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Seersucker Shorts with Tank and Cardigan

May 2, 2018

I have tried on, looked at and even ordered several garments in seersucker over the past few years, but haven’t actually worn any probably since I wore a seersucker sundress as a toddler! But I haven’t given up, and finally this spring I have found, purchased and worn (on multiple occasions already) the sharp looking blue and white seersucker shorts from Ann Taylor. I’m in love.

Blue and White Seersucker Shorts and Cardi

Seersucker is traditionally a printed cotton or synthetic fabric that has a surface consisting of puckered and flat sections, typically in a striped pattern. In fact, the most traditional colors for seersucker are blue and white, but the fabric can now be purchased in many other combinations with white, including black, gray, pink, red and green. Clothing made of seersucker first became popular in Britain’s warm climate colonies, such as British India (as did madras). Usually, seersucker doesn’t have to be ironed, so it’s a great fabric for travel. And, interesting fact, seersucker was used to make the summer uniforms for the first female United States Marines. Huh!

I think seersucker anything looks darling on children, but on adults it adds a little bit of refinement. Seersucker shorts are undeniably dress shorts.

Blue and White Seersucker shorts with Straw Bag

My shorts are from Ann Taylor, and I love the way they fit. When I first purchased them the sales lady talked me into sizing down to a 6 (I normally wear an 8). But when I got them home I realized that the fabric features only a two-way stretch, not the four-way stretch we tend to enjoy in blue jeans these days. In fact, a lot of seersucker shorts or pants have no stretch to them at all and are made of pure cotton, so consider that when buying. At any rate, I took the sixes back and got the 8, and I’m very happy with the way they fit. These are from Ann Taylor and they’re still available.

Blue Talbots Tank with Seersucker Shorts

I will rarely, if ever, wear this tank top without something over it, but I wanted you to see the shirt. It’s the versatile Scoop Neck Tank from Talbots and mine is in deep periwinkle. I probably have half a dozen of these, and they’re great for wearing under cardigans or jackets.

Blue Tank and Cardi with seersucker shorts

I love this cherry tomato red cardigan with multi-hued blue butterflies from Talbots. Mixing the butterfly print with the stripe of the seersucker shorts creates visual interest and complexity. Talbots also has a charming shell in the butterfly print, so you could wear the two pieces together I guess also.

Blue and White Seersucker shorts with sandals

I bet you’e tired of seeing these strappy patent leather sandals in nude from Talbots. In fact, they were in Monday’s post. Ha! But, as you can imagine, I get a lot of wear out of them because of the neutral color. And I just thought they were the best choice with this elevated shorts ensemble. The currents Talbots equivalent of my sandals would be these Capri Leather Sandals, but I also found a few other shoes that I think would look great with a dressy shorts outfit like this one. If you just want a flat, I think these red loafer mules are sharp. For a higher heeled sandal, you might want to check out these block heel sandals in light blue suede. And of course these Miller flip flops by Tory Burch are always stylish.

Blue and tomato red shorts outfit

Finally, I like my Straw Studios natural bag with this classic summer seersucker shorts ensemble. I would prefer a more constructed bag, but this one has served me well for the past two summers and it was less expensive than those with sturdier construction.

Do you have any seersucker? Maybe a suit or skirt or shorts? How do you wear it?

Check out the shopping widget below for all the pieces I’ve modeled here, plus selections from other stores and brands. Keep scrolling through to the handbags and shoes, too. By the way, when you click on these links, I do make a little bit of money as you shop, but at no extra cost to you. Plus, that’s one of the ways I make enough money to keep this website going. So shop up a storm!

 By the way, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post you’ll want to do that now. I’ve provided 10 Fitting Room Tips so that you’re next shopping trip will be easier and more effective. Don’t go in the fitting room again until you’ve read it! And pass it on, too.

Blessed for My Day

Sometimes it’s hard for me to have faith in God. When storms of life come one after another, I begin to feel abandoned and wiped out. The future looks daunting and I begin to question whether God will truly get me through. It’s at times like that when I find myself reaching for something solid to grab hold of, and honestly God feels far off and out of touch. But then I remember that all I have to do is have faith in God’s character. I don’t have to believe He will answer my prayers in a certain way or that He will respond to my needs in a particular fashion. I can’t know such things. But I can know that God’s character never changes. He is good, trustworthy, kind, patient, powerful, love, just and merciful…always. If you’re having a difficult time exercising faith, just cling to who He is. That’s enough faith for today.

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. ~ Hebrews 11:6

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2 thoughts on “Seersucker Shorts with Tank and Cardigan

  1. I love this outfit! That red is amazing. Can I ask how tall you are? I am so short at 5′ and always looking for comparisons and how an outfit will look on me

    1. Thanks, Susan. I’m 5’8″. Yes, height does make a difference doesn’t it. Thanks so much for reading!