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Fun Fall Weekend Look

September 17, 2019

Well I guess I’m already planning for the weekend. Ha! Actually this weekend we’ll be attending another Cincinnati Reds baseball game with some new friends. And it will probably be too warm to wear today’s featured outfit. But let’s dream a little! Eventually we’ll get to wear this fun fall weekend look.

Fun Fall Weekend Look
wide leg crop pants in camo green (TTS) // embroidered sweatshirt (TTS) // leather Keds // leather camera bag (no longer available – alternative) // sunglasses // necklace // gold hoop earrings // small stud earrings // no-show socks

Not only are these wide leg ankle length pants in style, but they’re extremely comfortable. They’re made of a mid to heavy weight cotton, so they’ll serve you well into the fall. But they also have a little stretch for ease of wear.

Fun Fall Weekend Look

I chose to wear my comfortable white leather sneakers, but you could just as easily wear this pants with other flats of your choice. Or they’d look great with the trending wedge sneakers, too. (Something like these or these!)

Fun Fall Weekend Look

This is the kind of outfit I love to wear on an outing or shopping trip during the fall. So easy, comfortable and yet stylish.

Fun Fall Weekend Look

The embroidered detailing on the sweatshirt elevates the look nicely.

Embroidered Sweat Shirt

My blush pink camera bag is sold out, but I found this black one that would look oh so chic with so many looks. Or for this casual vibe you might prefer this one.

Fun Fall Weekend Look

Sizewise, everything I’m sharing fits true to size. I’m wearing an 8 in the pants and a small in the sweatshirt.

Fun Fall Weekend Look

By the way, I’m finding myself reaching for the taupe enamel framed sunglasses almost daily. They’re not very dark, but they block the sun’s glare sufficiently for most days here in Ohio. And they coordinate with so many looks.

Fun Fall Weekend Look
wide leg crop pants in camo green (TTS) // embroidered sweatshirt (TTS) // leather Keds // leather camera bag (no longer available – alternative) // sunglasses // necklace // gold hoop earrings // small stud earrings // no-show socks

I hope you enjoyed my fun fall weekend look. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. I try to read the comments throughout the day and answer any questions quickly. Thank you so very much for dropping in today!

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17 thoughts on “Fun Fall Weekend Look

  1. That is a great elevated casual outfit on you, Kay! And the scenery is beautiful. Yes, one day we will be able to wear our sweatshirts, etc., and enjoy the crisp air. Prayers for your church family!

  2. The outfit looks so comfortable. I’m looking forward to the first cool front here in S.E. Texas. Today we are receiving cool rain. Prayers for your church family.

  3. Hey Kay! This outfit looks great on you. I know you are tall. But me being relatively short. 4’11” I was wondering if I would be to short to wear them, and not look Too wide. I wear a 12P. I wear this size because of my belly and muffin tops. I will be 70 next month. I Love Loft’s pants. They have ways fit perfectly. I’m sure I’ll have to try them on. Some of the trends I’m not sure about because if my height and I am chesty. It’s funny how I’m not as big in morning as I am in the afternoon. If you havs any suggestions, please let me know. Help! Thank you!! …Linda

    1. Yeah, I’m not really sure, Linda. I think you’d probably want to wear a shoe that shows some ankle for sure. So a low vamp sneaker or flat.

  4. My honest opinion Kay, the top is really cute, especially with jeans like the loft model in the widget picture! ?
    The rest is just to frumpy looking, or aging in my opinion. It just doesn’t do you justice. But everyone has different tastes and likes, and I can appreciate that, just wanted to give you my true opinion.
    Happy fall! ???

    1. I agree. The overall look sweeps down to give you a wide lower half which doesn’t balance the upper half
      . Quite a difference from yesterday”s look
      You were fabulous in the blush blouse and black pants.

    2. Huh. Well they’re definitely not tres chic! But I like them for a casual vibe. And I think our eyes have to adjust to new silhouettes. But definitely thanks for sharing. ☺️

    3. I agree, Kim. Honestly, I think it is the first outfit from Kay that I didn’t like, but if I wore these pants and the embroidered shirt, I know it would invite comments from my friends about being the “cliche old lady” look. This is one look I will skip.

  5. Thank you so much for this blog post! I bought the top, and find it extremely comfortable and useful for those casual fall days. The embroidery is nicely detailed, plus the pastel colors will make it a fun option for Spring, when I start to move away from dark Winter colors. I have the pants ordered, and look forward to trying them too. For reference, I’m 5’6″ and 132 lbs and in my 50’s.