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My Recent Summer Outfits

July 22, 2022

Happy Friday! And guess what? I’m getting back on schedule today with sharing my weekly outfits. Well, actually bi-weekly outfits. For the next month or so anyhow I’ll be sharing my most recent outfits on every other Friday. Then when we get into fall, I’ll share these “how I really dressed for my day” posts weekly. Right now I’m wearing lots of repeats, so I think it’s best to just share every other week. So here we go!

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Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

The biggest lesson I learned from looking back over these photos this week is that, indeed, I need to lay off the eyeliner. I haven’t worn any eyeliner in well over a year. I know it sometimes looks like I do, but I think that’s because my very light green eyes just look lined when I wear any mascara at all. Anyhow, Saturday I went to a beauty event at Nordstrom and the makeup artist there put eyeliner on me. He even convinced me that I needed to wear it and I purchased some. So you’ll see me in a couple of photos where my eyes look even more lined. Those are the ones where I’m wearing liner. Lesson learned. I’m putting the eyeliner away. Ha!

But in this first photo, no eyeliner. In fact, I think my makeup looks unusually good here. Hmm. My hair, too. Why oh why can we not duplicate our appearance from one day to the next more easily? Or am I the only one who struggles with this? Boy, I sure am chatty today! I’ll reign it in.

I wore the below outfit to church one recent Sunday. I love this oatmeal beige outfit with the splash of coral pink. The sweater is from last year, as are the shoes. But I’ll see what I can find to link. They are pricey…which is why I’m still wearing them frequently. Ha!

What I Wore last Sunday
tie neck top // linen pants // similar sandals // similar cardigan // single necklace // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen)

But those linen pants (regularly $119) are an amazing $39.50 today. In fact, it looks like Talbots has select summer essentials marked down just through the weekend. You’ll find wear now tees for $29.50 and up, shorts for $34.50 and up and cropped pants (including these ankle length linen demi boot pants) starting at $39.50. They also come in navy, Biscayne blue and aqua.

It looks like the next day I just put on something very similar. I tend to do that. If I really enjoy wearing something, I just wear it again! Especially in the summer when I don’t enjoy putting outfits together quite as much.

What I Wore last Monday
tie neck top // linen shorts // sneakers // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar boho cuff bracelets

I’m loving wearing soft tones this summer. I think the key for me is to add a splash of soft color, such as this soft pink coral tie neck top. By the way, those sneakers above are sooo comfortable. They come in other colors, but I think the nude is quite nice. Oh, and those Victoria Emerson boho cuff bracelets are on a great sale right now. I think mine finally sold out, but they have so many similar ones. They’re a great accessory, especially for summer.

Yeah, I’m loving the linen this summer. I’m wearing my white linen pants from Garnet Hill below. They seem to be sold out in the white, but still available in other colors. These pants fit true to size; I’m wearing an 8. I’m only sharing that because I don’t share Garnet Hill very often. They’re not part of any of the affiliate programs. But if you shop through this link you should be able to get a 20% discount on your order of $100 or more.

White Linen Pants and Blue polo top
linen pants // ribbed polo top (30% off) // sandals (50% off) // long pendant necklace customized with bronze veined teal magnesite // single necklace // earrings

I’m learning that the key to wearing these fuller leg trousers (and eventually jeans) is to pair them with a more fitted top. It doesn’t have to be tight, but just skim the body.

I’m really enjoying these summer sweaters this year. Well, I’ve always enjoyed a good summer sweater really. I wear them alone sometimes at home, but tend to add a button up shirt if I’m heading out. Oh, and I just noticed this summer sweater is marked down now.

White Jeans and Blue Sweater and Shirt
summer sweater // button up shirt // white jeans // sandals (gifted) // necklace (marked down; take an extra 50% off) // earrings // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen)

I think the photo above is from the day I got my hair cut. Such an easy breezy summer look!

And then I took things darker. Ha! Well, I’m excited about brown trending this fall. And so I added a few brown items to my summer wardrobe, too. This espresso brown tank is so lovely for layering. I’m just bummed that they sold out of the white so quickly. I think I wore this one evening when James and I took in a matinee and then had dinner at a little diner on the Ohio River.

Linen top and Cardigan
espresso brown linen tank // espresso brown linen blend cardigan // similar jeans // earrings // bracelet // necklace // sandals (big savings!) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen)

I think the outfit above looks nice because I wore the espresso brown linen tank and espresso brown linen blend cardigan with a nice midwash jean. Keeping that contrast in intensity low works well for me. But if your own contrast in intensity is more pronounced you’ll do well in outfits that reflect that.

I know I wore other outfits that I neglected to take photos of because I have worn the ribbed silk blend polo in natural, black or pink at least once a week this summer. I love these tops! I saw the manager of our J.Crew the other day and put in my request that they have similar options this fall. We’ll see if they listen to me. Ha! Of course, they’re sold out (I think you all bought them all!), but they have these (and I have two of them). But really I think I’d go for one of these silk cashmere tops that are on sale right now.

What I Wore Friday
cropped length straight leg olive jeans // top no longer available (consider this one or this one) // similar sandals //watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen) // necklace // bangle

I picked up these cropped length straight leg olive jeans in Chico’s sale. They are really comfortable and I love the olive green. They fit true to size.

And here’s where I went to the beauty event at Nordstrom and got talked into wearing eyeliner. Ha! I wore my Veronica Beard white jeans (or at Veronica Beard) and a simple pink tee (mine’s the pink flamingo).

More White Linen Pants and a Tee
Veronica Beard white jeans (or at Veronica Beard) // pink tee in pink flamingo // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen) // necklace (marked down; take an extra 50% off) // earrings // sandals (gifted)

And that was with a professional putting it on. Nope. Won’t be wearing that anymore. But…I did wear it the next day. Anyhow! Let’s move on past the eyeliner and talk about this simple outfit. I was working with the children in church Sunday, so I went very casual and easy. Plus, I really love these stovepipe navy pants. Ooh! And they’re also $39.50. My only complaint about these is that the navy does hold onto dust. But I bet the rattan wouldn’t do that.

What I Wore Sunday
stovepipe pants // t-shirt // sneakers //earrings // necklace // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen) // paperclip bracelet

Monday I put on my sand colored linen shirt (now $39.99!!!) with my new white and neutral striped shorts (also $39.99).

What I Wore MondayWhat I Wore Monday
linen shirt (now $39.99!!!) // white and neutral striped shorts (also $39.99) // similar sandals // earrings // similar boho cuff bracelets

I think this outfit inspired me to write Thursday’s blog post, So Many Ways to Wear Your Linen Button-Up Shirt. But then I don’t think I even remembered to put this outfit in that post. Ha! Anyhow, I’m loving these neutrals, you know.

Tuesdays are always busy days and comfort is the key. So I wore my Athleta Brooklyn ankle pants and black Avenue tee. I sized up to a 10 in those Brooklyn ankle pants, by the way, because I don’t want mine to be as tight as the girl is wearing on the website.

What I Wore Monday
black Avenue tee // Brooklyn ankle pants // Rothy’s sneakers // earrings

I’m wearing my Rothy’s sneakers here. I do love the look of these sleek slip-ons, but I’ll be honest and tell you the Sonoma Goods for Life sneakers at Kohl’s are actually more padded and comfortable.

Wednesday I wore these new Pistola cigarette slim jeans I picked up in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (going through August 31). These are really comfortable and slenderizing jeans at a great price, but they’re almost sold out. They run true to size. I topped them with my other summer sweater and my Rails gauze shirt (more economical option).

What I Wore Thursday
jeans // summer sweater // Rails gauze shirt (more economical option) // sandals by LifeStride // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order at Nordgreen)

I picked up those sandals by LifeStride at Kohl’s recently in preparation for next week’s collaboration. And I’m loving them. They actually look cuter in person, I think, than they do in these photographs. They’re a pretty, light gold and that ankle band is very sheer. And of course they are comfortable, too. True to size.

Well, that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for dropping in. I’m giving you my word that I’ll have another daily outfits post in two weeks. Have a great weekend!

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12 thoughts on “My Recent Summer Outfits

  1. As always, thanks for you time and effort of posting.
    I may be the odd person out but….I like photos with eyeliner. Makes you eyes look brighter.
    I have worn eyeliner since I was 16 and do not plan to stop. FYI-upper eye lid only. Blower lid, small amount of mascara. 😊

    1. Hi Jes, Thanks so much for your kindness. I absolutely am not opposed to eyeliner for all women over 50. I do know others who say we shouldn’t wear it, but I’ve changed my mind about a lot of things that “they” say we shouldn’t do after a certain age. So if you still feel confident and beautiful in eyeliner, definitely wear it. I think it’s just my coloring that doesn’t work with it. I might still add it some, just a little bit and yes, only on upper lashes for me.

  2. This isn’t about today’s post, but about fall and winter – I love the Coastal Grandmother look. What would be the fall and winter look for the Coastal Grandmother?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Kay, since you wear and look good in neutrals (which is part of the coastal style), perhaps you could address this in a furture blog or video.

  3. I think you are pretty with or without eyeliner. If you don’t like it, skip it! I still wear it, just on my upper lid, and I am older than you are. Each of us should choose what makes us feel pretty and confident.

  4. I agree with you regarding the heavy eye liner! Your eyes look very pretty and more natural the way you apply your makeup. I do hope that you get in a good nap this afternoon. The one thing I am doing now is forcing myself to not wear the same outfit on repeat, which isn’t always easy when you really like certain pieces together, for whatever reason. I am more than ready for the cooler weather. What a fabulous BFMD!

  5. I agree that your makeup looks exceptional in the first photo! Love the color of that lipstick—do you happen to remember what it is? I’ve gotten so many great products from your recommendations (you haven’t steered me wrong yet)—thank you!

  6. I think you might should rethink the anti-eyeliner issue!! That picture of you with the white button-up jeans and pink flamingo top! WOW! I thought that was one of the best ever! You looked like a little teenager!! The hair! The make-up! The outfit! I loved the whole package! It was working for ya! 😂

  7. Kay, the make-up artist was correct. Yes you need eye liner! You look
    So much younger , fresh and rested. I would stick with it.