go all four seasons. It’s now available in a full range of sizes on

Cashmere Sweaters

cashmere sweaters

I bought two cashmere sweaters this year. They’re both shades of pink, and I got them both at 50% off. This is my favorite cut of cashmere sweater, too. I like the neckline and the 3/4 length sleeve. I realize that sleeve length may be impractical in a colder climate, but it works for this Arizona gal.

These sweaters are currently marked down almost 50% off.

Cranberry Skinny Jeans

Jeweled Button Raglan Sleeve Crewneck Sweater

This may surprise you, but I wear these cranberry skinny jeans at least once a week. Not only do they feel amazing, but I love the way they pair with darker color tops. I especially enjoy wearing them with a dark grey turtleneck, a black knit top or a black sweater. They’ve been gone ever since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, when I bought them. But here are Jen7’s selection of the same jean in a shorter length. And here is their regular denim in a similar jean.

What I Learned

As I looked back over my 18 favorite fashion purchases from the previous year, I learned that the best purchases were basics. Some were pricey, but many were not. But the element they all have in common is that they contribute to a very classic wardrobe. And that seems to be my sweet spot.

When you look over your favorite purchases from 2018, what do you learn about your own style aesthetic?

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6 thoughts on “My Top 18 Fashion Buys of ’18

  1. Fabulous BfmD! My goal for 2019 is to achieve my personal best (in many areas of my life) so I pray that opportunities to achieve that come my way. I love your idea for a new series! I, too, want to build a basic classic wardrobe so I’ll definitely be tuning in to see how you go about this.

  2. I love all your pics for the best of 2018. I just joined your blog a couple of months ago. I need to get to work on shoes and pocket books. Thank you.

  3. I’ve been perusing your blog posts via Pinterest for the last couple days. While your body type and color pallet do not match mine your outfits appeal to my classic casual style sense and they type of clothing you feature resonates will me. Today, reading this post I figured out why…you dress for the same climate as I do. Yeah a fellow Arizonan…no heavy sweaters, wool coats, etc. I look forward to following you blog for the foreseeable future.

    1. Hi Cindy. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I have to let you know though that I recently moved to Ohio. Hahaha! I did live in Arizona for 15 years, however. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Dressed for My Day. Thanks again for introducing yourself. ?