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Fall & Winter Undergarment Essentials Refresh

October 26, 2020

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today we’re going down under! That is, we’re talking undergarments. With a change in seasons I find that I need to plunder through my lingerie drawer and make some updates. Not only do I need to check my undies for wear and tear, but I like to check to make sure I have the tights and camisoles I reach for more frequently during the colder months. Yes, it’s definitely time for a fall and winter undergarment essential refresh.

Fall and Winter Undergarment Essentials Refresh

If you check out my Spring Undergarment Refresh from earlier in the year, you’ll see that this fall and winter collection is definitely different. I need different types of undergarments and I’ve added more winter appropriate hosiery, too. Let’s start with undergarments (although there really is some overlap, too).

Fall & Winter Undergarments

Especially this fall and winter I’ve added a different bra option. Instead of needing a strapless or racerback bra, I’m opting to add a wireless bra to my collection. I already have this wireless bralette for wearing around the house with loungewear. I absolutely love it and wear it frequently. (Actually, I have two!) But I’m adding this Embraceable Wireless Bra for days when I want a little more shape, but I still don’t want the underwire. (Keep in mind that I am barely a B cup.) If you need more support, but also want to try a wirefree bra for home, you might want to check out the Embraceable Full Coverage Wireless Unlined Bra.

Fall and Winter Undergarment Essentials Refresh
1) Vanishing Edge Microfiber w/lace high leg panties // 2) SPANX Thinstincts High Waist Shaper Shorts // 3) Embraceable Push Up Lace Trim Bra // 4) Embraceable Wireless Bra // 5) Engliss wireless bralette // 6) stretch cami (size up) // 7) half slip by Commando // 8) Commando Fitted Slip

1) Vanishing Edge Microfiber w/lace high leg panties// These are the only undies I wear. They absolutely prevent panty lines with even the snuggest fitting ponte knit pants or leggings. I prefer the high leg panties. But they come in other silhouettes as well. You can check out the other fits (bikini, briefs, etc.) here.

2) SPANX Thinstincts High Waist Shaper Shorts // These are a necessity when wearing closefitting sweater dresses.

3) Embraceable Push Up Lace Trim Bra // This is the bra I wear most days and absolutely every day when I get out of the house. I’m a firm believer in keeping “the girls” up when you’re trying to look your very best. Honestly, some good underwire and a little push up can make us older gals look five years younger. I choose this bra because it includes the push up contour cups (aka a little padding). If you are more endowed and don’t require that, I’d suggest you check out Soma’s other offerings for the bra that best works for you. I’ve also had readers say they’ve had great luck with True & Co bras.

4) Embraceable Wireless Bra // Like I said, as we continue through this pandemic, I’m choosing to add the Embraceable Wireless Bra for another stay-at-home option with a little more shape, but still no wire.

5) Engliss wireless bralette // I love this bralette (available in a multitude of colors) for when I’m going absolutely nowhere. I especially love wearing it under my loungewear on Sunday afternoons.

6) stretch cami (size up) // I have several of these stretch camis in my closet year round (yes I hang them for some reason??? I guess so I can see them easily), but I tend to reach for them more in the winter. I like wearing one of these under a pullover sweater for both comfort and warmth. You can find similar camis at Target here for a more economical option.

7) half slip by Commando // I love the raw cut edges of this half slip, which cut back on bulk and create a smoother fit. I find that a half slip like this is a necessity when wearing skirts with tights in the fall and winter, especially corduroy or wool skirts. For a more economical option, check out this Vanity Fair half slip at Macy’s.

8) Commando Fitted Slip // Similarly the Commando Fitted Slip’s raw edges create the smoothest silhouette under sweater dresses.

Fall & Winter Hosiery

Next let’s consider hosiery. I definitely change up my socks, hose and tights in the fall and winter. I also find this is a good time to add some thermal underwear if needed.

hosiery for fall and winter
1) Hanes Cushioned Crew Socks // 2) Hanes Cushioned Ankle Socks // 3) Ribbed Slouch Crew Boot Socks // 4) Heat Holders Lite Solid Thermal Socks // 5) Talbots Melange Trouser Socks // 6) Cuddl Duds ClimateRight Thermal Underwear // 7) Hue Opaque Tights // 8) Donna Karan the Nudes Control Top Pantyhose

1) Hanes Cushioned Crew Socks // These Cushioned Crew Socks are certainly nothing to look at, but they keep my feet and ankles warm when I’m wearing joggers or sweats. I’m also prone to put them on with my bedroom slippers when I’m just hanging out at home in jeans. They’re also available in white.

2) Hanes Cushioned Ankle Socks // Still, I tend to exercise in these during the fall and winter. I don’t like the feel of the higher crew socks bunched up around or under my leggings. So I reach for these Cushioned Ankle Socks when running or getting in a weight training workout. They’re also available in white.

3) Ribbed Slouch Crew Boot Socks // I definitely like having a few pairs of these Boot Socks on hand during the fall and winter. These work well under most all of my boots. But I also opt for crew or trouser socks sometimes, too.

4) Heat Holders Lite Solid Thermal Socks // I don’t actually own any of these yet, but I have my order in. I think these Heat Holders Lite Solid Thermal Socks may be a necessity for outdoor activities this fall and winter. And I love that these look trim and feminine. They’re available in an assortment of colors.

5) Talbots Melange Trouser Socks // You can get cheaper socks for sure, but I really like the quality and fit of these Melange Trouser Socks by Talbots. I’m hard on socks in the winter and fall, so I like to have at least a few pair that are good quality and I can count on holding up. Check your socks for heel and toe wear! Now is the time to purge and add new ones that will endure this season. By the way, when you want something a little thinner, I like these from Target. These regular crew socks from Target are also good socks.

6) Cuddl Duds ClimateRight Thermal Underwear // I think Cuddle Duds does thermal underwear best of anyone. I purchased my similar thermal underwear when I backpacked part of the Appalachian Trail several years ago, and they served me well. I’ve included Cuddl Duds Thermal tops in the shopping widget below.

7) Hue Opaque Tights // I am consistently guilty of thinking I have tights in my drawer only to discover that I don’t…just when I need them! So this year I’ve already added new tights in the colors I need most frequently: navy, black and brown. I got my navy tights from J.Jill and am very happy with them. But I opted for the black and espresso brown tights from Hue at Target.

If you need thermal tights, and I know some of you do prefer them, I suggest these Vero Monte fleece-lined tights. They have great ratings on Amazon.

8) Donna Karan the Nudes Control Top Pantyhose // In the past (when I lived in Arizona and elsewhere) I didn’t wear hose in the winter or any other time. But now that I’m in Ohio, I’m opting to add nude hose to the line-up for winter dresses. And it’s not just because it’s cold. I just don’t think my legs look as pretty as they once did, so I’m adding these Donna Karan the Nudes Control Top Pantyhose to my hosiery drawer. I definitely recommend a very sheer nude hose if you do opt to wear them. And I’m hoping that these Control Top Pantyhose will offer me enough support that I won’t need to wear the Spanx above.

Do you have the undergarment essentials you need for fall and winter?

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10 thoughts on “Fall & Winter Undergarment Essentials Refresh

  1. Kay, I’m so glad you and your hubby were able to get away for a few days! We love to look through old grave yards too. Some of the best (oldest) are in Europe ?? Thanks for the reminder that it’s time to upday those undergarments. I’m guilty of usually waiting until they are falling apart! Have a blessed day!

  2. These are great fall and winter essentials. Thanks for sharing and reminding me I need to update my black tights! Meant to do this last fall and never did!

  3. AWWWW! It ws so nice of James to realize you both needed a get away. I love, love, love to visit old cemeteries.

  4. These are great suggestions for updating and getting ready for fall and winter “down under.” I am pleased to know that you mentioned pantyhose. I, too, don’t think my legs are as pretty as they used to be, so I always opt for hose in the winter. For me, they finish off my outfit and I feel like I’m “dressed for my day.”
    BFMD today goes along with the message I heard in church yesterday! God is good!

  5. Glad you and James got away for a few days Kay…..would love to see a pic of you and your hubby here❤️.

    My husband and I are having our 42nd Anniversary, November 4 and celebrating here in Cabo?.

    I really like wearing tights in the winter with my dresses or skirts…keeps my legs warm and changes the look of your outfit!


  6. I am so glad we can go to back to hosiery and tights for winter. I don’t think very many women have legs so nice that hosiery doesn’t improve. I know it feels good in spring and summer to have bare legs but hosiery hides so many flaws. And I think “holds everything in”?.

  7. I am definitely needing to order some bras. I love Soma bras too. You convinced me to try them last year and thank you! They fit so well and last! Have you ever tried Balega socks for working out/running? They are my absolute favorite. They cushion and wear like iron. Much better than any other sock I have ever tried.

    1. Hi Deanna. No I haven’t tried Balega. I wear either Bombas or Feetures and really like both. But I may have to try those out too. Thanks for sharing.